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Ferris Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Rawlins, Wyoming

This lovely Queen Anne style Victorian mansion has had a few ghostly encounters, which began after the death of Cecil Ferris during the early 1900s.  Cecil was the son of George and Julia Ferris, who began…

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Random Haunted Houses

Mexican Ghost

Brownsville, Texas

A ghost of a man who fought and died in the Mexican War is supposedly seen here at times. There have been articles about the ghost in Reader's Digest and the local newspaper.

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Victoria Theater

Dayton, Ohio

The theater is haunted by a ghost affectionately called "Miss Vicki" by theater employees. Allegedly a nineteenth century actress, retreated to her dressing room during an intermission and was never seen again. "Miss Vicki," makes presence known my slamming doors, moving things around, giggling, and by the distinct smell of her rose and lilac perfume. "Miss Vicki," is the friendlier ghost in the theater because there are allegedly several others in the building that wreak havoc.

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Rowton, England

During the English Civil War between the Royalists and Parliamentarians, a bloody battle was fought here. Today, many residents of Rowton talk of hearing musket and cannon fire on foggy nights. Some residents refuse to walk on the historic battlefield in fear of disturbing the spirits

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Maltby, Washington

This cemetery is said to have been built by a Satanic family so that they might have an eternal resting place. In the middle of the cemetery, there are thirteen steps that lead to nowhere. Called the thirteen steps to hell, it is said that once a person walks downs these stairs, they perish instantly. Others, who have barely made it out alive, have reported seeing their spirit in hell at the bottom of the steps. It is reported that one man ran across the cemetery and was scared so badly, that he

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The Collinwood School

Cleveland, Ohio

Now a state monument, this school was the site of a huge fire in the early twentieth century. Over one hundred people died because the doors in the school opened inwardly rather than outwardly, preventing escape. Residents that live near the school have reported seeing a light come on in one room, traverse the hall and go back from whence it came. Police investigated and found no one living in the building.

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Mason’s Cemetery

Corvallis, Oregon

It is alleged that a male witch was buried here after he seduced many of the married women of the town. It is said that if one goes to the cemetery, a spirit will stand next to him and cause a cool breeze to creep up his leg.

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