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Lake City High School

Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

An apparition haunts this school's auditorium where he paces back and forth behind the last row of seats.  He has been seen right before a play begins when the lights turn off and during clean-up after a…

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Random Haunted Houses

Guthrie’s School for Boys

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Guthrie's School for boys was once a youth detention center, but is now abandoned. It is said that a dark figure now haunts the bell tower located in the center of the school.

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The Queen Mary

Long Beach Harbor, California

Moored in Long Beach Harbor is one of the most haunted ships in the world. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this 1,000 foot long shipâ??s construction started in 1930, and, being delayed by the Great Depressionâ??s influence, could only take its maiden voyage in 1936. For three glorious years The Queen Mary was the star of the ocean liner industry, hosting people like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, the Gershwins and Sir Winston Churchillâ??just

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Liberty Theater

Astoria, Oregon

This theater is supposedly haunted by a woman, who spends most of her time lurking in the woman's bathroom. The theater was closed in 1998.

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Buxton Inn

Granville, Ohio

In this nineteenth century themed inn appears a friendly ghost that is frequently seen by both employees and guests at the establishment.

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Aljubail Airport

Aljubail Airport, Saudi Arabia

After the Gulf War, one C5 cargo plane was used to transport the bodies of those killed during the Jim Jones Massacre. While crews usually returned to these larger planes to sleep, the crew of the C5 would not board the plane unless it was to be flown. The crew reported hearing people walking in the walls of the plane. They also heard what sounded to be a fifty-five gallon drum being hit with a sledgehammer. The plane has now been grounded and is patrolled by armed guards--300 yards away.

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Golden North Hotel

Skagway, Alaska

Located in Skagway, Alaska, this hotel was originally built in 1898.  In 1908, the hotel was moved to where it is currently located in Skagway.  During this move, a golden dome was constructed, and in 1997 the hotel was renovated...and the ghost stories surrounding this hotel have remained.

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