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Monmouth Plantation

Natchez, Mississippi

General John A. Quitman's entity resides in this home, which is now an inn.  After buying the place in 1826, it would be in his family for about 100 years.  He died in 1858 from an apparent illness due to…

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Random Haunted Houses

Kreischer Mansion

Staten Island, New York

The Kreischer family once owned and operated a brick factory that supplied most the bricks for the Staten Island area in the 1800s. With their profits, they built two large mansions-one for the original family, and another for their son, and his wife. The second home, which was built far from the main road, suspiciously burned down, taking both the son's and his wife's lives. Prior to the burning of the home, a feud had erupted between the son and his father, for which there was no

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The Battery

Charleston, South Carolina

In a place known for Southern hospitality, it’s no wonder that some residents would want to linger. But the residents of some Charleston, South Carolina haunts seem unwilling to ever let go... Even after death.

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Double Eagle Restaurant

Old Mesilla, New Mexico

The 150 year-old building that houses the Double Eagle Restaurant has an illustrious history. It was where the treaty that ended the Mexican-American war in 1848 was signed, where Billy the Kid was incarcerated, and where the lovers Armando and Inez lived, died, and haunt to this day.

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3602 Hawks St.

Bryan, Texas

The ghost responsible for abusing residence of this home has been described as having searing red eyes. Some residents of the home have been pulled off of their beds, body slammed, locked in the bathroom and even thrown under the bed. Lights in the house are said to turn on and off, objects move, and many have seen ghostly images.

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Madison City Hall

Madison, Ohio

Once a Civil War hospital and later an insane asylum, the city hall is now reportedly haunted. Each night, it is said that the police chief's desk would be rearranged. Cameras will not work inside the building. People have also reported seeing others walking down the hall, but on second glance, no one will be there.

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Buried in the Back

Kansas City, Kansas

Many years ago, a crazed man killed his wife and two children inside this home. He then buried them in the back yard and jumped from the third floor balcony and fell to his death. Today, lights mysteriously flicker and objects move themselves.

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