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San Francisco, California

Alcatraz, a harsh island prison deemed inescapable by its builders, was once home to a collection of our country’s most ruthless criminals. Today, it is haunted by some of the saddest spirits ever reported. …

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Random Haunted Houses

Noises from the Floor

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

On May 6, 1994, a young woman was beaten to death with a garden hoe. The attacker came back 20 minutes after the incident occurred to bury her body under the floorboards of the house, which was later converted to a motel. Visitors have reported hearing strange noises emanating from the floor at night.

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Old Zane Mansion

Martins Ferry, Ohio

This mansion is located on the site of an old cemetery. Constantly, the town and cemetery were being flooded, thus they were both moved to another location. When the coffins were moved, it is said that Hannah Zane�s was empty. The house, which used to be an occult and a bordello, is now said to be haunted by Hannah.. There have been reports of her walking up and down the halls and dancing in the living room. There have also been reports of a small child staring out of the window on the

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The Julie Ideson Building

Houston, Texas

n this former public library which is adjacent to the new one, Mr. Cramer used to roam the premises during his days as a janitor in the early 1900s. He would spend his leisure time strolling about the halls playing melodies on his violin, and playing with his dog. In 1936, he died alone in his room, which lies in the basement. Employees report that eerie strands of violin music are heard throughout the halls, usually on dreary, cloudy days. Mr. Cramer has also been spotted in one of his favorite

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Keesler Air Force Base

Biloxi, Mississippi

There are several ghostly tales involving Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, MS.

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6 Mt. Zion Road

Croaker, Virginia

It is said that in front of one particular house, the Ghost of Avenel may be seen walking. The woman is said to wear a long white dress and carry a parasol. Allegedly the woman used to live in the house that is now owned by the Bedford Historical Society.

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Mackworth Island, Maine

Once featured on "Unsolved Mysteries," the tree is gutted and is cut off about nine feet from the base. The tree has faces that protrude from the wood. They appear to be upturned in agony with the mouths open. On this is island is also a pet cemetery. Phantom dogs and houses have been seen romping around the site.

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