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Meade Hotel – Bannack State Park

Dillon, Montana

This 2-story brick building constructed in 1875 was built to be used as a county courthouse.  After the county seat in which it was built in moved, this building became vacant until 1890 when a man named Dr. John…

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Random Haunted Houses

Aljubail Airport

Aljubail Airport, Saudi Arabia

After the Gulf War, one C5 cargo plane was used to transport the bodies of those killed during the Jim Jones Massacre. While crews usually returned to these larger planes to sleep, the crew of the C5 would not board the plane unless it was to be flown. The crew reported hearing people walking in the walls of the plane. They also heard what sounded to be a fifty-five gallon drum being hit with a sledgehammer. The plane has now been grounded and is patrolled by armed guards--300 yards away.

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Lemp Mansion

St. Louis, Missouri

Since the building of this establishment, with funds gained from the sale of beer, it has served as a residence, boarding house, and a restaurant. During the course of the thriving brewery business, four of the Lemp family members committed suicide.  After prohibition began, the brewery business became bankrupt and the house went into disrepair.

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North Dakota State University

Fargo, North Dakota

Several apparition sightings have been seen throughout the campus of North Dakota State University in Fargo.

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Winchester Mystery House

San Jose, California

Few haunted houses are more splendid and massive than the Winchester Mystery House. Once the pet project of wealthy widow Sarah Winchester, the Winchester Mystery House, which began as a humble 6-room home, is now a popular destination for ghost tours of the San Jose area.

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Dickinson Mansion

Dover, Delaware

Haunted by John Dickinson's ghost, the "pen of the American Revolution," this mansion was built in 1739 in Dover, Delaware by Dickinson's father, Judge Samuel Dickinson.  In 1781, the mansion was damaged by the British during a raid, and years later in 1804 the mansion was almost destroyed due to a massive fire.

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Rudolph Stepro’s House

Corydon, Indiana

After being shot in the head in battle, Rudolph Stepro could no longer deal with the agony of his life and thus committed suicide on the front porch of his farm house. Since then, the house has been plagued by strange occurrences. Among other things, water comes on by itself, the radio changes stations, and dishes fly through the air. The paranormal activity became so bad that the old house was torn down and replaced; the new house is plagued by the same spirits.

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