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Moundsville Penitentiary

Moundsville, West Virginia

Noted as one of American's most violent correctional facilities, the Moundsville Penitentiary in West Virginia was the final stop for 1,000 criminals in it's 100+ years of existence.  Several riots occurred at…

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Random Haunted Houses

The North Shore

Oahu, Hawaii

This house, on the north shore, is haunted. The woman that once lived here became so angry with her infant child that she killed him and buried him beneath the house. During the wee hours of the morning, a baby may be heard crying throughout the house; no one has yet found the source of the noise.

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Wiccan Circle

Kalamazoo, Michigan

This house is said to be very haunted. A total of eight people have died in one way or another in the house and they are all thought to still reside there. It is said that one may experience faucets turning on and off, coasters flipping over, and footsteps throughout the house. There have also been reports of the appearance of a glowing cross. Others have alleged to be held to the bed and shoved down the stairs. Beneath the carpet in the basement, there is reportedly a Wiccan circle carved into

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The Greenbrier Ghost

Greenbrier, West Virginia

Usually when people think of ghosts, they imagine a disturbing presence that harasses and makes the lives of the living more difficult. But, in the case of the Greenbrier Ghost of the late 1800s, the ghost helped solve a West Virginia murderâ??the very murder that created the ghost.

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River Road Bridge

Caldwell, Idaho

The tale at River Road Bridge started when several years ago a woman hung herself there.  Today, it's said that if you drive to the bridge without going over it and turn off your car lights, you can see a shadowy figure of her along the side of the bridge.  Other strange occurrences on or near this bridge include a light coming on each evening, with no house or power lines nearby.  It is also said that if you jump off the bridge in the water, you can hear your splash, but you won't see

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Bridge Near Railroad Tracks

Greenfield, Ohio

Legend has it that one night a woman was walking along the railroad tracks with her daughter, trying to get her to sleep. The woman stopped along the bridge to nurse her child. As she was nursing, a train came suddenly around the bend. Frozen with fear, the woman and her baby were killed instantly. It is said that if one goes over the bridge and honks his horn, the baby will wake up and begin to cry. Allegedly, one will then hear the sound of the mother shushing the baby.

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Meade Hotel – Bannack State Park

Dillon, Montana

This 2-story brick building constructed in 1875 was built to be used as a county courthouse.  After the county seat in which it was built in moved, this building became vacant until 1890 when a man named Dr. John Singleton Mead bought it and turned it into a hotel.

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