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The Old County Jail

Provo, Utah

Originally built as a hospital, then later serving as a jail from the late 1970s to about 1998, it was home to several inmates.  The building has been abandoned since the jail closed, but several mysterious…

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Random Haunted Houses

The Capital Building

Topeka, Kansas

Many years ago, mentally handicapped woman entered the building, climbed several flights of stairs, and jumped to her death. Today, her moans are still heard.

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Fyvie Castle

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Located north-west of Aberdeen, Scotland is the five-towered castle of Fyvie. Each of its five towers are named for the powerful families who owned this beautiful example of baronial architecture. Built on in sections over the years, one might think Fyvie would appear slapped together and architecturally awkward, but this three-story castle somehow makes it all look like it should be exactly the way it is.

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Bell Witch Cave

Adams, Tennessee

Local legends say that the Bell Witch has haunted the area surrounding the caves for hundreds of years. It is said that the witch appears to people in the human form. There are many unexplainable pictures of shadows and other such entities in the cave. Upon entering the cave, it is alleged that one will be overcome by the feeling of being watched. It is further asserted that if one is to take a rock from the cave, they shall be forever be cursed. Many others have also reported voices in

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Victoria Theater

Dayton, Ohio

The theater is haunted by a ghost affectionately called "Miss Vicki" by theater employees. Allegedly a nineteenth century actress, retreated to her dressing room during an intermission and was never seen again. "Miss Vicki," makes presence known my slamming doors, moving things around, giggling, and by the distinct smell of her rose and lilac perfume. "Miss Vicki," is the friendlier ghost in the theater because there are allegedly several others in the building that wreak havoc.

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Curry Hall

Farmville, Virginia

It is said that a three year old boy rode his bicycle into the elevator shaft of this hall, falling to his death. It is reported that if one rides the elevator to the tenth floor and then to the basement, the boy's ghost will be seen when the doors open.

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Wayne-Gordon House

Savannah, Georgia

Juliette Gordon Low Girl Scout National Center

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