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Red Onion Saloon

Skagway, Alaska

Originally built in 1897, and used as a bordello, the Red Onion Saloon moved to its current location in Skagway in 1914.  Today, the Red Onion Saloon is a restaurant, bar and museum.  Some tales include shadowy…

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Random Haunted Houses

Salt Lake City & County Building

Salt Lake City, Utah

Originally constructed between 1891 and 1894 and serving at the state's capitol building from 1896 to 1915, you best believe there is paranormal activity abundant.

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The White House

District of Columbia, United States

FDR, Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill have all felt it—no, I don’t mean the thrill that lording immense power over others brings—I’m referring to the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Supposedly these mighty men, as well as Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (and bunches of the White House staff) have felt Honest Abe’s presence in the White House. Abe’s still so attached to his post according to some witness, that his spirit becomes even more active at times of national emergency.

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Follow Me

Detroit, Michigan

If a car is parked on a bridge located inside this park, turn the ignition off, and wait for a few minutes, an old woman in a white dress will appear. She will wave her hand for you to follow her into the woods. No documented account has been made of anyone ever following her.

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Confederate Graveyard

Lebanon, Virginia

It is said that in this lost cemetery, there is a mysterious light. Allegedly, if one travels to the cemetery after dark, he will be confronted by a floating blaze. As one tries to escape, it is said the flame will follow, screaming in a very shrill voice.

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Tanworth Castle

Staffordshire, England

This medieval moated castle on the banks of the River Thames is allegedly the site where Sir Lancelot jousted. The castle is reported be haunted by two ladies, one white and one blue. Legend has it that the blue lady was the lover of a knight who was killed in a fight near the foot of the castle. So bereaved, she threw herself off the battlements, falling to her death. She is said to be seen wringing her hands and walking about the battlements. The owner of the castle had inherited the lands of

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Lake City High School

Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

An apparition haunts this school's auditorium where he paces back and forth behind the last row of seats.  He has been seen right before a play begins when the lights turn off and during clean-up after a production.  He is known for opening doors in the back stage and storage areas, as well as for scattering items in those areas.

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