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The Historic Onaledge Bed and Breakfast

Manitou Springs, Colorado

Built in 1912, the historic Onaledge B&B is full of abnormal oddities and ghostly appearances.  One can expect to experience floating orbs, flashlights turning on and off and doors opening and closing.  A…

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Random Haunted Houses

The Paulding Light

Paulding, Michigan

After a train engineer was hit by a train, he still wonders the area in the form of a light. The light can instantly change colors, disappear and appear quickly, and change directions swiftly. Witnesses claim that it will react o the headlights of a car as well. Some accounts occurred during daylight hours under normal circumstances, with no apparent light-producing object nearby.

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University of Texas Medical Branch

Galveston, Texas

It is said that the property on which the University of Texas Medical Branch was once owned by a fisherman. The university wanted the property, but the man would not budge. Finally after he died, the school acquired the property. It is said that on the back of the wall facing Galveston Bay, one can see the face of the man. The walls have been sand-blown and painted. The building has been torn down and rebuilt. Street lights have been moved. Still, the face continues to appear.

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Elks Club

Miami, Ohio

When Scarlet Fever swept through this town in the early 1900s, this then church was converted to a makeshift hospital to combat the disease. The priest of the church was also a doctor, and volunteered to help the victims. As time passed, he became infected as well, and eventually died. He is often supposedly seen upstairs, where the infected patients once stayed, and has been heard playing the piano downstairs.

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Keystone Trail

Omaha, Nebraska

The Keystone Trail in Omaha, which is near 90th and Fort, is supposedly haunted by the sound of a ghost train.  The legend states that on cold, rainy nights you can hear the sound of the train running down the tracks, even though the tracks were removed several years ago.  

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The Brown Mansion

Pittsfield, Illinois

After exposing himself to children and having sex with animals, Tim Brown was given the choice of joining the army or serving seven years in prison. Rather than being punished, Brown used a copperhead snake to kill himself in one of the mansion's upstairs rooms. Brown's nude silhouette can sometimes be seen in the upper left window. Furniture is often reported to be heard during the night, and sobbing is often reported on Saturdays--the day of his death.

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Crying Toddler

Towanda, Pennsylvania

This house small house en route to Towanda is said to be haunted by a variety of apparitions. Most people that live there, leave after just a few weeks. Some have reported seeing an elderly man walking to an out-house and an elderly woman hanging clothes out to dry. One family reported having heard their young son tell someone "I do not want to play with you anymore." Just a few minutes later, it is reported that the toddler ran out of the room crying. Allegedly, his "friend" had made his toy

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