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Norwich Inn

Norwich, Vermont

Located in Norwich, Vermont, this inn was built in 1797 by Colonel Jasper Murdock, and was a stagecoach tavern.  In 1920, Charles and Mary "Ma" Walker purchased it.  Legend says that Ma Walker sold bootleg…

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Boarding School

Alexandria, Virginia

At the boarding school in Alexandria, there is a section in the rear portion of the campus reserved as woods. During the Civil War, however, these woods were actually a trench that connected Union forts through Virginia and Maryland. Overtime, however, foliage has grown up where the trench once was. It has been reported that in the woods the sounds of soldiers and horses may be heard. No actual sightings of ghosts have been reported. The school itself was once a Union hospital and it has been

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Wayne-Gordon House

Savannah, Georgia

Juliette Gordon Low Girl Scout National Center

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Down the Stairs

Henderson, Kentucky

In the 1900s, this house was occupied by an elderly woman. One day, she had a heart attack and rolled down the staircase into the kitchen. Doors open and close, a panel in the upside bedroom moved from side to side, and footsteps are often heard. Most prominent, however, is the sound of a baby's cry.

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Chester Av.

Bremerton, Washington

This apartment complex was used as a hospital during the early 1900s. Today, there are reports of ghostly nurses and patients wandering the halls.

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Witches Den or Circle

New Orleans, Louisiana

At this old fountain, witchcraft was practiced very regularly. Many dogs and cats were murdered during sacrifices; their howls and meows are still heard today. Also heard are the screams of cries of the murdered and of the virgins that were brutally raped.

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Angels and Chains

Carrollton, Missouri

This house is said to be the location of many poltergeist. There was even the sighting of an angel in this house once in 1987. Reportedly, the apparitions dragged chains across the floor and would rock in squeaky rocking chairs. It is alleged that the house is very renowned through out the town.

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