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Monmouth Plantation

Natchez, Mississippi

General John A. Quitman's entity resides in this home, which is now an inn.  After buying the place in 1826, it would be in his family for about 100 years.  He died in 1858 from an apparent illness due to…

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Random Haunted Houses

Shine Your Lantern Three Times

Anson, Texas

Local legend says that one December night more than a hundred years ago, a mother sent her son into the woods to retrieve a Christmas tree for the family. Reportedly, the mother told her son to flash his lantern three times if he got into any trouble. When the boy did not return, his mother searched for him until she herself died. Near the woman's burial site, there is a crossroads. It is said that if one parks his car and flashes the headlights three times, a mysterious light will rise and

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Norwich Inn

Norwich, Vermont

Located in Norwich, Vermont, this inn was built in 1797 by Colonel Jasper Murdock, and was a stagecoach tavern.  In 1920, Charles and Mary "Ma" Walker purchased it.  Legend says that Ma Walker sold bootleg liquor out of the basement during prohibition.  She died years later at the Inn and there have been reports of her spirit still roaming about.  She has been seen walking the upper floors and in the dining room wearing a black formal gown.

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Old Town, Maine

When a suspected witch was convicted of a crime and sentenced to be hanged, she fiercely defended the fact that she was innocent. However, no one heeded her declaration, and the punishment was enforced. When at the gallows, the witch cursed the mayor and promised to haunt him to his grave. No paranormal activity was reported by the mayor, but on his grave is a boot print. If the print is removed, it will reappear in no more than a few days.

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Family Flu

Berlin, Connecticut

In this house once lived a woman and her five children. One particularly harsh winter, one of the children caught a deadly bout of influenza. Quickly, the disease spread to all the other children and they died a slow, agonizing death. Today, the children are heard talking, screaming, and crying.

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Highgate Manor Inn

Vermont, United States

Built in 1818, the Highgate Manor Inn was an Underground Railroad stop during the Civil War due to its tunnels beneath the house.  In 1870, the manor was sold to Dr. Henry Baxter, where he used the manor as his practice.

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