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San Haven Sanatorium

San Haven, North Dakota

Built for tuberculosis sufferers in 1909, at one point this sanatorium had over 900 patients.  Currently closed, there are still reports of sounds of babies crying and apparitions being seen in the windows. …

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Random Haunted Houses

Golden North Hotel

Skagway, Alaska

Located in Skagway, Alaska, this hotel was originally built in 1898.  In 1908, the hotel was moved to where it is currently located in Skagway.  During this move, a golden dome was constructed, and in 1997 the hotel was renovated...and the ghost stories surrounding this hotel have remained.

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Ghost Mountain

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Legend has it that back in the 1930s in Fayetteville, near the Drake Field Airport, there was a man who lived in a log house atop a mountain who had a nasty drinking habit that ended up throwing his sick child in a well.

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Speke Hall

Liverpool, England

During the Protestant Reformation, tunnels were dug from this house to the nearby River Mersey, to allow priests to escape to Ireland via a boat if necessary. Even today, these holes are still visible. Allegedly, a woman, devastated by the actions of her philandering husband, killed herself and then her baby. Many people have reported feeling cold spots, while others have reportedly seen spirits of the agonized woman.

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Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse & Winery

Omaha, Nebraska

This romantic, local eatery in Omaha is reported to be haunted with spirits and has its fair share of paranormal activity.  One such regular customer who frequented the joint was Bill Walden.  Apparently he dined here almost every night for years upon end, even toward the latter part of his life when he was hospitalized he would sneak away from the hospital and grab his favorite seat at the restaurant.

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Fyvie Castle

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Located north-west of Aberdeen, Scotland is the five-towered castle of Fyvie. Each of its five towers are named for the powerful families who owned this beautiful example of baronial architecture. Built on in sections over the years, one might think Fyvie would appear slapped together and architecturally awkward, but this three-story castle somehow makes it all look like it should be exactly the way it is.

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Manresa Castle

Maltby, Washington

Over the years, this beautiful building has served many purposes and remains in use today. It was built as a home for a successful immigrant and his wife, used later as a training college for Jesuit priests, and is now a hotel and restaurant enticing guests with the possibility of supernatural occurrences.

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