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Old Waialae Drive-In Theater

Oahu, Hawaii

Located on Waialae Avenue in Oahu, the old Waialae Drive-In Theater is said to be haunted due to it being next to an old graveyard.  There have been numerous stories about ghost encounters, one in particular, is…

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Random Haunted Houses

Baldoon Castle

Bladnoch, Scotland

In the small riverside town of Bladnoch, Scotland, the townâ??s one road takes visitors close to the ivy-draped ruins of Baldoon Castle. The castleâ??s ruins are not the only ruined thing lingering in the area, thereâ??s also the broken-hearted, and some say--mentally insaneâ??ghost of young Janet Dalrymple. People report they sometimes see Janet drifting among the ruins in the nightgown she wore on her wedding nightâ??the same gown that became covered in blood under mysterious

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The Gold Brook Bridge/Emily’s Bridge

Stowe, Vermont

Often referred to as Emily's Bridge, the Gold Brook Bridge in Stowe, VT is haunted by a female apparition named Emily Smith.  Legend has it (although there are several variations) that she threw herself over the bridge after her lover didn't meet her there as promised.

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Friendly Haunt

Albany, Georgia

This house is haunted by an older, grizzly looking gentleman. However, the apparition is not a mean one; he protects residents of the house and even saved one woman from an abusive boyfriend. The man checks in on the bedrooms of the residents at night before returning to his own room -- the back bathroom.

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Forsyth Park Inn

Savannah, Georgia

There is a saying in the South that Savannah was built on the backs of its dead. It is true that nearly anytime construction workers dig into the thick red clay earth they discover bonesâ??remains from the Native Americans in the area, remains from the Revolutionary War and Civil War. And it seems that with all the history below the gorgeous gardens and fountains of the city, some ghosts have decided to remain.

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Anniston High School

Anniston, Alabama

High schools are most definitely places infamous for vicious and quickly-spread rumors, but not many can compare to Anniston High School in Alabama. Here, the horrific story is told repeatedly by the older students in order to frighten the new freshmen girls. And although the events actually occurred, the details have (not surprisingly) gotten twisted and exaggerated over the past ten years.

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The Pink House

Lyndon, New York

During the Lyndonville murders, the family of five that resided in this house were killed. The house has been left untouched ever since, and it is said that anyone who dares to venture into the basement will become locked inside after the doors close by themselves. The only means of escape is to open the door from the outside.

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