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Anchuca Mansion

Vicksburg, Mississippi

The word "Anchuca," is a Choctaw Indian word meaning "happy home," and it is quite that for this antebellum home in Vicksburg, Mississippi, which is now a favorite tourist spot. …

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Random Haunted Houses

Leslie Castle

Limerick County, Ireland

There have been many different strange occurrences in this castle including: bells ringing without aid, mysterious gray figures walking about, orange bits thrown in kitchen without aid, and the food mixer being turned on when it was not plugged in. In the "Red Room" three different couples have seen not only a dim light, but the figure of a man. The man is said to be that of a member of the Leslie family who died in 1914. The ghost is said to shuffle paper and tell couples to "shhh."

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Devil’s Road

Monmouth, Illinois

The road is marked by the sign of the devil--666--atop a dead end sign at the end of the street. Allegedly, the grim reaper stands in the middle of the road as cars approach. Just as the car is about to mow him over, the reaper vanishes into a puff of smoke. When the victims return the next day, burn marks tell exactly where the reaper appeared. Also on the road is Haunted Bridge. Legend says that young couple came around the curve too fast and fell of the bridge to a watery grave. It is alleged

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New England Club

Anderson, Ohio

On this property once stood an old farmhouse where a beautiful young woman was to be wed. Her fiancee, however, left her standing along at the altar. So overcome with grief, the woman went to her bedroom and hanged herself--still wearing her wedding dress. She is a friendly ghost and has been seen by many employees of the present club.

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Thearosa’s Bridge

Wichita, Kansas

When this area was first being settled, a woman named Thearosa lived near this bridge along with her children. Though the exact details are unclear, Thearosa eventually killed her children and then herself. Today, she haunts the bridge. The weather on the bridge is never the same as anywhere else in town. The bridge has also been set on fire several times; investigations reveal nothing.

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School Nurse

Redlands, California

It is said that in this school a young girl died in the nurse's office. Now, the entire grounds of the school are haunted by the little girl. Allegedly, the swings swing by themselves-even though the wind is calm. Sometimes, one may even hear a girl whispering to them on the playground. If anyone knocks on the door of the nurses office, it knocks back!

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Baldoon Castle

Bladnoch, Scotland

In the small riverside town of Bladnoch, Scotland, the townâ??s one road takes visitors close to the ivy-draped ruins of Baldoon Castle. The castleâ??s ruins are not the only ruined thing lingering in the area, thereâ??s also the broken-hearted, and some say--mentally insaneâ??ghost of young Janet Dalrymple. People report they sometimes see Janet drifting among the ruins in the nightgown she wore on her wedding nightâ??the same gown that became covered in blood under mysterious

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