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Golden North Hotel

Skagway, Alaska

Located in Skagway, Alaska, this hotel was originally built in 1898.  In 1908, the hotel was moved to where it is currently located in Skagway.  During this move, a golden dome was constructed, and in 1997 the…

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Random Haunted Houses

Leslie Castle

Limerick County, Ireland

There have been many different strange occurrences in this castle including: bells ringing without aid, mysterious gray figures walking about, orange bits thrown in kitchen without aid, and the food mixer being turned on when it was not plugged in. In the "Red Room" three different couples have seen not only a dim light, but the figure of a man. The man is said to be that of a member of the Leslie family who died in 1914. The ghost is said to shuffle paper and tell couples to "shhh."

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Old Zane Mansion

Martins Ferry, Ohio

This mansion is located on the site of an old cemetery. Constantly, the town and cemetery were being flooded, thus they were both moved to another location. When the coffins were moved, it is said that Hannah Zane�s was empty. The house, which used to be an occult and a bordello, is now said to be haunted by Hannah.. There have been reports of her walking up and down the halls and dancing in the living room. There have also been reports of a small child staring out of the window on the

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The Handprint in Cell 17

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Carbon County Jail/Old Jail Museum, Jim Thorpe (PA)

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The General Stanton Inn

Charlestown, Rhode Island

In more than 200 years of history, the General Stanton Inn has only had six owners since the time the Native Americans owned the land. In 1655 the land was given to Thomas Stanton, an interpreter for the Native American tribes in the region, as a show of gratitude. Thomas had arranged a successful hostage exchange between rival tribes. Essentially, when the Manesses tribe kidnapped a Niantic princess they demanded far too much wampum for her safe return. The Niantics went to Thomas at his little

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Toys R US

Sunnyvale, California

This store sits atop the foundation of an old mansion. One day, a former resident cut off his hands while chopping wood; he still lurks around the premises. The spirit has been known to knock over boxes in the store late at night. Cameras were set up at one time to capture the nightly occurrences; a shadowy figure was seen walking up and down each aisle.

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Palm Avenue

Penngrove, California

For the past fifty years, the lone road in this small town has been haunted by strange noises. It is said that during quiet summer's nights horses are heard galloping down the road, though there are no horses there. Many others have heard horses galloping toward them in broad daylight, while they have seen nothing.

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