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Eastern State Penitentiary

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As one of the most carefully studied paranormal building in the U.S., this former prison is abound with unexplainable occurrences.  Since the 1940s, inmates have reported seeing visions and experiencing eeriness…

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Random Haunted Houses

Chester Av.

Bremerton, Washington

This apartment complex was used as a hospital during the early 1900s. Today, there are reports of ghostly nurses and patients wandering the halls.

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Tazlina Lodge

Tazlina, Arkansas

This former lodge is home to a ghost entity who is said to have died in a police stand-off on the third floor of the lodge.  Reports of hauntings have been noted since the 1950s by caretakers and more recently by tour guests. One particular sighting from tour guests include a sitting imprint on an old dusty chair.  Other strange occurrences include feelings of extreme temperature drop and the smell as if someone was smoking, all on the third floor.

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Castle Air Museum

Atwater, California

On the grounds of the air force base is said to be a haunted plane. Allegedly, a pilot died in the plane. Since residing at the museum, the plane has been known to have lights going on and off and moving figures have been noticed. On the exterior of the plane is written "Raising Hell."

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Sports Rock Pizza

Rapid City, South Dakota

Located in one of the oldest buildings in Rapid City, this pizza joint and sports bar is said to be haunted by John "Hooky Jack" Leary.  Leary was a former policeman and night watchman who lived in the building above, until his death in 1928.  Patrons have reported seeing his apparition looking out the glass door.  Other strange occurrences include, chairs and pool balls moving on their own, and the sound of voices and footsteps.

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White Lick Creek

Danville, Indiana

While this railroad trestle was being constructed, an Irishman fell into a vat of hardening concrete, and suffocated The original bridge was torn down and replaced, but sightings of the man are continuously reported.

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Crybaby Bridge

Doylestown, Ohio

This area was once the hiding place of choice for many outlaws. Many years ago, a woman threw her small child off this bridge. Supposedly, the baby's cry may still be heard at night.

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