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Random Haunted Houses

The Daly Mansion

Hamilton, Montana, United States

Purchased in 1886 by businessman Marcus Daly, and remodeled several times throughout this family’s ownership, this house was to be Daly’s family’s summer home.  The three-story home has over 50 rooms, including 25 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and 7 fireplaces.

Several strange occurrences have been reported here, including strange sounds (footsteps and doors closing), smells (cigar smoke and the smell of roses in winter) and moving objects.  Also, some have reported to see Mrs. Daly walk down the 2nd floor hallway.


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Fort Huachuca Officer’s Quarters

Arizona, Fort Huachuca, United States

Fort Huachuca, a military base located in Arizona, has historical value and large commanding, training, and space shuttle centers. But, if you look a little further into its past, youâ??ll find an old secret not yet covered up by modern technology and advanced programs. The fort was first built around 1877, and played an important part in Americaâ??s Indian wars as a headquarters and supply base. Later, it was used for African-American â??Buffalo Soldiersâ? and then as an advanced testing center for electronics and communications after World War Two. By 1976, it was even named a National Historic Landmark.

Carleton House, the oldest building on the property, was constructed to be hospital. Finished in 1880, it was named after a famous Civil War General: James H. Carleton. Over the course of time, it was turned into an officerâ??s quarters, a mess hall, a post headquarters, a post chapel, a café, and a schoolhouse. In fact, for about four years, it was even used as a vacation retreat by two Arizona governors.

However, the most famous visitor to the Carleton house was Colonel Roy Strom. He was a deputy commander, and moved into the house with his wife Joan and their children. Almost instantly, weird things started happening. The contents of boxes would be found strewn about, and the doorbell would ring constantly with no apparent cause. The lights also blinked randomly, and wall hangings were never quite straightâ?¦but these things were more annoying than creepy. At least, at the start.

As the Strom family continued to live there, they were eventually lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the ghost who became known as Charlotte. (Although Charlotte does a thorough job of making her presence known, actual sightings of the woman are rare.) Early one morning, Joan thought she saw her daughter Amy walking down the hall. However, Amy ignored her greetingâ?¦and was fast asleep in her bed when Joan checked her room. Intrigued, Joan began to research who her visitor could be.

The story tells of a young woman who, over one hundred fifty years ago, was a critical patient in the Carleton House when it was still a hospital. She gave birth to a stillborn son, and she herself died a few days later. Angered by the fact that her child never received a proper burial, she continued to haunt the Carleton house even after it changed from a hospital. But her actual identity remained a mystery, and it was the Strom family that finally named the ghost â??Charlotteâ?.

According to another report, a boy had been trying to deliver a message to the people currently living in the Carleton House. After ringing the doorbell to no avail, he spotted a pretty blonde woman with long hair and a flowing dress walking through the hallway. But she appeared not to hear the ringing, and later, the family in the house insisted that nobody had been home. In addition, the daughter of that family claimed to have seen Charlotte in the hallway after returning home late one night.

As mentioned before, the young ghost certainly isnâ??t secretive about her haunts. Many strange happenings have been reported by residents over the years, such as their pets going crazy at night, and stuff randomly moving around. One section of the house is significantly colder than the other, and has a light that never works properly. Joan Strom dubbed this â??Charlotteâ??s Cornerâ?, which it is still affectionately called today.

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Chingle Hall

England, Goosnargh

Built in 1260 by Adam de Singleton, Chingle Hall is the oldest surviving brick house in all of Great Britain. The kitchen of the house is said to be inhabited by a poltergeist that throws dishes, clothes, and glasses at residents. The entity is also said to cause objects to spontaneously combust. Others have seen ghosts of monks in and around the area surrounding the hall.

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Belcourt Castle

Newport, Rhode Island, United States

Belcourt Castle is a large Louis XIII style estate that hosts regular ghost tours and candlelight mystery tours–and with good reason. Belcourt Castle, the sixty-room summer cottage of Oliver Hazard Perry Belmont, has a reputation for being one haunted destination that does not disappoint. Construction started on the estate in 1891 and continually employed three hundred skilled craftsmen for three full years.

Oliver intended to use Belcourt to display his collections of armor, medieval manuscripts, stained glass and numerous things related to his love of horses.

In 1895 the house was officially opened with a grand ball, its hostess was Alva Erskine Smith Vanderbilt, the wife of Oliverâ??s best friend and business partner. Perhaps her husband, William Kissam Vanderbilt, should have suspected something was amiss. Whether he suspected his best friend and his wife of any indiscretion or shared emotion is a bit of a mystery. Regardless, after having three children, Alva divorced William and married Oliver.

The two traveled extensively, collecting as they went, until Oliver died in 1908. The next year Alva redesigned the first floor of Belcourt. Some have speculated that Oliver would have disapproved because he loved the place exactly as it was. Alvaâ??s attention then shifted and she became active in the womenâ??s movement and a great supporter of the arts. Traveling frequently, Alva let Belcourt fall into a state of mild disrepair. She died in 1933.

Belcourt does not necessarily seem to be haunted by its owners or any members of the large staff that worked there for decades. Rather, it seems Belcourt is haunted because of some of the antiques in its collection. Furnished with art and trappings from more than 30 different countries, Belcourt has a lovely Gothic ballroom featuring haunted chairs. Some visitors have reported feeling chills race up and down their spine while standing near the chairs, others have reported strange sensations of energy moving across their hands. Supposedly if you try to sit in one of the haunted chairs youâ??ll feel resistance, while trying to take a seat in the other may just get you tossed out of it.

There is also a screaming suit of armor in the Gothic ballroom. The original owner of the armor was killed by a spear entering the visorâ??s eye slit. People claim the ownerâ??s screams can still sometimes be heard around the time he died in March.

A carving of a monk is also supposedly haunted by its ghostly counterpartâ??so keep your eyes open. Cameras are not generally allowed in the castle, but a few people who sneaked photos (at risk of having their camera taken and being kicked out of the tour, so donâ??t do it) claim they have proof of orbs in several rooms.

Belcourt Castle is certainly worth a visit, many have said their guides were well-educated and that there is simply too much to see and learn about in a single visit. Whether youâ??re interested in the ghosts, the antiques, the history or the architecture, Belcourt seems to have something for everyone.

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Mathias Ham House

Dubuque, Iowa, United States

Mathias Ham House in Dubuque is a 23 room Italian based villa filled with furnishings of the past, and spirits too.  Visitors have reported cold spots throughout the villa and hearing voices. Also, some have seen lights flicker sporadically.  Employees have reported hearing voices too, as well as seen objects move by themselves.

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Robb Canyon

Nevada, Reno, United States

Known as the most active haunted area in Reno, Robb Canyon is located in the western part of the city.  The strange happenings began in the early 1970s when mutilated bodies of 3 men and 1 woman were found here, which at the time was a rural, high desert canyon area.   These murders remain unsolved.

Today, the canyon is surrounded by a city park and suburban development.  Residents in the area have reported seeing strange lights on and off and have heard blood-curling screams throughout the canyon.  The Reno Police Department and Washoe County Sheriff’s office supposedly do not respond to calls in this area about disturbances of this kind.

Many paranormal investigators have studied the area and have said that they feel overwhelming fear and dread during investigations.

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