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Random Haunted Houses

Bullock Hotel

Deadwood, South Dakota, United States

Sheriff Seth Bullock was one of the most successful and famous lawmen ever to inhabit this town. It is said that even his stare could prevent a brawl from coming about. The hotel was founded in the 1870s by the sheriff, and he has supposedly roamed the halls of the building since his death in 1919. .

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Bottom of the Hill

Bluffton, Indiana, United States

At the bottom of this hill lies a house in which a young girl died many years ago. Nowadays, the entity is seen roaming the stairwell in blue clothes. Her image is also seen in mirrors and she has also been seeing looking from the bedroom window.

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Follow Me

Detroit, Michigan, United States

If a car is parked on a bridge located inside this park, turn the ignition off, and wait for a few minutes, an old woman in a white dress will appear. She will wave her hand for you to follow her into the woods. No documented account has been made of anyone ever following her.

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Lemp Mansion

Missouri, St. Louis, United States

Since the building of this establishment, with funds gained from the sale of beer, it has served as a residence, boarding house, and a restaurant. During the course of the thriving brewery business, four of the Lemp family members committed suicide.  After prohibition began, the brewery business became bankrupt and the house went into disrepair.

During restoration, the workers reported a feeling of being watched, tools disappearing, and strange sounds which resulted in many workers quitting.

While being used as a restaurant, the employees have reported seeing glasses floating off the bar, sounds with no explanation, the piano playing by itself, and apparitions appearing and disappearing at will.  The “Lavender Lady,” the divorced wife of William Lemp Jr., has also been spotted before wearing her lavender colored dress.

In the basement, a secret door was found, which leads to one of the many caves on the Mississippi River. These caves were used to smuggle slaves, and during Prohibition, alcohol. In 1980, LIFE magazine named the site as “one of the most haunted places in America”.

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The Governor’s Mansion

Delaware, Dover, United States

Built in the 1790s by Charles Hillyard III, Woodburn (as the Governor’s Mansion is known) once served as a stop on the Underground Railroad and much more recently was purchased by the state of Delaware, serving as the official residence for Delaware’s governors since 1965. A Middle Period Georgian-style mansion, it has been home to everyone from gentleman farmers to U.S. Senators and doctors. And each owner seems to have left his own special imprint on the house.

The first ghost documented at Woodburn appeared only about 25 years after the house was constructed. The owners of the house at the time, Dr. and Mrs. Bates asked a visiting itinerant Methodist preacher to begin their shared morning meal with a prayer. The preacher suggested they wait for their other guest to join them. Puzzled, the couple stated there was no other guest in the house. The preacher then described in great detail the older gentleman he saw on the stairs. His description startled the couple even more, as it was precisely the way Mrs. Bates’ father, Charles Hillyard III had appeared-while alive.

It seems Mr. Hillyard is the most frequent spectral visitor at Woodburn. He is often seen on the steps. Having a reputation for enjoying alcohol, people have found that glasses of wine left on the stairs at night are often drained by morning.

As a stop on the Underground Railroad, slaves frequented the area. Legend has it that a slave running from a band of slave hunters hid in the hollow black walnut tree that used to stand near the home’s south porch. He was caught in his hideaway and some say his screams are still heard, most often at Halloween.

Another ghost visitors and residents have mentioned seeing is a young girl dressed in a traditional gingham dress and bonnet. She has been seen walking near the reflecting pool and carrying a candle. Although the most mysterious ghost of the group, none of the ghosts seem malicious or difficult. All seem to have become part of the rich history and local lore of Woodburn.

Tours of the mansion are available, but call ahead and stay with your guide so you don’t anger the spirits of Woodburn.

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Train Tracks FM 157

Ponder, Texas, United States

The country roads of Ponder are extremely dark at night. Many years ago, a woman distraught about the upcoming birth of her child, decided to walk down the tracks. On these tracks, she and her unborn child perished. It is said that every Halloween, one can hear the screams as the young woman loses her life.

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