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Random Haunted Houses

Part of the Family

Massachusetts, United States, Wayland

In a story dating back to 1973, a very old house on 91 Old Sudbury Rd, Wayland MA, was reported to be haunted. The house was originally built in late 17th or early 18th century. The house’s biggest claim to fame was that Lydia Maria Child lived out here final years there. (She was the poet who wrote “over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go”). Over the years other rooms and pieces were added to the house. The owners of the house reported that half of the house felt cold and extremely frightening (the living room, family room, front hall, and screen porch). The other half also felt inhabited but by a warm and comforting presence.

The children were in the dining room one day. There was a door that was always kept open that led to the front hall. In a modern house such a door would probably seem out-of-place as openings from one common room to another are usually doorless, however, in this house there was a door between the two rooms. Suddenly this door opened then violently slammed closed. This happened about four or five times. Then, as if two invisible people were fighting, the door slammed back in forth very fast for about 10 or 15 seconds.

Thing of this sort, as the family tells it, happened so often that they became regular. Strangely enough, one of the children later reported that when he moved out of that house, he always felt his new dwellings empty without his family ghost.

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Hotel del Coronado

California, San Diego, United States

For a hotel as grand and large as the Hotel Del Coronado in California, it seems a pity it hosts only one ghost. But once youâ??ve heard the tale of this tragic young woman, perhaps youâ??ll understand why in some cases one is enough.

The Hotel Del Coronado, affectionately called â??The Del,â? sits overlooking the San Francisco Bay, dominating the beach with its brick colored roofs and sharp white walls. A true American beauty, it remains a stunning and sprawling example of the traditional wooden Victorian seaside resort. Opening in 1888, the Del has hosted such famous folks as â??Lucky Lindyâ? (Charles Lindbergh), Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart, Brad Pitt, L. Frank Baum, Babe Ruth, President Benjamin Harrison, Madonna and King Edward VIII (at the time only the Prince of Wales). The Del was also used as a backdrop to Marilyn Monroeâ??s 1958 movie â??Some Like It Hot.â?

But one of the Delâ??s most famous guests has never checked out and rumors still circulate about her identity. Kate Morgan was supposedly a grifter working the rails in the late 1800s with her husband, Thomas. The two set up poker games on trains all across the country, pretending to be brother and sister so that Kate could use her wiles to help blindside the playing men. They were gifted cheats, but it seems (according to somewhat reluctant eyewitness testimony) they got into a loverâ??s spat and Kate drifted into the Del, signing in under the name of Lottie Bernard (a passenger on the same train she had recently ridden). Logging in to the Del just before Thanksgiving of 1892, â??Lottie Bernardâ? carried no luggage and looked to be in poor health and a poorer state of mind. She essentially told the staff not to worry about herâ??she claimed her brother (a Dr. M. C. Anderson) would arrive shortly with her luggage. He would take care of her.

And perhaps â??Lottieâ? truly believed her partner in crime would come to her rescue, but even after several days, he had not appeared. Lottie just got sicker. Distraught, she got transportation into San Diego where she made the biggest decision of her life. She returned to the Del. Returned to room number 3327 (then room 302). The next morning she was found dead on the stairs outside the Del, shot by the pistol she had purchased the day before in town. Nicknamed â??the beautiful strangerâ? by the papers, her identity was finally revealed. But why did she and Thomas quarrel? Why the sudden separation? Police found quinine when they searched her possessions, leading some to believe she had been pregnant, and realizing her life could not continue in the same manner once her condition showed, she decided to try a home abortion. Or perhaps Kate wanted to settle down with a family and Thomas had other plans… Either way, the story seems to end the same wayâ??in tragedy.

Recently, a medium located in San Diego claimed to have contact with this famous ghost and said that the ghost is truly Lottie Bernard and not Kate Morgan at all. Supposedly Lottie stays on at the Del waiting for her real story to be told.

Regardless of who haunts the Del, several odd things are often reported. People have claimed to see a woman dressed in the proper period and style as Kate paging through books and walking the halls. Lights flicker on and off in Kateâ??s room and the sheets and blankets are played with. In the gift shop, the Marilyn Monroe merchandise used to literally jump off the shelves when it had a prominent place, but stopped its crazy behavior when it was moved to a less visible location. Was Kate angry with sharing the spotlight or might she have had a jealous streak because of some anonymous blonde bombshell making things difficult while she was still alive and with Thomas? Unfortunately we will probably never know, and it seems the more research done into Kateâ??s story only raises more questionsâ??not more answers.

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Saco River

Maine, Saco, United States

Many years ago, a young Native American girl was kidnapped by a couple of settlers. She was taken out on the river in a canoe. A fight pursued and the vessel capsized; all three died. Three people (sometimes more) die per year according to the legend. The girl’s father, a Native American chief, was highly upset. He placed a curse on the river and vowed that three people would die on the river every year. Since then, three or more people have died on the Saco each year.

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Midland Cinemas

Michigan, Midland, United States

Many years ago, before the theater was built on this site, the land was used for farming. Supposedly, six people died on this farm for unknown reasons. The employees of the theater have reported paranormal activity throughout the building. Such activity includes toilets flushing on their own, strange noises, figures appearing in the theater seats after-hours, and the sighting of a tall man with a beard, wearing overalls.

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Red Mill

Clinton, New Jersey, United States

Before retirement, this 175-year-old mill has been used for grist, wheat, and basket-making. There have been many reports of strange happenings in the building, such as the sound of a gong, which hasn’t been used in years, the sound of typing on an old typewriter, when the nearest typewriter was in storage 1000 feet away, and many others. In 1993, a seance was conducted, where the medium claimed to see the image of a child who had been injured at the mill.

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St. Louis Cemetery

Louisiana, New Orleans, United States

Full of many tales of Voodoo and spirits, New Orleans is definitely a haunted town.  St. Louis Cemetery, the oldest in the city, is one of the most haunted places in the area.  Full of above-ground tombs and mausoleums, you may encounter the presence of a ghost as you wind your way through the footpath.  While many spirits reside here, the most famous is that of Marie Laveau, who was known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans back in the day.

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