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South Crescent

Port Alberni, British Columbia

Many residents of this street claim that their houses are haunted. Such reported activity includes: doorknobs turning by themselves, footsteps coming from upstairs rooms, phone lines going dead, people being strangled by the air, and dogs howling for no apparent reason.

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Jared says:

June 10, 2016, 4:28 pm

I lived at 4541 South Crescent for over 10 year as a kid. From when I was 4 years old to 14. I can remember countless nights of me hearing footsteps coming up the stairs at night and I would hide under my bed. Lights would randomly go out and the phone I had in my room worked only half the time. I would be woken up to banging on my window some nights and constant footsteps on my stairs.

Alexandria George says:

July 12, 2016, 8:54 pm

I would like to know anything about 3511 12th avenue. The haunting here goes back farther than 32 years and no-one seems to really care why or who it is that is trapped in this place. Well I care and would appreciate any information I can get about these 2 spirits. Thank You.

Aurora says:

August 15, 2016, 3:37 am

Me and my husband are beginner ghost hunters and have been to South crescent street 3 time’s so far and tonight we have found something profoundly fascinating and need some more details about the streets encounters or anything anyone can tell us? Email us at

james says:

October 9, 2016, 4:07 am

I have lived in a house on 8th Ave. by the school since 1969. In the years since my family moved into the house I have had many sightings of spirits. The first sighting being in 1970 when me and some of the neighbor kids were playing in the yard. A friend and I had just run into the garage through the back door and when we turned around to look at where the other kids were we saw a boy about our age wearing a red and white striped t-shirt and blue jeans run into the garage behind us as if he was playing with us. He took four steps and faded away a little at a time with each step. We also hear the sound of a rocking chair in our front room all the time (we have no rocking chairs in the house), foot steps on the stairs and my bedroom door opens and closes by its self. My bedroom is the focal point of the house, some nights I don’t get much sleep because of the energy of the many spirits passing threw. Most are friendly but some are not, I get shadow demons and very angry spirits too. In the past few years I have learned to use crystals to control these mass happenings and only let the friendly ones go threw my room and on to the light.
Before moving to 8th Ave.I used to live on golden street and had many bad experiences there dealing with the little hunch backs (Imp’s). Over the years I have spoken to others who have lived in the same area and some of them have had encounters with the same creatures. They would pull the sheets of your bed while you were awake in it, stand up beside the bed and stair at you, touch your hand or foot if it was sticking out over the edge of the bed and jump on your bed to wake you up while you are sleeping.
I have also seen a dog (golden retriever) happily running down the log train trail behind E.J.Dunn fading in and out of sight as he runs past me, it’s always very happy.

Briana says:

October 10, 2016, 4:52 pm

I’ve lived in a house out beaver creek on Thompson road for almost 17 years. The house is very old, probably built in the 1800s. I have no idea about the history on this house but There is a little girl, about 13 years old, my brother describes her as tall, wearing a white night gown with long dark hair. She likes to stand in the corner of brothers room a lot. cuboards have flung open, draws open &a close on their own, doors fly open, dressers move back and forth,things turn on &I off. Every time I am upstairs in the living room at night I feel like there is something watching me. The girl, or whatever else is in the house, hasn’t ever tried to hurt anyone in my family, hense the fact why we haven’t moved yet, it’s just creepy.

Louise says:

November 24, 2017, 2:12 pm

I heard the steam train is haunted …They think its haunted by a man that use to work on it…

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