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Random Haunted Houses

Carson City Mint Building

Carson City, Nevada, United States

Ground was broken in 1866 for the Carson City Mint Building and opened as a national mint in 1869.  This mint produced $49,000,000 of gold and silver coins from 1870-1893.  In 1899, the mines had dwindled and the U.S. Treasury closed the mint down.

Later on after several remodels, it became the home of the Nevada State Museum and the Historical Society.

There are 2 such ghostly entities who still roam around the building.  Osborne Parker was a worker there and crushed to death in the basement when equipment fell on him in 1872.  Many believe that Parker still hangs around and works as a guardian, keeping a friendly eye on the staff.

Another entity who has presence in the old building is of Abraham Curry.  He was one of the men in charge of planning and building the mint, who later became Superintendent of the Nevada State Mint.  He enjoyed his job very much, and ended up dying in 1873.  Curry’s spirit is said to be of a friendly, fatherly one.

Other paranormal occurrences noted at this site: the sound of unexplained footsteps and the elevator operating on its own.  Whether these are by Parker or Curry, you can be sure that the staff never feels alone and always has a watchful eye over them.

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Coppell, Texas, United States

In this cemetery, one particularly devilish worshipper of Satan is buried. His headstone, located is the corner of the cemetery is said to be haunted. People attempting to take pictures of it have reported their film being distorted upon development. If one attempts to take pictures anywhere else in the cemetery, however, the pictures come out perfectly.

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Knight Hall

Forest Grove, Oregon, United States

The hall, which now houses the University’s Music Department, was once a private, three-story dwelling. After the home was converted for the university, a ghost that has been named Vera would move through the halls, singing, and playing the piano. Allegedly, the stories were confirmed in 1979 by a group of young reporters. One of the reporters began to play the piano and Vera repeatedly said, “Please stop.” The reporters left and returned the next night with more friends. When they once again started to play the piano, Vera is said to have released a loud sigh.

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Post Cemetery

Fort Riley, Kansas, United States

This museum was once the home of a wealthy family. The family had a church built into the house and nuns even lived there. After the family died, the mansion was converted into an orphanage. Today, the “Lady in Red” guards over the orphanage. She is believed to have been the matriarch of the family.

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The Boonies

California, Los Angeles, United States

Several miles away from most civilization lies a house known as The Boonies. It is said that an insane man and his rabbits lived in this house; the rabbits were all shaved. During the night, passers by would see a faint red glow coming from the house; they would also hear a high pitched wailing. The next day, rabbits with red skin would be seen running through the neighborhoods.

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Wiamea Lookout

Hawaii, Oahu, United States

Located at this lookout is an ancient burial ground. Around the grounds, there are many rocks that are not supposed to be taken. If one drives up the road to this lookout, he will count ten road bumps. Upon return, however, only seven will be counted.

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