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Random Haunted Houses

Stage Coach Country Inn

Colorado, Hot Sulfur Springs, United States

This Bed and Breakfast is reported to have many phantoms, both adult and adolescent. Objects in rooms throughout the inn move from place to place before one’s very eyes. Many have complained of hearing heavy footsteps during the middle of the night. Some of the ghost are even known to suck all the heat from a room. The ghosts have even been known to leave bruises on those whom they attack.

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Marfa Lights

Marfa, Texas, United States

Lights that race across the sky and grow and shrink in size appear almost every clear night. Legend has it that the lights are actually souls of braves that were killed while hunting.

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Grandma Will Care For You

North Carolina, United States

In 1969, a woman lived with her daughter and her grandchildren. She was known to tell stories that could keep you on the edge of your seat, or shed tears for a sweet love story. She became sick with thyroid fever suffered until she finally stop breathing. Her family was devastated. Even the 4 year old little girl missed her grandmother.

A couple of months later, the little girl grew happier. Her mother wandered into the little girls room to find the little girl sitting on the bed, talking to the rocking chair that slowly rocked and she looked up smiling.

“Do you see her mama?” she questioned. The family left to move to Florida later because her mother feared what the house was doing to her daughter.

Thirty years later, the little girl became a mother, she came back to that old house and still felt the same comforting feeling. She decided to build a two story house next to it. In the great room of that old house, the wood around the fireplace feels warm to the touch, like it was burning wood recently. If you stand near the windows on the outside the blinds are bent slightly like someone is watching you. Then when you look away and suddenly look back, the blinds are straight. The grandmother’s spirit must still reside in that house to this day, watching over it.

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Westwind Intermediate School

Arizona, Phoenix, United States

There is a haunted school named Westwind Intermediate in Phoenix. One day two girls got into a fight in the girl’s bathroom and one of the girls was stabbed. The other girl never got caught because she cleaned up the blood and buried the body in front of the school. Whenever somebody walks in the bathroom you can see the bathroom doors shaking. Some girls say that when they go into the school, they can hear the murdered student screaming.

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Angels and Chains

Carrollton, Missouri, United States

This house is said to be the location of many poltergeist. There was even the sighting of an angel in this house once in 1987. Reportedly, the apparitions dragged chains across the floor and would rock in squeaky rocking chairs. It is alleged that the house is very renowned through out the town.

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Family Flu

Berlin, Connecticut, United States

In this house once lived a woman and her five children. One particularly harsh winter, one of the children caught a deadly bout of influenza. Quickly, the disease spread to all the other children and they died a slow, agonizing death. Today, the children are heard talking, screaming, and crying.

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