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Random Haunted Houses

Liberty Theater

Astoria, Oregon, United States

This theater is supposedly haunted by a woman, who spends most of her time lurking in the woman’s bathroom. The theater was closed in 1998.

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Lake City High School

Coeur D' Alene, Idaho, United States

An apparition haunts this school’s auditorium where he paces back and forth behind the last row of seats.  He has been seen right before a play begins when the lights turn off and during clean-up after a production.  He is known for opening doors in the back stage and storage areas, as well as for scattering items in those areas.

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Gadsby’s Tavern

Alexandria, United States, Virginia

One day, two hundred years ago, a man brought a young woman to stay with him at the tavern. She was ill, and he hired a doctor in an attempt to save her, but he asked no one know her name; shortly thereafter, the nameless woman died. After the woman died, the man left enough money for her medical bills and burial and then disappeared. One can still visit the nameless grave in the heart of the town. The staff at Gadsby’s and certain visitors have reported seeing a candle in the upstairs room where the woman died as well as ghosts. Others have reported hearing footsteps and a woman’s cry.

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Golden North Hotel

Alaska, Skagway, United States

Located in Skagway, Alaska, this hotel was originally built in 1898.  In 1908, the hotel was moved to where it is currently located in Skagway.  During this move, a golden dome was constructed, and in 1997 the hotel was renovated…and the ghost stories surrounding this hotel have remained.

One such haunted tale is that of “Mary.”  Back during the gold rush days Mary was staying at the hotel with her fiance.  One such day when her fiance went out to prospect for gold, Mary became very ill and developed pneumonia.  While waiting for him to return from his gold prospecting expedition, her pneumonia progressed and eventually took her life.  She was staying in room 23.  People have reported seeing ghostly images of a female in this room and some have even experienced choking sensations during the evening hours.

Another tale is that of room 14, where staff and guests have reported seeing a light appear late at night or at dusk…when no one else is in the room.


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Northern State University

Aberdeen, South Dakota, United States

A four-year public university in Aberdeen, SD, Northern State University, is not only home to several college students, but also to some ghosts.

Two particular buildings are said to be haunted, one is Jerde Hall, which is a dormitory.  It’s said to be the home of a female child ghost who has been seen by students and heard in the hallways.

The Johnson Fine Arts Center also has a ghost roaming about.  This ghost likes to whistle in the men’s bathroom and likes to jingle keys and flick the lights on and off.  While a friendly ghost, reports say that this ghost likes to move, throw and drop objects around.

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Devil’s Road

Illinois, Monmouth, United States

The road is marked by the sign of the devil–666–atop a dead end sign at the end of the street. Allegedly, the grim reaper stands in the middle of the road as cars approach. Just as the car is about to mow him over, the reaper vanishes into a puff of smoke. When the victims return the next day, burn marks tell exactly where the reaper appeared. Also on the road is Haunted Bridge. Legend says that young couple came around the curve too fast and fell of the bridge to a watery grave. It is alleged that if one stops his car on the bridge, he will be guided to safety. Bare footprints have been reported on rainy nights. Many others have also put powdered sugar on their car and reported hand prints after leaving the bridge.

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