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Random Haunted Houses

Woodland Grand Theater

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States

Long ago in this theater, a man named George and his dog would come and see a movie in theater three every week. When George died of a heart attack, he and his dog continued to frequent the theater. It has been said that George was seen in the projection booth and that he would turn lights on and off. Others have reported hearing his dog bark loudly. Though the theater is now torn down, there have been reports of a ghost dog walking around the site.

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Franklin Castle

Franklin, Ohio, United States

While Franklin Castle in Ohio is a large and beautifully constructed building, it is far from a fairytale mansion. Countless deaths and cruel murders have taken place within its walls, leading Franklin Castle to be considered Ohioâ??s most haunted places.

Built by German immigrant Hannes Tiedemann in 1865, the castle features at least twenty-one rooms, a ballroom, wine cellars, and numerous secret passageways. Over the years, it has served as everything from a German Socialist headquarters to a doctorâ??s office. Itâ??s also home to plenty of ghosts, many of whom were viciously murdered or destroyed by disease as humansâ?¦

One of the most popular stories is that of a young girl hanged in one of the hidden corridors. Of course, there are many rumors surrounding her murder. Some say she was Tiedemannâ??s illegitimate daughter, and was killed solely for that. Others claim she had gone insane, and was hanged by her uncle who had been trying to end her misery. Still others have named the girl Karen, and say she was killed in a fight between her father and boyfriend. No matter what happened, her ghost is the one most commonly sighted in Franklin castle. She is described as tall, thin, and dressed entirely in black.

Unfortunately, soon after Hannes Tiedemannâ??s family had moved into Franklin Castle, tragedy struck. His teenage daughter Emma died from diabetes, which, back then, meant a long and painful death. His wife lost her life soon after to liver troubles, and three of his smallest children also suffered mysterious deaths.  However, Tiedemann wasnâ??t exactly the worldâ??s most faithful husband. He allegedly shot his young mistress for wanting to marry someone else, and her choking sounds can still be heard in a certain room.

Franklin Castle was also the setting for a Nazi mass murder, a bloody axe homicide, and probably more. The political discussions of the Nazis can still be heard throughout the halls, and the axe-murder victim is occasionally seen in the front tower window. But perhaps the most eerie discovery was found in the 1970â??sâ?¦a room filled entirely with bones. Human baby skeletons, to be exact. After being examined by medical specialists as well as the castleâ??s occupants, the accepted theory is that the children were victims of an insane scientist and his botched medical experiments.

While the home is usually not a tourist attraction, many visitors have still experienced the haunts Franklin Castle has to offer. On the very afternoon the Romano family moved in, the six children went upstairs to play. They rushed down a few minutes later, asking their mother if they could give a cookie to their â??new friendâ?. The children claimed many times that they had seen a little girl crying, but neither parent could ever find anyone. However, Mrs. Romano often heard eerie organ music, as well as voices and the clinking of glass. She finally asked a priest to perform an exorcism on the house, and afterwards, he demanded that they leave immediately.

Not shockingly, the supposedly cursed mansion has many more surprises in store. A full skeleton was found in one of the secret panels, but it may have just been a publicity stunt. A large bloodstain can be seen on the marble floor of the ballroom, and many visitors have reported noticing â??cold spotsâ? throughout the house. However, seeing as Franklin castle is a historical landmark, people have been trying to renovate it for years. But I doubt its original visitors are ever going to leaveâ?¦

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Midland Cinemas

Michigan, Midland, United States

Many years ago, before the theater was built on this site, the land was used for farming. Supposedly, six people died on this farm for unknown reasons. The employees of the theater have reported paranormal activity throughout the building. Such activity includes toilets flushing on their own, strange noises, figures appearing in the theater seats after-hours, and the sighting of a tall man with a beard, wearing overalls.

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Westwind Intermediate School

Arizona, Phoenix, United States

There is a haunted school named Westwind Intermediate in Phoenix. One day two girls got into a fight in the girl’s bathroom and one of the girls was stabbed. The other girl never got caught because she cleaned up the blood and buried the body in front of the school. Whenever somebody walks in the bathroom you can see the bathroom doors shaking. Some girls say that when they go into the school, they can hear the murdered student screaming.

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AMC Hampton Theatres

Michigan, Rochester Hills, United States

Three theatres were built in 1971, and in 1979 a fourth one was added. During the process of building, a worker was killed. Soon after construction was completed, many strange happenings were witnessed on the premises. Seats in the front row have rocked on their own, garbage cans rolled up the aisle, cans knocked over by themselves, lights flicker on their own, toilets have randomly flushed, and many others. These strange events have been witnessed by numerous patrons and employees. Over time, the employees nicknamed the ghost “Johnny”. The theatres closed on January 17, 1999 due to a lease expiration. In March of 1999, a group of former employees visited theatre four, said, “Hi.” to Johnny, and the lights mysteriously turned on.

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House across from Victoria Cemetery

Marshallberg, North Carolina, United States

In this house, the lonely wife of a fisherman began having an affair. Soon, she gave birth to her lover’s baby. As she heard her the fisherman approaching, she killed the baby and buried it under the porch. Eventually, the woman went insane because she kept hearing the baby’s cries. It is said that if one stands on the porch, the baby’s cries may still be heard.

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