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Real Haunted Houses in England

Tanworth Castle

Staffordshire, England

This medieval moated castle on the banks of the River Thames is allegedly the site where Sir Lancelot jousted. The castle is reported be haunted by two ladies, one white and one blue. Legend has it that the blue lady was the lover of a knight who was killed in a fight near the foot of the castle. So bereaved, she threw herself off the battlements, falling to her death. She is said to be seen wringing her hands and walking about the battlements. The owner of the castle had inherited the lands of

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Rowton, England

During the English Civil War between the Royalists and Parliamentarians, a bloody battle was fought here. Today, many residents of Rowton talk of hearing musket and cannon fire on foggy nights. Some residents refuse to walk on the historic battlefield in fear of disturbing the spirits

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Speke Hall

Liverpool, England

During the Protestant Reformation, tunnels were dug from this house to the nearby River Mersey, to allow priests to escape to Ireland via a boat if necessary. Even today, these holes are still visible. Allegedly, a woman, devastated by the actions of her philandering husband, killed herself and then her baby. Many people have reported feeling cold spots, while others have reportedly seen spirits of the agonized woman.

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Chingle Hall

Goosnargh, England

Built in 1260 by Adam de Singleton, Chingle Hall is the oldest surviving brick house in all of Great Britain. The kitchen of the house is said to be inhabited by a poltergeist that throws dishes, clothes, and glasses at residents. The entity is also said to cause objects to spontaneously combust. Others have seen ghosts of monks in and around the area surrounding the hall.

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Borley Rectory

Essex, England

After being gutted by fire, Borley Rectory was demolished in 1944. In its place now stand three luxury bungalows. For more than a century, however, there have been sightings of a nun, phantom coaches, and a headless man. There have also been reports of a poltergeist throwing items, mysterious footsteps, objects appearing from thin air and then vanishing back into it. From the nearby Borley church, unusual monastic chanting and organ music have been heard.

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Chester, England

Chester was one of the most important garrison towns for the Roman army during the Roman Conquests. Today, Roman soldiers are seen marching through the town, en route to fight the Celts. Countless workmen have reportedly seen apparitions of former residents while renovating houses.

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