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Leslie Castle

Limerick County, Ireland

There have been many different strange occurrences in this castle including: bells ringing without aid, mysterious gray figures walking about, orange bits thrown in kitchen without aid, and the food mixer being turned on when it was not plugged in. In the "Red Room" three different couples have seen not only a dim light, but the figure of a man. The man is said to be that of a member of the Leslie family who died in 1914. The ghost is said to shuffle paper and tell couples to "shhh."

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Glin Castle

Limerick County, Ireland

One night, two workers were visited by a poltergeist. They heard footsteps, lights flickered on and off, and doors rapidly opened and closed. Also in the building they found a frayed rope hanging from the ceiling; a worker died a few years earlier when his safety rope snapped.

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Derry County, Ireland

One night, a funeral carriage was seen passing in the sky by many onlookers; it was later realized that a Celtic family had died. As there are no mountains in the area, the carriage was definitely flying through the sky.

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