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Real Haunted Houses in Scotland

Fyvie Castle

Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Located north-west of Aberdeen, Scotland is the five-towered castle of Fyvie. Each of its five towers are named for the powerful families who owned this beautiful example of baronial architecture. Built on in sections over the years, one might think Fyvie would appear slapped together and architecturally awkward, but this three-story castle somehow makes it all look like it should be exactly the way it is.

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Glamis Castle


The home to the Earls of Strathmore for more than 600 years, Glamis Castle is reputedly Scotlandâ??s most haunted castle. But even before the beautiful castle began its dramatic rise, the foundation of it had been laid as a hunting lodge for members of Scottish royalty. Over the years it grew into something far more spectacular, and with its many connections to royalty and power, it is no strange thing that it is haunted today.

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Baldoon Castle

Bladnoch, Scotland

In the small riverside town of Bladnoch, Scotland, the townâ??s one road takes visitors close to the ivy-draped ruins of Baldoon Castle. The castleâ??s ruins are not the only ruined thing lingering in the area, thereâ??s also the broken-hearted, and some say--mentally insaneâ??ghost of young Janet Dalrymple. People report they sometimes see Janet drifting among the ruins in the nightgown she wore on her wedding nightâ??the same gown that became covered in blood under mysterious

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