Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in Colorado

State Capitol Building

Denver, Colorado

The Colorado State Capitol Building is connected to several others by a series of tunnels. Originally, these tunnels were used to move coal from place to place for heating purposes. One female apparition who wears long turn of the century style dresses is known to haunt the area. She has been seen in all of the buildings and the tunnels themselves. Very inquisitive, the woman is said to have been seen reading over the shoulders of employees.

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Molly Brown

Denver, Colorado

The unusual activity in this house has been reported by several employees. Hauntings include dark shadows moving about rooms when there is no light to produce them, and piano keys moving on their own, but making no sound. In this building, many people report the pungent smell of fresh cigar smoke; Mr. Brown was known to be an avid smoker of cigars.

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St. Francis Hospital

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The room formerly used as the tuberculosis ward, is now a records room. There are at least two spirits that have been reported to haunt the area. One will often come behind nurses in the room and ask in a muffled voice, "What ya doin?". Another spirit was reported to have locked an employee in a closet.

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Lee Residence

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Pictures taken at this house have dogs, faces, fog, and mysterious glows in them. Videotape taken by an amateur investigator revealed balls of light going in no direction. He also found that a compass sways on one corner of the house. This house could be a portal to an outer realm such as those in Hopi legends.

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Central City Cemetery

Central City, Colorado

This cemetery holds the remains of a woman who was determined to be a witch by her peers. If one stands just a few yards from her grave, a green mist will surround the area. If the lighting is right, hundreds of maggots will cover the ground.

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Eastholme in the Rockies

Cascade, Colorado

In this quaint bed and breakfast in the heart of the Rocky Mountains lives a female ghost whose identity is unknown. She has been heard on the third floor whispering, "Grace?," tickling the piano keys, and walking throughout the building. She has been seen in a red satin dress standing on the balcony, and in the foyer wearing a long dark dress.

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