Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in Georgia

The Marshall House

Savannah, Georgia

Dating back to 1851, the Marshall House in Savannah was used as a Union hospital during the Civil War.  Today, staff and guests oftentimes see visions of men donning Civil War uniforms, including a man holding up a severed arm. Other reports include water faucets turning on, doorknobs wobbling, unseen children heard playing in the hallways and guests have reported waking up with their arm outstretched as though a nurse was taking their pulse.

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Moon River Brewery

Savannah, Georgia

Known as one of the most haunted cities in the U.S., the sweet southern city of Savannah has several ghost tales due to it's rich Confederate history and deadly past.

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Shakespeare Tavern

Atlanta, Georgia

If you've ever longed to see true performances of the greatest and most well-known plays in literature, Shakespeare Tavern is the place for you. The experience reaches beyond the stage; a full menu resembling that of a historic English pub is offered, and the staff dons clothing contemporary with the style of the late 1500s. Most importantly, the actors perform in the liveliest and most entertaining way possible, in order to draw average American "groundlings" into the story. This innovative

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The Pirates’ House

Savannah, Georgia

Ghostly laughter, footsteps and objects that move. It all seems pretty standard at first glance at The Pirates' House in Old Fort, Savannah. But the name of the location reflects a lot of the spirit or spirits of the place. Yes, The Pirates' House is haunted by sailors, seadogs, privateers and perhaps even real (and, of course, very dead) pirates.

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Wayne-Gordon House

Savannah, Georgia

Juliette Gordon Low Girl Scout National Center

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Forsyth Park Inn

Savannah, Georgia

There is a saying in the South that Savannah was built on the backs of its dead. It is true that nearly anytime construction workers dig into the thick red clay earth they discover bonesâ??remains from the Native Americans in the area, remains from the Revolutionary War and Civil War. And it seems that with all the history below the gorgeous gardens and fountains of the city, some ghosts have decided to remain.

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