Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in Idaho

River Road Bridge

Caldwell, Idaho

The tale at River Road Bridge started when several years ago a woman hung herself there.  Today, it's said that if you drive to the bridge without going over it and turn off your car lights, you can see a shadowy figure of her along the side of the bridge.  Other strange occurrences on or near this bridge include a light coming on each evening, with no house or power lines nearby.  It is also said that if you jump off the bridge in the water, you can hear your splash, but you won't see

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Pete’s Tavern

Nampa, Idaho

Pete's Tavern located in Nampa, Idaho has had some unexplained occurrences happen in the back room called the "Cave."  Originally during the Prohibition era, this section of the building was used as a speak-easy, today it's filled with spirits.  Four distinguishable voices have been recorded--a grumbly man that says only one word, a female with a Southern accent, a whispering female and a young man who likes to talk.

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Lake City High School

Coeur D' Alene, Idaho

An apparition haunts this school's auditorium where he paces back and forth behind the last row of seats.  He has been seen right before a play begins when the lights turn off and during clean-up after a production.  He is known for opening doors in the back stage and storage areas, as well as for scattering items in those areas.

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The Kraft House

Pocatello, Idaho

In 1984, after being drugged at a party by a crazed man, a young woman was taken to this warehouse. She was raped while on a chair in the middle of the warehouse, and in the process, the depraved's gun went off, instantly killing the woman. The bullet was never found. Exactly ten years later, the manager of the warehouse had to stay late to complete an assignment. At 3:59 AM, 15 calls were made to 911 from the 15 phone lines in the warehouse. All the operators reported hearing a woman cry,

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