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Real Haunted Houses in Chicago

Schweppe Mansion

Chicago, Illinois

This stone mansion with twenty rooms was unoccupied for half a century after the man who owned it committed suicide; he was mourning the loss of his wife Laura Schweppe. The halls are haunted by the ghost of his servant. The ghost of the former owner is seen in the bedrooms. There is one window in the master bedroom that, despite all the other windows being filthy, never needs cleaning.

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Excaliber Night Club

Chicago, Illinois

The victims of both the Great Chicago Fire, and a shipwreck in Lake Michigan were brought here. Many employees and patrons of this club now see apparitions and other strange happenings in the lower level of the building, which is now a restaurant and arcade.

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Allerton Mansion

Chicago, Illinois

A woman in white haunts this mansion and its grounds. She is sometimes seen putting on her hat and gloves and walking in the garden. Everyone who has stayed overnight has heard footsteps outside the door pacing. Upon investigation, however, they find nothing.

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