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Real Haunted Houses in Iowa

Mathias Ham House

Dubuque, Iowa

Mathias Ham House in Dubuque is a 23 room Italian based villa filled with furnishings of the past, and spirits too.  Visitors have reported cold spots throughout the villa and hearing voices. Also, some have seen lights flicker sporadically.  Employees have reported hearing voices too, as well as seen objects move by themselves.

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Villisca Axe Murder House

Villisca, Iowa

In 1912, 2 adults and 6 children were brutally murdered in this house on a quiet residential street.  The reason, unknown. The murderer, unidentified. Since the murders, residents of the house have reported strange activity.  Visits by paranormal investigators have uncovered audio, video and photographic proof that paranormal activity is abound.  Sounds of children's voices, falling appliances, moving ladders and flying objects have all been reported.

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Spontaneous Combustion

Des Moines, Iowa

This house is said to be haunted by two men, a woman, and a child -- arsonists who killed a total of six people through their blazes. Today, the house is known to randomly burst in to flames, though no damage is sustained. There are also cold spots and strange odors. Some have even been pushed down the stairs while in the house alone.

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Rogue’s Hollow

Clinton, Iowa

This whole area of town is haunted by the victims of a derailed train. Sometimes the light of the train may be seen. The main complaint, however, is that if one is crossing the tracks, his car will stall. The only thing he can do is sit there and let the phantom train pass through his vehicle. The nearby mill, which has been abandoned for many years, is said to start up every Halloween.

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