Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in Maryland

Point Lookout State Park

St. Mary's County, Maryland

A former Civil War prison camp, Camp Lincoln is haunted. The lighthouse, which is no longer in use, is also plagued by paranormal activity. There are stories of a woman who hunts for a grave, asking passers by to help her find it. A general is also known to haunt the fort; his faint voice is often heard and his figure is often seen.

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Hell House

Howard County, Maryland

This facility was once home to a college for girls. The nuns, however, began dabbling in Satanism and one by one, the girls were murdered. Inside the building, chilling screams are heard. At the top of the large staircase, there is an enormous cold spot.

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Hance Home

Calvert County, Maryland

Many years ago, someone was murdered in the kitchen of this home. Today, on the anniversary of the murder, a blood stain appears at the site of the crime. Many paranormal experts visit the house to witness the phenomenon every year.

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Caught in the Act

Baltimore, Maryland

During the early twentieth century, a father and son lived in the house. After the father died, the son began having problems with his life and eventually had a nervous breakdown. One night, the man discovered a young couple consummating their relationship on his property. Enraged, the man killed them both and then later killed himself. Now, one can hear whispers and see footprints that vanish. There is also a report of a dim light in the attic that never goes out.

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Governor’s Bridge

Anne Arundel County, Maryland

Many years ago, a young unmarried teen-aged girl became pregnant. Afraid to tell her parents, the girl took her newborn baby and dropped it over the side of the bridge. Realizing what she had done, the girl jumped from the bridge and fell to her own death. Today, the woman stands in the middle of the bridge, frightening drivers. One truck driver drove into the side of the bridge trying to avoid hitting the woman. When police went to investigate the scene, there was no evidence of anyone having

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