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Washington, New Jersey

Many years ago, an overweight slightly retarded child named Tommy D ran the mile in 14 minutes and 41 seconds -- the worst time in school history. After being teased by his peers, the boy referred to as Tommy Dummy was determined to run the mile faster. One weekend, Tommy went to the field and ran the mile alone in under ten minutes. This is known only because he corpse was found at the finish line the following Monday grasping his stopwatch. Since then, each time students run the mile, they

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Going Postal

South Branch, New Jersey

In this three story Victorian-style house lie many strange happenings. According to legend, a whole family was murdered in the old post office next door. That house dates from the Civil War, and was torn down in the late 1970's. Some of the strange occurrences in the house include: the vacuum cleaner turned on and is pushed by itself, the furniture moved by itself, door handles rattled by themselves, the German shepherd inside the house cowered under the bed, curtains were seen moving back from

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Ginny’s Gin House

Pleasant, New Jersey

This present restaurant, which has been a hotel, a stagecoach shop, and a brothel is said to be plagued by phantoms. There are reports of toilets flushing and faucets running when no one is in the bathroom. The ghosts are said to be both male and female. They also appear to be very domestically oriented as it is said they have turned on the vacuum cleaner and began vacuuming several times. Reportedly, a seance was held and the ghosts said they were only doing these things because they wanted to

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Annie’s Road

Passaic County, New Jersey

Deep in rural New Jersey, there is a road that winds dangerously through the forest and eventually leads to place known as â??Midgetvilleâ?. This road is said to be haunted, and has caused many disturbances and violent unrest in the formerly quiet town. There is no limit to the possible explanations and stories created by locals surrounding Annieâ??s Roadâ?¦

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Main Street

Glassboro, New Jersey

According to legend, a small girl fell down the stairs in this house, many years ago, and was killed upon her final impact with the floor. Her spirit is said to still lurk around the premises.

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Red Mill

Clinton, New Jersey

Before retirement, this 175-year-old mill has been used for grist, wheat, and basket-making. There have been many reports of strange happenings in the building, such as the sound of a gong, which hasn't been used in years, the sound of typing on an old typewriter, when the nearest typewriter was in storage 1000 feet away, and many others. In 1993, a seance was conducted, where the medium claimed to see the image of a child who had been injured at the mill.

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