Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in New York

Betty Lane House

Long Island, New York

In 1972, the foundation for this house was being dug, when an old navy duffel bag was found. It was reported to have belonged to Captain Tomas VerPlange, whose house was on the property during the mid 1700's. The bag contained faded photo albums, wooden navigation tools, and a pipe. Since that time, a knocking sound has been heard many nights on the door of a bedroom on the lower level. One, a occupant of the room went outside after the knocking, only to see a ghostly figure walking away.

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Original Contadine Tomato Paste Factory

Highland, New York

Now in ruins, prior to being a tomato paste factory, this building was a speakeasy during prohibition, and later a hotel. Upon entering the building, it is alleged that one will be confronted by a low murmur that resembles the human voice. It is said that if one climbs what is left of the grand staircase, the sound of clinging glasses, and china, as well as soft music may be heardâ??as if a party is taking place on the main floor.

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1890 House

Cortland, New York

Many people that have spent the night in the house hear strange noises and they say they sound like ghosts. The whole city of Cortland believe the house is haunted.

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USS Sullivans

Buffalo, New York

During World War Two, five brothers in the navy were stationed on the USS Juneau. When the ship sank, all five brothers perished to a water grave. Some time later, the Navy commissioned the USS Sullivans. The ship was mothballed and later brought to Buffalo, New York for permanent residence. It is said that George Sullivan roams about below the docks looking for his brothers who were trapped below the Juneau when it sank.

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Roberson Mansion

Binghamton, New York

With its beautiful woodwork and stained glass windows, the Roberson Mansion in New Yorkâ??s Southern Tier has more than breathtaking architecture and a great sense of history. It seems to have ghosts.

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