Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in Staten Island

The Old Bermuda Inn

Staten Island, New York

This period restaurant is located in house that dates back to 1814. Allegedly, the house is haunted by a young female apparition. It is said that woman is occasionally seen walking through the dining air and ascending the main staircase. Diners have reported getting a momentary chill or feeling a hand stroking their arm or hair.

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Arlo Road

Staten Island, New York

Local legend says that one night a young couple came to this spot for a little TLC. At one pint, the man left the car to relieve himself in the nearby woods. As he left, he told his girlfriend to lock the doors until he returned. After some time, when her beau did not return the young lady became worried. Suddenly, she heard scraping noises on the hood. Getting out of the car to inspect, the girl discovering her boyfriend hanging from a tree with his throat cut. It is said that if couples park

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Cunard Mansion

Staten Island, New York

This mansion was built by the founder of the Cunard Lines as a wedding present for his daughter. In the late nineteenth century, someone committed suicide in the house. Since that time, there have been reports of a man�s face peering out of a top floor window on moonlit nights. In the basement, there appear to be several cold spots and even glowing ectoplasm in the ground level windows. It is also said that if one is alone in the building, they may hear a woman calling their name from an

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Moravian Cemetery

Staten Island, New York

Located on the famously haunted Staten Island in New York, the Moravian Cemetery is â??one of Americaâ??s most beautiful burial parks.â? It covers over one hundred acres, and is the property of the Moravian Church of Staten Island. Valleys, lakes, stunning architecture, and beautiful gardening give the place a serene, peaceful feelâ?¦until you stop by the Vanderbilt tomb.

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The Billop House

Staten Island, New York

This house is the site of the only peace conference between the British and Americans during the Revolutionary War�even Benjamin Franklin attended. It is alleged that the house is not haunted by many spirits who occasionally allow themselves to be seen. One apparition is a young woman who was allegedly murdered in the house during the 1700�s. There is also said to be a child that plays in an upstairs bedroom. Also, it is rumored that several British soldiers appear in the garden near

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Kreischer Mansion

Staten Island, New York

The Kreischer family once owned and operated a brick factory that supplied most the bricks for the Staten Island area in the 1800s. With their profits, they built two large mansions-one for the original family, and another for their son, and his wife. The second home, which was built far from the main road, suspiciously burned down, taking both the son's and his wife's lives. Prior to the burning of the home, a feud had erupted between the son and his father, for which there was no

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