Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in North Dakota

San Haven Sanatorium

San Haven, North Dakota

Built for tuberculosis sufferers in 1909, at one point this sanatorium had over 900 patients.  Currently closed, there are still reports of sounds of babies crying and apparitions being seen in the windows.  There even is a rumor that a trespasser plummeted to his death here, by falling down an elevator shaft.

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Chateau de Mores

Medora, North Dakota

This beautiful chateau in Medora was once the home of Marquis de Mores, and is now open to the public for tours.  Many sightseers have reported seeing a female apparition amongst the historic building, and have witnessed lights turn on and off with no one around.  Some have also reported feeling cold spots throughout the chateau.

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North Dakota State University

Fargo, North Dakota

Several apparition sightings have been seen throughout the campus of North Dakota State University in Fargo.

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Home Sweet Home

Minot, North Dakota

Now an antique shop, this old four story building is haunted by two ghosts. The first ghost is that of a man who hanged himself in the attic. Now blocked off by a door, the attic constantly has a frigid draft. Also the candy in the room is moved from dusty jar to dusty jar; there are never any fingerprints, however. The other phantom is that of a man that drowned in the river behind the house. At 4:39 AM, the time of the man's death, it is said that the accident may be witnessed again.

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