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Real Haunted Houses in Ohio

Franklin Castle

Franklin, Ohio

While Franklin Castle in Ohio is a large and beautifully constructed building, it is far from a fairytale mansion. Countless deaths and cruel murders have taken place within its walls, leading Franklin Castle to be considered Ohioâ??s most haunted places.

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The Buxton Inn

Granville, Ohio

The Buxton Inn, located in a small Ohio town, is said to be home to the stateâ??s â??friendliestâ? haunts. Only a few ghosts reside here, each with their own personality and history.

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Bourbon House

Cleveland, Ohio

In 1985 Cleveland resident lived in this in the house for 3 years and saw, as well as heard and felt many spooky things. Her young son actually had conversations with on of the ghosts, who, as they found out later, was the man who built the house. There is nothing weird about the history of the house other than it stayed in the same family from the time it was built untill it was bought by this resident. The builder, his wife, their daughter and her husband all died in the house of

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Maud Hughes Road

Westchester, Ohio

It is said that many years ago, a young couple was driving across the bridge. Amid a heated argument, the girl became so angry that she opened the door and jumped out of the car. Falling to her death, it is said that she let out a primal scream. Allegedly, if one drives across the bridge, the girl may still be heard screaming.

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Crybaby Bridge

Sidney, Ohio

It is said that a woman and her baby once fell from this bridge and drowned in the water below. Passersby may now hear the sounds of a baby crying every night at midnight.

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Hemphill Road

Roundhead, Ohio

This property was owned by Robert Hemp and it is said that he is buried beneath the front porch. Every person that has lived in the house has reported many strange noises and figures of a man in a top hat. One family said that while they always kept the heater on eighty, one room in the basement would be freezing cold. Another family kept a Bible open in the living room to a certain verse. Allegedly, each time they left home and returned, they would find the Bible on another verse--the verse

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