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Real Haunted Houses in Cleveland

Bourbon House

Cleveland, Ohio

In 1985 Cleveland resident lived in this in the house for 3 years and saw, as well as heard and felt many spooky things. Her young son actually had conversations with on of the ghosts, who, as they found out later, was the man who built the house. There is nothing weird about the history of the house other than it stayed in the same family from the time it was built untill it was bought by this resident. The builder, his wife, their daughter and her husband all died in the house of

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The Collinwood School

Cleveland, Ohio

Now a state monument, this school was the site of a huge fire in the early twentieth century. Over one hundred people died because the doors in the school opened inwardly rather than outwardly, preventing escape. Residents that live near the school have reported seeing a light come on in one room, traverse the hall and go back from whence it came. Police investigated and found no one living in the building.

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