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Real Haunted Houses in Columbus

Abandoned House

Columbus, Ohio

It is said that whoever lives in this house is savagely murdered by something unknown. After two people were found dead in the 1960s, the house stayed empty until the late 1980s when it was occupied by a cult. Two years later, flashing lights were seen coming from the house; police found eight decapitated bodies. It is said that if one goes to the site, there will be eight ghosts that will carry on conversations with one another. It is also said that the shadow of a body may been seen in a tree

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Mooney’s Mansion

Columbus, Ohio

During the 1950s, a couple lived in this mansion until the husband axed his wife to death and buried her in the woods surrounding the house. The statue of the woman that the husband had erected as a wedding gift when the two first married now appears to bleed--due to the ax wounds. The husband's ghost is said to inhabit the upstairs bedroom in which the murder took place.

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