Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in Ohio

“The Glowing Horseshoe”

Perry County, Ohio

In the mid 1800s a young hunk named James Henry lived in the area. In love with two different women, the man could not decide which one he wanted to marry. When he fell asleep one night, instead of pulling the man and the buggy home, the horse took him to the house of one of the young ladies. James then decided to marry her. The two were happy for a long time until the woman became ill and died. James visited Otterbein Cemetery everyday to put flowers on his wife's grave. One day at the

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Riders Inn

Painesville, Ohio

People spending the night in this hotel have reportedly been accosted by a menagerie of apparitions. There have been reports of hearing loud voices in the next room when the next room is empty. Visitors have also said to hear someone walking within the walls of the building as well as the hallway. Inside the inn, there is also one door that will not stay shut, even after 2 by 4s and nails have been used.

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Motorcycle Crash

Oxford, Ohio

It is said that many years ago, a serial rapist was running rampant through the town. Late one night a car pulled up to one female�s house and started flashing the lights and honking the horn. Fearing that it was the rapist, the young lady called her beau to come and protect her. Hurriedly trying to reach his love, the man was killed trying to make a sharp turn on his motorcycle. Allegedly, if one goes to the site of the girl�s house and flashes his lights and honks his horn, the light

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Crybaby Bridge

Newton Falls, Ohio

This covered bridge with a covered pedestrian walkway was built in the 1800s and is the oldest of its kind. Legend has it that a woman decided to murder her baby and thus threw him off the side of the bridge where he plummeted to his death. Since then, many have reported hearing a baby's cry coming from beneath the bridge.

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James A. Garfield House

Mentor, Ohio

This house, which is now a National Landmark, was the former residence of president James A. Garfield. Security guards have reported hearing the president's wife, Lucretia, walking upstairs at night. She is said to turn lights on after the guards have turned them off. While renovating the inside of the house, workers tended to leave the room in which they were working in a mess. The next morning, everything would be neatly in place.

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Elks Club

Miami, Ohio

When Scarlet Fever swept through this town in the early 1900s, this then church was converted to a makeshift hospital to combat the disease. The priest of the church was also a doctor, and volunteered to help the victims. As time passed, he became infected as well, and eventually died. He is often supposedly seen upstairs, where the infected patients once stayed, and has been heard playing the piano downstairs.

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