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Real Haunted Houses in Ohio

Peabody Hall

Mentor, Ohio

Once an all female, dorm, the presently coed dorm is allegedly haunted by former university president, Helen Peabody. Since turning coed, the males in the dorm have been constantly harassed by what they seem to think is the ghost of Mrs. Peabody. The females, on the other hand, are not bothered in any way.

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Old Zane Mansion

Martins Ferry, Ohio

This mansion is located on the site of an old cemetery. Constantly, the town and cemetery were being flooded, thus they were both moved to another location. When the coffins were moved, it is said that Hannah Zane�s was empty. The house, which used to be an occult and a bordello, is now said to be haunted by Hannah.. There have been reports of her walking up and down the halls and dancing in the living room. There have also been reports of a small child staring out of the window on the

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Madison City Hall

Madison, Ohio

Once a Civil War hospital and later an insane asylum, the city hall is now reportedly haunted. Each night, it is said that the police chief's desk would be rearranged. Cameras will not work inside the building. People have also reported seeing others walking down the hall, but on second glance, no one will be there.

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House on B.I.S. Rd

Lancaster, Ohio

In 1899, a sixteen year old maid named Gail Parish and her father came from nearby Athens County to work for the family of the mansion. Her father, a blacksmith, hired a young man named Johnny Kelly to assist him in the smithy. Gail and Johnny soon became lovers, and when her father and the owners of the mansion found out, they forbade to two ever to see each other again. Jilted, Johnny broke into Gail's room one night and slit her throat with a shaving knife. In her blood on the stairwell he

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King Memorial Drive

Kirtland, Ohio

During the 1800s a doctor secretly performed abortions and killed deformed babies in this building. After being thrown into the basement, the babies were then buried in a knoll outside the house. Many people claim to feel eerie chills when passing the knoll and to hear cries of babies coming from the basement.

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Bridge Near Railroad Tracks

Greenfield, Ohio

Legend has it that one night a woman was walking along the railroad tracks with her daughter, trying to get her to sleep. The woman stopped along the bridge to nurse her child. As she was nursing, a train came suddenly around the bend. Frozen with fear, the woman and her baby were killed instantly. It is said that if one goes over the bridge and honks his horn, the baby will wake up and begin to cry. Allegedly, one will then hear the sound of the mother shushing the baby.

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