Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in South Carolina

Legend of Julia Legare

Edisto Beach, South Carolina

Ghost stories are abundant on Edisto Island in South Carolina, and the Legend of Julia Legare is perhaps the most popular.

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Hammock House

Beaufort, South Carolina

If you spend time visiting the little town of Beaufort, no doubt youâ??ll be confronted with the localsâ?? stories about ghosts and pirates, especially Blackbeard. The notorious captain (as well as other pirates) has certainly left his mark on this quiet seaside village, murdering many villagers, lovers, and crewmates who later came back to haunt the living.  One particularly interesting, lust-filled story takes place around Hammock House, a large mansion at the top of a hillâ?¦

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The Gray Man

Pawley's Island, South Carolina

There is a famous story of a man who dresses in a rain slicker, and walks the beach prior to hurricanes, carrying a lantern. Those who see him are safe and so are their homes. Without fail, the man warns lonely beachcombers of the incoming storm, even prior to any TV broadcast. The man has supposedly walked the beach since being thrown from his horse to his death many years ago.

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Airport High School

Columbia, South Carolina

The original part of this high school is said to be haunted by the ghost of George Pair, the school's first principal. It is said that Mr. Pair frequently appears in the hall wearing a dark suit with a red tie. His wife who still teaches at the school says that George has told her he just wishes to protect the students. He closes the doors of teachers that work late. He follows students and teachers to their cars after late night activities. It is said that one may hear Mr. Pair's footsteps

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Phantom Hitchhiker

Columbia, South Carolina

On US 76, it is said that an old, ghostly hitchhiker appears at the entrance of the bridge-usually on rainy or foggy nights. The lady, who appears to be in distress, is usually offered help by most. The apparition, who is said to be extremely lifelike, gets into the back seat and tells the driver she is en route to Columbia to visit her mother. Giving them an address on Pickens Street, she continues to converse with the driver before becoming silent. By that time, the car is across the river,

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Thomas Rose House

Charleston, South Carolina

Dr. Ladd traveled from Rhode Island to seek his fortune in South Carolina many years ago. While taking up residence in this house, he got in an argument with another man, so they decided to settle the disagreement with a duel. The next morning, Dr. Ladd had decided that a duel was not the solution, so he fired his gun into the air. The other man, who was still quite angry from the previous day, shot Dr. Ladd's kneecaps out. After three weeks of agony, he died of gangrene. He is often reported

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