Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted Houses in Vermont

Norwich University

Northfield, Vermont

Norwich University, the Military College of Vermont, is the oldest private military college in the U.S.  It's also home to several haunted legends.

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Norwich Inn

Norwich, Vermont

Located in Norwich, Vermont, this inn was built in 1797 by Colonel Jasper Murdock, and was a stagecoach tavern.  In 1920, Charles and Mary "Ma" Walker purchased it.  Legend says that Ma Walker sold bootleg liquor out of the basement during prohibition.  She died years later at the Inn and there have been reports of her spirit still roaming about.  She has been seen walking the upper floors and in the dining room wearing a black formal gown.

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Highgate Manor Inn

Vermont, United States

Built in 1818, the Highgate Manor Inn was an Underground Railroad stop during the Civil War due to its tunnels beneath the house.  In 1870, the manor was sold to Dr. Henry Baxter, where he used the manor as his practice.

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The Gold Brook Bridge/Emily’s Bridge

Stowe, Vermont

Often referred to as Emily's Bridge, the Gold Brook Bridge in Stowe, VT is haunted by a female apparition named Emily Smith.  Legend has it (although there are several variations) that she threw herself over the bridge after her lover didn't meet her there as promised.

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