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Real Haunted Houses in Virginia

The Cavalier Hotel

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Overlooking beautiful North Beach in the bustling city of Virginia Beach, Virginia, this elegant hotel features far more than a stunning view and its dramatic chandelier-hung lobby with glossy checkerboard floors and sharply contrasting paneled walls. This, the original Cavalier Hotel, has ghosts. Elevators run when no one is riding in them, toilets flush of their own accord and guests report that their room towels change color from time to time. But these are only little oddities compared to

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Aquia Church

Stafford County, Virginia

This church is the site of a locally well known apparition. According to legend, a woman was murdered many years ago in the church's belfry. It is said that she may still be seen from time to time peering through the window.

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Main St.

Salem, Virginia

During the rush to buy Christmas presents, the mother of the house dashed out, and forgot her son. When she realized what she had done, she quickly turned around and headed back to the house. She expected that her son would be in tears, for he was claustrophobic, but instead, he was in the kitchen drinking a glass of chocolate milk. When asked about how he got the milk, the son explained that a nice old lady said that his mommy would be home soon, and she prepared a glass of milk for him. He

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Confederate Graveyard

Lebanon, Virginia

It is said that in this lost cemetery, there is a mysterious light. Allegedly, if one travels to the cemetery after dark, he will be confronted by a floating blaze. As one tries to escape, it is said the flame will follow, screaming in a very shrill voice.

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Prospect Hill Cemetery

Front Royal, Virginia

Inside the Soldier's Circle, lies a grave at which some claim to have seen a man kneeling and weeping; it is thought that he is saddened by his own death. Another woman has been seen dressed in attire from the mid 1880s. Her identity is not know, however.

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Tabb Residence Hall

Farmville, Virginia

On the top floor of Tabb Residence Hall, there is another set of ascending stairs. Supposedly, these stairs lead to an abandoned abortion clinic that was the site of a murder. Allegedly, the murdered man still walks around the room.

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