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Boarding School

Alexandria, Virginia

At the boarding school in Alexandria, there is a section in the rear portion of the campus reserved as woods. During the Civil War, however, these woods were actually a trench that connected Union forts through Virginia and Maryland. Overtime, however, foliage has grown up where the trench once was. It has been reported that in the woods the sounds of soldiers and horses may be heard. No actual sightings of ghosts have been reported. The school itself was once a Union hospital and it has been

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Gadsby’s Tavern

Alexandria, Virginia

One day, two hundred years ago, a man brought a young woman to stay with him at the tavern. She was ill, and he hired a doctor in an attempt to save her, but he asked no one know her name; shortly thereafter, the nameless woman died. After the woman died, the man left enough money for her medical bills and burial and then disappeared. One can still visit the nameless grave in the heart of the town. The staff at Gadsby's and certain visitors have reported seeing a candle in the upstairs room

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