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So, you think you have a cool haunt to tell us about?

We’d love to hear about it! If we post the haunt, we will add a link to your website (if you have one) in the post. You’ll get all the credit — fame, fortune, and life-long romance is, unfortunately, not guaranteed. Make sure you give us a valid email address too, because if we have any questions and can’t get a hold of you, then we can’t post your story. Don’t worry, we won’t share it with anyone!

We absolutely must know where the haunt is located. So please give us the country and city (state if you live in the US) so that we can put the haunt in the right place. If you don’t, the it will not get posted. Also, tell us as much as you know about the haunt, so that we can make the story possible. One sentence about “some ghost that you saw last night at the mall” won’t cut it!

(Note: If you don’t live in the US, leave this blank.)

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