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1890 House

Cortland, New York

Many people that have spent the night in the house hear strange noises and they say they sound like ghosts. The whole city of Cortland believe the house is haunted.

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Mandala says:

November 17, 2005, 1:44 pm

The third floor of the place does have creepy vibes, I’ll grant you that.

Kevin G says:

December 6, 2005, 4:39 am

Hate to rain on somebody’s parade but I live in Cortland and haven’t heard a thing about the 1890 House being Haunted. A Psychic has been in the house before and didn’t detect anything. Not that I don’t believe in Ghosts but it doesn’t seem to me that the place could be haunted. No tragedies or anything like that took place there for one thing..


February 12, 2006, 12:32 pm


Melissa S. says:

March 27, 2006, 4:17 pm

I’ve lived in Cortland for about a year and I,too, am not sure I think the 1890s house is Haunted haunted. It definitely does give off those “vibes” that most great museums do, but I don’t know about it having ghosts…Anyway, I hope more Cortland ghost stories will come up. What about Grace Brown (I think this was her name) who was murdered 100 years ago in the Adirondacks by that Gillette guy who got her pregnant? I’ve heard the site of the Cortland factory she worked at is haunted by her…Well,let’s find some more local ghosts!

B-Man says:

May 6, 2006, 5:23 pm

I live near Cortland and grew up around that area. I believe it’s the Phrat house a couple of houses down that is haunted from what I’ve heard. Apparently a college student fell out of a 3rd story window (or comitted suicide, forget which though) and some people have reported seeing someone in the 3rd story window when no one is in there.
At least that’s what I’ve heard. I ahven’t heard anything about the 1890 house however. Of course, now that the clock tower burned down that area will no doubt reveal some activity from those who lived there a long time ago.

Ben says:

May 9, 2006, 4:18 am

I used to work there in about 8th grade for a job shadow group. I never saw anything, but I got a lot of weird vibes. Maybe it’s just the overall feeling of being in such an old house.

Rhys - South Australia, Australia says:

September 18, 2006, 12:20 am

This is bullshit i belive in ghosts n if u dnt hear them r see them there not there! i hate it how ppl just make up stories thats y no1 belives them! i recently stayed at ma GF’s house n her house is haunted! her friend lives with her and the ghosts have tryed killing her and 1 ghost has tryed raping her! when i stayed there me n ma girlfriend tryed playn a prank on ma gf’s friend. we threw tha sheets off her bed and put 2 dolls on her bed facing the door. the ghosts didnt like this… we went down stairs and told her that the sheets were off her bed and we told her that it was the ghosts. we thought it was funny…the ghosts didnt! all ov a sudden we herd this sound from up stairs it was a faint noise saying MUM…MUMMY!!! it was wierd! 8i went up stairs and there was a guy standing at the door watching me. but i could onli see him on ma gf’s fone as i was video recording it. the house went cold and we went into the kitchen. there was a ghost standing behind ma gf’s friend we freaked out n went 2 the lounge room. a differnent ghost came n sat down infrount ov us and was listening to us. the next night we were watching TV and the space bar on the keyboard kept tapping. then moments later there was some1 breathing on my arm! this is all real! and none of it is fake! that is a ghost story!

Kimberly says:

September 18, 2006, 6:26 pm

hi i belive in ghosts because one day me and my friends were out side in my friends backyard laying on her tramp and we saw a shaddow in the window it looked like a man but we wernt sure.We thought it was her dad pulling a prank on us so we went inside to see but it was not him he was gone so we went in her room and sat on her bed and talked and all of the sudden we heard the vacume turn on we ran to the living room to see who it was and it was vaccuming by its self.It was going out of control and it wasnt even pluged in.We were freaked out.At that moment we new somthing was wrong we called her dad and told him what had happend he said he was on his way home .we went back to her room and locked the door as soon as her dad got there i left me friends house later that evening her dad saw a ghost in the basment he called the bishop and told him to come bless the house but he couldnt come till the next morning so she went to bed and durring the night she woke up and there was a lady standing over her she screamed her parents rushed in to see what happend her parents also saw the gosht the nexet morning the bishop came and blessed the house and after that everything was fine.I am not making this up!(resently her aunt and uncle had died)

Courtny says:

September 18, 2006, 6:51 pm

I DO believe in gohsts this is why Me and my friend were at my house my,my parents we gone for the night so we were there just talking in the kitchen and we heard the door open me and my friend got freaked out then we forgot about it for a while and then the T.V turned on we were scared so we ran up to my room and locked the door then we heard a voice coming from down stairs we were not sure who it was or what it said all we knew is that we were freaked so we got my cell but it was not working we tried to call our other friend and we couldn’t here her my phone was busted so we looked out side and the door was open and a shadow was standing in the doorway we were shocked we didnt know what to do we tried texting our but there was ABSOLUTE NO SERVISE! then the phone rang we know if we should get it or leave it we ran to get it it was our friend we were relieved that it was her we told her to come and get us she came and when we hung up someone was listening to out coversation we hung up imedeently our friend got there but we were too scared to walk down stairs and get out so friend went through the back door she saw a shadow coming from the living room so she ran up! she told us what she saw so we grab the safty latter and put it out the windo we climbed out to the car as we drove away we took a look at the house and there was a gohst stairing at us through the window the next morning when my parents got home i didn’t see it i really never did see it again but i think he is still there cause every time i walk in my house i get a wierd VIBE someone is watching me.(NOONE EVER BELIEVED ME AND MY FRIENDS BUT WE KNOW HE WAS THERE)

Alyssa says:

September 23, 2006, 6:48 pm


angeleye says:

October 27, 2006, 5:48 am

I grew up near Cortland. I believe there is “something” going on in the 1890′s house. I visted it while my grandfather was re-modeling the upstairs. I heard something…. and definitely felt a pressence of some sort. There is also a house in Homer, on main street that we all believed to be haunted. The rumor was a woman hung herself in the upstairs bedroom. They say on the anniversary you can see her hanging in the window.

John says:

October 28, 2006, 11:48 pm

I used to live in Cortland and most of my family still lives there. I remember as a little kid hearing numerous stories about the 1890 House. At the time I didn’t believe it until one summer night while I was 17. A few friends of mine and myself were walking down Tompkins Street about 1:30 in the morning.

We were walking towards Cortlandville across the road from the 1890 House. When we passed the house we all looked up at the 3rd story window and swore that we saw the silhoutte of a lady who was wearing a black dress peeking throught the window. In utter shock we walked across the street to the same side the house was on and still saw the lady standing in the window. Right before our eyes she just vanished. We are and will always be believers that the 1890 House has at least one spirit.

I have since that night seen one other instance of the lady in the window.

Brittnie says:

December 16, 2006, 4:11 pm

I totally believe in ghosts and ie paranormal but hello people wheres the proof?before you go posting some stuff on this website have some evidence ok?I’ve looked into several “haunted” cases where there was hard evidence!

sami says:

February 9, 2007, 2:52 am

The 1890′s house is a beautiful mansion with great historical significance in relation to the cortland county area based on deep industrial roots. What I will tell you is that the previous statement based on the Fraternity house located three houses down (which is the brother’s mansion aka. “The Castle” is in fact a place to investigate if you are curious about the unknown. I’ve lived there, and several sororities and fraternites, and mnay others have been witness to these disturbing and sometimes alarming rude awakenings…literally! The stories about the student who died are true, his death was explained as “accidentl” and we’ll leave it at that. For an example of rude awakenings, imagine waking up to shrieks, bats in the wall, taps at your door at 3 in the morning, objects flying across the room, objects lifting and dropping, dishes and silverwear clanging together, subzero temperatures, feeling like your trapped in your bed, water running from pipes that require significant pressure to power when they were clearly turned off to begin with, walking up and down the steps, window shutters banging shut, EXTREME POWER OUTAGES, odd smells like decay, mold, etc. The list goes on. ps. the banned markings of the fallen boys fraternity still mark the house, found in the basement…look if you dare! And to finish there are secret tunnels that aren’t listed on the registry which also alludes to the underground railroad. Any other experiences I’d love to know, so that I can rest my head soundly once again.

bored says:

October 3, 2007, 10:31 am

oooooooook? I don’t get why people actually believe in ghosts/apparations…I admit there ARE such things as what people call “hauntings” but these are mostly just demons and FYI: YOU CAN’T SEE THEM!!!!!!! they just like messing with your head…although it would be cool to go to some of these places, but THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AS GHOSTS! ONLY DEMONS!!!

well, also Angels, but they don’t like scaring you…

Mandy G. says:

October 17, 2007, 8:14 pm

I grew up in Cortland, and worked at the 1890 House for a while…never “saw” anything. I’m not saying that I didn’t get some very weird vibes while exploring the basement, and third floor, mostly in places that are not open to the public. As for “The Castle”…that place is definately haunted!!! (been to a few parties there, and have definately seen some weird stuff!!) Another place of interest in Cortland County is the Wickwire house in Homer… had a friend who was a personal aide for Mr. Wickwire before he passed, and said that he definately saw someone walking around in the house, when he knew that it was just himself and Mr. Wickwire there, and Mr. Wickwire was in bed, asleep. On a side note…It was Mr. Wickwire’s grandfather that built the 1890 house.

Alisandra says:

December 29, 2007, 6:34 pm

I have been there hundreds of times. I have also slept over, I IS SO HAUNTED!!

alice says:

March 10, 2008, 2:33 pm

I want to know what a ghost sounds like, one person stated that the noises they heard sounded like ghosts.

Ainsley says:

March 18, 2008, 3:58 pm

A while ago, our class went to the 1890 House, and had a little tour of the house.
Me and my friends felt uneasy there and stuff. It was really weird.
There was a breeze when we went down this one hall with a bunch of pictures on the wall, and by the Christmas Tree.

paul says:

May 13, 2008, 10:58 am

I just wanted to comment on a post from John about seeing a woman in a third story window at the 1890 house. The same thing happened to me years ago. Some friends of mine and I were walking down Tompkins street past the 1890 house when I glanced up at a window on the third floor. I looked again to make sure what I was seeing was real and there she was. A woman wearing a black dress just staring out the window. I told my friends and they all thought I was crazy, so I dropped it and never brought it up again. What I thought was strange was that it was after midnight and i knew the place was closed. After all these years I find it incredible that someone else had the same experience as me. To me it confirms that I’m not crazy.

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