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6 Mt. Zion Road

Croaker, Virginia

It is said that in front of one particular house, the Ghost of Avenel may be seen walking. The woman is said to wear a long white dress and carry a parasol. Allegedly the woman used to live in the house that is now owned by the Bedford Historical Society.

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coolJ says:

March 3, 2007, 6:52 pm


steve says:

August 5, 2007, 4:27 pm

this house is known in the area as the Potts mansion. also sometimes refered to as the abortion clinic. It is located on 6 mt zion rd in toano virginia. it is heavly covered in trees an vines now. I have taken many trips to it because i live only 5 minutes away. you can no longer explore the house due to the condition of the house. you can still enter the house threw the back window an enter a small room but thats where you stop. the floor that leads to the other rooms has calapsed into the basement. i had visted the house before the floors had caved. an we mananged to explore the basement an up to the 2nd floor. the house if very scary an very old. you get a very bad feeling as soon as you enter it. sadly the house probably wont stand more then another year or 2 due to the rotten wood. the house was a very beautiful house. its sad you can no longer explore it excpet the one room.

levi sozA says:

August 20, 2007, 11:34 pm

i just visited the house today and i actually did not get a bad feeling i got a safe feeling as if someone or something in the house was watching out for me. a floor almost colapsed under my feet till i saw bright white eyes that scared me back and away from danger.

Brittney says:

September 20, 2007, 5:49 pm

I have visited Potts mansion a few times. We entered through the basement. We were able to go all of the way up to the second floor. Everytime I have entered that house, I have heard something or felt something that is undescribable!! I would love to learn the history of the house.

John says:

March 29, 2008, 9:22 pm

I pass through Toano on the way to Henrico. I never knew this was out there. I do know that there is an old frame church (Methodist, I’m guessing), there in Toano that seems to be pretty old. The church has a graveyard too and that could really be haunted I bet. Also, be careful going into those old houses. You could get yourselves hurt and whoever owns the house might be forced to tear it down as a result of that so please just let it be.

Micheal says:

November 10, 2008, 3:53 pm

We went to this house last night. It’s off of holly fork rd. on newkent side. i heard of this house threw partys and almost all the young folks know of it… When we approched the house, it had a door or big window in the side of it, the other 2 people with me were trying to find a way into the brush to get into the house, as they walked around i saw something like a white shirt or something white move and stay infront of this door/window as if looking at us. I shined my flashlight on it to see what it was, and the light hit the object for a sec, and then it moved behind the wall. I called the rest with me, and departed since we didn’t know if it was a real person or ghost. I want to contact the owner and get a real ghost hunting group with video etc. in there.

devin says:

January 7, 2009, 6:42 pm

if someones happen to know directions to this house from roanoke va, please respond with a link!

Vegas says:

March 23, 2009, 10:27 am

some friends and I went there last night. I stayed in the truck because I was afraid and 3 of my friends went in the woods with their flashlights…a few minutes went by and I called them on their cell phones but they did not answer. after a few more minutes they came back and they were real quiet. I asked them why they did not pick up their phones and they said they never heard their phones ring…very strange. they never went into the house but they looked through the windows and thought they may get hurt inside because the flooring looked kinda rough

Noway says:

May 5, 2009, 6:53 pm

Firstly, The Bedford Historical Society has nothing to do with the place that is listed here in “Croaker Virginia”, If you care to do some research on your counties in Virginia you will find that Croaker is somewhat close to Williamsburg out on the atlantic coast.,_Virginia

Avenel that is mentioned above, along with the reference to the White lady as well as the Bedford Historical Society is located in Bedford Virginia which is in Central Virginia.

Before posting garbage like this at least get the locations correct.

Isis says:

July 10, 2009, 9:29 pm

This dos not say why she died.

Rachel says:

September 2, 2009, 1:07 am

OMG I think I saw tis house and I SWER I saw a really creepy looking woman in a white dress with a candle but I looked away then I looked back at nothing was there is scard the living day lights out of me

Mike says:

September 24, 2009, 9:09 pm

Where exactly is this house once you get to the location? Is there a trail of some sort? I went there today and didnt find anything.

Kevin says:

November 7, 2010, 5:17 pm

Where the hell is this place?

Steve says:

November 8, 2010, 2:35 pm

Ok guy as you can see i did a write up on this house back in 2007. well as of right now it is november 8 2010. well believe it or not the house is still standing today. I made another visit to this house last weekend. This was probably my 9th visit to the house since 2005 when i first entered the house. I kinda feel like i need to check up on it an see how the years are slowly rotting this house away. Things have changed ALOT since 2005 when i made my first visit. During my first few visits in 2005 an 2006 the house was still in some what decent condition. Well sometime in late 2006 the roof finally gave in an left a giant hole for the rain an snow to enter. Ever since then the inside of the house is falling apart more an more everyday. Its almost to the point now where it is impossible to explore. Use to be that you could enter threw a back window into the old kitchen an walk around the corner up to the stair case leading up stairs. You can no longer do this because the floor in front on the front door has completly fallin into the basement. If you are really wantin to still explore this house the only way to reach the stair case in threw the basement which must be entered from outside. It is VERY DARK an VERY WET in the basement with stuff all over the place. there is a stair case down there that leads up into the left side room of the house. from there you can access the stairs. I WILL WORN YOU THOUGH, once into the house the stairs leading to the 2nd floor are VERY VERY OLD AN ROTTED. almost every other stair has fallin out or rotted completly threw. BE VERY CAREFUL IF YOU USE THEM. Once up stairs you can turn left or right, it leads to what use to be bedrooms years ago. To the left is the master bed room which believe it or not had its own bathroom in it which was VERY rare to find in a house built during the time this one was built. ( goes to show how rich these people really where). There is another stair case that leads to a 3rd floor. Up there was another room at one time. Sorry to say but the stair case has completely fallin out. I was lucky enough to explore up there back in 2005 , when i returned in 2006 the stairs had just about all fallen out, as of my most recent visit there is no access to the 3rd floor anymore. As far as the outside of the house it cannot be seen at all anymore from six mount zion road/holly forks. it only sits maybe 60 feet off the road but it is so covered now you can drive right past it an never no it was there. They use to keep the drive way cut but it no longer is maintained an cannot be seen anymore either.

ashley says:

July 18, 2011, 3:16 pm

Potts mansion. I have not been the in a little over a year so I am not positive on what the condition of the house looks like today. But the last time that a group of friends and I were there it was still possible to explore most of the house.. as everyone else has said the house is very old, and not in a very safe condition. I never knew or even noticed that there was a third floor, but I have been in the basement, in the one room that the person above was mentioning that you crawl thru the window, but you can’t go much further then past that one room.. but I have also been up the stairs on the second floor… one of the last times we were there a couple of friends and I put a board up to another window on the side of the house, if you crawl up it, it takes you to a room that is almost directly next to the stair ways. You can get into the house if you are brave enough to go through the basement and up the stairs… it takes quite a bit to scare me, but I must say the basement is quite creepy to go through, and the stairs aren’t in quite the best condition at all!!! As far as the house being haunted, we have had some strange things happen to us. But I can’t say exactly for sure that it is definitely haunted. I have experienced our cell phones acting weird while we were there. Potts mansion was a place that we went to quite often, and one time we decided to go just after midnight. We had a friend with us that claimed nothing scared her. So we took her there, we pulled into the driveway, and went up to the house, we went through the window where you can only go into the one room.. as other people have mentioned before there is a big hole that goes from the first floor to the basement, Again it was dark outside, and we only had our cell phones for light when we entered the room a huge light lit up from the hole in the floor. It came from the basement and shined all the way up to the second floor, and we heard what sounded like running water coming from the basement.. now for all I could know somebody could have been exploring the house just like us, and were in the basement and shined a light cause they heard us, but they would have had a huge flashlight to make it light up the whole hole in the floor. And we didn’t hear any voices, only the running water. I have never personally seen a lady in a white dress. But one time we were all standing in the driveway next to the shed that is in the yard.. this is before we had ever heard of this place being” haunted”, but we were all standing there talking, and we all were quiet for a minute and all 5 of us heard what sounded like two little kids laughing coming from over by the house.. all at the same time we turned our heads and looked in the same direction. That’s the only experiences I have ever encountered. But also nobody has mentioned this, when you pull down the driveway, to the left handside is the house, to the right is the little shed I was just mentioning, but right before the shed when your coming down the driveway there is a little cut in the tree line, if you go through it (on foot obviously) there is a huge two story barn that still stands as well, the barn is still in pretty good condition. I have been on the top floor of the barn it is huge!! But all in all I wish Potts mansion was in better condition, but it really is a creepy but fun place to explore.

jen says:

September 10, 2011, 11:42 pm

Please give me landmarks

Steve says:

October 3, 2011, 12:14 pm

Well here we are on October 3rd 2011. I Visited in the house again last night. Not much has changed. Still in about the same conditon. An yes last time i was at the house i went into the barn that the person above me mentioned an the second floor was full of fresh cut hay bails. so someone still uses the barn for hay storage. But ashley or who ever you are above me, i must no you? seems like you live right here in the same area. i live in lanexa. off diascund

ashley says:

October 3, 2011, 5:53 pm

I still have not visited there in years. But the last I was told, you supposedly can’t get to it anymore. I was told there are trees blocking the drive way. But that obviously must not be true being that you were there last night. And yes I might know you. I use to stay off of diascund road with an ex of mine. In a house right across the street from hicks island. But I live in Williamsburg now. And the hay was in the barn the last time I visited there. Just a heads up for everyone. Be careful visiting there. The neighbors across the street keep an eye out on the property. The last time I visited there. The neighbors called the cops. We weren’t beingloud or anything. The cops gave us a warning and said that if we get caught out there again that we would get a trespassing charge. They said they don’t want us there because of the conditions of the house.. if someone were to get hurt there. Its so isolated nobody would ever know.

john says:

November 1, 2011, 3:54 am

so me and 5 other friend just got back from the house. it is in bad shape but your can still get in from the basement. and it is still very haunted. we went all the way upstairs and we did evp and i must say we got a few responses. i heard a young lady cry and we heard foot steps goin up the stairs and a door close. and in the recorder it said safe as we were leaving. also the part the freaks me out the most is i was the one talking to them and my friend heard someone say move away from john and my name is john ????????? then we went into the barn. and as we started to try to talk to the spirits in there we heard a lady say hung so we dont know if she or someone else was hung in the barn and also we could hear footsteps up stairs. but if anyone has info on this house or would like to get a group together contact me at

Crystal says:

February 28, 2012, 4:26 pm

I grew up on holly fork rd. in Barhamsville Va. which is the location of the abortion clinic aka Potts manor. My best friendâ??s grandfather farmed the fields around the house and used the old barn for storage of farm equipment. I lived walking distance away (less than a 1/4 mile) away from this house for 17 years of my life!!! I can tell you I have probably been in this house more than any of you guys combined. As a teenager I was in this house .As a teenager I was in this house at least once a week. It is VERY VERY haunted. Whatever is there good or bad is trying hard to communicate. I can tell you guys with 100% certainty…there is NO LADY IN WHITE. Iâ??m not exactly sure if you have the location wrong….or you saw something that looked like a lady in white. Iâ??ve been going there from the time I was 10-12 until I turned 17 and moved away. Iâ??ve been in there day and night…no white lady and no one living in that area has ever reported a lady in white.
What I can tell you is, there is more than one spirit in this house and there are 2 men. One seems kind of playful the other very angry and protective. Not violent, but does not want you there at all. I have heard children and babies. The last time I was in there I was 17 (Iâ??m 29 now). I took a group from West point into the house. We explored a lot of the house but ended in the basement. A couple of the people thought it would be a great idea to piss them off and provoke the spirits. All I can say is there was just of wind that started from the back of the basement, felt like it ran straight through me and outside. The gust was so strong that I froze in place and closed my eyes. I was bracing myself for the collapse of the entire structure down on me. Thatâ??s exactly what it felt like. A couple of people yelled and I opened my eyes and ran out with them. We all went our separate ways that night. I stayed with my best friend that night, because we were both pretty freaked out. Her house was maybe 4 houses down on the opposite side of the road as the abortion clinic. You could see the abortion clinic from her front yard.
The next day her grandfather asked us if she and I had a party at the house (he lived across the street from my best friend). We said no. He said that he saw green “party” lights all around my best friendâ??s house. He told us we didnâ??t have to be afraid about getting in trouble about the party, that he would tell our parents…just tell him the truth. WE DID NOT HAVE A PARTY. I do not know what or where the green lights came from that night, but I feel like it had something to do with us taking unfamiliar people into that house. I felt like, they felt like we were showing them off, like a sideshow act, and they did not like it.
After that night, I moved away (a few months later) and I have NEVER been back in. I am now talking to an investigative group here locally that is interested in doing an investigation of the place, but it sounds like itâ??s pretty unsafe to get into. Does anyone know who owns it??? We would need official approval in order for the investigated team to even go look at it. Donâ??t want to get in trouble for trespassing on private property….


August 22, 2012, 9:50 am


brandon b. says:

June 18, 2014, 1:31 pm

3821 Holly Fork Rd
Barhamsville, VA 23011
37.449112, -76.790456 ok here is the location i grew up around here and crystal is my sister. I took a group of my friends there and got to the basement. as we went in all it felt like someone was watching us. when we got to the center of the basement my friends started joking that the place wasnt haunted you know making stupid ghost noises. well as they did that it got progressively darker and our flashlights were still on but would only shine about 3 feet. then we started hearing footsteps. then the footsteps stopped and a gush of wind hit us it felt like i was gonna fall over my friends bolted and i was close behind. if you go in the basement and state your name then go sit in the barn next to it you will hear them calling your name. i have never seen any ghost but you can definitely hear them. also if they call your name and you yell no or im not coming they will come out to the barn after you they wont come upstairs but if your up there its really scary to hear them telling you to come down. definitely no white lady been there a hundred times. also be careful because if you piss them off they will follow you out of the house. and also beware of nightmares after you leave for about a week. and if they do follow you close your blinds because they will stare at you through your windows.

chris says:

April 12, 2015, 12:39 am

last time i went in a group of 6 back in 2006. the drive way was grown over bad back then was the house in poor shape /the front door was blocked up and we went through the basement and up the stairs to the main floor.i remember looking up the steps to what looked as bedroom doors and was ready to leave.i was the last in so first to head out.i turned to go back down the steps into the basement and seen a short shadow run down the steps and herd them all the way down.i couldn’t believe my eyes .my girl friend at that time was right behind me .when I turned around she was had already went back in the other room with everybody else freaked out by what we seen.i don’t remember much else other than a lot of junk in the basement.seems I remember a old fridge half blocking or path but it was a long time ago. whom ever was watching the property then parked a huge tractor blocking us all in the drive way.this was the middle of the night mind you and we were freaked so we cut out the woods with the truck through the field to the road and never went back.we had been many times before then but never seen anything or knew we were not welcome til then.. I grew up on fenton mill rd by croaker 7-11 .now live in Toano.everybody always called this location potts mansion . ive herd of the abortion clinic .I thought that was diff location? potts is haunted and I have had no intrest to explore haunted things since or last trip there.

Breezy says:

November 28, 2015, 5:25 pm

I lived in this house when I was a little girl. It is haunted. My family can attest to that as can I. I had an “imaginary” friend when I lived there. I called her Terry. She wore white. My mother had two very freakish miscarriages while we lived there. My parents were married in the front yard. There is a particular bedroom upstairs on the left that is not friendly to sleep in which was my first room. When you go up the driveway (when it was clear) that is where I had a little play house which is now used as a bus stop shelter (the last time I was there) If you do not know where to look on Holly Forks you will never know that it was there as it becomes more overgrown each year. I am sad to see it overgrown and rotting. It was such a unique and beautiful place despite the energy in there.

Zumi says:

June 15, 2016, 4:41 pm

I eat lemon cake on this road! The lady is Wilma and I hate her.

Mary says:

June 17, 2016, 1:56 pm

If you look under the “Prospect Hill” listing in VA they are supposedly holding some sort of a ceremony for Zumi in FR if anyone is interested in looking into that. This is one of the saddest ghost stories I have ever heard and I am going to try to attend and give my support.

George says:

July 5, 2016, 12:01 pm

In response to all who have asked where Zumi’s story began.. you may notice he seems partial to Prospect Hill. This is because the story of his death by the train track is purported to have taken place down past the dump near Bentonville side of Front Royal where the tracks run close to the river. This is where the legend of The Lemon Cake Ghost began and also the same stretch of track known to produce the sound of a ghost train. The sound of a locomotive barreling down the tracks in the early hours of the morning when there is nothing there has been reported for years by people who live nearby. The two are not thought to be related but this seems to be a hot spot for supernatural activity. Who knows, maybe Zumi rides the spirit train himself.

Zumi says:

July 15, 2016, 3:48 pm

light went away and gray men take Wilma away and went down. She was mean but now all alone and light came back right after.

Zumi says:

July 27, 2016, 4:21 pm

Give Opi bath but he still smell really bad like rot

Mary says:

January 5, 2018, 4:26 pm

Zumi – where have you gone? I’m here now sweetie. I’ve crossed over. For many months I self pleasured in the cemetery waiting for you to *** but you never did so I made a choice one night thinking I could see you again but though I chose your favorite place you never *** here and I am alone forever!

Mary says:

January 5, 2018, 4:28 pm

I’ll be your little ghost **** forever just please forgive me and come back

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