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Angels and Chains

Carrollton, Missouri

This house is said to be the location of many poltergeist. There was even the sighting of an angel in this house once in 1987. Reportedly, the apparitions dragged chains across the floor and would rock in squeaky rocking chairs. It is alleged that the house is very renowned through out the town.

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Syn says:

April 20, 2009, 12:13 am

Seth134, that place is called the Dover Mansion, and NO it is not haunted. I know the tenants and they are nice people, if you want to see the place they would appreciate it if it was in the DAYTIME, as how they would like to not be disturbed at night. Yes it was used for cults twice before but isn’t now. It is being occupied by two very nice people so please give them the peace and respect they deserve.

Syn says:

April 22, 2009, 11:41 am

If you believe that then I suggest this “special” place called a sanatarium that I think you would fit in great at. I don’t disagree on the existance of the paranormal, but I find that many people exaggerate thier experiences or are just too scared to decifer the truth.

I have been to this mansion many times and know for a fact it is NOT haunted and to think so is only because your immaturity has ran away with your rationality and you had to make a normal experienece a “haunted” one.

It’s sad because the people who DO live there as so nice and children have to go there and disturb them all the time. If any of you really wanted to see that house, all you have to do is ask. It’s disrespectful to go there and cause a disturbance and I do not blame them at all for creating alternate ways to get people out of there. If they were to call the police every time someone came out there they would be doing it every day.

I think that it would be more effective, also, if you were to write a response that had more reason rather thn hostility, all you have caused me to think is that you’re uneducated and a child. Therefore, why should I be convinced of your experience if you are obviously unreasonable and irrational.

However, as to the history of the structure, again, in the past it had been used twice for matters of the occult. Now it is not, and I apologize that there aren’t as many places that support your conspiracy theory so you’re not so bored. Find something supstantial, let it go, and grow up kiddo. Nice talking to you.


Syn says:

April 22, 2009, 11:47 am

And btw, I am talking about the mansion in Dover, not the place in Carrolton of which I think you’re speaking.

Johnathon says:

May 5, 2009, 9:51 am

Sorry if i made you guys mad…i was just trying to tell my story about the horrific experience i encountered. I am not in Junior high, actually i am 34 years old. I would like to get together and talk about haunted houses and waffles, so give me a ring sometime Randi. Sorry if i pissed you off!!! You just need to be more sensitive :(…

Jonathon Wafflemetimbers

Johnathon says:

May 13, 2009, 10:20 am

Randi, if you are that big of a ***** and won’t accept my apology, then you can go and **** yourself! I can’t believe i even apoligized to you!!!

tina says:

May 26, 2009, 10:16 pm

the mansion in Waverly Mo, does anyone know the name of the cult? Yes I have seen it but it was in the light hugh, scary, many windows, 3 domes .

nicole tableson says:

September 8, 2009, 9:58 pm

in my house on a dark hill in ohio in liverpool its surrounded by woods and a bunch of indians used to camp there and a little boy hung himself on the rope we use to hang up our tire swing were not allowed to go out at night becouse of the ghosts and in our hallway my cusin gennifer was pulled down the hall by a little boy but he hated everyone exept her he threw things at micheal and tossed bricks from outside at deniell(d-in-ell)
and you can here our dog barking at them all night our road is the least of ur worries but a woman gose up and down that road with a gun and a fetherd hat she was a indian also if u look closely in the woods u can see flashlights go off and its becouse a old woman is trying to find her husband(she is dead too and so is he)the reson why she is looking for him is becouse indians beat him to death for killing little boys and rapeing little girls anyway they cut off his head and threw his body somewere else she carries his head in one hand and a flashlight in the other killing any thing in her path trieing to find her husband befor its too late to escape this is a true story no lies included

waverlyone says:

October 22, 2009, 11:47 am

The Dover Mansion near waverly( Seth) is not at all haunted but it used to be a cult. its nicknamed the “waverly airport” bc the ppl thought they could fly. I live right nexted door to it. The ppl that live there are watchers of the house and they’re named mary and james. they are really nice people.

Johnathon says:

October 23, 2009, 8:13 pm

Listen *******…i’ve held my ground and not told about the horrific experiences i encountered for about a year, but it is close to halloween and time to tell of my stories. First of all Waverlyone you are a ******* ***** who likes to piss people off! You remind me of that ***** Syn and that ******* **** Randi! I had another experience with the Angels and Chains house. Late one night i went to the house by you probably already know, my dog Max ******* died in the house last year. Anyways i went inside and there was this burning bible and an old lady staring at me with a spatchula and a waffle iron screaming, leave or you will be haunted forever…this scared the living waffles out of me, and i feared i would never be able to do asymptotes ever again. I ran upstairs and tripped on a protractor and fell through the window..i ran really fast back to my truck..(approx 17.9 seconds in 100 meters) and my tires were slit..this pissed me off because it bet it was that ***** Randi! Anyways i had to walk home and i pledge i’ll never go to that house again!!


misty says:

December 22, 2009, 3:10 pm

what is the house called i used to live in carrollton and would like more info. on the house

kat says:

December 28, 2009, 11:09 am

About the dover mansion…..the trees have grown up so far around the area you cannot see the domes from the highway. I’ve lived in waverly my entire life. And let me inform you that waverly people are not “weird” in any way. Well not anymore “weird” than the residents in any other small town. The care takers of this mansion have different beliefs then most, yes, but it does not mean that what they are taking care of should be vandalized. “The moonies” are actually very nice people. I’ve met them a couple times, being as they eat all organic foods and they buy their produce from the local apple markets during summer months. I must say however, someone who is not aware of their transcendental way of life would be stupid enough to make comments about everyone who is not as judgemental as yourself in the town of waverly. The people are nice. I’ve heard many stories from friends about what they have seen but all personal experiences. Nothing can be proven without proof. And until the proof is put in front of my face my beliefs will stay the same. The people seldomly give tours of the place. And when they do its only during the day. It is very old and hasn’t been taken care of quite as well as it should have been. Although its beautiful features can still be seen like the handcarved murals in the wood on the staircase and some other panels in the home. It is true that you can hear gun shots, because they shoot straight up in the air to scare of the kids trying to disturb them late at night. The spotlights are true too. But are only another scare tactic. They only wish to be left alone. I’m sorry if you think I’m weird, but in my eyes people have gotten way to judgemental in this world. So the next time you do something and someone calls you weird, feel free rethink those hypocritical comments you made about people and things you have no idea as to what your running your mouth about.

Marjorie Lankford says:

December 31, 2009, 10:50 pm

Some friends and I started a group that we call the farmington paranormal investigators. We look for haunted houses and add them to our list. We are going to have a site up as soon as we can. We would like to have the address to this place to add to our records. That would be awesome. Thank you my e-mail is please contact me if you have any locations at all that you would like to share with me and tell me of your experience there. thank you all again.

Kyrstye says:

January 1, 2010, 6:26 pm

Chesterfield Manor is still there. My friends and I went to try to get inside of it, but the office door was shut and there were lights on. We think that they may be planning to tear it down, which is a very sad thought. It is indeed a very very hot spot for activity. If anyone decides to visit there, take some type of spiritual protection.

Elizabeth says:

May 17, 2010, 8:37 pm

This place is surrounded by cameras on the left side and neighbors on the right who will call the police once they see you. .. dont get in trouble! no reckless vandalizing that is what made the city block it off in the first place.

Lorrie says:

June 1, 2010, 2:05 pm

A little heads up, Randi knows exactly what she is talking about. I know the entire family and know who owns the “angels and chains” house on groundhog road in Carrollton. There are ALL kinds of stories about this house, which I don’t really believe much of. If people are going into that house, they are climbing over the fence and breaking and entering to get into that house. There is a house in close proximity to this house and I would think if so many people were breaking into that house, they would report it to the police. There have been no reports, I would know, everything makes our paper!!
As for the “dover mansion’, which is located outside of Waverly, not Dover. It was built in the 1970′s, by a “college” called the Maharishi Global Development – or Age of Enlightenment. They held classes there and housed the students. It was obviously not a typical college, but taught, none the less. There is another one of these identical buildings located at another place here in Missouri, which I have not seen but was more than welcome to visit when I wanted. (Too far to drive). The people living there are NOT James and Mary, unless the caretakers I have met have moved out since I last talked to them. The Maharishi moved out of Missouri and left people at both facilities to care for the buildings, and to try to keep vandals away. They are a very nice couple and I have visited more than once, and NEVER been shot at, or heard ANY screams. It is a beautiful building and needs to be left alone by those who wish to destroy it. I don’t know why people think because a building looks empty that it is ok to tamper with it or do any kind of damage to it. As I said before, there are plenty of haunted houses around here, you just have to know where to look, but DO NOT vandalize, destroy or interfere with anything or anyone.

Sloane says:

June 25, 2010, 4:00 pm

Actually, the house in not in Carrollton, but right outside of Carrollton. I would know, I live in Carrollton.

kat says:

June 27, 2010, 5:05 pm

Just fyi here, for all those that “vandalized” the dover mansion. You don’t have to worry about the messes you’ve caused anymore. The mansion and land has been purchased by a local family involved in the logging business. they plan to demolish the house, and then take all the trees on the land. The reason they plan to is because its been messed with so much, hasn’t been taken care of properly, and is now in such bad shape its pointless to keep it standing if nothing happens inside but vandalism. However, its apparent that the trees will soon disappear.

Lorrie says:

June 28, 2010, 9:43 pm

I heard about that too and I think it is a shame that such a spectacular building is going to be destroyed.

Lorrie says:

June 29, 2010, 6:30 pm

I was at this location this morning, and the rumors are true. It has been sold and the new owners are logging all the trees off the property and are planning to tear the building down. I went there hoping to find that the previous care taker and his wife were still there and the rumors to just be rumors, but it is true. As I have always loved this property, it is heart-wrenching to know such a beautiful, magnificent structure will destroyed. I hope everyone will be happy now, since this piece of architecture will no longer be available for certain ones to vandalize. In talking to the new owner, I know that they ARE having people arrested/ticketed for trespassing, including a few idiots who actually broke into the building. Please pass this info along to others and maybe the new owners can live in peace, before and after demolition.

Is it worth the mess? says:

July 2, 2010, 7:16 pm

Let me tell ya something. It is not a good idea to go out to the “Dover Mansion”. The new owners are fed up with people trespassing and breaking in and they are having people arrested and thrown in jail. I live over in Corder and heard this morning that they had people out there last night that got arrested for breaking and entering. Such a beautiful building going to waste because people can’t leave well enough alone. I hope the owners show up at their houses at 3 in the morning to look at their homes and throw rocks through windows. That would be poetic justice.

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