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Random Haunted Houses

Anniston High School

Alabama, Anniston, United States

High schools are most definitely places infamous for vicious and quickly-spread rumors, but not many can compare to Anniston High School in Alabama. Here, the horrific story is told repeatedly by the older students in order to frighten the new freshmen girls. And although the events actually occurred, the details have (not surprisingly) gotten twisted and exaggerated over the past ten years.
In 2001, the girlsâ?? locker room was the site of a violent, brutally-committed crime. Or possibly two, depending on how much youâ??re willing to believe. The story is as followsâ?¦
The school dayâ??s end was nearing, and the students were just finishing up last period P.E. But instead of having the usual five minutes to change back into normal clothes (dressing in), the kids were allowed only two. One of the girls had been in such a hurry that she left her purse behind. She realized this while walking to the busses, and panicked a little. The girl asked one of her friends to make sure the bus driver would wait for her, and headed quickly back into the school.
She ran back into the locker room, retrieved her purse, and was beginning to exit when she heard the door creak. Thinking it was just the coach, she raised her voice and asked him not to lock the door while she was still inside. But instead of an answer, she began to hear heavy breathing and footsteps. As they came closer and closer, the girl dropped her purse and turned to run. Before she could reach the door, a huge hand pulled on her shirtâ?¦forcing her to stop and turn around.
When the poor girl caught sight of her captor, she began to scream and yell for help. But the man said to shut up, and started to strangle her. Helpless and forgotten, she struggled as the man continued to fiercely assault her. Eventually, her throat became too parched to even scream anymore, but she kept on fighting in silence. In a last attempt to save her life, she used all of her remaining strength to pull down a huge row of lockers on top of the psychopathic man.
He stopped moving and breathing almost instantly, and a large amount of blood began to cover the locker room floor. Still shaking, but not seriously injured, the girl called her mother to come take her home. Later, the police were called as well. However, when they arrived on the sceneâ?¦the manâ??s body was nowhere to be found. The blood, the lockers, and even the purse still remained on the floor, but there was no explanation to where the body had gone. The girl was too terrified to ever return there, or even explain what had happenedâ?¦and the criminalâ??s body was never found.
In years to come, this legend was not really taken seriously by most of the student body. But a few years later, the incident appeared to have reoccurred. A girl who was supposed to play in the band during a football game was left behind in the locker room, and was later found in the parking lot, crying and covered in blood. She moved away almost instantly, without telling anyone what had happened to that night. Today, many female students at Anniston High School have reported feeling chills, and hearing things like footsteps, lockers slamming shut, the door creaking open, and loud breathingâ?¦all when the locker room is supposedly empty.

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Haugey Lauge Church

Perry Township, United States, Wisconsin

It is said that here lightning has struck twice, once killing a woman; she now haunts the church. There have been reports of distant screaming and many other strange noises. Others say that a swing located on a tree bearing the woman’s name swings when the wind is calm.

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Motorcycle Crash

Ohio, Oxford, United States

It is said that many years ago, a serial rapist was running rampant through the town. Late one night a car pulled up to one female�s house and started flashing the lights and honking the horn. Fearing that it was the rapist, the young lady called her beau to come and protect her. Hurriedly trying to reach his love, the man was killed trying to make a sharp turn on his motorcycle. Allegedly, if one goes to the site of the girl�s house and flashes his lights and honks his horn, the light of the motorcycle may be seen coming around the bend.

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Brag Light

Sour Lake, Texas, United States

In this thicket, it is said that a man was decapitated by a passing train, and ever since then has been searching for his lost head. He is reported to be seen in the form of a light, which is most often seen during hazy nights. Also, it has been reported that the lights follows cars at various times.

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The Albino Woman

Kansas, Topeka, United States

The “Albino Woman” is often seen walking through he cemetery wearing long, white dresses. Sometimes, she tends graves. Mostly, however she frightens those who venture into the cemetery after dark.

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Train Whistle

Berlin, Connecticut, United States

This dirt road, blocked by a red gate, eventually leads to a house. Many years ago, while mourning the death of her husband, a woman was hit by a train. Today, witnesses say the sound of a train whistle may be heard coming from the house.

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