Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted House

Bullock Hotel

Deadwood, South Dakota

Sheriff Seth Bullock was one of the most successful and famous lawmen ever to inhabit this town. It is said that even his stare could prevent a brawl from coming about. The hotel was founded in the 1870s by the sheriff, and he has supposedly roamed the halls of the building since his death in 1919. .

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Theresa says:

March 16, 2006, 6:58 pm

Ive acually been there and i really like the way the hotel has a book documenting the phenominon with acual pictures that people has taken and hand written storys of there encounters. I think thats a really good idea on the hotels part to do that.

Theresa says:

March 16, 2006, 7:00 pm

I really like how the hotel has a book of hand written acounts of storys from people that have stayed at the hotel with acual pictures they have taken. I think its a really good idea and wish more places that have supernatural activity had somthing like that.

Seth Bjorkman, says:

March 19, 2006, 3:54 pm

ive seen the guy and talked to sherrif bullock

just kidding. but i have never heard tht story before and i live in sd.

Lindsay says:

March 31, 2006, 9:23 pm

When I was younger, probably around 7, I stayed at the hotel with my parents and my twin sister. Early in the moring I heard a loud knock on the door but no one woke up except for my twin sister and I. I looked up and could see Seth Bullock in the reflection of the mirror standing next to my bed. I realized that my sister had seen it too because she gave me the wierdest look. It was strange because it really didn’t freak us out. When everyone had woken up we both correlated our stories and gave our descriptions of the man we had seen to some of the workers at the hotel and without seeing a picture had described Seth Bullock. I know it sounds crazy but it really happened.

Denae says:

April 28, 2006, 4:30 pm

Let me just say that a friend and I went to the Bullock hotel knowing full well that it is haunted. We however did not know what room or rooms were the most spectral. We went looking on the second floor of the hotel, My friend noticed that she felt a heavyness close to a certain door, whereas I had felt the heavyness close to another door. We went downstairs to look at the newspaper clippings about the hauntings and what rooms were normally the culprits, we found that we had both been right on! both of the rooms we had chosen were the only rooms in the hotel to be haunted. Another very interesting thing that I noticed while we were looking around in the hallways was that if you stand at one end of the hall and look tward the haunted room you can see the outline of Seth Bullock in the woodgrain of the door to the haunted room.

ican_beyourz says:

May 22, 2006, 1:17 am

i went to the hotel and met this hooker. she did it for free. on the foothill bus number 43. all night long she was acting ***** so i macked on her like i was frank nitty. i once met a girl. her name was melinda. my homeboys called her melinda the blender. she gave head like she made it up. she was 20 years old with a big round butt.

Cora says:

May 22, 2006, 11:21 am

I Live in Deadwood, I believe that this hotel is truley haunted! One night my friends and I got a room because we never bleieve the stupid stories we herd. When we were sitting on the bed watching tv the tv started going crazy and then a picture flew off the wall. That was only the beggining of our happenings and it was extremely creepy. We also saw the outline of a man. It was a scary experience but it was awesome. I stay away from that place now

Cora says:

May 22, 2006, 11:22 am


I worked in Deadwood says:

June 9, 2006, 8:24 am

This story about Seth Bullock roaming the Hotel is often even told by the locals there. But there are ghost stories about the Franklin Hotel and the Old Bodega Bar as well. Someone should get on here and tell those stories as well.

Tom says:

June 13, 2006, 5:38 pm

I recently stayed at the Franklin Hotel in Deadwood at the Willie Pep room I believe room 414. No ghosts or presence felt, but bathroom light was flickering (only when I turned it on) probably attributed to the hundred year old wiring . Also the newspaper clippings about boxer Pep were an inspiration for the Deadwood marathon.

GregMeyer says:

July 27, 2006, 12:03 am

The Blind School in Gary South Dakota is haunted. It was the first one in the midwest, and there are stories of the teachers torchering and sometimes killing the patients. There tunnels going from building to building. I was there with a group of friends one night and we heard noises and when we were walking through a doorway one of those window vents was above the door it flung around and hit one of my friends in the back of the head, very frieky and a foresure haunted place. A must see

Lindy says:

August 7, 2006, 2:29 am

There are a few real haunted houses in Rapid City. They say some are the results of the big flood in 1972. There is a house off of Sheridan Lake Blvd., that is said to be very haunted. They had a hard time keeping workers that were there to remodel the house. They kept hearing their names whispered close to their ears….calling, calling, calling. Also, they saw a dog run into a room & upon entering the room…no dog. Just a few of the stories. Rapid City & the surrounding area is said to be the home of many satanists and witches. Alot goes on in the forests of the Black Hills. Beware.

Amber says:

October 4, 2006, 12:25 pm

i have no idea what a “brawl” is.

molly shepard says:

October 11, 2006, 9:35 am

the bullock is definitely a metaphysical curiousity, being a professional psychic of several years now and having stayed there on numerous occasions i can say yeah its haunted… all the casino machines do interfere with the psychic feeling however which would probably be way too much in its pure form. the hotel itself was not founded in the 1870’s, at that time it was star and bullock’s hardware store and did not become a hotel til around the turn of the century.
i found the basement to be the most haunted and while seth may be the most famous ghost, it was a hospital for children with small pox for a while and you can feel that presence much more profoundly than that of bullock. its a great place to stay because you get the haunted vibe but its tempered by the electronics so its a good place for the curious to stay who have an electronic refuge in the downstairs casino if things become too intense. its weird yeah and its a good and safe weird too. i have gotten the creeps there followed by a night of solid sleep so in the way of haunted buildings its one of my favorites. the whole town of deadwood is outrageously haunted but also full of the electronic bells and whistles of slot machines, which makes it really nice. you can explore the strange then shift back into “reality” fairly easily… which is an uncommon gift.

Shawnee Price says:

October 24, 2006, 10:48 am

I have never heard of that story and I live only 90 miles away. I would like to go and visit. This is a very interesting story.

Sheila says:

October 27, 2006, 11:35 am

I have worked at the Bodega,the Buffalo Saloon and Oyster Bay and have had experiences in all of them. As a teenager I worked at the Bodega.It was still a restaraunt then before this gaming came to town.Anyway a few of us were cleaning up one night and heard what sounded like a ball rolling down the stairs. I mentioned it to my mom who had also worked there years before and she said they all heard the same sounds. It is claimed to be the head of a prostitute who lived upstairs(in the brothel) a man was upset with her and chopped her head off and threw it down the stairs. The Buffalo Saloon is very creepy at night. You hear wierd sounds and voices. At the Oyster Bay there is a lady in red. Seen her often. She doesn’t quite care for men. She supposedly jumped from one of the windows of the Fairmont Hotel,connected to Oyster Bay. Also seen a preacher man one night when I was closing up. He walked right through the door. The basement in the Oyster Bay has the old jail cells. This place is way creepy.

Jennifer says:

December 10, 2006, 10:08 pm

Two more hauntings to add to the Deadwood list: the former K-SKY building, and KDSJ’s studio – which used to be the old morgue!!
K-SKY building was haunted by the dentist Dr. Smiley and a Chinese woman that he accidently killed. Of course, the studio was the room where his office was, and when I worked there (mid-90s) they still had the old door with his name on it! Overnight DJs can testify that at 4:30 a.m. something weird would always happen – CDs would start skipping or would pop out of the player, the door would shut. The woman is supposedly more mischievous. One time my purse was in the middle of a table, and it suddenly tipped over onto the floor and spilled everything. When I had to do midnight-6 a.m. shifts, I’d walk the halls to stay awake, and one time I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall and I SWEAR I felt myself being tipped back, like in a dentist’s chair!!!!! (I didn’t last long at that job.)

A few months later I ended up at KDSJ – which was even more haunted. The building still had the giant sink, and if I had to cut commercials at night, I’d always smell formaldehyde (sp). My husband would notice it too… That would never happen during the day – only at night. One night, my husband picked me up and we were closing down the station for the night, and the moment I hit the lights, the temprature dropped and it became very muggy (this is mid-July in the mountains, so no humidity!) and the WHOLE BUILDING smelled of formaldehyde!! We hauled our butts out quick!!!
When I had to close the station at night, I’d start my car and turn the headlights on to shine in the building, have the door propped open, and after I hit the lights, I’d RUN! VERY creepy!!

imp says:

January 25, 2007, 11:48 am

It’s all true. I live here in Watertown and have been told these stories since I was a kid. Deadwood is a beautiful place to visit as well to go to many of the gambling places. The Badlands are haunted too. It’s real creepy at night.

imp says:

January 25, 2007, 12:06 pm

P.S. You can get a book called Road Guide To Haunted Locations In South Dakota. There are more haunted places here in South Dakota then you think. It gives directions to the places. Another good book is Dakota Apparitions they let ya of other hauntings in South Dakota. Give it a try.

Mary-Kate says:

February 3, 2007, 12:32 am

I don’t believe any of this because i dont believe in ghosts, i have been to this town when iwas younger and we heard no stories of this.

Jessy Houston says:

February 15, 2007, 3:24 pm

Mary-Kate did u ask n-e body?????????

Josh says:

February 18, 2007, 2:04 am

I have heard this story many times but what I was really wondering about was a ghost supposedly in northern south dakota somewhere neear aberdeen I believe. I remember seeing a story about on a show called sighting and it was quite strange they even had a whole team go in with special equipment. This ghost is named dolly and apparently hates men. The couple and their young that lived there said it was only the man who was tormented and also physicaly harmed. Any info on this would be nice. Sorry I don’t remember the name of the town I believe it’s a farmhouse.

imp says:

February 27, 2007, 4:23 pm


Kyle says:

March 31, 2007, 2:12 am

Lindy, there is no Sheridan Lake Blvd in Rapid City. But there is a Jackson Blvd and a Sheridan Lake Road. Yep there was a flood 09 June 1972 but there aren’t any houses, haunted or otherwise, left along Rapid Creek because of the flood plain. As for the satanist and witches comment – LMAOAFOTF!

Cassandra says:

June 11, 2007, 1:44 pm

My sister and I stayed in the Bullock Hotel once. I normally don’t really believe in ghost stories but I believe my sister. She was in the shower and she swears that while rinsing her hair, she saw the outline of a cowboy (she could tell by his hat) through the shower curtain. She ran out of the bathroom crying and screaming. She was so scared that she didn’t even grab a towel. Now when my sister lies she can’t keep a straight face, but this time she was pale white and she looked more terrified than I have ever seen her. How’s that for a true life account?

Kendra says:

July 7, 2007, 3:18 pm

I recently took the ghost tour at the Bullock Hotel… we were allowed to take pictures… I took one down the hall on the 2nd floor and in the picture you can see several large orbs…. also, there is an old dresser with a mirror on it on the same floor acrossed from the Roosevelt Suite. President Roosevelt stayed at the Bullock because he was good friends with Seth. I guess the faint face of Roosevelt has been showing up in pictures of this dresser in the last few weeks. They are currently investigating this phenominon. I took a picture, but didn’t see the face…

Patti says:

July 16, 2007, 11:46 pm

I recently went on the ghost tour at the Bullock Hotel in Deadwood. I took many pictures and got orbs on the chair outside the Roosevelt suite, an “A” in the mirror, and other orbs at various places. The actor playing Seth Bullock had orbs on him in many of my pictures. It was a great tour, even without the ghosts!

LISA HWM says:

July 18, 2007, 3:44 pm


Jazzeh jayeh says:

July 27, 2007, 2:16 pm


SDgal says:

August 20, 2007, 12:06 am

I just went on the Ghost Tour at the Bullock Hotel on Saturday. I took some pics and got a couple anomalies — one in a hallway on the second floor looked like a large woman in a dress, the other was in the cellar in the mirror above the bar. That one had a face in it that either appeared to be yawning or screaming. Very creepy. Also, right when “Seth Bullock” the tour guide was going through his spiel on the second floor and talking about people smelling cigar smoke throughout the hallways, right then I got a whiff of cigar smoke. Quite strange.

I hope to spend the night there some time and do sort of a paranormal investigation. That would be hella awesome.

Canuck Mark says:

September 13, 2007, 1:48 am

Took many pictures in the hotel and didn’t think I had anything… until I started to magnify them when I got them on my computer. In the mirror by the Roosevelt room I got a perfect reflection of a little girl standing right beside my daughter. Behind the little girl is an older girl or maybe her mother, however she is more of a grey transparent image. Apparently a young girl and her mother had succumb to smallpox when the basement was used as a treatment facility in 1876. Very, very strange.

Tabitha says:

October 13, 2007, 2:35 am

Have you heard that the Alex Johnson Hotel was haunted well its true if you want to belive that once my mom and dad went there and they saw a ghost well if you belive in ghost because god is a ghost and it freaked them out and they have told me that story every time i say something about that hotel and everyone has said at least 10 times that its haunted well if you know if it realy is true then coment back on this website and i will read it every day well i luke this websit beause it realy is true facts about these hotels that you mite stay in some times wellnever go alone just to be safe it helps to know that you are safe in a placeyou have never been before in you r life well gots to go well night you people.

LM says:

October 15, 2007, 6:55 pm

My son works at the Bullock and says that his hair stands on end when he enters the basement. He believes strongly that he feels a presence. He thinks it is the children from the small pox epidemic, not Seth that he feels there.
Many ghost stories abound in Deadwood, and I believe that most are probably true. I rented an old victorian home that was once lived in by Stan Bullock. It was definately haunted. I had to have the house saged in order to continue living there.

Patty B. says:

November 20, 2007, 3:58 am

I live in Sioux Falls, SD. and work at Raven Ind. This building was once the Manchester biscuit and cookie factory. I have workers that tell me they see shadows and hear odd noises. My co-worker was back by where the ovens are, they are still there, and he saw a man going by him really fast. I asked if maybe someone was really in there. He said if there was he had to have gone through the wall to get out. I know when I have to go back there it creeps me out. The doors will close and you at times can hear almost a breathing noise. The hair on my arms always stands up back there. Another lady I work with saw a shadow on her mag-lite and thought it was one of us behind her and when she turned no one was there. I work nights so it just makes it even more creepy. I think a lot of the buildings in the downtown area are in fact haunted. Good thing I don’t believe they are here to hurt anyone or I would be unable to continue to work there. I can’t imagine being there alone all night and what must go on when we all leave. Creepy!!!!!

andy says:

November 27, 2007, 2:36 pm

I am from south dakota and living near deadwood an i am most deffiantly going to check this place out people please keep adding your stories and acounts on here.

your mom says:

January 16, 2008, 9:28 pm

I actually live a few miles away from here. Im trying to try to spend a night in this hotel whenever i get the chance. I think in a few weeks ill try. ill tell u about it whenever i go.

Charlie says:

February 28, 2008, 2:33 pm

Thats all the ghost storie in South Dakota. I know there has to be more from what I heard. I heard alot more ghosts stories and stuff.

Melissa van Niekerk says:

March 30, 2008, 5:13 am

Hi, I’m from South Africa and we have loads of ghosts. If anybody is interested in listning to a few stories you can email me at

chris says:

May 23, 2008, 12:04 am

The only thing scary on this thread is the spelling and grammar.

Dixie says:

June 6, 2008, 6:24 pm

Would love to hear more about the hauntings near Aberdeen that I read above, the farmhouse that someone mentioned? Normally Ghosts are nothing anyone need to fear, it’s just those that have not fully passed over and have something they feel needs to be done, or possibly residual hauntings, where it’s a type of Ghost that just keeps reliving the same thing over and over again and does not acknowledge “people” in it’s way. Intelligent haunts are the type that do mischievious things and know they are doing them. Demon type hauntings are really the only type to be afraid of. I find all of them interesting. I’ve lived in SD for about four years now, formerly from MN for 40 years, so love to hear about hauntings. Thanks everyone for sharing. I hope to visit some of these places again with more knowledge than I had on previous visits. Thanks

Misty Ross says:

June 16, 2008, 4:06 pm

My boyfriend and I stayed at this hotel just this past weekend. We caught some amazing photos. Orbs, apparitions, faces… I was truly amazed and creeped out :) I have posted the pics on my personal website, if you are interested in seeing them, you can email me at for the website address.

katie says:

June 17, 2008, 12:26 am

This place is haunted. I went on a ghost tour about two weeks ago, and we were in a hallway on the second level and lights flickered twice, i felt coldness all around me and our tour guide was wearing a shall, and it came off of her, she didnt move and i watched it happen. i took snap shots around the hotel and saw orbs with eyes in them right above me. I took a picture through a mirror and there was a cross in it, and when i took another picture of the same thing, the cross was gone. this place is spooky and i would lovee to stay there soon, although its booked all year round :(

kris says:

July 1, 2008, 9:16 am

I just got back from the Bullock, where my husband and I stayed in the Roosevelt Suite. We took pictures of the mirror outside of the suite, and saw an H in them. We also went upstairs and took pictures of the Bullock Suite door, and saw several floating orbs.

Don says:

July 8, 2008, 12:04 am

I’m from Texas and on a trip to SD / WY we stayed at the Bullock on 6/27/08. When we checked in around 6pm I noticed the loose leaf binder close to the front desk which contained haunt testimonials and photos from previous guests. My wife and two daughters did not see it and I decided not to mention it to avoid scaring my 11 year old who still asks me to go outside with her at night.

About 30 minutes later after we had unpacked, we left our room to go check out Main Street. When we reached the end of the hall on the 2nd floor my 15 year old who is very laid back and never B.S.’es about anything said “When we passed by the staircase out of the corner of my eye I saw a man standing a few stairs up leaning against the wall….and when I took a second look he was gone”. She has never said anything like that before and she seemed genuinely surprised. She also had no idea at the time the place is purportedly haunted.

When we got down to the lobby I leveled with everyone, told them the place may be haunted, and then showed them the book I had looked at previously. I just knew my youngest daughter would freak and want to leave immediately, but she said “Cool….I hope we see a ghost tonight!”. I about fell out. We heard a few noises in our sleep, similar to pipes vibrating or expanding, but that was it.

Interesting place. I recommend staying there if you get a chance and checking it out for yourself.

becky says:

September 12, 2008, 8:37 pm

My husband and I stayed at the Bullock a few years ago in a room on the second floor, We had two things that happened to us the first one I had used the bathroom earlier and when I was done the door was wide open my husband had gotten up to use the bathroom and the door was closed, The next morning we both woke up and seen the door shut itself, The second thing is we had left the room for awhile but when we came back I went into the bathroom and there was water in the sink with the stopper down, So I asked my husband if he was playing a joke on me and filled the sink and he said I just came back with you and I havent been in there yet. So yeah I think there is some weird things that happen there but from all the stories I’ve heard and read here they are’nt mean things or out to hurt anyone I think they just want people to know their still around us so their not forgotton.

sicangu-babe says:

October 9, 2008, 2:39 pm

wow. like i never seen a ghost before and i heard some stuff but whenever i hear people say like “i seen apparations. . . ” or like “shadows” or “orbs” i dont really believe em because its nuts. but here on the rosebud reservation and like on pine ridge there are some wickit hauntings. i have friends in pine ridge who heard some sh*t and here on the rosebud rez you can catch some purrty good hearings of something.

Laura H says:

October 10, 2008, 5:00 pm

i recently was in deadwood and we went on the ghost tour in the bullock hotel. I was sitting downstairs with my mom and three other women waiting for the tour to begin, i was up against the wall on a bench type thing when i got a really cold feeling..i thot nothing of it i thot it was my nerves being that i was on a ghost tour..then the lady came down and started to tell us a little about the place. she pointed out that right where i was sitting is where they sometimes see ghosts of prostitutes..well that really freaked me out and i changed seats. When we went in the Back room where there is an old brick wall i had the strangest feeling unlike nothing ive ever felt chest felt really heavy and weird. Later when we started exploring the upstairs hallways..we were climbing a set of stairs and i got the same feelin as i had in the back room in the the same time my mom also felt say there is definately something going on there

Taylor B. says:

October 17, 2008, 10:00 pm

Hello all. I am interested to see some photos. if you can, please send some to:

Jared says:

October 17, 2008, 11:48 pm

when i was 6 I stayed in the boullock Hotel several times before that and i heard stories about it. One night i woke up because tunder and lighting woke me up. When lighting hit my room i saw a tall blue figure that looked like he had a hat on. After i saw that i screamed and woke up my grandparents after i told them the belived me, I will never forget that.

Gina says:

October 27, 2008, 2:19 pm

Last fall, I was playing a slot machine just beyond the cage. Pretty soon, there was someone standing behind me and the lady next to me watching us play the slots. She got up and left and I could still feel someone behind me. The person kind of started leaning on me and it was too close for comfort, so I turned around to ask for some room and there was NO ONE..not one person around me. I told the cocktail person about it and she said, “Ole Seth…”

Jason Moistner says:

November 13, 2008, 7:45 pm

My wife and I stayed at the Bullock in late November 2006. We booked for eight days, but had a hard time sleeping. The air seemed heavy and it was like someone was watching all the time. We checked out after five days and stayed the remainder at the Super-8 and the feeling was totally different. Right before we left the room (which was on the second floor, room 2004 or something) I snapped a photo. In the picture an orb can be seen. I have not had an orb in a picture before or since.

kendra says:

March 29, 2009, 1:02 pm

I live here and i went here believe me the ghost stories are true dont believe me? go there your self

Todd says:

May 2, 2009, 11:05 pm

I stayed in room 206 at the Bullock. After I laid down to go to sleep I heard papers rsutling in my suit case which was right next to the bed. Then I felt something touch my head. I could feel my hair move as if a hand had went over my hair back and forth for about two seconds. A very cool experience.

Bea says:

June 26, 2009, 4:02 pm

In the summer of 2005 my sister went up to the Hills to visit some friends we went to deadwood for the day. It was awesome i love it! Didnt visit the bullock ( which i knew was haunted) but we did go to Mount Moriah Cemetery. Where I did witness a werid exprience after reading one of the headstones i turned around and there was this persons hehind me like dressed in black wearing a cowboy hat well he then just all at once disappered. Has any one else seen anything there?

Deb says:

September 2, 2009, 8:42 pm

My husband, daughter and I stayed at the Bullock August 09 and my daughter captured several “orbs” of light on one photo that she took of our hotel room. Didn’t see them until we got home and downloaded the pictures. When you blow up the orbs, one has an image that resembles pictures of Seth Bullock on or inside it.

Dede says:

September 12, 2009, 1:54 am

I was at the Bullock in July 2009 and took several pictures. One was taken outside of the front of the hotel. In the top right window, there is a figure of man looking out- lookslike Seth Bullock. I also took a picture of the bar downstairs and in the edge of my flash(not visible to me when I took the shot) is a baby’s head and several faces. it is amazing and bizarre. The pictures are very clear. I never expected to see what i saw. also caught orbs and some other faces, but none as clear as the two mentioned.

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Erynn says:

October 15, 2009, 9:30 pm

My husband and I recently stayed at the Franklin Hotel, room 212. We arrived in our room after gambling at about 1:30 and started to get ready for bed. My husband was in the bathroom, came out, and asked me what I had said. I told him I hadn’t said anything, but he swore he’d heard a woman say “turn it off.” A few minutes later we heard a female voice twice more INSIDE of our room!

Ashley says:

October 31, 2009, 11:59 pm

oh my! i havent heard of this before and i live in SD…all the way across the state though…i luv hearing about these kinds of things although they are frightening haha

Gary says:

November 9, 2009, 6:47 pm

My wife & I stayed at the Franklin Hotel on Sept 26, 2009. I went to bed at 1:30am & my wife came to the room from gambling around 3:30am. While she was in the bathroom, we both heard a child crying & a man talking to the child. The lights flashed off & on, an apparition appeared & brushed by my wife & went across the bottom of bed & left the room through the wall. It was a little creepy. The hairs raised up on my neck & I am a believer now!

joey greenwald says:

December 18, 2009, 1:52 pm

love this site

Jackson Stone says:

February 25, 2010, 2:22 pm

Hey Tom, did u ever think maybe that place just has faulty wiring?

Savanah says:

March 16, 2010, 10:37 pm


Sam says:

April 25, 2010, 1:00 am

I worked at the Bullock hotel for 5 years graveyard shift twice a week.And I did’nt believe in ghosts before working there.But I certainly do now.

Diane says:

June 4, 2010, 11:52 am

I stayed in the Bullock Hotel on Wed. May 19th/2010 in room 203. From the moment I stepped into the lobby to register, I began to feel nauseated and dizzy with chills. Our room was beautiful and we looked out over main street. During the night we heard two blood curdling screams and I don’t believe it was a lucky gambler below making that sound. I heard doors slamming but figured it was just other guests. Next morning after my shower which became very hot when I was in it, I was overcome with nausea again. We went down for breakfast and I couldn’t eat any more than 3 bites of dry toast. The poor waitress blamed the cook. As soon as I left the building to visit Seth’s grave on Mt. Moriah, the nausea stopped. When I returned to the Bullock to check out, my nausea returned as soon as I stepped inside. This happened every time I stepped into the building from the outside and did not happen to me in any of the other buildings in Deadwood. I would stay there again though. I absolutely loved our room.

britt says:

July 27, 2010, 4:10 pm

well im only a teenanger but but godmother lives their so i visited last year…Her boyfriend works there and he tells me stories bout how ppl see him in the hotel and if they arent working at the bar he will shake the glasses and flicker the lights to tell them they need to go back to work. and also how a lil boy got lost and the man he described who helped him find his parents was seth bullock.

Evan Halsey says:

December 31, 2010, 11:23 pm

Seth Bullock died in room 2 something (I don’t remember the exact number). He died at 2:30 in the morning. I stayed in the room he died in, and I woke up in the middle of the night feeling extremely hot but yet extremely cold at the same time. I looked over at the alarm clock and it was exactly 2:30 in the morning. That was the weirdest I’ve ever felt in my life.

Darin says:

September 8, 2011, 3:15 pm

The theory is that is you stand and the bottom of the steps and take a picture of someone standing at the top of the steps by the mirror there will either be some words or letters in the mirror or their will be a little girl standing beside you. And also the franklin hotel and fairmont hotel is also haunted. in the fairmont hotel if you stay there long enought you can start to smell fermeldahyde

Nikki Rowenhorst says:

June 6, 2013, 3:27 pm

We go to the Sturgis Rally yearly and the Black Hills off and on and had never been there when snow is present! So in March one year we went and stayed at the Bullock! About 2:30 in the morning I woke up to hearing very loud boots walking the hall way. I got out of bed and peeked out the door…that is when I realized there was carpet on all floors! Before I got my door shut I heard a man say..cute!!

Kimberly says:

April 29, 2014, 9:08 pm

My husband and I stayed in room 211 of the Bullock. I didn’t get any sleep all night something was touching my arms keeping me awake. We also have MANY pictures of two different mirrors with things in them. Freaky to see! We would love to share and show the world!

david helmcamp says:

February 15, 2016, 8:15 pm

Im from Maryland and my wife and I stayed 2 nights at the Bullock Hotel. Now my grandmother and mother had paranormal energy and could hear and see things. Well just for fun I took a mini recorder with us. We were in room 210 and the first night around 3am while laying in bed I felt like somebody picking up an objectand placing it behind me near the bedpost. I did`nt think anything of it.The second night is when I placed my recorder on the floor by my bed. Now, keep in mind I did`nt bother to play it until we got home 2 weeks later. I laid down at around 3am still awake and for some reason I open my eyes.floating less than 2 feet to my right side is this lady waist up, rufffles white collar, red/aulburn hair tied tightly in a bun. She also had a small red rose tied to the side.For some odd reason I was afraid. I really watched her float by me and took the entire 7-8 seconds taking in al the details I could. I also noticed her eyes were green and glassy looking (like a fighter who got knocked out) Of course the next morning my wife did`nt believe me. After getting back from the trip, I decided to play the tape. it ran for 3 full hours. Now the funny thing is both my wife and I are snorers. Well I remember it was like 4am an hour after seeing the prositute lady. I heard 2 girls kinda laughing. I woke my wife up and said did you hear that!!!! She told me no and to go back to sleep. I played the tape for an hour and I caught the 2 girls giggling and a man mocking me saying holly (my wifes name after I kept waking her about hearing it! I still have the audio and Im 57 years old. Ill go to my grave in what I witnessed those nights. Im thinking we were therein 2011-2012.

Zumi says:

July 7, 2016, 5:11 pm

I can’t find my lemon cake sometime and I knock on doors but when people open they act like they can’t see me

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