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Bunny Man Bridge

Fairfax Station, Virginia

During the 1800s, a man went off to hunt for food. Upon return to his home, however, he discovered the mutilated bodies of his wife and child. Immediately, he summoned the sheriff. Since the bodies were so horribly mutilated and there were no other suspects, the husband was sent to a mental institution. Maintaining his innocence, the man vowed revenge. After escaping from the institution, the man took up residence near a bridge. Since the only clothes he owned were those made from rabbits’ skin, he soon became known as the “Bunny Man.” As time passed, children started playing near and around the Bunny Man. When several children came up missing, the authorities were notified. When they reached the bridge, officials saw body parts of the children hanging from trees; they also saw the Bunny Man being run over by a train. Today it is said that one may see body parts hanging from the trees and will hear the Bunny Man laughing.

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Mary says:

June 15, 2016, 4:38 pm

Has anyone else seen a “dim” male figure crouched on the ground in this location eating what looks like a plate of cake? It sounds almost funny but my friends and I had the worst feeling of dread when we passed him.

George says:

June 16, 2016, 5:07 pm

Mary – Yes, my friend and I have encountered this when we were on a trip to Northern VA. We live down near VA Beach and have heard of occurrences like this down here as well. We have done a bunch of research since our first sighting of this figure a while back and have come across a few details. A mentally challenged man with a speech impediment was killed by his older brother while eating cake near the train tracks by their house. People are speculating that his death while near the tracks is why his spirit seems to wander all over the place and not haunt a specific site or building and that since he was eating his cake and never finished it he died with that being his mission in eternity as well. It sounds like a joke at first and yet it is sad and lonely at the same time. Maybe if people could come up with a better name for him than “The Lemon Cake Ghost” this could be taken more seriously as it deserves to be. I hope this answers your question and provides a little detail for you if you want to do some digging on your own. Start with local, small time news sites.

Zumi says:

June 17, 2016, 12:42 pm

Dark man take my cake last night. I walk for hours to find but 2 dark, no light. I don’t know where I go now and its so cold.

George says:

June 28, 2016, 4:47 pm

Zumi – can you speak to us here? Can you answer Mary? We want to help you but not sure if you can see our words.

Zumi says:

July 4, 2016, 7:17 pm

I get rid of bunny man. He bother me when I try to relax.

Cliftonguy says:

July 5, 2016, 12:09 pm

Locals have renamed this bridge after the new apparition they are reportedly seeing lately. They are now referring to it as the Lemon Cake Tunnel. No sillier than Bunny Man Bridge I suppose.

Zumi says:

July 15, 2016, 3:44 pm

Tunnel used to be dark but now filled with the light. voices keep saying if I don’t come to them the gray men will come back. so scared

Mary says:

July 25, 2016, 2:05 pm

I waited under that damn bridge for hours last night and I see you were “elsewhere” Mr. Lemon Dingle Dork Berry!!! Who is she??>?!!!

Mary says:

July 25, 2016, 2:06 pm

Zumi I’m so sorry. I don’t know what comes over me.

You! 🙂

Brie says:

July 28, 2016, 2:21 pm

I’ve walked across the bridge nightly for years but last night on my way across something bit my leg and I could hear barking but did not see anything. From down under the bridge I heard a man scream Opy and the barking moved away from me! I was so shocked I couldn’t move for a minute and then I ran home as fast as my legs could carry me. I had bite marks on my leg when I got home. I never told my family.

Leroy Pinkman says:

November 8, 2017, 3:34 pm

My friend Martin and I went to Bunny Man Bridge twenty years ago and we experienced something very strange. We walked in at about 11pm and sat down about halfway through on a little rock wall where there was a lamp post overhead. We talked and talked and talked for a while about our favorite show tunes and our love for Judy Garland and Elton John and even about the time we went to see Michael Bolton together and hours crept by. But sometime around 1 in the morning is when things got weird. The wind picked up out of nowhere, a chill took us over and suddenly the light above blinked out. It was off for several minutes and during that time I can only describe a sensation of moistness and stickiness and a feeling of exhilaration and fear mixed together. The light came back on as suddenly as it had blinked out and Martin and I were shocked to find out lips were pressed together and our tongues were in each others’ mouths. and our hands in each others’ laps. We pulled back from each other after another two or three minutes and walked away briskly hand in hand. We have no explanation for the bizarre occurrences at the bridge that night except that the spirit of Bunny Man himself must have taken over both of us simultaneously and made out with himself.

Martin says:

December 29, 2017, 1:06 pm

Oh yes. I remember that night well. Leroy and I were so frightened we vowed never to return and never did until the very next night. We sat in exactly the same spot to see if the freaky occurrences repeated themselves and around 1am again they did. Only this time Bunny Man took things even further and when the lights came back up Leroy and I found we were giving each other manual hand stimulation and we were shocked and appalled. We continued until each of us had reached climax and immediately withdrew our hands from each others tingling no no regions and looked at each other with disbelief. It seems the Bunny Man has a thing for hand jobs and likes to manipulate heterosexual men into playing his game. Little does he know he has met his match with these two men and we will not fall into his trap. Leroy said “well should we kiss before we leave after that?” and so we kissed with tongues for 7 or 8 minutes or so before running out of that evil places as fast as our legs would carry us. This would be the last time we ever saw the place until the following Tuesday when we went back and sat in the same spot. For reasons we cannot truly understand we had brought Vaseline and Seagrams wine cooler beverages with us.

Leroy Pinkman says:

March 1, 2018, 5:02 pm

Martin rode me like a dang stallion, his leather pants down around his ankles, mingling with mine on the ground while my legs quivered with exhaustion and exhilaration. Martin’s breathing was heavy and labored so I knew we would soon be switching and the ridden would become the rider. We switched off 5 or 6 times and took turns with the leather switch, Neil Diamond’s Greatest Hits belting out from my pink IPod, the night tender and beautiful. As I leaned forward to kiss Martin’s shoulder I caught glimpse of the Bunnyman himself. He was not the frightening, monster image you would suspect but looked like a grown man who had bought his white bunny Halloween costume at the Montgomery Ward or Drug Fare and was trying it on. He moved closer and we were frozen with fear and though we were already so sore a sense like two young women on their prom nights. He switched between us until we were all a pile of sweaty love nuggets dozing in the funky after stink of our acts of love. Martin and I woke at 3am and knew we had to get out of there or things might go too far. We kissed and made love on a nearby rock and then got in the car and sped away at 37 mph, holding each other’s exhausted and limp glo sticks vowing never to return to this evil place. We are not gay and went to strip clubs for the next 4 days straight to look at women dance around with their sexy bodies and we fantasized about loving them in their v’s and making them put on fake man parts so we could stroke those. On the fifth night Martin and I returned to Bunny Man Bridge to confront our demons and ask Bunny Man if he loved us or not.

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