Real Haunted Houses

Real Haunted House

Campbell House

Spokane, Washington

This house was once owned and inhabited by a wealthy family who eventually died. Today, the house has been converted to Cheney Cowle’s Museum. Hauntings include sightings of children playing in the bedrooms, mysterious noises, and some even claim that eyes in the portraits move.

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Andrew says:

November 22, 2005, 3:38 am

My buddy and I have decided that we are going to prove that there is no such things as ghosts. So in order to do this we feel we need to go to all haunted places of Washington and see for ourselves. If you could help us get going with some advice that would be more than helpful.

Thank you for your time,

Andrew & Jesse

Bob Jean says:

January 6, 2006, 1:15 pm

I think that this is totally cool, me and my friends went to the campbell house once and we saw Jenny, a phantom girl in one of the bedrooms, Jenny’s story is told that she was killed in a murder where a masked muderer came and killed three of the Daugters and kinaped one of the sons, tom, and later it was discovered that tom had been taken to an orpahage, there is a whole long story and i just know a bit but go to the house and check it out!!!

Jezika says:

January 8, 2006, 7:49 pm

I can help out jess and andrew and i have a story!right off of trenton is a cemetary it’s old local legend that the graveyard is haunted by a masked murderer!My story is that i was staying at my friends house one night and we heard a noise we figured it was just her brother trying to scare us.(keep in mind it’s about 3:00 in the morning) so we found ourselves platci weapon and went to go check and see if we could scare them.We quietly walked out into the hall because we heard them walking down the stairs into the living room.
In rachels room is a vent that you can see down into the living room with!She told me to quietly go into the living room and turn on the light while she waited with her face up to the vent.As soon as i turned on the light i said “gott cha” And racehl was still staring into the went i didn’t see anyone but when i flipped on the light rachel screamed so i looked at her and on the ceiling was a girl head on the fireplace mantle(right below the vent)and her blood was splattered everywhere all the lights in the house turned on and everybody woke up when they got down to the living room and saw me sitting in the corner crying they took us all to a hotel for the night.The next morning they moved out of the house leaving almost everything for fear of running into the ghost again.

jasmin says:

January 14, 2006, 6:15 pm

I think that none of this is true because it’s not convincing
me.If people do want to convince me they have to add more
details to the stories that they say.

alina says:

February 12, 2006, 5:11 pm

i dont think that the story was true because i could barely understand what it was about when i was reading it. Here’s what i think that story was about according to what u wrote: you and rachel went to go sneak up on her brother at 3 in the morning and she was upstairs looking into a vent that let her look in the living room and u were in the living room and u turned on the lights and she screamed because she saw a girls head on the mantel with blood all over and u saw it too and then they moved out? tell me if this is right or wrong.

amber says:

February 16, 2006, 2:27 am

the eyes… they really watch you. Not in a bad way, just kinda erie.

Shaunna Keasler says:

February 26, 2006, 6:38 pm

This is totally crazy ane personally i can’t believe im doing this, but I was born and raised in Spokane, WA. and recently i heard about a place the locals call “A Thousand Steps” I can’t find anything thing about it on-line but before i tell my story of my experience, i have heard many stories about it and I am asking anyone who reads this to please e-mail me any info in regards to this place. My friend and i went to what we think might be the place but i know someone out there knows ALOT if not ALL of this place. it’s located in Spokane, Washington. It’s known for many hauntings, sightings, and long time ago cult rituals. But, my story was this. My best friend, my brother, and myself went to what we think to be “A Thousand Steps.” we climbed up many concrete steps, some very broken. it was late and VERY dark, so we had to be carefull. we got to the top of these steps, and walked around the mosoleum,(a special building for the resting.) we then followed a roadway toward all the graves located up there. It was SSOOOOOO cold, a huge gust of wind nearly knocked us over then we heard wispering, and alot of it, like there were thousands of people there, but wispering. then it grew SILENT. no cars, no birds, NOTHING. through the trees we saw just a small light, then someone started walking toward us, then made a deep groaning sound. Of, course, we ran. but, since then, my curiosity is beyond bad. so im doing research on this place, but getting NOWHERE. please help. If you are in the spokane area and KNOW EXACTLY WHERE THIS PLACE IS, YOU CAN E-MAIL ME OR CALL ME AT 509-362-4680. NO WEIRDOS, PLEASE. CALL ME OF YOU ARE SERIOUS. THANKS SO MUCH.

J says:

March 9, 2006, 4:16 am

This is the spokane falls cemetary you are talking about and it is called 1000 steps…most people i have heard do not make it to the top. Check out Prospokane on google. you find a ghost research team in spokane. they say it is a place where they do satanic rituals so be careful going there…honestly i would not go without a gun…not that that would help with a ghost…but if there was a satanic tripper up there…i would safer then sorry. If you want to talk about this more post again..i am not from spokane, but i know the cemetary..i think it is by the new lifecenter church and i have heard this story as well.

Laurie says:

March 17, 2006, 8:06 pm

I am planning to come back home to Spokane for a visit this summer. I am older than most of you here I think. I’m 39 (caught…choke…40 in April) Anyway I do paranormal investigating in Houston Texas! So I thought I’d see what is happening in my home town and I found this page! Anyway…Thousand Steps has been around for YEARS. When I was in highschool it was where teens would go and drink beer. The story was that there was a ghost or shadowy figure that would chase you back down the steps IF you made it to the top. A lot of my friends told stories of sitting in the car and seeing lights and feeling the car shake.

It’s located on the road near Spokane Falls community college. I haven’t lived in Spokane for fifteen years so I can’t remember street names. Anyway…there is a large cemetary on both sides of the road. A newer one on the right side and older on the left. Thousand steps in on the left. There is a huge set of stairs going up the side of a hill and when you get to the top and look over it there is a big white cross in the distance. I hope this helps!


Janie says:

March 24, 2006, 9:09 pm

my family and i moved from couer’dalene,idaho to this house in port orchard,wa. we were having our uncle, aunt, and their son stay with us. (these were my step dad’s relatives)my mom always had a bad feeling about my step dad’s brother.this was mainly because he was always chasing her around the house saying he was the messiah-haha kinda funny-but he did drugs i guess so..anyway,a little later on,i started having a horrible freaky feeling about the house-it scared me to death! i told my self it was just my head going crazy and i needed to sooooo get overmyself-it never worked. well my step dad’s brother was driving my mom nuts because he obviously had an issue with him and my mom being together-bla bla bla…he ,his wife and 8-year old son moved out. soon after that -weird things started to happen…the fist thing that happened i guess was sort of mellow,but it was a weekend and i was trying to sleep in. my dog usually slept by me but she was FAST asleep-lucky dog-well i was trying to fall back asleep,but all of a sudden something started tapping on the foot my bed-taptap tap tap tap-like how someone would tap on your bed if theyREALLY wanted you to GET UP. ya like that. i gently peered to see if it was my dog or someone else-not the dog-although i wanted it to be her-noone was there-oh i got up! i practically ran out of my room!i never liked the thought of going into my room again. it was like someone was ALWAYS watching you. my sister-soon after told me one day that she was sitting in her room and she swore up and down something went through her arm-like a whitish thing-but it wasn’t like how a person would be-reular sized-it was about the size of a tennis ball-freaky(shiver shiver)one night i was also trying to go to sleep,but i just had a stonger feeling that something wasn’t just in my room-in the living room and kitchen too.God it was scary-first my mom was sleeping out in the living room with my dad because i guess their room was cold?. sooo right her dog was growling at something and wouldn’t stop. no one was awake but me so i HAD to check it out-but then it sounded like cupboard doors were banging over and over-sometimes they’d stop for a few seconds,then do it again. i finally got the urge to go out there-every thing stopped,but her dog was still growling.i woke my mom and dad up we found out that our hedgehog had gotten out of it’s cage but the cage was up high and if the hedgehog were to get out it probabaly would’ve near to deathed itself. i went back to my creepy bedroom and lie down again afew minutes later it started again! i went out again,woke my parents and that was the last of it for that night-my room still felt creepy….after that night,every time i went downstairs now i felt like something was coming after me and that i was constantly being watched. my sis also said it felt like that for her mom and dad started to get into big fights in which property was being damaged. the one before last i KNEW they were going to break up-there was one more-like a day later and they broke up. we found out that he had taken LARGE amounts of money out from the bank for drugs and things that weren’t good-he left my mom and us with nothing.we think that my da’s brother-beleive it or not brought a curse onto the house. every thing kept going bad so we moved.i beleive someone else lives there now-and i feel sorry for them.that house breaks families up to almost nothing. i’m now living in an apartment and i rarely ever feel a presence or anything anymore.

MARry says:

April 10, 2006, 1:50 pm

i belive in ghosts because i am 1.

andi says:

April 20, 2006, 11:20 pm

Okay, I have a real haunted place. It is where I work and everyone there swears up and down that it’s haunted. I used to not believe in ghosts but since I started working there, now I do. My aunt owns a daycare on the corner of Maple and Rockwell its now called Love and Laughter but a long time ago people called it The Old Shoehouse because there was a pool in the back that was in the shape of a boot. So anyway, here are the stories. In the basement, there is a hallway that leads into a classroom that is isolated compared to the rest of the daycare along the halway there are two bathrooms and a boiler room. Everybody who goes into the isolated backroom swears that they see a small child out of the corner of their eye but when they look, no one is there. Just recently we had a couple of new kids enrolled there (one a boy and one a girl) the little boy was in the back class for the first time and he and the other children were playing playdough at the table. All of the sudden, the boy was like, “Teacher, who is that little boy over there?” He kept pointing over to the corner where there was nothing to be seen. That’s not all though. Remember I said that there were two bathrooms in the hall leading into that classroom? Okay, well one of my coworkers was in the boy’s bathroom changing a child’s diapers when a couple of the children started to fight with eachother. She stepped out of the bathroom for about five seconds to calm them down and left two toddlers in the bathroom. The door closed in her face as she tried to walk back in and the toddlers were by the wall so they couldn’t have closed the door because she saw them. But that’s not all, she tried to open the door and couldn’t. She told me that she was using full force to push the door open but it would’t budge. Just when she was about to go get help, the door opened. Tell me how two 2 1/2 yearold children could hold a door closed so tight that an adult cant open it. I have also been with the same kids that she has been with and every time I or anyone else takes them into that bathroom, they all point to the same corner on the celing and say “what’s that?” There is also an outside building to the daycare that I swear is haunted. Many times I have had the kids sitting in a circle and saw a childlike figure run past me. Once, I saw the figure run by me and hide behind a table. I thought it was one of the children and I kept saying “come on out of there, it’s time to read a story” The kid (so I thought) wouldnt come out so finally I looked under the table to look at it’s face and nothing was there. I was so shocked at the fact that I had just been talking to nothing for the past two minutes that I walked over to the other side of the table just to prove to myself that there was nothing there and sure enough, there wasnt. I asked the kids who were all sitting on the carpet as asked if they had seen someone run over there, and they all shook their head “no.” There are more stories but I have wrote enough to prove my point. If anyone has any information on this daycare’s history please e-mail me at remeber it used to be called The Old Shoehouse.

Shade says:

April 21, 2006, 12:03 pm

First of all, you are all full of crapola.
I live right in front of the campbell house, visit it often and there is no such horror stories– however…

During the third grade, my whole class got a visit to the campbell house. Whenever the tour guide wasn’t talking there was an eerie silence and the photos really creeped us out. You know, of Amasa and Grace and all his family– well, you know Helen, or whatever– anyway, when we got down to the basement where the workers were supposed to do the laundry, there was a huge hand print across the window in the back. It totally creeped all of us out and we thought there was something suspiciou about that house ever since. Anyway, I just wanted to say that history shows us that the campbells were not murdered so there’s no way that some girl could have seen all the brothers or whatever slaughtered or whatever **** you guys are saying. There maybe haunting, however spooky, but not harmful. And the pictures are freaky.

Travis says:

May 11, 2006, 7:41 pm

I spent over half a year working on restoring the campbell house and NEVER saw, heard, smelled, or felt anything that would lead me to believe that the house was haunted. I have been over every inch of that building. The eyes moving on the paintings is actually an artist trick. it looks that way, but it isnt really occuring. I have even spent time in the basements and attics, all over the entire ground and even the tunnel that was blocked off leading to the MAC. Nada. No ghosts not even a rat.

Ashes says:

May 16, 2006, 6:34 pm

Hey Shaunna Keasler. I would suggest going to google and typing in “A thousand steps spokane,” for when I did, I got tons of results. Now, I’ve scratched your back, you scratch mine (figure of speech learned from grandparents.) I am a very stubborn freshman in Sunnyside high school, which is located in the Yakima valley. I swear I have had ‘ghost’ encounters, but I always believe my head is messing with me. I don’t spook easily, I am just pretty much curious. There is known encounters with my ancestors and my parents and I have even had some ‘psychic’ family members. I supposably have the ‘gift’ as well. Anywho, I was wondering if everybody could try to look up things on hauntings on sunnyside, wa and nearby towns. And I want proof. Sorry if I seem pushy, but hey, i am determined. Now, i g2g. Email me at Thanx

Big Bill says:

June 7, 2006, 1:44 am


Hey, I’ll scratch your back … with a rake.

jodi says:

June 15, 2006, 5:35 am

this is blatently some boed people seraching desperately 4 attention this is a test to see if i am right go and look at a picture in your house and move and see if you still think its looking at you it scared me when i was 5 haha and tlel me what you think on my site

jodi says:

June 15, 2006, 5:35 am

this is blatently some boed people seraching desperately 4 attention this is a test to see if i am right go and look at a picture in your house and move and see if you still think its looking at you it scared me when i was 5 haha and tlel me what you think on my site

Nick says:

July 17, 2006, 11:51 am


I’ll scratch your bakc but in a different way. First of all i would like to point out that i do beleive in ghosts and i have had encounters in the old claypool house where i live…unfortunalty. anyways haveing psychic powers is not something you are born with it is something to be gained by mental practice and training if you do not beleive me go to this site and at least read the intro before you dismiss is as bull. this should help you with actually being able to see the ghosts if you focus on detecting psi.


Ashes says:

July 22, 2006, 12:08 am

I really think this is a bunch of bull, so you can go to hell, “big bill.” Besides the fact that you are probably not even big and you’re only saying that for your name because you’re self conscience about it. If you know what I mean. Just go to hell.

ashes says:

July 22, 2006, 12:12 am

Thanx nick. I’m sorry about the last post. I was kinda po’ed and didn’t read any posts after that. I’ll visit the sight and check it out before i give up the whole idea about ghosts and the “gift.” If you have any info, use my above email address and title the email something catchy so that i don’t delete it. Thanx again.

Andrew says:

August 3, 2006, 5:12 pm

Thousand Steps=greenwood boulevard, on which is greenwood cemetary, west side of spokane by spokane falls community college. driving there is “northwest on northwest boulevard, turn left on TJ Meenach drive, follow it to the end, turn left at the T, drive until you see the cemetary, slow down about 1/3 of the way through and look to your right. There’s about 45 stairs up to the back of a storage shed that looks kind of mausoleumish (covered in graffiti). filled with spooky shovels and rakes. the stairs themselves are on cemetary grounds making it illegal to be on them after dark, but provide good cover so that meth and coke dealers can perform their transactions there. i’ve been up and down them about 50 times and the scariest thing i’ve seen there (remember greenwood cemetary) is a cop pulling up at the bottom of the stairs. (firm ghost beleiver very disappointed)

Jenna says:

August 6, 2006, 10:37 pm

Ok so what I would like to know about 1000 Steps is…..where do you park? I finally found it after all these years of my sister talking about partying up there…..and I have heard mixed stories. It is haunted, it isn’t haunted, so I don’t know what to believe. Unfortunately I am not brave enough to try to go up there at night but if anyone can find me pictures I would LOVE to see them!!!
Also, for the Love and Laughter daycare, I know the owner and I don’t remember hearing anything from her about it being haunted. I have been down in the basement and I don’t remember seeing anything. The outer building is a different story. That one DOES feel creepy!!
So please find me pictures anyone!!!

angel says:

August 8, 2006, 3:55 pm

hey waz up?! iz any1 der?

Elizabeth says:

October 30, 2006, 11:45 am

About the cemetary in Spokane, Washington:
The first, last and only time I ever went to that cemetary was when my now ex sister-in-law had lost her baby by crib death. About a week after the infant was buried she wanted to go visit the grave, which was at the top of the 1000 steps; I was told that is where the children’s cemetary is located. So my now ex-husband and I, my sister-in-law and her husband and one of my brothers-in-law all piled into the car and drove to the cemetary and to the top of the hill;it must have been around 9 pm. Don’t ask me why she wanted to go that late at night, no one could ever really figure her out. After we got there, no one wanted to get out of the car, so we just sat there and argued about it for a few minutes. Then someone in the car saw someone wandering amongst the gravestones and my sister-in-law swore that someone was desecrating the graves. She got really angry and upset. Then the figure in the graveyard started running towards the car and we all just sat there, watching in amazement. Finally, someone decided it would be a really great idea if we left the cemetary, so we started the car and turned around. Just as we got the car turned around, we heard a loud “thump” on top of the car. Evidently this unknown person had jumped on top of the car. Well, my one brother-in-law, being the intelligent rocket scientist that he was, decided to stick his head out the window and look on top of the car to see who it was and to beat the snot out of the weirdo. When he did that, there was no one there. He got scared and started screaming about speeding up and getting the hell out of there, which panicked everyone else. The worse thing was we kept hearing someone scratching on top of the car, like they were trying to peel back the metal to get inside. I just sat there, squished between my ex husband and my ex sister-in-law’s husband, thinking how stupid everyone was to come up here in the first place. When we finally got back to the house and looked at the top of the car, there were dents where someone had laid on top of the car and deep scratch marks al the way through the paint down to the metal. We never went up threre again and thank God I divorced that whole sorry family shortly afterward.

Candace says:

October 31, 2006, 6:27 pm

The Steps on the road at Greenwood Cemetary are not the 1000 steps. They’re just steps that lead up to the cemetary. The real 1000 steps are in the back of the cemetary. Theres a fence built around the back so you cant get back there, but there is a place where there is just a rope over it and a bridge to drive back there. Either that, or you can get to it by driving on the road behind the cemetary. The steps at the road arn’t scary, theres just beer cans and bottles and a bunch of weeds, but its still fun.

Ksher says:

December 25, 2006, 6:03 pm

I would just like to say that Thousand Steps in Spokane, WA isn’t a place where they hold Satanic rituals. If this “J” knew anything about Satanism he’d know that it has nothing to do with Satan. According to everything I know it’s a witches graveyard, and the mosilium is just about impossible to find durring the day, but that’s all just rumor. I’ve been to the steps on Government Way, but I haven’t actually been up there yet. I’m currently doing research for a trip I plan to take next weekend, so thanks all for the stories!!

gAtz says:

December 27, 2006, 12:48 pm

As Ksher said. No satanist acts are held up there. It is a witch’s graveyard. The mousilium is impossible to find. And I personally think that anybody who believes it to be haunted is just superstitious. You are only scared of what you dont know. Why doesnt someone wait for whatever it is to come and get them? meh whatever Cant wait for next weekend.

stephanie says:

January 6, 2007, 4:06 pm

i find that to be so cool! I would like to go there…I want to see the eyes of the portraits move!

katie says:

January 12, 2007, 4:09 pm

dame thats hella scary

katie says:

January 12, 2007, 4:10 pm

i would of been really spoked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sina says:

January 31, 2007, 2:14 pm

that is kinda scary…

APART Prez says:

February 6, 2007, 1:45 am

There isn’t even 13 steps at this cemetary, it is a total of 3 steps.

It’s also a big no no to go into the cemetary without seeking proper permissions.

girl says:

February 6, 2007, 5:57 am

If you want to see some REAL freaky stuff if you actually have a military ID or know someone who can escort you onto the base, go check out Keyport base by Silverdale. All I gotta say it go around the barraks and look up at the attic. There is another place on the base it’s and old house that a Gettysburg tree was transplanted from that is the old generals house all of the military police officers who have been by there during the night and during the day have all got stories of seeing the old general walking through the house.

Heather says:

March 1, 2007, 8:23 pm

I believe in this kinda stuff. Some people are telling the truth and some are not… How will we ever really know. I visted a house that was told to be haunted and nothing really happened, just a bad feeling… SCARY.

Jake says:

March 2, 2007, 3:11 am

A Thousand Steps. In 2004 I lived in The Ballou’s (an apartment for kids that love to party and go to spokanefalls community college)A bunch of friends and I were bored and we all heard rumors of a thousand steps, a haunted entrance to the cemetary near our apartments. One night we all decided to dress up in camo’s and go get freaked out, I had no ideal what i was getting myself into. At the time all the new houses in that area werent even being developed yet so we just hiked over the road and hiked through the woods behind the cemetary and made our way to the steps near the mosoleum. We went up and down the torn up stairs and nothing happend (my friend claimed to see a bright light) Anyways my friends were up at the top of the steps and I felt something draw me towards the steps…like a spirit or something was telling me to go alone..I was scared as hell but I went anyway, I don’t really understand why I was walking but I just kept going…I stopped in the middle of the steps and just sat down. My friend sarah came up behind me and asked me what i was doing by myself and told me to go back up the stairs cause she was really scared. I told her that I had to sit here and she was starting to get freaked out…Just then we both turn our heads toward the brush and it started violently shaking as if something big and heavy was running toward us but there was nothing there!! Sarah yelled at me asking me if I was seeing what she was and I yelled, oh my god run! she was running ahead of me and I started running behind her and my back felt icy cold and goosebumps ran along my spine…I felt something grab my leg but It never caught up with me. That night we heard children crying at night and whispers, I will never forget that night. I have never had a paranormal experience before but it was definately not right. I know it couldn’t have been an animal because animals would run away from you not towards you, and a small critter couldn’t have made the bushes and trees shake like that for it’s size. I have tried to tell myself a hundred things it could possibly be but nothing else makes any sense. The fact that both Sarah and I witnessed the same thing at the same time, I know that spirits do exist and that place is haunted…

Jake says:

March 2, 2007, 3:12 am

that was A Thousand steps located in Spokane, WA

Andromeda says:

March 9, 2007, 9:27 pm

“Thousand Steps” legend has been going on since my grandfather was a kid (believe it or not) I’ve f’d around in that cemetery litterally dozens of times as a teen. (I’m now 34) All that’s in that place is a lot of old graves and broken headstones. At the very top it is still being used for newer graves. There is nothing scary about it. Just the fact that its a cemetery is what scares people. Honestly, I will warn against taking the steps up the the side of the hill. The steps are old, broken and decaying which makes climbing them very dangerous. Be careful and make sure you are wearing decent shoes. Hold on to whatever brush is there. Once you get towards the top, its easier.
No satanic ritiuals were ever held there. Thats a just an urban legend. I would also advise against going there at night, the night watchmen don’t F around. They will haul your butt off and not even think twice about pressing tresspassing charges if they catch you. Trust me, my ex-boyfriend and his brother found out the hard way.

Jen says:

March 15, 2007, 11:14 am

There is ghost when there is unfinished business!

Malloree says:

March 24, 2007, 2:33 pm

I am a local College student in Spokane. Last weekend my mom came to visit and we decided to go to the museum and they told us we could tour the Campbell house, being a history major I had to go. Local history at its best right? The tour was going great, I was already a little scared just because I always have the tendency to freak myself out in old houses. I decided to take some pictures of the amazing rooms and get some decorating ideas (I love eary 20th cent. decorating!) We were in the Library and I was standing along the far wall with all of the windows. Keep in mind however I was not standing against the wall or anything. I felt alot of pressure on my back, like a hand right on the curve of my back. I assumed my mom was just trying to mess with me since she knows I was scared. I looked at her and she was standing with her arms crossed listening to the tour guide. She had no idea what just happened to me. I looked around my vicinity and there was nothing that could have touched me like that. After that experience while I was still there I took a picture of the far left corner of the table and yellow chairs right in front of the window. After we left I looked thru my pictures on my camera but did not see anything. However when I went home printed and scanned my pictures shortly after you can cleary see a womans head, neckline with broach and outline of an upper torso between the table and chair.

This is my first experience with anything of this nature and I just want to know if anyone has had the same experience in the library or if anyone has any idea who the ghost might be. I thought it was the young daughter, whoever donated the house to the museum but I dont know.

Corey says:

March 31, 2007, 9:54 pm

Going to Thousand Steps some time soon. Been there a LOT of times before. I always find the 30 or so steps that go to the mausoleum, but I have never found the supposed steps in the back. I heard THAT is the real haunted area.

Are there really steps in the back? Like, that someone has BEEN on? Or have you just HEARD of them?

PLEASE email me back at and let me know.

Mace says:

June 14, 2007, 2:15 pm

No one was “murdered” in the campbell house. The daughter helen grew up and moved away. She donated the house to spokane musuems. i have no idea where anyone got the idea that people were mudered in the campbell house, but i am pretty sure it was pulled out of someones ***. before you go off telling these ghost storys, get the history right first.
I do believe the campbell house may be haunted, but not by jenny and her brothers or whatvever.

S says:

July 8, 2007, 11:44 am

The only reason that these ******* Spokanites see ghosts is that you have been up for 30 days on a meth bender. Go take a ******* nap, you losers, and get off the dirty! In fact, just go ******* dig up one of the graves and crawl into it, and move the **** out of Spokane ’cause Spokane is for *****.

Michele says:

July 19, 2007, 2:56 pm

Hey, I have a new one for you guys…Wilbur Hahn, a doctor that liced on the south hill in the early 1900’s. He was known for performing illegal abortions in his home. His home contains many secret doors and passage ways. It is said that after his wife found out about the abortions, he became paranoid and pulled a gun on her. She ran to her bedroom and locked the door. He shot the lock off and killed her. He was trid for the murder, but convinced the jury she committed suicide and he shot the lock off to try to help her. He was found guilty for the abortions, however.
It is also said that during his paranoia, he took his abortion money, and buried it somwhere on his lot.
There is much more to the story. I read it in a book at hastings in the regional section titled “Hauntings of Washington” I have also googled it to verify, and every word of it is true. For those of you who want to check it out, the address is 2525 E 19th on the south hill. No trespassing though, you need the owners permission to view the home, but it’s worth it!

Karla Renee says:

July 20, 2007, 4:01 am

I love the comment S made, because unfortunately it’s SO true…Spokane is full of the craziest people you will ever meet…this whole town qualifies as a loony bin and the Meth Capital of the world…I would know from living here for 17 years…

However, there are a lot of strange things that go on here, I don’t believe much in the Campbell house (besides the pictures, they really do stare you down) or the 1000 steps but in other places, Manito Park for one.

Casey says:

July 22, 2007, 8:38 pm

I live in Spokane and have been to the Campbell House for a 7th grade field trip. No, I never saw anything weird. Though I wish I did. Woulda been neat.

Spokane_Paranormal_Association says:

August 3, 2007, 3:40 am

The team went to the “1000 steps” There is nothing there. It’s all hear say. It’s just the old entry into the cemetery. We made it to the top no problems at all. No shadow man. No whispers, Nothing. So i suggest that you stay away inless you want to be arrested. We had permision to be there and to debunk it and let it be knowend that it’s no haunted. There are many other places that are actully haunted in spokane. So please don’t waste your time with this one.

Googleplex says:

August 23, 2007, 2:07 am

There are four names that will be added to the list of people who have made it to the top of 1000 steps.
Dan F.
Nicole W.
Amanda A.
Curtis H.

And no i wont give out the location ever. It took me way too long to find and i believe that the journey is what made it so fun.

At least you know its out there


KED says:

August 23, 2007, 7:12 pm

This is in response to Shaunna Keasler or anyone else interested in the 1000 steps cemetery. I am 51 years old and have been there many times back in the early 70’s. Shaunna, it sounds like you went to the right place, it used to be know as the 1000 steps cemetery and there used to be steps that went from the highway all the way up to the top, but over the years they have deteiated and fallen apart, but some still exist. I just went by there yesterday, I live about 10 minutes away from it now. Back then we would walk up and scare our girlfriends. However, we did have a couple odd experiences. One time when we went up to the top of the steps into the upper part of what is really the Greenwood Cemetery, there is what we thought is a moussolieum right there as soon as you get to the top, we were looking around the cemetery and back in the distance we seen someone walking through the headstones, it was a very tall dark figure, as he came closer we realized he had a dark suit on, like a tuxedo. We just watched and about 50 feet before he got to us, he veered off back into the cemetery headstones. On another occasion when we reached the top, we heard this noise, we couldn’t figure out what it was, then we looked down the road in the top portion of the cemetery and there was a Doberman Pincher running toward us, we scrambled back down the stairs, but the dog did not follow us down.
Now, this is something not to many people know. If you are driving south away from Spokane Falls College and as soon as you pass the cemetery on the right, there is a road going west, uphill, take a right onto this road from the cemetery road, abut 1/8 of a mile there is a wide place to pull over, there is a bank to the right going up to the cemetery. I’m sure it is not legal, but if you go up the bank and get over the fence, there is an old Train Tunnel about a 1/4 of a mile long that goes underneath the upper portion of the cemetery. The opening to this tunnel has been fenced off, but there used to be an area on one side that was bent out that you could slip through. We could never make it through this tunnel all the way, because of fear. It is very creepy, there are some very strange noises, including what we thought sounded like moans, also there is water dripping from the ceiling portion. We had gone hear many times and thought is was more creepy than going up the thousand steps. While in this tunnel, you are right under graves from the upper portion of the cemetery. Shaunna, I know you posted in 2006 and I just seen it, but if you would like more information on this, post another reply with your e-mail address and I will contact you. Good luck and be careful. Remember, back in the early 70’s, it was a lot easier to go there at night than now. You can go all over the cemetery during the day, but I’m sure would need permission to go in at night time.

Hailey says:

August 27, 2007, 1:55 pm

hi i live on an airforce base and my house is haunted i’v seen 16 ghosts in my whole life. i have some advice for andrew and jess, carry holy water wit u there is a such thing as demons and they will attack no matter wat. i can look @ a picture of a house or touch it and know if its haunted and see wats haunting it. its a gift that i have and i know the cambell house and the auburn high school auditorium and Fairchild air force base and a ton of other places are haunted. i was @ my aunts house once and my cousin and i were watching tv and the tv went to static and we could see someone in the static and i turned around and no one was there the the smoke alarm went off and the fire department came and no fire or even any sign of smoke was there. that night i saw a man smoking in the garage then he hung himself i look up my aunts house on google and its haunted by 5 different ghosts and there all owners of that house i just hope my aunt or uncle wont be one of them. it was one of the scariest nights of my life.

DK says:

August 27, 2007, 5:41 pm

When I was a teenager we went to 1001 steps on Halloween night at midnight. This was in the 80’s. Anyway when we were there we went all the way up the steps and nothing happened no noise or anything. On our way back down though we were chased out by the caretaker. We came in on the back side of the cemetary. A word of advise, do not wear white pants if you have to go up and down an embankment. LOL. Anyway, I believe that the steps have been removed for safety purposes. They were so broken that people were getting hurt on them, both day and night. I would have loved to have seen something. I am totally into the paranormal. Happy hunting.

Trisha says:

September 7, 2007, 7:56 pm

The house is right behind me. I’m a native spokanite and I’ve lived there for 3 years. I see the house every time I do my dishes on the 3 floor of my apartment. I’m in my 20’s, am an avid watcher of “ghost hunters” and I have NEVER seen anything. I look at everything with a subjective mind and I never knock anything down. The onle “wierd” experience I’ve ever had was when I was visiting a friend who lived in the old carriage house behind the Patsy Clark mansion. We went down to the basement and found a full on cell with chains in the ceiling and floor. We didn’t know what it was used for, we assumed it was a garrison of some kind back in the day, but we heard a scraping noise and hi-tailed it out. And about the 1000 steps, i ran up and down those and the “satanic rituals” are supposidly held in the mosoleum there on the top, but what it really is now is a storage shed full of tools and groundskeeping equipment. The only “hauntings” up there are the ones by goofy teenagers. Ugh.

Kaili says:

October 15, 2007, 8:19 pm

For all the none believers just cause you can’t see, smell,or feel anything doesn’t mean they’re not around.Maybe your instinks are bad,thoughout time people loose that ability because we are way too civilized.Most people don’t have those natural abilitys expecialy if your not spiritual,and im not talking about being christain,but believing in the unknown….anything is possible try to be more open minded and alot of you suck at spelling.

Tanya says:

October 18, 2007, 7:02 pm

Hello, this is to all of you that think 1000 steps is even remotely scary. I have been up there god knows how many times and every time I have been up there nothing has happened. Stop listening to crazy rumors and go up there you will see for yourself that there is nothing to be scared of. When I seen that 1000 steps was even on the list for a scary haunted place i about peed my pants laughing so hard. Wow.

Cat says:

October 24, 2007, 4:13 am

You guys I have a new place for all of you check out. It’s up on South Hill on 13 Ave sorry can’t think of other street that crosses. That house right on the corner and it looks like it’s 100 or more years old. We drove there and stoped to check it out because it was very creepy looking house an I took a picture of that House. later on whe we got home i placed my memory card into computer to enlarge the picture and i saw on the left corner of the picture 2 meters away from where i was standing when I took a picture there was a green looking thing (might sound like acasper shadow to you but it was shape of someone’s head and uper torso i still donno what it is to this day.

ryan says:

October 25, 2007, 4:39 am

i know that there is a house in deer park close to spokane washington. there is a haunted house out there. my mother used to live there. im not for sure exactly.. my mother has called the police when she lived there hoping to get help to find out the police where even scared to go into the house. the chemeny has been said to look like it was on fire to find out it was not. the bathroom has over flode with water and to find out it was all cleaned up. there was towls folded weird looking. if you talk on a phone while your there it is told that you can hear voices over it. what happened was people were doing witch craft into the home they died in that home and is haunted still today.

Maria says:

November 2, 2007, 12:17 pm

I went to the Cambell house for a field trip and me and a couple of other girls were looking into a room, thinking that we had heard the sound of kids playing, but nobody was in there. As we were walking away the sounds came again and we decided to take another look and some of the display toys had been moved. FREAKY!

The Inland Pacific Parinormal Society says:

November 4, 2007, 5:47 pm

I am the founder of The Inland Pacific Parinormal Society, or TIPPS for short. We have done several investigations in the Spokane Area, and are looking forward to checking out Cambell House. Spokane is very active. we are always open to new places to investigate, other people we can help.

Janelle says:

November 8, 2007, 11:39 pm

I am writing a story on the Campbell house for my school newspaper. I need more information about hauntings…Please let me know if you are willing to help

Janelle says:

November 12, 2007, 10:27 pm

ah come on you guys…i need witnesses here!

Stephanie says:

December 5, 2007, 11:56 pm

Deaconess Hospital North elevator is suppose to be haunted by a old maintenance worker named CHARLIE… to this day, when you walk by the elevator it automatically opens randomly & my personal experience I had taken the elevator to get to one floor up & was taken to one of the highest floors (even though the # inside the elvator showed my floor request lit) I automatically assumed when the door opened walked off
only to discover WRONG FLOOR…SO WIERD. No body outside door I glanced over the nurse station and they were busy no even noticing me? NOTE: evidently Charlie being former employee died working on the elevator during repair as he was crushed. OOh! Also, I heard from the gals in Med Records that a shadow has been seen in the back of the wall files.
…just thought I’d let you know.

matthew "ghosthunter" Bail says:

January 6, 2008, 11:48 pm

Wenatchee,Washington, 1995, an orchard in Sunnyslope, the “upper” class area.. Sunnyslope over looks the WHOLE town, and East Wenatchee, there are many orchards, and this one, owned by a man named Lee. if goes like this… three teen-aged boys took a short cut through the orchard, while walking through the orchard they see an old style wooden outhouse, they think oh sweer they can **** with it. they get closer and open the door, one of the orchard workers in it DEAD.. they gasp, scream and run away. running through the orchard they hear something, footsteps, running towards them, they look back, nothing, they look forward, too late, one smacked his head on a branch so hard he breaks his face, and the other kid kept running, nobody knows how the other one died, scared to death? but at the start of the season, the workers went out there to pick, and they saw the kids mangled and hanging for the highest point of the tree, both with horrific looks on there faces… then after that, every year, march 27-28-29 one of those days you can hear the kids screaming and pounding foot steps and if your in the wrong place, you can see them scream, i know, i live in the orchard……… nobody knows what killed them or if there really was a body.

elisa says:

January 26, 2008, 10:37 pm

well for andrew and jesse we wish u luck and ghost are real ive lived in a house that was haunted i have seen a ghost before so there real k

love, elisa &jazmine

Rae says:

February 27, 2008, 10:30 pm

I’ve heard the ‘1000 steps’ stories several times… I personally get ‘intuitive feelings’ about certain things, and, at times, have seen those who have passed. Most of you skeptics out there seem to have a closed mind, but if you open it, even for a week, you will find that there is much more out there than you really thought.

The people here in spokane have called ‘1000 steps’ rimrock, ‘the play ground’ and ‘the place’. I personally wouldn’t even go to that place, even in the daylight. I’ve been in a car as we’ve gone past and had a spirit directly in front of our car. we had no choice but to go ‘over’ this ‘person’ but when we got to where we should have hit her, there was no sound, no greusome bump, nothing. she came out of no where and randomly appered in our headlights. To this day, I don’t know who she was, what she wanted (if anything) or why she stands in the middle of the road.

There are also several other areas that I am aware of that are haunted.

There is a building, which used to be the ‘old city hall’ about a century or so ago, where they performed public hangings. You’ll find it close to the intersection of Monroe and Boon. People have been heard screaming in the vacant rooms, foot steps in the middle of the night, and at times, middle of the day, people have been seen hanging in the hall where most of the original hangings had taken place… the building is seriously messed up.

The other place I know of, there was someone buried in one of the pillars of the high-railroad bridge. I’m not sure exactly where it is, I’ve only heard of it.

I’m sure that my being a self-proclaimed psychic will probably discredit me, but I know what I know, and I tend to believe my eyes when I see things… My intuition is my best friend and I’ll keep trusting it.

M@++ says:

March 6, 2008, 3:56 am


my buddy and i are doing a documentary….and we decided to check out some haunted places….we just got back from one, and our adrenaline is still pumping and would like to know exactly where this Campbell house is so we can check it out…..can someone hit us up with an address, or addresses to other “haunted” places

chattaroy ghost hunters

Brittany says:

March 7, 2008, 5:56 pm

This is for s. What’s your problem with people in Spokane!!! Gah not everyone in Spokane does drugs and if they want to lie let them lie. No body wants to listen to your **** about Spokanites being liers or stoners. If you have issues go talk to your psychiatrist.

Neesa says:

March 31, 2008, 7:42 am

SCREW 1000 steps.

and its haunted bullshit.

end of story.

selah says:

April 10, 2008, 3:19 am

So theres this house, just a random house for rent that i was interested in. I googled the house so i can see the are it is in, and in the picture there was a really creepy looking man in the window upstairs, it really freakedme out so i was looking trough the other pictures on the rental website and in the downstairs window(main window) it looks like faces or somthing and if you zoom realy close you can see what looks like a womans face, it seriously gives me the chills to remeber it.
Anyway i was wondering if there is anyway to find out if certain local houses are huanted.
if you look at the main picture and look into the big bottom window maybe someone can clarify weather im seeing things or if it creeps you out too. let me knjow if there some way to find this stuff. oh if you google map it the address is 684 not 634

selah says:

April 10, 2008, 3:21 am

Oh, also, to zoom on the picture, save the picture to your computer then open it in some veiwing software and zoom.

Stacie Ellis says:

April 17, 2008, 12:03 pm

Davenport Hotel: When the hotel was being restored I worked on installing the window treatments. I was in and out of the hotel for months during the restoration. One day we entered a room on the 5th floor that was freezing and the three of us felt like there was something there. The air was not blowing from the vent or anywhere. We wrote it off as a problem with the wiring or new air system. The surrounding rooms had normal temperatures. Later on I was alone in a room on the 4th floor and heard sounds coming from the bathroom it sounded like cupboard doors opening and someone cleaning. I assumed there was staff in there doing clean up. I went in the bathroom and no one was there. I checked the rooms on both sides and I say no one in the area. I began asking staff and construction workers about it and a lot of them had stories. A staff member felt something touch her in the 5th floor room and a woman in white has been seen roaming the halls on the 4th floor. Also there were a lot of problems with the service elevators and main elevators. there were times at night that a few of us were there working and the service elevator would stop on many floors before it would get to us at the bottom and no one was on the floors above us. The staff told me that the main elevators also go on their own up and down during the night also. I have heard restoration can cause extra activity. I am currious if it has subsided at all. I would love to go back and stay in the 4th floor room!

sean says:

April 17, 2008, 4:24 pm

ok so i think i get an idea of where 1000 steps are i know there are suppossed to b 5 sets or something like that but i have been to the ones off the road and up into the cemetery. the scariest thing ive known while being there was hering something in the bush 10 feet away and me and my friends just ran. ive seen a ghost but it wasent that scary and then just dissaperred. ive been to the cross. and back to a bridge that led into a forest and what looked to be like a old pool or skateing place. if u actually know where the steps are if u can please email me with some info i would greatly appreciate it cause ive been up there tons of times but only at night but cant find anything. my email is. or thanks

Nic says:

April 25, 2008, 5:53 am

Hi my name is Nic, i have lived in spokane all my life. Me and my buddys all the time talk about the storys about the “1000 steps,” since my father passed ive really became interested in the paranormal!!! I watch all the shows on these subjects all the time, when im alone at night in the dark i beg for things to happen to me, i dont like to live my life by “what if” i need to know! But yet nothing has happend. So if i could get any info on where exactlly to go to put these stories to the test please let me know. Thank you 509 216 0145

Jim says:

May 4, 2008, 10:55 pm

Thousand Steps is the Riverside Cemetery on the west side of town. It’s been over twenty years since I’ve been there, but I will never go back, not in the dark at least.

Some friends and I decided to go there one night. We had heard all the stories and wanted to find out if they were true. It was about 12:30 am or so when we got there. We parked at a little turn-out that was about a quarter mile down the road.

The girls that were with us kept wanting to turn back before we even got to the steps, but we convinced them to keep going.

We started up the stairs and after a few minutes one of the girls thought she saw something in the woods. Me and my buddy didn’t believe her, but went went to check it out anyway.

We walked for far enough that we couldn’t see our friends flashlight anymore. We didn’t see anyone and were just about to turn back when we smelled something burnt. We followed the smell and found a small campfire that was almost out. No one else was around, but the pine needles and brush was compacted like a group of people had been there. We walked over to the remnants of the campfire and could see that something was under the coals. My buddy Marc grabbed a stick and moved the coals around. We found out what was under them and causing the smell…a puppy. It looked like it had been eviscerated. We didn’t stick around after that.

We got back to steps where we left our friends and found out they weren’t there anymore. We hauled *** down to the car only to find a rent a cop down there looking around the car. We talked to him for a minute and he said we were the only people he had seen since he got there. We convinced him not to call the cops and he told us to be careful eventually he took off. We didn’t tell him what we had found in the woods.

Our friends came running up the road about ten or fifteen minutes later saying a couple of people had chased them out of the woods. Whoever they were, they didn’t identify themselves and all my friends could make out was their dark clothes. It wasn’t until they saw the rent a cop up the road a ways that the people disappeared. We got in the car and took off.

It was one of the freakiest nights I ever had.

anna says:

May 16, 2008, 10:44 pm

I am not sure about steps. I got on this web site looking for someone who has maybe seen a small child a little girl in yakima wa. I lived there as a child now that I am an adalt I think that I can face it. From what I see on the web sights maybe hopefully there is nothing there anymore. I guess maybe I just had to make sure.Thanks

tleaka says:

May 29, 2008, 1:17 pm

hi everybody dis is tleaka again! i think dis haunt is not even scary dis iss so dumb i hate dis damn site nah juzzz kidin about dat! well n-e-wayz who made dis piece of **** up cuz its dumb! i mean sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaken weird man! well until next tyme AMERICA!

y u wanna kno says:

May 29, 2008, 1:20 pm

hi everybody dis is tleaka again! i think dis haunt is not even scary dis iss so dumb i hate dis damn site nah juzzz kidin about dat! well n-e-wayz who made dis piece of **** up cuz its dumb! i mean sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaken weird man! well until next tyme AMERICA!

DON says:

May 31, 2008, 6:57 pm

Hi all, I’ve been to 1000 steps with our group. Were called S.P.I.R.I.T. Investigations, we’ve taken pics audio,and vidio of the whole cemetary pretty much and have gotten some pretty incredible stuff. We have went there as well during the day to try to debunk shots taken at night and have found the occurance of spirits showing up on digital cameras happens about as often during the day. We are very interested in the tunnel that runs under greenwood and would like any info about the location of the entrances. I understand they were closed in 1970 but who knows. We take a scientific approach to paranormal investigations using as much equipment as the investigation will allow to capture whatever is there. It started out as a hobby, just for fun. But it has turned into more than that now. I’ve seen the faces of people who believed there house was haunted who had been told they were nuts or who just put up with living in a home that frightens them. When we can go in and after the investigation present the people with documentation of what it is they have been dealing with it makes a difference. If anyone has been dealing with a similar problem we can help. We do not exercise spirits, our task is one of documentation so I can’t help you there but usually if you know what it is your have living with you it makes it easier to deal with. my E-Mail is feel free to give me a shout.

jose says:

June 15, 2008, 7:24 pm

there is ghost i seen them with my own eyes you can try to prove everyone wrong but i bet you wont come to california ill take you to the most hunted house here that no one knows about im just waitning for the people to move for i can rent it back out and give people tours

Mekayla says:

June 30, 2008, 8:25 pm

i have never been or seen the thousand steps.
But my sisters boyfriend read up on it and he read that when you are going up the steps you hear voices, step, and you will feel a presences with you.
It also said that a witch lived up there some where.
and that the witch is dead, but her evil spirit will always be there.

Jessica R says:

July 6, 2008, 1:52 pm

All right well I had hurd about the thousand steps my friends and i had gone searching for them during the day because our night searches had availed at nothing. We rearchered everything to try to find the exact location and nothing helped. So here i go. The 100o steps in spokane washington are located at greenwood memorial terrace. The steps are located tight off of Government way between two enteances to the cemeteries. Its hard to find because its a dirt path that is a break in a small stone wall that leads into bushes. But if you follow this dirt path about ten feet you will locate the 1000 steps.
Okay, just to let everyone know, the thousand steps are not a thousand steps…but they are very creepy. Well last night we all went out and all managed to make it to the top. We walked through the graveyard taking pictures. It was creepy! but for the most part we managed to keep our composure. So many orbs were showing up in the pictures. Not at first but the longer we stayed there the more there were. Two of out pictures were of the same headstone and they were taken one right after the other, and in the first one there was nothing but the seconed on taken 2 seconds later there were at least 10 orbs.
Okay so the main scare came when we were walking back to the steps to leave and i pointed my flashlitht up and right in front of the crypt at the top of the steps and as i did so my flashlight landed on somthing moving between the headstones. We were all togather so it wasn’t one of us but I started running and screaming…as did we all, like a bunch of little girls. Trust me you would have too!
After that we decided we NEEDED to leave and there was NO WAY that i was going to go follow the figure and go down the steps. So we walked to the main intrence and bounced out! A guy named Chris who was with us had taken a picture of one of the crypts we were by after we had run from the figure, and next to the crypt you can see two shadowey figures that look like there holding hands, and there were orbs ALL around them.
Well you guys that was my story and i hoped it helped you if you are intrested in doing the steps. If you want you can e-mail me at

macaroni_lover_1900 says:

August 9, 2008, 2:11 am

i <3 macaroni(:

Amanda says:

August 24, 2008, 11:42 am

I have visited the Campbell House several times over the years and every time I had a weird feeling but the last time I went was really odd.I felt like the eyes were watching me in the portraits and when I went downstairs in the basement area I felt like I was being watched the whole time I was down there.

Erin says:

October 7, 2008, 10:57 am

I had to go to the Campbell house on a field trip for school a few years back, but none of us actually saw anything there.

I do believe that my old house about 40 miles north of spokane was haunted. one night i woke up because i felt suddenly very cold. i tried to get up to go get more blankets but I couldn’t move. all of a sudden my body got all tingly, like the feeling you get when a part of you is falling asleep. then gradually i started getting warmer and warmer. I felt like i was going to pass out from the heat and it was making me dizzy. my dog started running back and forth between my room and my sister’s room, where my sister wa reading. The dog was going crazy. Then right by my ear i heard a man’s voice say “did you fix it? did you fix it?”. needless to say i was freaked out. i was finally able to move and i went to see my sis and she claimed she heard the voice too. i knew it wasn’t my dad talking to my mom because he worked nights when we lived there. i went downstairs, thinking my mom had the tv on while she slept again. But it was a woman talking on the TV and my dog wouldn’t go back into my room.

There are other various things that have happened in that house, but this one was the most prominent.

Anne says:

October 19, 2008, 8:38 pm

1000 Steps in Spokane is at Greenwood Cemetery near SFCC.

Kristina says:

November 6, 2008, 2:32 pm

Hey andi — I used to take swimming lessons behind the Shoehouse preschool in the pool shaped like a boot. Played in the playground a couple times too, but I never did get to go inside the building. That was in ’80 or ’81 I think. I was always fascinated with that place as a kid– mainly because of all the fun outdoor playground equipment — but I never heard about it being haunted. Of course, I have been living in Florida since ’86. Anyway, I’m glad I saw your comment because I am going up to Spokane for the holidays and I want to show my 7-yr-old daughter my hometown and all my old “haunts” (pun intendend, lol). The Shoehouse was one of the places I wanted to show her but I couldn’t remember where it was. Thanks for refreshing my memory.

Kristina says:

November 6, 2008, 2:38 pm

Another thing…my grandparents are buried in Greenwood Cemetary. Was planning to go to the cemetary to pay my respects to them when I go to Spokane for the holidays. Been there a couple times but didn’t know about 1000 steps. I think I might just have to climb ’em, but I don’t think it would be a good idea to bring my daughter.

anonomouse says:

November 17, 2008, 8:52 pm

my cousine met bloody mary and a ghost attacked him.He has a scar to prove it. and his dog had a flying ****!!!!!!!!!a whole bunch of bushes attacked him.

mew mew- says:

November 17, 2008, 8:54 pm


mew mew- says:

November 17, 2008, 8:55 pm

**** **** **** ****

......... says:

November 19, 2008, 2:16 pm

i sudjest you guys dont go there i know the true story and its not sumthing to mess with

b1tch3s says:

November 19, 2008, 5:04 pm

stupid b1tch3s

Pablo says:

February 4, 2009, 5:17 pm

I haven’t been to “Thousand Steps” since my senior year in HS (1982). I went there on numerous occasions with friends, girls, etc.I will NEVR go back. Why? Because other than being an old cemetery it’s pretty over rated. The “Crypt” at the top of the stairs (with the Elk on top) (if anybody would have ever actually looked) is a maintenance storage shed.Take a peek inside, it’s full of hoses, and tools. As for Satanic worship I would be more inclined to believe it’s confused younger people practicing things that shouldnt be practiced. But whatever trips your trigger.There is an old Railroad tunnel to the north of the the Mt Nebo Cemetery. It wasn’t very long, and was demolished when I was little. I recall seeing the mouth of the tunnel being filled with landfill. Thsi was directly across (west)from the old Cement Quarry. Back in the 70s when they sealed it, I recall hearing the “legend” of Satanic worship going on in the tunnel. There is no way, not possible. It was collapsed and filled. Go take a day hike in the area. It’s actually a neat place to hike around in. I particularly liked Mt Nebos little waterfall. There may be spirits, but what cemetery doesnt have spirits… it’s a resting place for the dead. Another neat place is at the South end Greenwood/Riverside (junction of Government way/Indian Trail. In those skinny pines is the old part of the cemetery. Very interesting area, lots of little ones lost to disease. Not creepy, just peaceful, and a nice historic place to get some perspective on how tough our ancestors had it. Knowing what I know now, I wouldnt waste my time with Thousand Steps. Let them rest in peace already.

Heather says:

February 17, 2009, 9:38 pm

I have been to 1000 steps in spokane washington multiple times. Nothing creepy goes on there! It’s actually a really beautiful place to photograph.

jessica says:

March 22, 2009, 5:17 pm

you will probably need an EMF meter that can measure unusual high readings in a house that can sometimes suggest a spirt trying to manafest if you can’t trace the spike to anythin gin the house. Also you will need a digital recorder to catch any voices that cant be caught by your humane ears. And if you can get a heat sesitive camera that will also help in your investgations.But the thermal imaging camera is wanted by many investigaters in this feild of work so you may want to act fast on this one… I hope to hear of your inestigations on this site. Good bye and Good Luck!!!

stars says:

March 29, 2009, 9:07 am

i hate to tell you this but the campbells had 13 children but out of the 13 only 3 lived. the 3 that lived were all boys. the did not have any living girls. so to the person that said they had girls that were murdered your wrong… i checked cause i have lived in spokane my whole life and never heard anything about that… sorry…

stars says:

March 29, 2009, 9:19 am

my last comment was for andrew i have lived in spokane for almost 25 years and there has never been a girl that died at the campbell house.

ma says:

May 18, 2009, 11:58 am

come on.

Bobby Peden says:

July 25, 2009, 3:17 am

As a Boy growing up in Spokane, we used to dare each other to go across the river and climb those haunted stairs.”1000 STEPS”. The story went like this: There was an old set of concrete steps that led to a grave,and it was haunted, and the place was used as a satanic worship ground.You never knew who, or what you might find there.But, one thing for sure, we never went. Well just recently, that place came up in conversation,and it seems that the place really does exist!!(40 years later, I had all but wrote it off as a story) Well anyway, I went and found the place just today:THE INFAMOUS “1000 STEPS”! I did not even get out of my truck, just located the spot. you can see it from the road, if you know where to look. Well, Sunday, we are going up there.Me, my woman, and our 2 kids.I am taking a video camera, and a digital camera.There seems to be ALOT of activity up there, still today.I dont really beleave in ghosts, but, SOMETHING is going on up there.I will keep you posted, and when we come back, I will let you all know what IS going on up there. I have talked to MANY people about that place, and it seems that they ALL know of it.some say they have been there, and will never go back,my good freind told me to go ahead and go, but Im not taking her kids.Shes been there.Another friend said, “At your age,why dont you just leave it alone?”I know a guy, who worked at the graveyard as a security gaurd at night.After 2 days he quit, and says he will NEVER go back to that %$@^$% haunted place again. Anyway, I will keep you guys posted. If you have any Qs, feel free to email me

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August 26, 2009, 11:15 am

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Rick Wilson says:

October 31, 2009, 5:26 am

strange but true, this place was dripping with horror, the walls vibrated and laughter from the floorboards, someone named olivia died here and to this day she searches for her true love!

Krystal Rodriguez says:

November 8, 2009, 2:51 pm

Where I live next door theres a hunted house where an old lady died on the floor in the attic.Im in auburn (Washington)
Love Krystal Age:11

Krystal R says:

November 8, 2009, 2:55 pm

I forgot to say the things that make it hunted …Theres be a woman walking down the road loud nosies and humming 😀

Cassie says:

November 30, 2009, 4:24 am

Yah, so me and 2 others went to 1000 Steps and also to Minee Haha Park in Spokane. Absolutely no activity in the park.
I can see why people would be scared at the steps. But it’d all be a figment of their imagination. If you have a flashlight pointing up and you breath when it’s cold out, you see your breath right in front of you, giving you an illusion. We went during the dark hours and it was very foggy. There was absolutely zero activity. We did not get any EVPs and nothing came from the pictures. My guess? People are just scared because it IS a supremely creepy place. Real ghost hunters: don’t waste your time.

Pablo says:

December 1, 2009, 11:23 pm

See? I told ya so. Over rated, and many years of Urban legend perpetuated by hormonal drama queen high schoolers, or lame wannabe “Paranormal Investigators” looking for something that aint there.

Jessica says:

January 9, 2010, 1:12 am

Ok. Well to answer anyones questions about the so called Thousand Steps in Spokane. I recently went there last summer. Like probley most of you guys. Im into the paranormal. When I heard about the Thousand Steps I told my little sister about it and we decided to take a drive. It took us about an hour and lots of questioning people to find it.

Its on the side of the road between the two cemetaries on the left side.

all it is, is just run down steps with weeds and bushes around them. There isnt any thousand steps. I dont even know if you want to count them as Thousand steps. We went there by day to check it out, Usually when i go to things that are “Haunted” I like to go there by day first. Get a good readin on it then go by night.

We went up the 1000 steps and reached the top. A large building with grafitti all over it. It just reaches the top of the first cemetary.

Then at night. We had our flashlights and went up there agian. Nothing really happened.

they build the steps so instead of going all around the world to the second level of the cemetary you just go up the steps to it.

There really isnt anything haunted about it.

BUT im also not saying there isnt either. Im sure people have had many strange experiences from it. Kudos to you. Possibly it wasnt ready to show it self to my sister and I.

So im not going to judge anyone. If you guys have had experiences then count yourself lucky. Dont worry your not insaine. Sometimes these things happen to some people sometimes they dont. Never ever say something inst haunted just because you didnt have an experience. Always keep an open mind

Sincerly J.

Joshhh says:

February 12, 2010, 5:36 am

Hi im Josh. I live in Coeur d’ alene/Post Falls ID about 25 min. from spokane. Can someone PLEASE talk to me about the 1000 steps! ive read every comment and very much believe in it all. Im 20 years old. I would give ABSOLUTLY ANYTHING to go up there at night with people. paranormal investigators, or just a bunch of people, I dont care.
email me or call/ text me.

Joshhh says:

February 13, 2010, 12:19 am

So ive heard two different things… that the 1000 steps are on the side of the road (pretty easy to find i guess) and the steps are in the back of the cemetery, very hard to find. which one is it?!

Pablo says:

February 27, 2010, 3:04 pm

They are off of Government way on the west side of the road, more or less directly across from the Mausoleum. Steps head west up to an upper level where there is a concrete building that used to have an elk or a deer on top. Looks like a crypt but its just storage for gardening tools. There are 2 or 3 tiers in the steps as you walk up. its actually a very peaceful pleasant place to visit. Back in the day there were some jackasses who vandalized many of the headstones, so they have private security patrolling. I suggest going up during the day and check it out (perfectly legal). Ive been there dozens of times from the late 1970s through the early 80’s. Other than a great place to creep out a high school girl on a date, there was nothing there in the many times I went there. If you look at it from a purely scientific and objective view and leave the drama at home you will see for yourself. There is no substantiated or documented proof to any of the claims. No documentation of any of the alleged stories of the “Woman in White”, red , black or any other color. The cemetery is beautiful, and the stones are classic Victorian works. Another neat place to look at is on the southern edge of the cemetery off Government way. It would be the North west corner at the intersection of Government way and Indian Trail I believe. Access through the cemetery gate by the keepers residence, curve back around south, and walk through the trees. Interesting stones and small plots. Very old stuff from the 1800s.

Joshhh says:

February 27, 2010, 4:32 pm

Thanks! but….. What about the steps that are suppose to be in the back of the cemetery? people say the ones by the road are nothing, and that the REAL ones are in the back of the cemetery beyond the fence and across the bridge…..

Sam says:

February 27, 2010, 9:30 pm

In Yakima WA. on Emma Lane there is a early 1900 century abandon house off of Ahtanum RD. There had been myths floating around about mysterious events that took place inside. The story starts with a Father, Mother, and their little child named Emma. The father had begun to act strange and the mother had enough of his odd behavior. As she was trying to escape the father put a bullet through her head and continued on his rampage by hanging his little girl Emma, and then shooting and killing himself. At first i thought is was all a phony lie, but four years ago i went to check out the place with a group of friends. Sure enough, there was hole surrounded by blood on a wall near the door, and a old rope hanging from the willow tree outside. To this day the house still gives me the creeps.

Pablo says:

March 1, 2010, 6:29 pm

Those are th only steps I know of. I have been around Mt Nebo and Greenwood Mem Park countless times. Never saw or heard of any “back steps”. There used to be a Great Northern RR tunnel just north of Mt Nebo (and to the west) City/County filled it up with debris years ago after blasting the internal portion of the tunnel. Mt Nebo has a cool little waterfall fed by a natural spring in the far west side. Once aagin very peaceful place. I took a lot of pics there when I was in HS. The area is pretty neat to climb around in, but a lot of it is Private property. Like I said spent many days night etc there. even camped out on the cliff ledge north of Mt Nebo a couple times, and ventured into Greenwood and Mt Nebo after dark. No big deal. If anything was “creepy” it was the old portion of Greenwood. Its like its been forgotten. Havent been there in years. All this discussion is making me a little home sick. Maybe I’ll take a drive over there sometime soon.

Pablo says:

March 1, 2010, 6:54 pm

The only “Thousand Steps” I know of are the ones off of Govt way. I’ve hiked around the area pretty extensively,going so far as to actually camp several time up in the cliffs just North of Mt Nebo and go into both parks after dark on several occasions. No big deal. In fact I found that going in during the day was even more enjoyable as you get a feel for the history of the area. Cant really find out of the way places and smaller points of interest after dark. There used to be an old bridge that came in the back side of Greenwood. It crosses over the RR tracks. Not sure if its still there or not. As for a back set of steps it doesnt make sense. The steps were built for public access. There is no real public access from the rimrock side of the park. There used to be an old Great Northern RR tunnel back in the north western area. They blew it up and filled it with debris decades ago. Burlington Northern blew it up, and the City/County backfilled it with debris. I had heard tall tales of a secret entrance and devil worshippers and what not. all a bunch of urban legend. I think you can still find the facade of the tunnel front if you go hiking around in that area. Mt Nebo has a real cool little waterfall on the North western corner.Its fed by a natural spring. I used to take pics of wiold flowers up there when I was in high school.

Nck M. says:

March 30, 2010, 4:59 am

Hey everybody, I just wanted to comment on here about a few things… Firt, I have been to the Campbell hous twice the most recent was back in 1999. I never saw anything in that house but I did get a cold chill while touring Amasa Campbell’s card room in the basement where his huge old safe is. Check out Patsy Clark’s mansion in Browne’s Addition it used to be a resturant up to the early 2000’s and quite a few employee at the time reported wine bottles flying off racks in the wine cellar. My most personal experiance in this city is in a house I rented from a private owner in 2005-06 on west Carlisle by Maple Street (I wont give the address for the owner’s sake) and the current owner gt it from her grandmother who bought it in 1921. No one lived in it for 45 years or so when I rented it and started renovating (the current owner used it for storage and dog training classes for a couple decades.) anyway, stuff started happening after I started renovating like my eyeglasses would be in random locations on the main floor even though I remember putting them on my end table on my side of the bed at night, and I went into her grandmohers canning room in the basement to store some boxes and heard a voice tell me to “get out of there” plain as day, but I was the only persn at home at the time. Verycreepy house. It’s still vacant since I moved out 4 years ago.

Seashells says:

April 23, 2010, 12:42 pm

1000 steps in spokane washington is off of government way not far from Spokane Falls Community College. If you look hard enough you can see them on the left side of the road if your going north. They are called 1000 steps because once you climb to the top your supposed to be so haunted that the stairs LOOK like they never end. People say satanic/Wiccan rituals were held at the top at the crypt.
In my few experiences during the day (930 am and 1 pm) my best friend and i started at the top because we were happy we finally found them. Anyways about 2 feet towards the crypt we got a very overwhelming feeling. We continued to descend the very broken top few sets of stairs. about 2 landings down we notice that the once beautiful sunny day seemed to turn overcast around us…but not when we looked at the sky. As we were walking down we kept hearing the sound of someone around us but not on the stairs…more in the bushes and trees. Then we got to the next landing and i felt and heard someone sighing against my cheek. My friend heard as well so we went back to the car. The other time we went…we were at that second/third landing and we veered off into the trees a bit more…and we felt someone very close to us….my friend said it felt like someone walking next to her with their arm around her back touching her opposite arm…guiding her deeper along the small path.
Also, when we were leaving my car pulled itself on its own (no hands at all on the wheel) through the graveyard’s dirt road all the way to the paved one.
Everyday as i pass the steps to get to school/home i get the heeby-jeebys and once my phone rang but no number showed on my cell and there was heavy breathing, thumping, eerie moaning and a slam by the time i hung my phone up…only for it to do the same thing again.

any questions/commments feel free to email me

Joshhh says:

May 6, 2010, 9:29 pm

Thats strange.. If you read back on the few pages, you can see some people say that the real 1000 steps are in the back of the cemetery, i guess in that forest… Why would they make that up? IDK, but Id love for someone to explain that for me! Hey pablo, where is the waterfall? and what did you say again about something to do with indians? are there graves back there or something?

TracyO says:

May 29, 2010, 5:13 am

I found and walked the steps at night back in 1989 with a group of friends from High School. We had no problem getting to the top and saw no paranormal or unexplained things. We stayed up on top and walked around near the graves for some time, then came back down the steps. We did not see, hear or feel anything out of the ordinary. Creepy to do at night, but we did not witness any paranormal events on our trip. So, despite the claim of the article, that it can’t be done…been there, done that without problem.

Joshh says:

September 11, 2010, 2:57 am

Man…. I wish i knew were the supposed steps were in the back of the cemetary. If its even real at all.

mallory says:

September 12, 2010, 5:50 pm

really? I love a good ghost story, but do the research!!! the house was only inhabited for about 20 years ( i believe. like i said, check it out). The house was inherited by the family’s daughter. When she wed, she turned it over to the historical society. ( oddly enough, it wasn’t an old house yet…) It has been in the museums possession ever since. It’s a beautiful house, and would be perfect as a haunted house, if only it had a story to go with it. Still, it’s a nice place to go visit. ( it’s located next to the M.A.C. in brownes addition) =) p.s. I’ve taken the tour numerous times and it’s a really peaceful place!!! the portraits aren’t even creepy!!!

Jasmine says:

September 13, 2010, 9:22 pm

I am so down to visit all these places. I think it would be hella fun!!!

Cheryl Lanning says:

October 21, 2010, 7:16 pm

I toured the house back in 1996. It certainly is haunted. There were so many manifestations during the tour, that by the end of the tour, all the people on the tour ran out the front door and the tour guided started crying. The eyes in the picture of Mr. Campbell moved. Wind and the smell of roses happened in Mrs. Campbell’s parlour. Heat, invisible smoke and the smell of a hot fire happened in the room where Mr. Campbell was laying in state after he died. Ice cold breezes in the bedrooms, the sound of laughing children. The list goes on. I have not seen this much paranormal activity on any tour before. What an experience that was!

Cheryl Lanning says:

October 21, 2010, 7:36 pm

After we toured the Campbell house, we visited the nearby grave of John G. Lake. It has been said that if you stand on the grave, you can feel the bones moving. So we tried it. And nothing happened. We even layed on it and took pictures of all of us doing it. Nothing happened. But when I leaned my hand on the nearby pine tree, I felt like I was being electrocuted. I couldn’t see anything and I just heard a loud sound of rushing air. All within a few seconds. My friends said I was being shaken. Didn’t expect that. So weird. I never talk about it. No one would believe it anyway, except those who were there with me. John G. Lake in 1900, I think, was known for praying for the sick and there was a record of thousands of healings all over Spokane area. You can read the story in the Spokane history section of the library or maybe Google it. Very interesting though. The legend is that if you stand on his grave, you can still feel the annointing on his bones. Spokane has so much history to discover. I really enjoyed my time there (from 1996 to 1997).

Cheryl Lanning says:

October 21, 2010, 7:57 pm

I just want to let readers know that just because a house is deemed haunted, does not mean you will see anything if you visit it. Sometimes things will manifest and then again nothing will happen. I have been to hundreds of “old house tours” and old Ranchos in So. California in the last two years. I have seen some paranormal activity in some places, and in others there is just a very peaceful feeling or stillness in the house. Or sometimes it’s a very cold spot in the room. Sometimes it can be cold and then very hot within two feet. It’s different every place you go. But I have personally seen enough over the years to know that this stuff happens and it’s nothing to worry about, unless the spirit is violent. It is so interesting to visit all these wonderful old places and discover the history of our states. The stories just add the spice to the history, wether they are true or not. It’s all part of the fun of discovering our history. Eureka in Northern California, is on our list next. I’ll report anything new that happens. This is all an adventure!

megan says:

October 30, 2010, 12:40 am

when i was lil me and my summer camp went on a field trip to the Campbell house. when we got their i felt icky inside like something bad was gonna happen and when we got inside we went to the chirldrens bedroom and i felt a cold rush go bye me. i turned around and no one was their and no windows were opened. when we got to the top of the stairs i heard someone talk and it sounded like a lil girl saying “will u play with me” i turned around and then again no one was their. we were bye the sitting room where the grand piano was and swear i heard a key move i asked if anyone else heard it and they did so i knew i wasn’t crazy and when we left i heard my name well not my name but we had name tags at the begging of the tour and i heard the name on my name tag bye a older women and they said for me to visit again. but the weird part was i had a dream that night and we stayed the night in the house and i saw the mist and figure of an older women and a lil girl who was sitting on the bench at the mirror and her mother the older women was brushing her hair. it still freaks me out to think about it.

Keleyna says:

October 30, 2010, 9:39 pm

Anyone who says that 1000 Steps isn’t used for Satanic rituals obviously hasn’t heard correctly. When my mom was a teenager, she was a Satanist, and after she got out of it she moved to Spokane to have my brother. She was walking through there one night because we have family buried there and she walked up on some Satanist. And they were Satanists because she could recognize exactly what they were doing. She never went back at night. I myself have been there a lot because of my family. A few times I went with friends to try to find the steps and never found them, but I did experience weird things like hearing footsteps around me and there being no other footprints in the snow but my friends and I and we were standing still. We did find a pile of old caskets and headstones though, so that could be whats causing some of the activity; the Satanic rituals and the grave desecrations. But there’s definitely an eery feelings and I never want to be there alone, even during the day. Use caution, though, because the cops did end up chasing us off the property after dark.

Denika says:

November 29, 2010, 9:17 pm

I’ve been to the 100 Steps in Spokane (I’ve lived here my whole life) and not once has anything weird or ‘paranormal’ ever happened. My boyfriend and I even took his 9 year old daughter and 4 year old son to this particular cemetery just because it is so beautiful. So tell me, if it’s so haunted… would any rational person be willing to take their children there? Probably not.

kimberly campos says:

December 2, 2010, 5:55 pm

i dont like it it is not scary ok

kimberly campos says:

December 2, 2010, 5:57 pm

i dont see it now pleze leave a pic about the pic

joshua says:

January 4, 2011, 9:48 am

the 1000 steps. i have walked them. made it to the top. the mousilium is impossible to miss. its visible from the bottom looming over the broken treacherous and in our case ( snowy icy stairs). we saw nothing of a spiritistic nature ( no ” ghosts”). we peered into the masolium over the gate and saw……….several piled up…… hoses………but the graveyard its self was beautiful. we went at dusk. well that is to say we came down the stairs in the darkness just after dusk.

Tina says:

February 14, 2011, 3:53 am

So I just found this website and thought maybe I should tell you all about the place I work, a bar called the Sunset Junction. The second you are hired you are told that it is haunted. So when I was told that instead of trying to find any reason to say that something paranormal was going on, I would try to debunk it. Until One night when I was still a cocktail waitress, I had to go down into the basement to get ice. I filled all three buckets full and started up the stairs. Now let me give you a discription, The light switches on the stairs are up high, to where you have to lift your arm to reach them, There is a doorway right at the top of the stairs, so you can see anyone if they open the door, also the lights in the basement hallway are on a complete different breaker and light switches then the ones on the stairs. Anyway, so I am making my way up the stairs carrying three buckets of ice and I hear a pop, all lights out. The two lights on the stairs and all three in the basement(The ones in the bathroom, ice room, and hallway). I ran all the way to the bar, trying to get out of there. I then composed myself and told the bartender on shift what had happened. Then I set off to figure out what happened, I open the door to the stairway and reach up for the light switch to realize it had been flipped off. I flip it back on and the lights work fine. Same thing with the basement hallway, bathroom, and iceroom. I called the owner to see if it could be a breaker and found out there were three different breakers those lights where on and that if they turned back on without me messing with the breakers, then that ouldn’t have been the problem. So thats the first incident I could not debunk

Next incident was was when me and another cocktail waitress were cleaning up the bar at closing I noticed that a non working clock on the wall had a different time on it then what I had set it to the day I started working there six months earlier (It was set at 6:30). I figured someone had messed with it so I just changed it back to both hands facing straight down at six thirty. I mentioned something to the other cocktail waitress on shift in passing and she made some commet about how it was captain Bob (the nickname the staff has given the ghost). About twnty minutes later she and I were cleaning out the dishwasher when she stoped me to look at the clock. It was slowley but surley movng. She got super freaked. I told her it was probably old batteries just regenerating themselves like they do some times. Tried to take the clock off the wall but it was screwed to the wall. So for months I went on thinking it was stupid batteries. Then the owner decided to repaint the place, which all the employees helped to do. So when the clock was taken down off the wall naturaly I was curious and checked for batteries there were none. There;s another one that I can’t debunk.

Now last but not least when I had to work a morning and open the bar I was in there all by myself. So I am sitting there counting the money out to put into my till when the speakers on stage go beserk and start making a high pitch screaching noise along with bass. I run over to see why the equipment was going nuts just to find out that the entire system is not even plugged into the wall. None of it was getting power. Can’t debunk that one either.
Those are just my experiances there. I’ve heard alot more stories about this place but they are not mine to tell.

jiggly says:

October 28, 2011, 6:58 pm

at my house we had some random experiences, like sometimes my randomly opens. And one time i plugged in my phone charger and fell out, that plug in was not loose either it takes some force to take it out.

Ty says:

January 29, 2012, 1:39 pm

Re: The Shaunna Keasler comment from 2006-
If you got to a mausoleum then you were in the right place. Greenwood Memorial Park. I used to work there. The place creaped me out until I actually worked there. After that, I found out it was just a nice and peaceful place.
Re: Campbell House- I’ve toured the house (which is about three minutes from the Greenwood) on many occasions. Never seen anything weird. The whole area does have an interesting history though.
The house is located in Browne’s Addition, right around the corner from the Ridge apartments. When the crew broke ground on the Ridge they found four bodies. As it turns out, these bodies belonged to the first cemetery in Spokane. It gets better: When the first mayor of Spokane saw Browne’s Addition he wanted to develop it, but nobody wanted to live next to a cemetery. So, being the mayor, he ordered that no cemetery could be within city limits. The bodies were then supposed to have been moved to Greenwood and Fairmont cemeteries. As the workers on the Ridge discovered, not everyone made the trip.
I love this town.

Ty says:

January 29, 2012, 1:47 pm

“Corey says:
March 31, 2007, 9:54 pm

Going to Thousand Steps some time soon. Been there a LOT of times before. I always find the 30 or so steps that go to the mausoleum, but I have never found the supposed steps in the back. I heard THAT is the real haunted area.

Are there really steps in the back? Like, that someone has BEEN on? Or have you just HEARD of them?”

There are no stairs in the back. The back gate leads to a water reservoir for the sprinklers. Behind that is train tracks. I used to take naps back there on my lunch breaks.

Kieleen Clark says:

March 9, 2012, 8:18 pm

I loved the Campbell House it did freak me when we were downstairs by the laundry room I felt like someone was touching me. And I did see a blurry sight in Hellen’s Room. FYI Hellen is the daughter.

whatsyurbeef says:

December 5, 2016, 6:15 pm

Believe the ghost of Guido Garbonzo was spotted there. He was sitting at the kitchen table with a big bowl of pasta and meat balls, eating ravenously, then suddenly he belched and ask for more wine.

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