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Devils Tramping Ground

Siler City, North Carolina

In these woods, there is a perfect circle in which no grass grows. Many have placed large stones inside the circle, only to find them gone the next day. It is said that at night the devil walks around the circle and thus moves everything outside the circle. In one report, a scout set up a tent in the middle of the circle and the next morning found the tent outside of it.

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Chris says:

October 18, 2011, 5:19 pm

I have been there as a paranormal investigator, and as a creepy odd place in the middle of the woods, I will agree. However, the ring can be very easily explained. The original owners of the land had a silo that held SALT. That being Fact, that explains 1 thing and dispels another. First, the ground is so saturated with salt that nothing will grow there, that explains the nice round circle were nothing will grow. Second, anyone in the paranormal research field should know that salt is also a spiritual wall. In every spiritual belief salt is used to block spirits form crossing over or protect ones self from spirits, good or bad.

It is a great story and cool place to go camping, but that is all it is…

South Eastern Paranormal Investigations
Wilmington, NC

Nick says:

October 23, 2011, 8:02 pm

I agree with Ann. On the basis that this same exact story is in almost every state. With actual circles as well. Its nothing paranormal. Just odd. Nothing happens at these places either.

anonymous says:

October 31, 2011, 5:29 pm

hey guys, i was there earlier today. i found some campers tried to stay from hallows eve to Halloween but left in a hurry during the night and left their partially burnt tent.

when i stepped in to the circle i immediately felt intense physical pain and discomfort. my body also started shaking. i have an highly developed gift of discernment, which i use to find and exorcise demons. basically i feel spiritual things near by. actually, i found the grounds by feeling it while driving in my car. other ppl who go may feel these things as well. some ppl feel depression, discomfort, a strange fear, strange pains, fatigue, demonic nightmares, or negative thoughts/impressions. ppl who are oppressed or possessed will have a number of the symptoms. you can see similar things in the bible when ppl encounter angles. they’re filled with fear, trembling, etc.

(if you exude these symptoms. you’re probably just oppressed and it wont have enough authority to manifest through you. find some Christians to pray over you and renounce the sins that its exploiting. these sins give it authority to stay. command it not to not manifest and leave. if it’s stubborn “pray and fast”. ask the Lord to come and pull it out of you.)

I’ve seen silhouettes of men made of shadows and glowing eyes from the direction I’ve felt things, herd audible voices, and been psychically attacked. similar things with the angels and God.

what is this place? there are portals or gateways between heaven and earth. that’s how angels get here. there are also demonic portals from hell to earth. so thus, where ever there’s a portal there’s more activity. the devils tramping ground is the larges demonic portal in the country. that’s why it’s a circle. that’s why things are removed that cover it. it’s like a highway exit to earth.

don’t get your Christian friends together and pray against it. you’ll just piss them off. don’t “put the Lord to the test” to save you. If the Lord wants to use you against it, He will let you know.

don’t mess with this place, you will regret it.

Rhonda says:

December 15, 2011, 3:12 am

I have heard this story since I was in the 3rd grade when our librarian would tell the story of the devils tramping ground. I havent visited yet but am very curious to know if its the real story.

stephanie says:

March 6, 2013, 1:43 pm

ive never been!! but i want too

Seriously says:

August 7, 2013, 11:41 pm

People are so gullible. There are many places in the world, especially in America that have areas in the ground where nothing grows. Most photos you see of the place DO show some grass growing in patches here and there. The soil is just crappy. When you have tourists and campers, it doesn’t get to grow properly due to the tents, fires, and the walking that is done on it.

According to Wikipedia, you’ll find many beer cans, broken bottles, and grass growing there. They narrow it down to teenagers doing the “trampling”, keeping the story going. I see this place as a tourist attraction, really. Take an old urban myth, locate the area, put up a sign, and there you go. Instant recognition (and maybe some profit). This is just a campfire story you tell people when you are there to get them scared. Gives them a better camping experience.

But of course, that’s just me. You can believe that the Devil hangs out in NC if you want.

aj says:

October 23, 2014, 2:51 am

Me and a couple friends went to the DTG in 04. Me and one of my friends were into Satanic, devil worshipping, occult, witchcraft, etc. when we were younger. We we completly hyped to go, but by the time we got there we got lost, had alot of strange coincidences happen. we arrived precisely at midnight. within minutes we were greeted by strange glowing yellow unearthly eyes. not higher off the ground like they belonged to a cat or dog. we turn the headlights of the car toward the eyes. they were brighter than the headlughts and appeared to simply be in there with no object around them. none of us got out the car nor had any of us consumed any drugs or alcohol, which was our intention when we decided to go camping there. we left immediately.

Cole says:

October 3, 2015, 11:42 am

I’ve been to the devil tramping grounds two times and nothing happen. I drove two hours to get there for nothing it was a complete waist of time. If anyone knows of any REAL haunted places in North Carolina email me at

Guru says:

February 22, 2016, 3:53 pm

The devil pulled me out he scratched my face he is real

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