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Kaimuki House

Kaimuki, Hawaii
By Cecilia

Hawaii is known for its beaches, beautiful scenery, and friendly natives…but did you know it’s also one of America’s most haunted states? There are countless stories telling of ghosts and demons, including a particularly nasty one located at the famous Kaimuki House in Honolulu, Hawaii. Many families have moved or vacationed there over the years, only to be thrown out by strange and usually dangerous occurrences. On one occasion, a young couple bought the property and moved in. Within a short time, people next door started hearing loud bangs and crashes. Thinking it was a domestic violence incident, the neighbors called the police. But when the police arrived to investigate, nobody could even begin to explain what had been happening. All the couple could gather was that it felt as if they were “being attacked by something they could not even see.”

The creature said to reside in the Kaimuki house is called a “Kasha”, a man-eating ghost from Japanese folklore. Other interpretations of this monster include a ghoul who lives around crematoriums and feeds on the dead, and a cat-like demon from the sky who steals away bodies. However, all three versions have one thing in common: its insatiable hunger for blood and corpses.

Sometime during the summer of 1942, the police were called to the house again for another incident. A woman had been repeatedly screaming, “She’s trying to kill my children!” which they heard upon pulling up to the front of the house. After entering, the police could only stare for over an hour as the three kids were hurled across the room, slapped, and levitated…all by some invisible force. This event (which was published in the local newspaper) inspired Arthur McDougal to write a fictional, much more violent account. In his story, the children were literally ripped apart by the entity right before the mother’s eyes.
In the spring of 1977, another young couple moved into the Kaimuki House, oblivious to its creepy history. Nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary until they returned from having a traditional Hawaiian Mother’s Day dinner, and retired for the night at about 8:00 pm. Around midnight, the bedroom became increasingly chilly, although there was no wind blowing through the curtains. Having woken up, the wife saw a white figure of a large woman standing at the foot of their bed. However, there was nothing visible below her waist, and she appeared to have no arms. Once the wife got up to use the bathroom, the figure disappeared. A little shaken by these events, the couple made an appointment to see their reverend. He told them that their visitor was simply a wandering, harmless spirit who needed a little help moving on. He then advised them to put some food and water on a table every night in the general area where they had seen the ghost, and toss it out the window at dusk as an offering. After the couple repeated this for a whole week, the woman never appeared again.
A possible explanation for these spooky happenings may be the two murders allegedly committed in the house. The first one is a twist on the story mentioned before, about the children being brutally killed. However, the case states that it was actually a father who murdered his two kids, along with his wife. He buried his son and wife in the backyard, but the daughter’s body was never found. The second event tells of a lesbian couple, where one of the women became involved with a man. After discovering his girlfriend’s secret, the man proceeded to kill her, the other woman, and himself…all within the walls of the Kaimuki house. Today, villagers still tell stories of the terrifying occurrences, and many books and newspaper articles have been written detailing the haunts.

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kody green says:

July 18, 2006, 12:25 pm

boooo fake

kristin says:

July 20, 2006, 4:22 am

I live in Kaimuki and have lived in the same house for almost 2 years…there are things in this neighborhood that go on that are not normal. The house that I currently live in has had to be blessed by a Kahuna two times. We have a spirit of an old woman that we know of. Shadows in the driveway. Just really strange things. I don’t care what ppl say, but Oahu does have a lot of odd things going on. Even if you don’t believe in it at least respect it because you never know what you might run into. Where is the Kasha house?

flbache says:

July 20, 2006, 10:10 am

I just happened to read a comment, but a local in HI stating what haoles say and I had to respond. I am not going to argue with that, but I must admit when I was stationed there and having been to Tantless Mt, Camp Smith, Aiea Loop Trail, among other places; I have felt something there that cannot be explained.

I swear that one night in the barracks on Pearl Harbor, I just got into the the rack when I heard the elevator open on the 11th deck. I heard what sounded like someone in dress shoes walking on the concrete deck with a cane. I looked out of my window next to my bed and saw the bottom half of a man in a black tux w/ the tails walk by my room. I thought it was one one my friends messing with me. When I went to “greet” him I saw nothing! I looked every where. The next day I didnt say anything to anyone, but one of my friends asked another friend of mine if he saw a guy walking around in a black tux? I just happened to over hear that conversation and told him that I did. That was a little creepy. What is really creepy is Camp Smith at night, especially in the basement and where the crematorium is located.

When I was in Iraq one of the guys that worked with me was from HI and was in his 50′s. He was telling me about this old guy he knew that could take a quarter and rub it between his 2 fingers and remove the heads and tail sides of the coin, basically smoothing it out. He did say that the guy scared him when he would see him, and he did say that the old fellow was a little odd.

HRH says:

August 21, 2006, 4:25 am

Aloha~ Oh HOW spooky! My husband and I nearly bought the Kaimuki house on 8th Avenue & Harding, in 1995 or 1996. At the time the owner was an older (in his late 50′s) Haole gentleman. He had listed his house for sale for $500,000. My husband & I really liked the turn of the century, look and feel of an era long gone. The home had 11 feet high ceilings, and REAL hardwood flooring. Plus for those of us who live on O’ahu, Kaimuki is a nice neighborhood with long time residents, and UH, Waikiki, Ala Moana & so much more are just a few minutes away. However, we were told by our Realtor, that the house had some major disclosures. Prior to entering the home for the first time, the owner spoke to us outside the front of the home(on the side that fronts 8th Ave). He told us of 3 separate (and equally frightening) events that happened in the home. The first one was stated earlier about the 2 children being killed in the home. However the way HE explained it to me was that the FATHER killed his 2 children and his wife. He buried his wife and son on the property. Their bodies were found, the daughter’s body was never found. The second event involved a lesbian couple. One of the women had taken on a MALE lover. When the man heard of his “girlfriend”‘s situation he killed her, the other woman, and then himself…in the house. I believe the third event was the what someone else posted earlier. The entity “throwing people around”. My husband and I submitted a totally ridiculous offer of $250,000. The Haole man ACCEPTED the offer. We just about SH*T ourselves. What the HELL?!?! We were now in contract for a HAUNTED HOUSE? The house itself was in very rough shape. The house is on post & pier, and was tilting to one side. If you took a marble and placed it on the living room floor, it would totally roll to the lower side of the house. The toilet in the upstairs bathroom leaked to the first floor, dripping down the front of the kitchen cabinets. The toilet downstairs, was sinking into the floor. There was also a closet in one of the bedrooms upstairs that had a hollow space. When you knock on the back of the closet wall, you can hear an empty space. (it’s freaky) My husband & I were young (in our early 20′s) and full of vim & vigor. We (well mostly he) thought we could rehab the house, to it’s original glory!! But I spoke to one of my friends at work. I told her about the house. She said, “that’s the haunted house that everybody knows about. It’s in the Obake Files book”. I told my husband about the book. He said DON’T read the book. Well I did!! I was now FREAKING out!!!! So I went crying to my husband who said,” Didn’t I say NOT to read the book”? So next, I went for a visit to a Mr Glen Grant, at his then office on King Street & University. YEP….. the author of the book!! (He has since passed on) I was balling, wailing and crying. I could barely talk. Through the loud sobs, and tears I told him about my house. He knew of it, OF COURSE, and said that he wrote the book about the house but that the story he told was true. He may have “embellished” the truth a bit, BUT the basic events were recorded and actual. LOOOONG story short…ok too late for that….we didn’t buy that particular house, but I think of it often, and whenever I drive on Harding and past that house I recount all those events. It has been so long since I have been inside the house, and I don’t know who lives in it now. I hope they are safe.

Corn says:

August 22, 2006, 7:24 pm


drivinmepupule says:

August 30, 2006, 3:26 am

I lived in Kaimuki from when I was 4-18 (I am 21 now) and I used to pass by that place all the time to go Times Kaimuki or Columbia Inn or something. I think the reason why people assumed that the house on 8th and Harding was the house is because it looks scary. For the longest time it had no tenants and there was this wooden sign that hung from a single chain link gate that said “No Trespassing”. To make matters worse, it was spraypainted in red so it was hella scary. The windows inside were boarded up and sometimes even if there was “no trespassing” there would be a single light on in what I would assume would be the kitchen. But there are people living there now, as I pass by from time to time. The lawn has been mowed and the sign has been lifted. But it was a little exhilirating to think that the lone two story house on 8th and Harding was in fact haunted.

sweetgurl says:

September 7, 2006, 5:37 pm

so where is this place im pretty intrested

Vicki says:

September 11, 2006, 11:05 am

sounds creepy but you need more detail!;*)

Kaitlyn says:

September 19, 2006, 10:05 am

OMG soo cool.
if only u werent soo far

racho bo bacho says:

September 25, 2006, 9:19 pm

thats actualy acary ABOOHGAH!

racho bo bacho says:

September 25, 2006, 9:20 pm

thats actualy acary ABOOHGAH!?!!!?!!!?!!!?!

Raven says:

October 6, 2006, 11:40 pm

By any chance did they happen to play a special on this house on t.v?BEcause i think i seen that. The people wok eup with scrathches and stuff liek that.

Andy says:

October 12, 2006, 8:04 pm

Its a kool house…i got chased by the spirit i got chased by the spirit!

Andy says:

October 12, 2006, 8:04 pm

Its a kool house…i got chased by the spirit!

chelsea says:

October 22, 2006, 9:14 pm



October 24, 2006, 9:47 pm

laquisha shut yo damn mouth cause u ain’t nuthin

Bob says:

October 25, 2006, 1:50 pm


alvina says:

October 30, 2006, 4:58 pm

to all of you guys taking about this house and saying there are things happening there that can’t be explain. for what i leave threw you don’t know until you been threw it then you can say anything ok!
to my knowledge spirts or ghost don’t like to be talked about at all sorry………………….

jayne says:

October 31, 2006, 10:04 pm

Years ago I had friends who rented an old mansion at the very top of Tantalus. They told me it was haunted but I wanted to see for myself so I spent the night there in an upstairs room. In the middle of the night something was banging and shaking the end of the bed. I hid under the covers and finally got some sleep. In the morning we went downstairs and there were thousands of tiny little rubberbands all over the living room floor! I don’t know if this was menehunes or what, but it was unexplainable. My friends said that kind of thing happened all the time in the house.

I live in Kaimuki and would like to know where exactly the haunted house is – especially cause its Halloween tonight and the spooks are likely to be active!

smokey Joe mcdonald says:

November 3, 2006, 2:30 pm

o-k what ever i would hardly believe that even if I went to that house I wouldnt be scared. I mean come on every body knows ghosts arent real. yeah spirits are real but ghosts and demons yeah right . who ever posted this story doesnt have their head screwed on right. I think they migh of been dropped on thier head a few times when they were a baby…hold on I need to itch my butt…………………………..
ahh much better

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