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Guthrie’s School for Boys

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Guthrie’s School for boys was once a youth detention center, but is now abandoned. It is said that a dark figure now haunts the bell tower located in the center of the school.

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Whit says:

January 8, 2015, 11:53 am

We had a wedding at the Dominion House (the old boys home) a few years ago. When we went to tour it, I was unaware of the stories behind the place, only that it was a beautiful place to have an outdoor wedding. Upon driving up to the back entrance, I glanced around and noticed a nun or a nurse in a dress/robe, wearing a white nurse/nun hat, sitting in a circular brick architectural feature next to the back door. She was as plain as day. She didn’t look mean or menacing, but gentle and calm, like she could be relaxing or taking a smoke break. I didn’t think too much about it, since I had no idea what other purposes this gigantic building facilitated. They have chapels for weddings, so I suppose, I thought they made have more catholic religious purposes, such as a convent or senior care facility, so I didn’t think too much about it. When we parked and got out, she was gone. Once inside, I asked the manager why they have nuns here (I was just curious). He said that, besides us, there was only one other person in the building. Weird. I also felt like someone was watching us the entire time we were in the hallway and ballroom area. Nothing deviant, nothing creepy, it just felt like someone else was with us on the tour. There are definitely “people” still hanging around there, and although I didn’t see/hear any “children”, I don’t think these spirits are as sad and depressing as the stories claim.

George L. Coran says:

May 17, 2017, 11:55 pm

It’s been fasinating reading all the posts. Most of them are good examples of why you shouldn’t believe half of what you hear and almost nothing that you read. First of all, it wasn’t a boys home or school or detention center. It was the “Masonic Children’s Home”. That’s Children as in boys and girls. It was owned and operated by the Oklahoma Masonic Lodge. The occupants were children of Masons and Eastern Star members who were going through difficult times and needed a safe place for their children to live. Nobody was ever murdered in the basement. Nobody ever hung themselves in the bell tower. There are no bodies buried out back.

It was a blessing to hundreds of families during hard times. The children were cared for with as much love as you can give when they’re not your own kids. The food was fabulous. The dormitories were comfortable and safe. I can tell you that it was much safer to live there than in many of my school friend’s homes. No drunken fathers or mothers to be afraid of. No going hungry. A comfortable bed to sleep in every night. A full wardrobe for all occasions. Opportunities to learn to play musical instruments in the Masonic Home band. Yes, there was an indoor, heated swimming pool, an indoor full basketball court, a baseball diamond in the playground. A variety of playground equipment. Air conditioned dorms before most families had air conditioning in their homes.

All holidays were wonderful times of celebration and merriment. Especially Christmas. We had multiple parties receiving gifts from Masonic lodges, Eastern Star Chapters, Shriners, Demolay, Job’s Daughters, etc…

I could go on and on. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me and my brothers and sisters.

I just wanted to write this to set the record straight. It’s a little offensive to read all the made-up lies and garbage about The Home. It falsely tarnishes the memory of an institution that was a blessing to hundreds if not thousands of kids for over fifty years.

It was a very good thing the Masons did and I say “thank you”.

Jmckenzie says:

May 30, 2017, 8:12 pm

My mom and two of her sisters lived here in the 1930’s. My mom was 5 when she went to the home. She stayed there until she was 17 years old. The reason they were there was not because they were poor. My grandfather died at the age of 30 by a razor cut that became infected. Her mom tried to keep the family together, however she had a head injury after a car accident and felt they would be better taken care of there. My grandfather was a mason and this was available for children of masons. Mom said they had everything except their parents. Ice cream socials, skating and indoor pool. Most everyone struggled through the Depression they had alot. The Eastern Star group put my Mom through business school. She taught herself how to sew at the home. My Mom is 92 today and the only living sister. She recited recently the pray they would pray prior to meals.

Father we thank thee for thy care
For all thy mercies rich and rare
Which thou giveth everyday
In thy own kindly way.

Each standing behind their chairs. Although she was not always happy there no mention of ghosts. She did indicate sone of the staff were not kind. My uncle was also at the home but ran away.

abbie says:

February 3, 2018, 12:48 pm

so I’m super into the paranormal. so being the typical teenager that I am, I would love to find a hunted area in Oklahoma to go investigate. I’ve been to an abandon Penitentiary in West Virginia, defiantly on of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I’m a ghost adventures fanatic and I’m currently watching the Stone Lion Inn episode. It really isn’t too scary but if you’ve had any experience at the Inn I would like to know. I really want to go stay the night over at a paranormal area like that. So if you have any suggestions or references please comment below. Thanks Loves 🙂

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