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Random Haunted Houses

General Wayne Inn

Merrion, Pennsylvania, United States

Now a synagogue and Center for Jewish Life, the General Wayne Inn was once the longest continually operating restaurant in America. Opened in 1704, the building served as a tavern, general store, wagon stop and post office. Folks like George Washington and Lafayette dined and stayed at the inn, and in 1795 it got its name. General â??Madâ? Anthony Wayne completed a successful military campaign and stopped at the inn for a 3-day celebration of his success. In the course of things the inn was renamed for him, and until very recently, the name stuck.

Stories suggest that a Revolutionary War soldier got accidentally locked in the basement while hiding from his enemies. Legends say he died thereâ??but there are also other versions to the story. Some claim Hessians in the area sent one of their own to get wine from the cellar, not knowing that there were armed revolutionaries hiding in a tunnel or hidden location (the story varies, as they often do) there. It ended badly for the Hessian, and people have reported seeing his ghost, wearing the uniform he would have died in.

Most of the ghosts that have been reported through the General Wayne Innâ??s lengthy history date back to the period of the Revolutionary War. Some shook glasses in the bar; others caused the lights to flicker and napkins to be strewn throughout the dining area. Furniture in a locked room would be toppled by mysterious interlopers. Locked doors occasionally opened by themselves. Women sitting at the bar reported feeling someoneâ??s breath on their necks, and no, it wasnâ??t a lonely bar patron looking for a date. It seems to have been something even more frightening.

Psychics visiting the Inn years ago claimed to see ghosts of soldiers, one in particular reporting that a Hessian soldier had been killed by a spy in the cellar and buried behind one of the Innâ??s walls. The body was not found, but in the psychicâ??s defense, the search was called off early.

Some claim the building was built on a Native American burial ground, but there seems to be little historically to agree. And although most of the deaths and hauntings seem tied to one particularly bloody period in American history, there was, much more recently the murder of one of the Innâ??s owners.

Shortly before the murder of restaurateur Jim Webb, radio station y100 was going to hold an annual Halloween séance at the Inn. The medium reportedly was too anxious to do the normal séance thereâ??participants claim he warned Webb that the spirits were telling him something bad was about to happen. The two business partners had purchased the General Wayne in a state of disrepair, intending to restore it. But the task was bigger than they expected. As the business faced financial difficulties, Webb and his business partner, Guy Sileo, argued over how to handle the dwindling fund. One was ready to pack it in, the other wanted to redouble their efforts.

Then, on December 27, 1996 Sileo found Webbâ??s lifeless body in his office at the Inn. Webb had been shot. Suspicion was quickly cast on Sileo, but the Assistant Chef, Felicia Moyse, provided his alibi. She and Sileo were having an affair. She passed a lie detector test and later she committed suicide in February as Sileo awaited trial. Sileo changed his story, saying that Moyse had killed Webb because Webb never approved of their extramarital affair. Sileo was found guilty and is now serving a life term in prison.

Today the General Wayne Inn is little more than legend and memory. The traditional stone has been stuccoed and the building looks quaint and modern. The buildingâ??s new owners have decided to focus on their mission and goals, and rightfully so. Some even claim theyâ??ve put the spirits to rest.

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Campbell House

Spokane, United States, Washington

This house was once owned and inhabited by a wealthy family who eventually died. Today, the house has been converted to Cheney Cowle’s Museum. Hauntings include sightings of children playing in the bedrooms, mysterious noises, and some even claim that eyes in the portraits move.

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Original Contadine Tomato Paste Factory

Highland, New York, United States

Now in ruins, prior to being a tomato paste factory, this building was a speakeasy during prohibition, and later a hotel. Upon entering the building, it is alleged that one will be confronted by a low murmur that resembles the human voice. It is said that if one climbs what is left of the grand staircase, the sound of clinging glasses, and china, as well as soft music may be heardâ??as if a party is taking place on the main floor.

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Bird Cage Theatre

Arizona, Tombstone, United States

Located in Tombstone, AZ, the Bird Cage Theatre is one of the Wild West’s most famous landmarks.  It dates back to the 1800s where legend says 26 people were killed there.  Over 120 bullet holes still remain in the building.

Today, you can tour the Bird Cage Theatre and may even be able to hear ghostly noises of laughter and yelling, as well as strange music.

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Illinois College

Illinois, Jacksonville, United States

After failing to be accepted into a sorority, a girl committed suicide in her room; that room is now haunted by her ghost. Residents of that room can leave and come back to an unlocked door. The lights, music, television, and curling irons will all be on though they were turned off before. Things move locations or will be missing for a few days without explanation. The television would also turns off randomly while one is watching it.

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Ambulatory Depot

California, Fairfield, United States

The depot was once a house owned by Mr. Beck. One fall evening as he was raking his yard, he fell into a hole and subsequently died. It is said that he now haunts the depot. Mr. Beck, however, is a friendly ghost. He is reported to do things such as change radio stations from rock to classical. He has also been known to go through the drivers’ laundry, placing their socks on the door knobs.

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