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Random Haunted Houses

Mathias Ham House

Dubuque, Iowa, United States

Mathias Ham House in Dubuque is a 23 room Italian based villa filled with furnishings of the past, and spirits too.  Visitors have reported cold spots throughout the villa and hearing voices. Also, some have seen lights flicker sporadically.  Employees have reported hearing voices too, as well as seen objects move by themselves.

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Chester, England

Chester was one of the most important garrison towns for the Roman army during the Roman Conquests. Today, Roman soldiers are seen marching through the town, en route to fight the Celts. Countless workmen have reportedly seen apparitions of former residents while renovating houses.

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First Ave. Club

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Once Greyhound Bust Station, it has been said that several homeless people have died here. In particular, one teenage girl allegedly hanged herself in stall five of the women�s restroom. IT has been said that if one enters the stall after dark, her ghost will appear. There have also been reports of equipment being thrown off the stage during musical shows.

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The Daly Mansion

Hamilton, Montana, United States

Purchased in 1886 by businessman Marcus Daly, and remodeled several times throughout this family’s ownership, this house was to be Daly’s family’s summer home.  The three-story home has over 50 rooms, including 25 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and 7 fireplaces.

Several strange occurrences have been reported here, including strange sounds (footsteps and doors closing), smells (cigar smoke and the smell of roses in winter) and moving objects.  Also, some have reported to see Mrs. Daly walk down the 2nd floor hallway.


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Bloods Point Road

Cherry Valley, Illinois, United States

If one travels on this road toward the cemetery, he will notice a bridge just above the train tracks. Once, a school bus filled with children flew off the bridge, killing all the passengers. Today, if a car is put in neutral on this spot, it will be mysteriously pushed across the bridge. There is also a traffic light in the area that seems to change locations. In the cemetery many have seen a ghost and heard whistling.

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The Handprint in Cell 17

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania, United States

Carbon County Jail/Old Jail Museum, Jim Thorpe (PA)

In the modern-day town of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania there is a small jail cell with an apparently long memory. Cell 17 of the Carbon County Jail bears a testament to one manâ??s innocence in the form of a single handprint on the wall. On â??The Day of the Ropeâ? (June 21, 1877) ten men were hanged because they fought for better treatment and better working conditions for their people. One of them, a bold ringleader named Alexander Campbell placed his hand upon the wall and swore itâ??d stay there as proof of his innocence.

It has.

Once a rag-tag group of Irish immigrants terrorized the coalmine country of Pennsylvania, and for good reason. Times were hard and the Irishâ??the newcomers trying to survive the Potato Famine and political hardshipsâ??had wrongly believed America would welcome them. Instead, they got sucked into the vicious drudgery of working the coalmines in northeastern Pennsylvania and thousands of men, and the boy children working beside them, died as a result.

The coal regions of Pennsylvania bear the scars of those desperate days, some places continue to seep twisting, smoky ghost-like wisps from the ground as fires still burn in the tunnels and shafts far below the surface. It makes for a haunting scene, and there are more reasons than just physical sparks and flames.

Living in tiny houses and knowing they owed everything they earned to â??the company storeâ? grated on the proud Irish. Through legal means they established the Workerâ??s Benevolent Association and made small progress, the group being shut down by the powerful railroad magnates and coal companies who stood to profit from gouging the public with high fuel costs. Public opinion was easy to turn against the Irish and quickly the very coal miners who were dying of â??black lungâ? as they struggled to pay their bills were getting blamed for the rising cost of coal. The companies took advantage of the situation, reducing workersâ?? wages by 20%.

Hard workers, but not ones to play the submissive, the Irish organized and took on the name â??Molly Maguiresâ? (also supposedly using the â??The Ancient Order of the Hiberniansâ? as a front for their activities). They did whatever they could without any political power of their own to make change happen. Desperate times quickly led to desperate (and sometimes illegal) measures and the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad (under Franklin B. Gowen) sent a Pinkerton Detective to worm his way into the organization, gain their trust and bring them down.

The Pinkerton (James McPharlan, a.k.a. Jamie McKenna) was very successful. He befriended the Mollies and in the course of 3 years he gathered (and in some key cases supposedly fabricated) enough evidence to bring down some of the most important men in the area. One of them was Alexander Campbell. On the day he was hanged, Campbell again claimed his innocence and rested his hand on the wall of Cell 17, swearing his handprint would forever remain as a sign of his innocence. He was forcibly removed and hanged on the gallows built for the occasion.

His handprint still remains. Sheriffs have tried to remove it over the years, but to no avail. Theyâ??ve tried cleaning it off, painting it over and even tearing down the wall and rebuilding a new one. Regardless of their method, the handprint returns as if seeping through from another dimension.

Today the jail has been closed and is known as the Old Jail Museum. Tours are run regularly and the story of Alexander Campbell is still told to the amazed tourists. Some visitors still report an eerie sensation lingering in Cell 17. Could it be some small sense of satisfaction still sticks to the wall with the handprint as Campbellâ??s ghost observes the scene, a true testament to one manâ??s innocence?

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