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Random Haunted Houses

Dumpling Hill Cemetery

Paris, Tennessee, United States

The ghost of a slave hanged for a petty crime is often seen and heard here attempting to chase away any visitors.

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The Gettysburg College Library

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Once, two highly acclaimed administrators ventured into the basement of the library. While there, they saw a doctor in clothes reminiscent of clothes worn in the Civil War, who asked them to come and help. Also during this brief moment of horror, the witnesses claim to have heard the screams of patients and the sight of blood as well. The two witnesses quit their jobs the following day, never to return. It turns out that this place was the site of a field hospital during the Civil War after the Battle of Gettysburg.

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Grandma Will Care For You

North Carolina, United States

In 1969, a woman lived with her daughter and her grandchildren. She was known to tell stories that could keep you on the edge of your seat, or shed tears for a sweet love story. She became sick with thyroid fever suffered until she finally stop breathing. Her family was devastated. Even the 4 year old little girl missed her grandmother.

A couple of months later, the little girl grew happier. Her mother wandered into the little girls room to find the little girl sitting on the bed, talking to the rocking chair that slowly rocked and she looked up smiling.

“Do you see her mama?” she questioned. The family left to move to Florida later because her mother feared what the house was doing to her daughter.

Thirty years later, the little girl became a mother, she came back to that old house and still felt the same comforting feeling. She decided to build a two story house next to it. In the great room of that old house, the wood around the fireplace feels warm to the touch, like it was burning wood recently. If you stand near the windows on the outside the blinds are bent slightly like someone is watching you. Then when you look away and suddenly look back, the blinds are straight. The grandmother’s spirit must still reside in that house to this day, watching over it.

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Molly Brown

Colorado, Denver, United States

The unusual activity in this house has been reported by several employees. Hauntings include dark shadows moving about rooms when there is no light to produce them, and piano keys moving on their own, but making no sound. In this building, many people report the pungent smell of fresh cigar smoke; Mr. Brown was known to be an avid smoker of cigars.

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Annie’s Road

New Jersey, Passaic County, United States

Deep in rural New Jersey, there is a road that winds dangerously through the forest and eventually leads to place known as â??Midgetvilleâ?. This road is said to be haunted, and has caused many disturbances and violent unrest in the formerly quiet town. There is no limit to the possible explanations and stories created by locals surrounding Annieâ??s Roadâ?¦

As a result, nobody is really sure exactly what happened to poor Annie. Some say she was killed on her wedding night, her body being dragged along the guardrail. Others claim she had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend right before prom, and decided to drunkenly walk along the road throughout the rest of the night. She was then killed by either a speeding car full of wasted classmates, or a group of rowdy sailors. More popular tales state that Annie was completely decapitated in a car wreck while riding home, or that she was mowed over by a truck driver while waiting for her date.

No matter what actually happened, her death still resulted in a large bloodstain on the road, and a similar splatter on the guardrail. However, the guardrail is actually painted red in memory of Annie. Creepier still, her deranged father is the one who comes to repaint it every year, on the anniversary of her death. In addition, the graveyard where she is supposedly buried is said to glow during the night. Many late-night adventurers have reported seeing a flickering light moving among the graves, as well as a rather short, white-clad figure posing as a hitchhiker during the night. The chances of seeing Annie are greater if the driver plays oldies music and keeps their headlights offâ?¦but people say that anyone who agrees to give her a ride loses control of their car. And while there is no proof of this, many accidents have occurred along Annieâ??s road in the night, with the wreck remains suggesting that the victims had been chased.

Another peculiar, if not paranormal, thing are the dwarves and midgets supposedly inhabiting this area. All of the houses are indeed smaller than average, but this is because the town was formerly used just for vacation homes. Ever since an article about Annieâ??s death appeared on the internet, numbers of curious, noisy teenagers have disrupted â??Midgetvilleâ? searching for a glimpse of the little people. Some claim to have seen a dwarf chopping wood, a few visitors have been shot at, and one even received a residentâ??s phone number. Eventually, things got out of control, and the police put up a sign forbidding any unwelcome noise or disturbances.

Unfortunately, Annie is not the only teenager ever to have been killed in this area. About nine years ago, a group of six high school boys became obsessed with the story of the murdered young woman. They drove along the road constantly, and spent their nights snooping around the graveyard. Eventually, five of the boys decided they were tired of hanging out with the sixth. They tried (and failed) multiple times to burn his car, but he wouldnâ??t leave. So, using some sort of crazed logic, the five boys decided the only solution was to kill him. None of their attempts worked, until they all drove back to the school parking lot. The sixth boy was then strangled to death by an electrical cord as the rest of the gang recited the Catholic â??Hail Maryâ? over and over again.

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Tsunami Beach Club

California, San Diego, United States

Built in 1866, this building was once frequented by such names as Wyatt Earp. There are said to be tunnels underneath the building, leading to other hotels in the area, allowing for either an escape, or quick getaway. The building is plagued by hissing sounds and footsteps. Many also feel as though they are constantly being watched.

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