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Random Haunted Houses

Shine Your Lantern Three Times

Anson, Texas, United States

Local legend says that one December night more than a hundred years ago, a mother sent her son into the woods to retrieve a Christmas tree for the family. Reportedly, the mother told her son to flash his lantern three times if he got into any trouble. When the boy did not return, his mother searched for him until she herself died. Near the woman’s burial site, there is a crossroads. It is said that if one parks his car and flashes the headlights three times, a mysterious light will rise and traverse across the road. One will then hear a voice yelling, “Mommy they got me. I’m over here.” The light then turns red and flies toward the voice.

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Dickinson Mansion

Delaware, Dover, United States

Haunted by John Dickinson’s ghost, the “pen of the American Revolution,” this mansion was built in 1739 in Dover, Delaware by Dickinson’s father, Judge Samuel Dickinson.  In 1781, the mansion was damaged by the British during a raid, and years later in 1804 the mansion was almost destroyed due to a massive fire.

John Dickinson spent his boyhood here, from 1776-1777 and again from 1781-1782.  In 1952, the National Society of Colonial Dames of America bought the mansion and it is now a national historic landmark that is open to the public as a museum.

It has been noted that one can hear writing sounds coming from Dickinson’s old study and that his spirit has been seen wandering the mansion’s grounds.  Electronic recordings, EVPs, of his voice has also been captured.

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Arlo Road

New York, Staten Island, United States

Local legend says that one night a young couple came to this spot for a little TLC. At one pint, the man left the car to relieve himself in the nearby woods. As he left, he told his girlfriend to lock the doors until he returned. After some time, when her beau did not return the young lady became worried. Suddenly, she heard scraping noises on the hood. Getting out of the car to inspect, the girl discovering her boyfriend hanging from a tree with his throat cut. It is said that if couples park at the site on cool fall evening, they will the sound of the young mans fingers scraping across the hood.

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Boys and Girls Club

New Mexico, Santa Fe, United States

This Boys and Girls Club, located on a former burial ground is said to be haunted. Many have reported showers turning off and on randomly during the middle of the night. There is one report of the sound of children playing in the pool though it was covered by a tarp at the time.

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Red Mill

Clinton, New Jersey, United States

Before retirement, this 175-year-old mill has been used for grist, wheat, and basket-making. There have been many reports of strange happenings in the building, such as the sound of a gong, which hasn’t been used in years, the sound of typing on an old typewriter, when the nearest typewriter was in storage 1000 feet away, and many others. In 1993, a seance was conducted, where the medium claimed to see the image of a child who had been injured at the mill.

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