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Random Haunted Houses

Winchester Mystery House

California, San Jose, United States

Few haunted houses are more splendid and massive than the Winchester Mystery House. Once the pet project of wealthy widow Sarah Winchester, the Winchester Mystery House, which began as a humble 6-room home, is now a popular destination for ghost tours of the San Jose area.

In 1884 Sarah Winchester, heiress of the Winchester Rifle fortune, began construction on a Victorian-style mansion. Driven by her supposed guilt over the many deaths her husbandâ??s rifle business caused, Sarah paid a veritable army of construction workers and craftsmen to build the sprawling 160-room house over the course of nearly forty years. Devastated by the untimely deaths of both her husband and baby daughter and thinking them to be connected to the shooting deaths of many victims of the Winchester rifle, Sarah was supposedly told that continually building the rambling home would appease (or in some cases perhaps trap) the spirits and lift a curse.

Acting as her own architect, Sarah consulted with spiritual guides to make sure the wandering souls whoâ??d lost their lives by gunshot would find a final resting place. Sarah Winchester never created a master set of blueprints, instead she sketched the rooms she wanted on scraps of paper and occasionally tablecloths. The houseâ??s hallways and corridors are like a labyrinth, causing many to speculate that perhaps Sarahâ??s goal was to trap and confuse the spirits who sought vengeance on her family. Rumor has it Sarah tried to avoid the restless ghosts by sleeping in a different room every night.

When the earthquake of 1906 struck, Sarah was trapped in the Daisy Room where sheâ??d been sleeping near a fireplace that suddenly collapsed. When she was finally freed, she said the experience was the result of the ghosts wanting her to stop spending so much time perfecting the mansionâ??s front roomsâ??and that they were furious she thought she was nearly finished with her construction. So Sarah obediently boarded up 30 rooms and focused on even more expansion. She never again used her then recently acquired (and quite pricey for the time) front doors.

Filled with â??modernâ? amenities, the Winchester mansion includes button-operated lights, nearly 50 fireplaces, parquet floors and gorgeous chandeliers. Almost every window has 13 panes of glass, most floors contained 13 sections and all but one staircase boasts 13 steps. But beyond the architectural oddities and trappings of wealth, it seems the mansion has also trapped a fair share of spirits.

Ghostly animals began to be sighted and many people have reported seeing things ghosting about. People hear mysterious voices, footsteps and doors slamming shut. Cold spots and strange lights appear and then fade away. An employee of the mansion claimed to see a figure of an elderly woman in one of the rooms and asked who they had gotten to portray Mrs. Winchester. Alarmed, a coworker explained they did not have any reenactors. Could it be that Sarah succeeded in trapping the ghosts who dogged her steps for so many years and they still roam the Winchester mansion? Or are the disturbances signs that Sarah herself has never left the buildingâ??trapped with the same ghosts she feared?

Today 110 of the 160 rooms are available for tourists to seeâ??but stick with your guide so you donâ??t become a victim of the wandering designs and maze-like halls!

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Ponce de Leon Hotel

Florida, St. Augustine, United States

The building that is now a college used to be the Ponce de Leon Hotel, run by Henry Flagler and his mentally unstable wife. After their daughter died, Mrs. Flagler hanged herself on the fourth floor of the hotel. The building, which is also the girls dormitory is plagued by many strange events. Girls on the third floor constantly hear ballroom music above them, although the 4th floor is sealed off. One girl reportedly went into hysterics because her bed began to shake wildly, though no one was in the room with her. Though they need the space, administrators will not allow students to room on the fourth floor.

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The Gray Lady

Evansville, Indiana, United States

When this building was an abandoned train station, many drifters and hobos used it for shelter. During that time, a woman was murdered on the premises, and she haunts the building today. Her presence is most often felt in the children’s library, and the scent of her perfume is present on Halloween.

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Lightning Rods

Connecticut, Harwington, United States

If one takes a picture inside this cabin, objects that resemble lightning rods appear. No one has yet been able to explain why.

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Buried in the Back

Kansas, Kansas City, United States

Many years ago, a crazed man killed his wife and two children inside this home. He then buried them in the back yard and jumped from the third floor balcony and fell to his death. Today, lights mysteriously flicker and objects move themselves.

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“The Glowing Horseshoe”

Ohio, Perry County, United States

In the mid 1800s a young hunk named James Henry lived in the area. In love with two different women, the man could not decide which one he wanted to marry. When he fell asleep one night, instead of pulling the man and the buggy home, the horse took him to the house of one of the young ladies. James then decided to marry her. The two were happy for a long time until the woman became ill and died. James visited Otterbein Cemetery everyday to put flowers on his wife’s grave. One day at the cemetery, he saw the other young woman he had been courting before marrying his first wife. The two quickly became romantically involved and soon married. He stopped going to the grave of his first wife and soon all the flowers died. One day, a passerby saw a bloody horseshoe on the woman’s tombstone. He told James that it was an ill omen, but James did not listen. The next day, James’s new wife found him dead in the horse stables–there was an imprint of a horseshoe in his forehead. Now when its foggy, it is said that one may hear horse’s hoofs going up and down Otterbein Road.

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