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Random Haunted Houses

The White House

District of Columbia, United States

FDR, Dwight Eisenhower and Winston Churchill have all felt itâ??no, I donâ??t mean the thrill that lording immense power over others bringsâ??Iâ??m referring to the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. Supposedly these mighty men, as well as Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (and bunches of the White House staff) have felt Honest Abeâ??s presence in the White House. Abeâ??s still so attached to his post according to some witness, that his spirit becomes even more active at times of national emergency. Ah, if only all leaders were like that!

But it seems that Abeâ??s not alone in haunting the White House. Although he was first noticed during Calvin Coolidgeâ??s term, it seems Former First Lady Abigail Adams the earliest remaining ghost, being occasionally caught hanging the laundry to dry in the East Room, and Dolley Madison still peeks in at her much-loved Rose Garden.

Dolley is so protective of her garden that, according to White House lore, when Former First Lady Mrs. Woodrow Wilson wanted to dig it up and replace it, Dolleyâ??s ghost supposedly arrived and warned them not to disturb it. Dolleyâ??s rose garden still blooms, undisturbed.

Construction began on the White House in 1792 and it was ready for the Adams family to move in during 1800. Early on it was referred to as the â??Presidential Palace.â? During the war of 1812 it (as well as other government buildings in the area) was burned by the British. At the warâ??s end it was repaired and whitewashed to hide the smoke marksâ??and that was when the name â??White Houseâ? was first adopted.

Staff members also report strange bursts of cool air and doors that close without human help and the sensation of feeling â??presencesâ? in certain areas of the old complex.

Former First Lady, Mrs. Lincoln did hold at least on seance in the Green Room. She was attempting to contact her son, Willie. He had died in the White House during his fatherâ??s term in office, leaving his mother grief-stricken. Although she didnâ??t seem to make contact with Willie (who did show up during grantâ??s administration), Mrs. Lincoln did report a sighting (and â??hearingâ?) of Former President Andrew Jacksonâ??s ghost walking the halls of the White Houseâ??and swearing profusely!

Stories also mention a British soldierâ??s ghost from 1814 holding a torch. Perhaps he remains, a witness to the fiery devastation he helped start hundreds of years ago.

A few folks have even reported hearing a voice claiming to be Mr. Burns introducing himself. Itâ??s especially interesting when you realize that David Burns was the landowner who gave the US government the acreage for the White House. So, even when our Legislators are on a break and the Presidentâ??s off on vacation, rest assured that our White House is still being manned by the restless spirits of great leaders from our past.

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Hemphill Road

Ohio, Roundhead, United States

This property was owned by Robert Hemp and it is said that he is buried beneath the front porch. Every person that has lived in the house has reported many strange noises and figures of a man in a top hat. One family said that while they always kept the heater on eighty, one room in the basement would be freezing cold. Another family kept a Bible open in the living room to a certain verse. Allegedly, each time they left home and returned, they would find the Bible on another verse–the verse which was read at Hemp’s funeral.

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Beardslee Manor & Castle

Little Falls, New York, United States

Outside of Utica, in the town of Little Falls, New York, is Beardslee Manor. Now a beautifully restored restaurant, Beardslee Manor hosts weddings and receptions. But some visitors have found more attending their wedding parties than just their invited guests. Beardslee Manor has a reputation for being haunted, and once you understand its history, you may know why.

Beginning with a small, fortified homestead in the middle of the 1700s, the property where Beardslee Manor now rests was occupied by European settlers. Located deep in the heart of the Mohawk Valley, the quaint homestead became an important storage depot for the local militiaâ??s munitions. Legend has it that one evening a band of Native Americans sneaked into the homestead to investigate and their torches touched off the gunpowderâ??blowing them straight into history. Perhaps their spirits continue to explore the region, watching for new interlopers…

Borrowing from traditional Irish castle designs, Augustus Beardslee created the building that became known as the â??Beardslee Castleâ? in 1860. When the original family left the area, the property passed from owner to owner several times. One owner, â??Popâ? Christensen hanged himself after a long battle with a terminal illness.

But perhaps the Indian influence is not limited to the ghosts of those lost souls. One of the early owners of what was initially called â??Beardslee Castle,â? Guy Beardslee returned home from military service out west with several Sioux war bonnets, weapons and ceremonial artifacts. Items of this nature were revered by many of the Sioux, so it is possible unrest followed them and has remained even after the original building (with the artifacts inside) burned in the first fire (1919).

Beginning in the 1950s, travelers nearing the property claimed to see strangely colored lights rush towards their cars. Several accidents occurred, being blamed on blinding lights. Some accidents proved fatal. People have speculated that the strange floating lights are long-lost reflections from Beardsleeâ??s lantern as he searched for a child whoâ??d gone missing many years ago. A few other drivers reported seeing a mysterious and ghostly child walking along the side of the road. Regardless of what sights have been reported in the area, the final quarter-mile stretch of straight and clear road leading to the manor boasts more car accidents than are easily explained away.

People claim that weeds will not grow in the path leading to the old family mausoleum, though it is seldom tended. And in those same pine woods people have reported seeing more strange lights and hearing voices. Strange rainbows have appeared in photos here, disregarding the regular patterns of light.

Staff members complained of voices and singing emanating from the second floor until the area was closed off in 1984. Now footsteps are heard in the dining room after dinner service has ended and phantom keys jingle as if someone is readying to lock up. Voices have successfully been recorded in the Manor, and ghost hunter Norm Gauthier felt the Manor was haunted by at least two different spirits. Visitors have also claimed seeing a young woman in white, now nicknamed â??Abigail,â? who supposedly died the night before her wedding was to take place.

In 1989 the manor caught fire again, some people feeling that it was sparked by the spirits who felt disrespected by the ghost tales being told so often and investigators entering so frequently. In 1994 the property was again named â??Beardslee Castleâ?, out of respect for the Beardslee familyâ??s original designs and intentions.

Open to the public, Beardslee Castle is still a place to experience the richness of the pastâ??even as it ghosts up to your car or dinner table.

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House of Seven Gables

Kentucky, Leitchfield, United States

Abandoned for at least twenty-five years, this house is haunted. If one places a can at the bottom of the stairs as he makes his way to the top, the can will be standing up upon his return.

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AMC Hampton Theatres

Michigan, Rochester Hills, United States

Three theatres were built in 1971, and in 1979 a fourth one was added. During the process of building, a worker was killed. Soon after construction was completed, many strange happenings were witnessed on the premises. Seats in the front row have rocked on their own, garbage cans rolled up the aisle, cans knocked over by themselves, lights flicker on their own, toilets have randomly flushed, and many others. These strange events have been witnessed by numerous patrons and employees. Over time, the employees nicknamed the ghost “Johnny”. The theatres closed on January 17, 1999 due to a lease expiration. In March of 1999, a group of former employees visited theatre four, said, “Hi.” to Johnny, and the lights mysteriously turned on.

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Crybaby Bridge

Ohio, Sidney, United States

It is said that a woman and her baby once fell from this bridge and drowned in the water below. Passersby may now hear the sounds of a baby crying every night at midnight.

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