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Job Corps Center

Albuquerque, New Mexico
By Robin Wright

The Job Corps initiative is a successful way for young adults who have had a rough start prepare for a smooth future. The Corps will aid you in finishing your education, train you for a job, and give you a place to stay while doing so. The Job Corps in Albuquerque is no different, except that some of those â??livingâ? there may have just been there from a time when the building was an orphanage and boysâ?? school.

In 1918, the Sisters of St. Francis established the orphanage and boysâ?? school and cared for children without homes until 1971, when the Department of Labor claimed it. There are city records that describe an occurrence of one of the nuns, a Sister â??Mâ? who went insane and seemingly randomly murdered a number of the boys. When the school was installing a swimming pool in the location of an unused well, they found the childrenâ??s bodies in the well shaft. It is said that you can still hear the cries of dying children.

Since the Job Corps has taken over the old orphanage, many of the stories have been kept hushed up. One has to wonder exactly what does the Job Corps know about the haunting of its buildings? In the Job Corps handbook, it specifically prohibits the use of Ouija boards on campus. Though the school tries to keep any hauntings â??mum,â? tales of strange noises and sightings have leaked out. One of the most prevalent is seeing a nun carrying a baby outside of the cafeteria. Could she be the murderous nun with a young victim? Or a caring nun who is trying to watch out for the kids even to this day?

A bench in front of the old Independent Dorm is also the location of some strange activity. If you take a seat there at night, you just might hear the laughter, cries, and noises of children playing, as well as adults scolding them. It is as if the area in front of you is a playground for ghosts.

Looking up to the top of what used to be the Chapel when the tract of land contained an orphanage, some have seen what seems to be a lantern floating about. The building at the front gate may also have some haunting activity, but the security staff are not admitting nor denying it, as they have been told not to encourage any â??ghost talk.â?

A student who attended in the 1980â??s remembers the dorms having lots of activity. There were sounds of laughter, crying, and the click-clack of hard-soled shoes walking down the halls when there was no one there to create such a distinctive noise. Past students have also alluded to people seeing things in the silvered mirrors of the older rooms.

One of the more eerie incidences reported is that, on occasion, all clocks in the haunted Jobs Corps Center, including wristwatches, stop at the same time.

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Kevin Vecchione says:

February 16, 2018, 5:52 pm

Wow. I was reading through these Job Corps stories and it really brought me back to my days at Oneonta Job Corps in Oneonta, NY. I was there from Jan 2004 to June 2004 and it was the first and only time of my life I’ve ever experienced strange or supernatural experience until more recently. I came to Job Corps with no religious or supernatural beliefs and left questioning that. The place was in fact an old TB Hospital and then later an orphanage. Under the building is miles of underground tunnels, all of them abandoned and some leading deep under the building to an old incinerator where the dead from its hospital years were burned.
I know this because I convinced one of the RA’s to take us to the incinerator through the tunnels in the middle of the night after experiencing countless strange incidents. Doors would open and close in the night, ours and in other kids rooms, the bathroom light would turn on and off at 3am every night without fail. Other incidents include one time I was down by the morgue which was used as a class room back then when we heard loud steps coming from behind one of the tunnel entrances that had been locked for years. When we got closer, the footsteps quickened and got louder until they were right on the other side of the door then stopped. When the three of us got closer to the door to listen, a sudden sound like keys on a car door came from the inside of the door like nails on a chalkboard. We freaked out, and knocked a bunch of chairs and tables over trying to run away.
So one night, this RA took me and a group of us boys into the tunnel towards the old incinerator. It was winter in the Catskills so it was pretty cold. Yet, as we got deeper and deeper into the tunnels, it kept getting warmer and warmer. Despite being a group of nearly 10, all of our flashlights kept turning on and off and dying on us repeatedly. While down there, we realized just how vast these tunnels were and they branched of in various directions with no end in sight. We stuck with our main tunnel lined with rusted old pipes unused for decades. We kept hearing a sound that I can only describe as that made by a gurney as it speaks down a hospital hallway.
By the time we got to the incinerator room, we were drenched in sweat, it was incredibly hot as if the boilers and incinerator were still operating, yet we were told they hadn’t been operational since the 1920’s or so. At this point, between the unbearable warmth, the flickering and dying flashlights, and the squeaking sounds coming from the tunnels offshoots, we decided to get out of there as quickly as possible. By the time we exited the tunnels, most of our flashlights were working again.
As far as I know, we were the last students to go into the tunnels. I still get chills thinking about my time at OJCC. The place freaked me out and I didn’t experience another unexplainable thing in my life until 2016.
I would love to hear more people’s experiences while at oneonta Job Corps. So be my guest and email me at if you want to share your experience. Now that I’ve been around a little longer, my mind keeps straying back to this time of my life and these experiences. The place is by far the creepiest I’ve ever been, and I know many students have had similar experiences so I’m interested in hearing more.

Connor s. says:

February 20, 2018, 12:27 am

I want more about blackwell job corps.

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