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Lillian Collins Hospital

Turlock, California
By Robin Wright

Originally the Sierra Building

In the 1920’s, this was a small town hospital that cared for the citizens of Turlock, California. According to a recent ghost hunting expedition done by American Paranormal Investigations, it seems that the building still cares for their spirits, though both their bodies and the hospital are long gone.

Built in 1918, The Lillian Collins Hospital was located in what is now the Sierra Building and currently contains Coldwell Banker Endsley & Associates. The hospital was best known for the doctor who created the MedicAlert bracelet when his daughter (who also happened to be the granddaughter of the hospitalâ??s founder) had an allergic reaction to a drug while there in 1953. The hospital, which only had 40 rooms in the two-story building, eventually became too small for the city and was abandoned. In 1994, it was purchased by Bob Endsley and the downstairs was completely remodeled. The upstairs was left the way it was, and local charities used the space to host a haunted house fundraiser. It was during these fundraisers that the odd goings on in the building were first noticed.

While preparing for a haunted house event items would go missing when left alone for only a few moments. Cold breezes, footsteps, unexplained noises, and even unpleasant physical feelings have been reported. The owner of the building has had the motion detectors go off when no one was there. The events coinciding with the annual haunted house fundraisers ceased earlier this decade, but the strange happenings did not. That was when Endsley contacted API.

The investigation, which included video, photography, psychics, Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings, as well as a group whose purpose was to find logical causes for some of the stranger things discovered, came away with plenty of evidence that the hospital was still up and running on the second floor.

On video, they asked a spirit to come closer to their electro-magnetic field device. The EMF device recorded a dramatic spike in its levels. Geiger counter readings flared and diminished within moments and without the investigator moving.

Each and every photo captured orbs, or balls of light, somewhere on the photograph. But the truly amazing piece of evidence is the 11 second recording of a beautiful voice singing a French lullaby. The investigator was alone at the time. This recording is one of the longest pieces of EVP ever to be captured.

Other EVPs recorded were of female and male voices talking to each other, as well as male voices communicating with the investigators. One of the investigators said that the sounds on the tape remind him of what heâ??d expect from a 1920’s hospital.

Dark, human shaped masses were seen floating throughout the building and some investigators felt nauseated while on the second floor, feeling better when they returned downstairs.

The investigators sent to unmask the ghosts were only able to explain away the cold breezes as drafts from windows. The rest seem to be of truly supernatural origins.

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Lana says:

July 3, 2012, 8:44 pm

My grandma was murdered in my house… I hear noises at night all the time, explained banging on the roof door, and doors lock by themselves.. Loose items are tossed around outside all the time.. Tv channels switch, and pots, plates, cups, and silverware Kline in the kitchen as though someone were doing the dishes,, O.o

leona says:

April 20, 2013, 1:52 am

The other night i was just sitting on my carpet looking through pictures.and i felt someone or something kicked or more like a hard push on my butt i screamed and looked all around sure that no one was there i know it gappened cause it was throbing for a minute.just today my roomate walked out the sliding door and wen i went to open it it ead locked she couldnt and did not lockit that crazy or what and no im not in drugs!

Scaretastic Investigations says:

November 21, 2013, 4:29 pm

Wow this would be great to investigate may we come in and try? -Leila
Yes, can we? -Maddie

Bruce B. says:

June 8, 2014, 3:45 am

I was born in this hospital on July 6, 1950.

Wrong location for Lillian Collins Hospital. says:

November 7, 2015, 8:22 pm

Lillian Collins Hospital was located on Crane Ave, one block south of specified location.

Venkman says:

June 29, 2016, 3:57 pm

I’ve stumbled across something weird in the VA listings. I think the section of this website is actually haunted by Zumi

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