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Lizzy Borden House

Fall River, Massachusetts
By Lisa

Located in Fall River, MA., the Lizzy Borden house was the sight of the infamous double axe murderers of Lizzy Borden’s father, Andrew, and her stepmom, Abby, on August 4, 1892.  Although Lizzy was the prime suspect for the crimes committed, she was acquitted in 1893 and to this day no one has been convicted for the murders.

The body of Abby was found with her head nearly torn off, as she was laying face down on the floor in an upstairs bedroom.  Her head was smashed by 19 axe wounds on the backside of her scalp.  Experts say that she died on the first blow to the head due to the lack of blood found at the scene.  She was found 2 hours later after her death.

Andrew’s body was found by Lizzy on a couch in the sitting room.  She called the police to report it.  His head and face were smashed in just like that of her stepmom’s.  His face was so brutally beaten that it was almost unrecognizable.

Today, you can stay in the Lizzy Borden Bed and Breakfast house.  You can even stay in the rooms where these murders occurred.  Paranormal activity does exist within the house’s corridors.  Guests have reported several times to hearing voices, seeing shoes move across the floor, flickering lights and images of Andrew and Abby walking amongst the house.


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Brittany says:

June 23, 2014, 3:53 pm

If the home of Lizzy Borden is available to stay with in..where murders took place…it sounds to me as if something were strange about it. Why didn’t they shut it down. It’s a murder scene. I mean has anyone really experienced paranormal before it became a place to stay or entertainment..I mean who says these events aren’t purposely happening. .ide like to experience this.

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