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Maud Hughes Road

Westchester, Ohio

It is said that many years ago, a young couple was driving across the bridge. Amid a heated argument, the girl became so angry that she opened the door and jumped out of the car. Falling to her death, it is said that she let out a primal scream. Allegedly, if one drives across the bridge, the girl may still be heard screaming.

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joanna says:

March 6, 2008, 8:26 pm

WOW…thats so scary where was that???

Matt Z says:

March 29, 2008, 2:37 pm

i LOve the bridge

it has this wierd presence

i have been their many times

and have seen that ghost figure but it was too far away to see anything good

this might not be tru but

i have been on top of the bridge and u can kinda feel a little push towards the edge like someone is nudging u off the bridge

Matt Z says:

March 29, 2008, 2:39 pm

also one more thing

me and my friends were down by the tracks

when out of no where

the train comes

we didnt hear it until it reached that turn



tim says:

May 7, 2008, 11:37 am


Chandler says:

May 19, 2008, 4:56 pm

Wow that was not scary.I’m going no doubt!

Ken says:

June 3, 2008, 11:55 am

This sounds really interesting, and not to far from home. I have been looking for somewhere to go for a “ghost hunt” for my graduation project for Junior year. I live in Pittsburgh, PA, but can probably get a ride to Ohio. If anyone has REALLY had a real experience here, please feel free to email me at Also if anyone knows of a good haunting closer to me, e-mail me as well.

Adam says:

June 23, 2008, 2:48 am

My co-worker and I were on our way to this bridge when we decided to stop at the Speedway instead. There we were looking over the snack cakes, debating on which delicious snacky treat to purchase. When all of a sudden we heard a girl screaming. It was the same girl from the bridge, she was screaming because she lost her speedy rewards card. I guess she had like 8 gallons of free gas on it, and bam! she was screwed. We’ll never go back to that speedway ever again!!!!

aaron says:

June 26, 2008, 4:43 pm

i am only 12 but have had alot of experence with ghosts. just yesterday i had a light on right next to me and it turned of by itself, so i reached over and i felt a cold spot.So i started using a emf detecter that i got for my bday because i love ghost hunting. ond the emf spike was i checked the temperature in that spot and it was 40 degrees and the rest of the room was 60 degrees. So u can tell that any ghost story i can debunk but not this one. look for more of my comments on the other storys on this website.So i say this story is real.

Candie says:

August 27, 2008, 2:33 am

well ive been here, i didnt hear anything or see anything

Kyle says:

September 27, 2008, 1:43 am

After hearing about jack’s experience me and a few buddies from work went to check this place out. They had all been there before, but even though I live around the corner I had not. We did the whole stoping the car and whatnot but after about a minute we heard nothing. Decided to go walking on the tracks below and once again, nothing happened. Not saying it never happens. Just not to us. Although one explaination for the screams could be this: other people like myself under the bridge trying to get spooked. When another car was coming up to the bridge we had decided to let out a scream if they stopped their car. So, the other experiences could just be from jerks like myself

Lucas says:

October 5, 2008, 2:02 am

i live in west chester and have driven on this road many times.
i drove over it tonight with a group of friends, but this time we went slow over the bridge and had the windows down with the radio off. when approaching the bridge, we could clearly hear a train, even though those tracks haven’t been used in about 20 years. once we got over the bridge and were driving away, i heard a sound that could have been a scream, but sounded more like the screeching of a train’s brakes. this follows the version of the story i heard, which is a depressed woman jumped off the bridge in order to be hit by an oncoming train

Sarah says:

October 16, 2008, 4:52 pm

I have heard several versions of this story. So some friends and I went to check it out a few weekends ago. We turned off the car and the head lights and waited just like the story said to do. We waited for about 15 minutes and we all heard what sounded like a train and did see some sort of light under the bridge that appeared to be about as bright as a cheap wal-mart flashlight. We yelled down to tell the person with the flashlight that a train was coming there was no response but the light diappeared. So James and myself went down under the bridge to make sure that the tracks were clear and that there where no thrill seeking teenagers down there doing the same thing we were doing. James turned around and said “what?”. I looked back confused and said “what?”, he said “you just said my name what did you need? did you see something?” I told him I had not said anything and he said he swore he heard me say his name. We then heard a thump and upon looking in the area that we heard the noise we saw a cloud of dirt and dust that had been stirred up. We had no intentions of hanging around to see what caused it so we headed back up to the bridge to join the rest of our friends who were concerned because they had been hearing strange noises like screeching train brakes. James and I agreed that we heard no such noise. Monday afternoon one of my friends was talking to his grandfather who worked for the railroad and he was told that those tracks have not been used for several years. He called me to give me the info he received from his grandfather and I did some checking on my own he was right it has been 18 to 20 years since those tracks have been used. It was not a terrifying experience but was more than a little creepy. I would say it is worth checking out if you have nothing better to do.

Jima says:

October 17, 2008, 11:10 pm

My father back in his day went to the screaming bridge as he grew up in that area. The story I was told was that a car had stalled on the tracks on Tylersville Rd and that the man went to go get help. The car was hit and pushed down to that area. He never told me the whole story, just that he would not go back. As far as the Powder Factory goes, do avoid it. My husband had permission to go in with a local band for a photo shoot. He stated that it made his hair stand up just walking in. Later after the cd was made, I took a look at the photos on it. I looked at the cover of the cd and asked my husband who all was there, he had told me but I thought that he forgot to mention someone as in the photo up on the 3rd floor had a reflection of an old man in the window. Much to our surprise, no one was there that even vaguely resembled that. The place is off limits and very dangerous, do not go there with out the owners permission.

joycerichmond says:

November 24, 2008, 8:10 pm

i have lived on maudhughes rd for 35 years and yes the stories are true my daughter tina and some of her friends used to play there .and one night they all heard the scream and saw something that scare them have to death they ran home and never did go back so it is true

rebekah says:

December 28, 2008, 11:14 am

That is not what happened at all. I live in Hamilton, Ohio so I know all the stories. Many people call that bridge the Screaming Bridge. What happened was one night a couple was driving along that bridge when suddenly the car stopped. The boyfriend went to see if he could find help. A few minutes later,when he returned, he found his girlfriend hanging off the bridge. No one is sure what happened next, but the boyfriend died in the exact same spot that night. They say if you park your car on the bridge you can hear all the events of that night. At first you hear the couple talking, the car stop, more talking, the girls scream, and-if you wait- you hear the guys scream.

Tully says:

December 29, 2008, 5:30 pm

I grew up in Hamilton in the 70’s and this was a story passed on from the 50’s. I went there myself and was very skeptical……then came the blood curdling scream. I was terrified!!

candace says:

April 4, 2009, 4:53 pm

i just visted this place on 4/02/09 and i can say i didnt hear any screams but me and my boyfriend had a very uneasy feel i we was sitting there a smokey fog came up from the road i quickly took a picture of it and then tried to take another one but in the second one the fog was gone we quickly left i will post pictures on myspace look for c@nd@ce r@chelle

ashley says:

April 12, 2009, 6:04 am

Does anyone have proof that the tracks under the bridge haven’t been used in years?

Dave says:

April 13, 2009, 8:30 am

HUH.. Those tracks are one of the busiest lines in Ohio… Every 20 to 30 minutes trains roll by. Both a North and South bound lane. I live a mile west and believe me we hear them. And yes we see them too – and it ain’t a ‘ghost train’…

ashley says:

April 13, 2009, 9:18 am

thanks Dave! I knew I wasn’t crazy, lol.

Sid says:

May 11, 2009, 10:23 am

In the mid 1980’s, my friends and I would sometimes hang out all night at screaming bridge “haunting” any body that would come by. Back then it was very dark with all the surrounding woods. We could walk up on anybody or car and they would never hear us. It was a lot of fun scaring the **** out of people. Having spent a lot of time on, under, and around that bridge, I can say that it is not haunted. Still, it was a fun place to go at night.

christi semones says:

May 16, 2009, 6:51 pm

I moved to west chester,oh 23 years ago.
My Family built a house on one part of maud hughes rd.
I was taken to what is known as “the screaming bridge” in our town at midnight when the scream is to be heard & supposedly see her ghost of her jumping off of the bridge onto a moving train falling to her death.
I was also told of the same story but with the girl sitting on the bridge holding a baby and you are to be able to see & hear the ghost of her and hear the screams of her and the baby crying while falling to their death on the tracks below.
I have been to that bridge a few times at midnight when this is supposedly to happen but have yet to see or hear anything.
Im not sure how this story came from or if it is a true story for that fact

jason says:

August 5, 2009, 10:18 am

I agree with Dave. That is one of the major lines in the area. It’s not quite as busy as a train every 30 minutes, but it is used several times a day..I’ve crossed this bridge many times Only once did I ever stop the car. We turned it off, flashed the lights, and waited a couple minutes My buddy’s girlfriend, in the backseat, freaked out and screamed. We left. Nobody saw or heard anything, but we were only there a couple minutes. 16 years later, and I’m planning to go back. This time, we intend to wait as long as it takes.. Perhaps later, I’ll be able to give an update. I’ve heard there have been 36 deaths on, or near, the screaming bridge. I can say this. I could have been 37. 15 years ago I wrecked my car on the ‘S’ curve about 100 yards past the bridge. My car was completely totaled, but I crawled out without a scratch. A woman that lived across the street saw the wreck on her way home. I was on my way to another house, to call for help, when I noticed her on the road. She was screaming. “It’s happened again. They’re dead! They’re all dead!” When I told her it was my car, and that I was alone, she didn’t believe me. She was frantic. After calming her down, it started to all sink in. I never did find out if what she said was true, but I know that on that night, it really freaked me out…

Jason says:

August 22, 2009, 7:11 pm

Well, some friends and I went to the screaming bridge. First we drove over the bridge, briefly stopping the car. We saw or heard nothing, but another car came from the other direction so we had to go. We parked in the subdavision off Princeton Rd. and walked all the way down Maud Hughes to the bridge. Along the way, we saw a dead snake. The bridge was all quiet. Standing at the edge looking over we could not see, hear, or feel anything. We decided it would be a good idea to climb down under the bridge. The way down is steep and full of loose rocks and moderate overgrowth. Under the bridge is a lot of grafiti. Nothing very fresh. Also a girls bicycle is near the tracks. the other bottom side of the bridge is more of the same. The tracks are dark, but not very spooky. We waited for quite some time. We never saw, heard, or felt anything. Not even a eerie presence. After what seemed like about an hour, we were about to give up. Just then a car full of teenagers stopped on the bridge. In complete darkness down by the tracks we could see them, but knew they couldnt see us. They had all the car windows down, but they were being very quiet. After a few moments I decided it would be a good idea to let out a loud blood curlding scream. I did. The girl in the passenger seat jumped over toward the driver screaming “OH MY GOD!” The people in the backseat just kept yelling “GO GO GO GO GO!” They spead away. Probably the last time they will ever cross that bridge. We had a good laugh and headed down the tracks and back to the car. We were off to see the Hatchet Man of the Wher Cemetery in Trenton. Long story short about that place. Nothing. Happy hunting, and good luck. If anyone knows any truely haunted places that are local, please leave a comment here…

Steph says:

September 23, 2009, 4:25 pm

So last night, 3 of my friends and I decided to go to the screaming bridge (again). I had been there a ton of times and never seen anything remotely paranormal and I was getting pretty frustrated. The last time we went before last night, my friend Joey said he saw a train coming around the bend when my friend Lauren drove off and she refused to go back. So last night I was with Joey, Hana, and Stephen. We drive up to the bridge and Joey parks the car in the middle of the bridge. I’m behind Stephen who’s sitting in the passenger seat and we look on the tracks. Then I saw it. Flickering lights coming around the bend. Joey rolled his windows down and we could hear what sounded like a train on the old tracks. However, there was no horn and the light was moving at an incredibly slow pace. I got sick of staring at it because it was so far out so I look closer on the tracks and then I saw what looked like a woman run across the tracks but she was all white and blurry. So I’m freaking out and I look over to the right and in the grass OFF the tracks is a black hooded figure just standing there. So I’m staring at it and then suddenly it starts running at us! So I scream at Joey to book it out of there and once we were safely away Stephen said “Did you see that too?” so I knew I wasn’t the only one. Needless to say, I TRULY believe The Screaming Bridge is haunted now.

VeraJane says:

October 10, 2009, 2:07 am

2days is my birthday and a few friends and I are going 2 maudhughes rd aka screaming bridge. I am a ver firm believer in ghost aspirations evp and all the ghostly stuff. Im watching Most terrifying places in america now adn it got me thinking. So we are going 2 take a lil road trip when I get off of work and go, Im excited. I have gotten full images of “other ppl” in pictures ive taken. I’m taking a digital camera tape recorder and video camera, if somethings there i wanna witness it! I will definatly be back with an update!!!!

Jason says:

October 12, 2009, 3:08 am

I went, with some friends, to investigate the screaming bridge. Upon completion of our investigation, I was sure there was nothing to the story. However, I am now convinced that there is some sort of energy connected to this place. I do not want to say “evil”, but it would appear that the energy connected to the area is surely less than good. I will return with a much more selective group to further investigate. BTW..the hatchet man is totally bogus. haha…

SUE says:

October 15, 2009, 2:24 pm

I have lived in Liberty Toship for 15 years now and have first learned of the Screaming Bridge from my 15 year old daughter a couple of days ago. I am a believer in spirits and ghosts as I have friends and family tell of accounts of seeing lovedonce shortly after death and other accounts in which houses have spirits within the home. when i first moved inyo my home in Liberty Twp. I experiences several strange occurances in which I determined that a spirit was in my home, once my 2 week old baby was found laying quietly on the floor when she was in her crib! No one else was in the house and could have placed her there. I freaked, cussed out the spirit and told it to leave my home. I have not experienced any paranormarmal experiences since.If you open your eyes and get rid of the skeptisism you will see the paranormalif it is around you. You must be open to it. My husband, a non believer, my daughter and I went to the bridge last night around 10 pm. It was a little eerie as we were able to stop on the bridge, I was in a van and was able to look down onto the railroad tracks, my husband was shouting out silly words, like coe get us, as i peered down into the gully I could see a fog or some sort of lightour car lights were off, but this could possible be the moonlight on rocks. I defiinetly plan to return, without my husband, I cannot discount so many experiences from others. I have a strong feeling about this place.

Kimberly says:

October 26, 2009, 2:42 pm

I’m not sure where this story came from but I’m from Cincinnati and the story around here is remembered: There is a railroad trestle were according to legend, a car stalled out on the tracks, and the man of the car left to go get help why his girlfriend stayed in the car. Upon returned he found his girlfriend hanging from the bridge above the tracks, and then he perished. At night, if you stop your car on the bridge, you hear the whole conversation take place, then hear the lady scream, and then the gentleman return only to be killed screaming. I’ve never heard that she jumped???

Dan says:

October 27, 2009, 9:53 pm

My wife and I were there last night! Check-out our video!

James says:

November 5, 2009, 9:25 pm

I live right down the street from the bridge and drive across it atleast once every two weeks or so. I have never heard the scream of course but i have heard about it being haunted ever since i was very young.

Scott says:

March 29, 2010, 12:30 pm

Poof, your comment generalizing an entire state as “nasty, violent, and ignorant” is out of line. What did start in the lunchroom between two groups of people in Feb of 1985 was going to be continued at that location only because everyone knew where it was. One of the two groups didn’t show up, but another party including the shooter did. As soon as the latter group showed the firearms, the former group left (in a car, not a pickup) and was pursued by the others (in a truck). But please, show me one state, one country that you think is not “nasty, violent, and ignorant” and I’ll find you an incident just as bad as this one. It’s a messed up world altogether. But all in all, Ohio isn’t the worst of the places to be.

Anonymous says:

August 13, 2010, 9:03 am

I use to live not far from here, and EVERY Halloween, my mother and friends and myself would drive down this road. Not one did we hear anything. It would be pretty awesome if the rumors were true, but every time I go that way really late at night I’m yet again disappointed.

DonaldWhite says:

October 20, 2010, 10:04 am

On saturday October 16, and there was noting that happend but i belive. Also we were going to buy a ojuea bord to communicat with the spirits.

Ted says:

October 24, 2010, 4:06 am

ok my two friends had heard of this road and took me and my friends to this bridge. They told us that there were rumors of a ghost train or some ****. i believe that there is a logical reason for everything… first we see a faint light in the distance so i tell my friend to turn around and kill a couple seconds. we turn around in the nearest driveway we found. not being gone 20 seconds we return to the bridge and the is already past under us. the weird part was that every single cart on this train was the exact same as the next. But the freakiest part was when me and my friend noticed a figure off in the distance. we get out and wait for our friends to turn around yet again and find out that this… creature… is actually moving toward the bridge. I really couldn’t figure out what it was and it moved too slow so we didn’t want to wait for an hour to see this thing. but one thing was fer sure. it was bit and moved weird…. come to find out that everything we saw has been reported before… our minds were blown to say the least

ted says:

November 6, 2010, 11:40 pm

i herd there was a bad train crashe here too…. it close to when the tracks where opend…you can see the gostley train light comeing from the track it crash on and about where it did too but never see the train i dont know know if this is true because im 15 still and cant drive yet lol \and havent got to test it out yet

Nicole says:

March 13, 2011, 4:58 pm

Okay, so my friend Lauren and I went there last night around 10:30pm it took us a long time to actually stop and turn the car off because there was a lot of traffic, but when we did, we heard tapping on the back of her car, and like talking from under the bridge, we didn’t hear screaming though.. But there was a car coming so we started the car and left, as we were driving home I looked at the windsheild and on it was like half of an H like someone tried to spell out the word help.. But couldn’t finish the word because we drove away. Too creepy!!

Casey says:

August 19, 2011, 5:56 pm

I live a couple of miles from Maud Hughes and have driven across both bridges (there’s two, one is a one lane bridge while the other has two) at night time and never have I heard or seen this so called ghost. My friend who lives off of Maud Hughes hadn’t even heard of the myth until she saw it in the book “Weird Ohio.”

Basically, the story is totally made up.

Patsy says:

January 22, 2012, 7:19 pm

I grew up on this road, Screaming Bridge is a very well known haunt, but they got the story wrong. The ghost is a woman looking for a lost cow walking along the railroad tracks with her lantern. She was killed by a train around the hour of midnight, and it is said, you can see her ghostly light walking along the tracks and hear her scream. That bridge is not high enough to kill anyone who jumped off of it — at worst you’d break a leg, lol. There are several stories about the bridge, but this one is the oldest that I know. The area was much more spooky back in the 70’s and 80’s when it was a little windy road barely big enough for one car – now days houses have been built along it and it has been somewhat cleared out.

Michael says:

February 10, 2012, 10:14 pm

I’ve been to this bridge twice in the mid 1980’s. I heard a girl’s scream both times.

Cindie Lyall says:

January 1, 2013, 6:28 pm

Several years ago my Daughter and her friend were driving on Maud Hughes Rd. They were being followed by their friends in another car. As she approached the bridge, she lost control of her car and rolled down the embankment. She remained conscious and alert throughout the wreck. When she was extracted from her car, she saw where she was. She was now past the bridge, instead of being before it as was substantiated by the friends who were following them. Needless to say, she refuses to return to the area. Before she wrecked, she had a creepy feeling of doom. Her friends were at the top of the embankment waiting and they stated they could hear a hushed conversation, but could not find the source…They were all creeped out by the days events. They did not find out about the legend until a few years later.

gavinbaker says:

January 3, 2013, 4:23 pm

oh my god who is that stupid to jump out of a car off a high bridge just because they are mad she must’ve been retarded…….ill try to ghost hunt it but better be a real story,ghost hunters dont hunt unless the story is real, if ur a hot 11 year old girl in ohio i’ll try to ghost hunt it if u want me to if ur scared to go I would be scared too please leave a comment but type gavin baker by the comment so i know who its p.s. if u like boys who fight and ur 11 years old and a hot girl text me a picture of u if u have cell phone my phone number is 614-500-2718 do not call that phone just send a picture of u

anthony says:

July 27, 2013, 2:13 pm

my brother rodney brazzell was killed in a wrecker accident in 1970 not far from the rail road tracks,he was thrown from the wrecker and was found with a chain around his neck.Also while i lived behind the tracks for a year a woman was murdered and put in gregory creek which is near the tracks. 3 years later my father harold was murdered behind his humble oil station on tylersville rd not far from the railroad.I left as a young boy and came south never to return,Im 49 now.

Haunted House REAL FACT FINDER says:

December 20, 2013, 12:30 pm

OH Plezzzzse.. I have spent many night time hours at this so called SCREAMING BRIDGE. HAVE NOT HEARD A thing. Abot the only thing I ever heard was distance sounds, it’s stupid to even think this areea is haunted.. I’ve been to so many REAL HAUNTED places,, This one is scratched off my list as NOT TRUE !. You who go there with the OH I KNOW I will get Scared already in your mind . Heck I’ve been scared more by going to the Land Of Illusion then this place..

Rossamund says:

April 30, 2015, 9:52 am

As an Ohio native, i can tell you that the bridge was the one-lane bridge on Maud-Hughes road over the creek, NOT the one over the train-tracks. though, as of 2014, the one-lane bridge is no longer there.
I used to cross that bridge everyday to get to school and my riding lessons.

noname says:

May 16, 2015, 11:08 pm

Okay so i’ve read most of the responses and i also say this story is true vecause a year ago i was with my freind in his backyard and heard a scream went to check it out and i felt a push and got sent into my freind and he though i fell into him. I know i’m never going there.

Erica says:

June 27, 2017, 10:03 pm

I live close to the bridge and will be going this week. Will let you know if anything happens.

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