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Mental Institution for Children

Meadow Vista, California

This site, which now lies deep in the woods, was once a mental institution for many “crazy” children in the 1930s. There is also a hospital associated with the abandoned cabins that lies 10 miles away. The children, who were violent or depressed, were sent here for treatment. Children who misbehaved were strapped to the beds with belts and beaten until they were unconscious. Many the children were killed and due to this cruelty, the facility was closed and the gate around the hospital’s perimeter was chained closed. Many have seen not only lights in the windows, but shadows of children as well.

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al says:

February 24, 2015, 8:28 pm

Paige says:

June 8, 2015, 3:27 pm

This property is located in Applegate California off of Boole Rd.. No trespassing allowed, most people sneak in at night due to the unfriendly caretaker that lives there.

al says:

October 4, 2015, 10:59 pm

hey paige! where are you located, and do you know more about the property?

Taylor says:

March 5, 2016, 8:44 pm

38°59’39.48″N 120°58’6.84″W

those are the coordinates. park on boole or cerro vista road in a place that wont attract attention (from police or neighbors). you will pass 2 huge billboards on boole road that say no tresspassing in red letters. Depending on where you park, its about a 1.2 mile walk from cerro vista road (less of a hike from boole road, but a little more obvious) There is a dirt road that leads right to the hospital. It’s a road that hasn’t been driven on since the hospital was open, but it still exists. You will have to walk up the hill and to the left from where you parked. Police have blocked off any possible vehicle entry with giant blocks of cement. A cult group regularly gathers at the dilapidated buildings, dressed in all white, to perform rituals. I have not personally scene them, but have heard multiple stories from people who have. There are neighbors who own the property. They will call the cops if they see you, or see you parked near the trail. There is also spotty cell reception, so don’t plan on calling for help if you get stuck, trapped, or scared in the buildings. Check google earth with the coordinates above to see.

Sandra says:

October 1, 2016, 4:47 pm

Reading these posts, and want to add that I live in Clipper Gap, which is about 5-10-minutes from where this is reportedly located. Having lived here for about 4 years, I think the history of this place is being confused with that of the Weimar Institute a few miles away. The Weimar Institute as it is now called, was opened in 1919 as a Tuberculosis Sanitorium. No mention of children’s medicine.

Whether this Place is a former children’s or adult’s sanitarium, I do not know, but just his thought on the history.

Should also add that I’m highly empathic; plan to visit to see if I pick up anything. If I do I will post a report.

Al says:

November 4, 2016, 11:00 pm

taylor-more info? are you even talking about the single building in applegate by the retriet? or the elusive “buildings” i still cannot find. lets talk

and sandra:
i believe you are right. my freind from the area said the same thing, we looked around the weimar institute, and i believe if i was at the right place, it is being used ny a church group today.
I have been to one of the applegate spots, but still looking for the “cult buildings”

Kent Brosveen says:

November 13, 2016, 5:01 pm

This is a bogus bunch of hooey. I live at the aforementioned location.
There are no ghosts. There never was a hospital here. No children were ever tortured here. There are 5 people living here 3 dogs 4 cats. So sorry to disappoint. This place is/was a turn of the century Christian commune dedicated to chastity and the self discipline of silent meditation. The only children that were ever here are mine. They are young adults now one of them lives here and the other’s frequently visit. Sorry no torture except being grounded a couple of times.
Confusion arises because the old tuberculosis asylum (Now the Weimar institute run by The Seventh Day Adventists) is just a few miles up the road from here.
It is important for you to know that we are now on the sheriff’s priority call list. If you are detected on the grounds expect to meet a deputy at the gate. You will be cited with trespassing along with any other charge that can be suited to your case. There is no way to get to this property except by trespassing.
It has been a goal to restore this place as a museum. The print shop is not deserted it is boarded up because of vandalism.
There are 5 adults living here currently. How would you feel if you walked out of your door into backyard in your underwear only to have someone scurry past you so as not to get caught. Imagine what it is like to walk around the area by the old house. Someone lives in it. Family gatherings, concerts, and get togethers take place there and the rest of it is undergoing a slow (for lack of funds)steady restoration. What a perfect place to leave your empty bourbon bottle. Not to mention the plethora of Pabst cans continually being sprinkled about the trails and living area.

So youth in full flower of it’s last grasp at being truly infantile has not only left broken buildings and debris but an assortment of items:
A hunting bow with a sock tied around it.
A go camera that a tech friend says he can unlock for me.
An Ouija board.
Nice special water drinking containers with alcohol smell.
A nice jacket too small for me. etc. etc. etc.
And of course Jarod thanks for the Bose speaker.
Taylor I recommend you tell people the truth about this place or people can refer to this message to see that you are full of BS.
The only thing this place is haunted by are haunted places websites.

The guy who reads says:

February 14, 2017, 2:07 pm

OK people I’ve got to say, you all need to learn how to investigate. First off you have all been going to an old hunting lodge for years and freaking yourselves out. lol. This “childrens Hospital” you all speak of is not in Applegate or Meadow Vista. I must laugh at all the scary stories people told about this place and they weren’t even at the right place. the actual Children’s Hospital is in Colfax California and it’s called the Weimar Institute it is currently occupied there’s a school there now. Eeew how scary. This was formally a tuberculosis sanitarium. Weimar Joint Sanatorium where yes many children died from TB. There is a Cemetery on the grounds where many victims were buried.

Caroline Presson says:

April 28, 2017, 10:19 am

I had to laugh reading the first few comments! The last two hit the nail on the head!The area and buildings talked about are on the property of a religious commune, and the old building that you all say is haunted with children’s voices and blah, blah, blah was a printing shop not a hospital or mental ward for children. In fact no children where brought up there. The property owned by these people date back to the mid-1800’s and was made up of adults.My friend and I walk trails all over Placer and Nevada co. and we happened to walk the trail that runs next to this property and meet up with one of the gentlemen that still lives there and he was nice enough to tell us the history of the place and the people, and even took us around and showed us the cabins and printing building. The printing building has a fence around it now because loony’s like most of you have TRESPASSING and ruining the building.The guy is very nice and is happy to talk about the property and says that it is most certainly NOT haunted. Meadow Vista, Applegate, and Colfax have never been hosts to a children’s hospital where they were beat or mistreated in any way shape or form,that is rubbish. Colfax and Weimar did have tuberculosis hospitals because the areas were dubbed “above the fog, below the snow” and considered perfect for the illness.Still though, no children were ever beaten, and the lace was never shut down for child abuse. You all are hyping yourselves out over NOTHING that even existed. Bahahahahahahahaha

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