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Boone Terre, Missouri

Many believers claim that this road is just plain evil. At a restaurant named 4-wind, Satanism is practiced, and people/ghosts have been seen to vanish into thin air. On a bridge named Black Tram, it is said that is a person parks their car at midnight and yells “Come and get me” three times, a car will appear and attempt to drive you off the road. There is also a ghostly couple who tries to flag down approaching cars, but when they come near, the couple vanishes. Going one direction on this road, a person may notice a side-road, Old Black Well Rd., but if they approach the road from the opposite direction, it will mysteriously be gone.

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Jade says:

September 28, 2005, 10:10 pm

is boone terre mispelled into being bonne terre? because there is an old blackwell rd. near bonne terre but i have never heard of boone terre.

Chris says:

October 4, 2005, 1:10 pm

Hey Jade, what the hell are soooo concerned about? Big deal! A simple mispelling. What are you perfect? You don’t even know how to f**cking capitalize in your own bloody comment!

SARAH says:

October 8, 2005, 12:21 am


Michael says:

October 9, 2005, 3:45 pm

Hey sarah, wats up. If I lived where u used to live i would probably be creeped out to.Sorry if i mispelled anything

Lana says:

October 15, 2005, 2:39 pm

We live way south of there. But a group of us were thinking about coming up there and seeing just how genuine it is. We work for an emergency agency and got a wild hair to do something crazy together and this is where we ended up. We are having problems locating the road on any maps. Since you have lived there wondering is you could help.

Eric says:

October 26, 2005, 1:31 am

Yes, I live near here, it is a misspelling. it is bonne Terre, named after some launguage were the words mean something about mining. Anyway, i never heard anythingabout the southfork resteraunt, but i have heard of the ghostly couple.
What I am really interested in is the vampire grave. Ancesters from this area thought that an albino person (or somthing of that sort) was a vampire that sucked the soals outta children. So, they killed him and buried him upside down near a caged grave somewhere around bonne terre or park hills. His shostly figure is said to be seen near his gravesite

Hailey says:

October 26, 2005, 8:48 pm

I went down this road a lot when I was younger because my aunt lived in the area and it was a quick way of getting out of the woods when we were in a rush to get home. My uncles and other family members even told me scary stories of the road and the woods along side the road. What sucked for me, when little, was my dad would stop on the side of the road and feign car trouble and then dissapear just long enough to scare the **** out of me. I’ve been meaning to revist since I haven’t been down the road since I was 6 or 7, I just have to find some way down there and friends that won’t scream and run away in fright lol.

LaDonna says:

October 30, 2005, 8:40 pm

i live near bonne terre and i have never heard of this before i cant find the road if some once could tell me how to get to the road i would love to check it out…

Eric says:

November 5, 2005, 7:01 pm

Well, I just look up “Black Well rd, Bonne Terre MO” on google maps, and there you go ^_^. I live in Farmington, and i have never really been on this road. Also, its the “4-Winds” not “4 wind”.

irma smith says:

November 6, 2005, 4:02 am


Julia says:

November 24, 2005, 5:27 pm

Sounds like some place I might want to visit. I’ve heard a part of that before somewhere else, though. You’re supposed to stop, roll down the window, and yell “Come to me” 3’s on this site, I’m just really lazy right now -.-

3 Unknown Girls says:

December 3, 2005, 4:42 am

Me and 2 of my friends drove out to Salem Church Rd, they call it the Witches Grave, and we drove up the the old burnt church, heard stories of a boy dieing inside, no floor etc. It was really scary, and we have a Ouija board out in the car also with us, we were getting flashlights ready to get out and walk to the Church and Cemetary, and just then the passenger car spotted something standing behind the fence. Our drive floored it and took off. Don’t take flashlights, your begging for attention.

Brittney says:

December 9, 2005, 12:18 pm

Why is the whole world obsessed with spelling? There is no such thing as a dissapearing road.

Sarah says:

December 10, 2005, 3:08 pm

My friends mother had went to this place said she never seen the couple but it was very interesting never the less.

Chris says:

February 6, 2006, 3:06 am get to this road,you need to hit Highway E in De Soto. Make sure to turn right once you pass Walters Park. The Road will be on your right maybe 5 miles out! YOu can also get to it from Bonne Terre by driving past the police station on Highway E and its maybe 7 miles from there on the left.

Rhean says:

February 18, 2006, 11:12 pm

I live about a mile from that road and we drive on it alot evertime we do there is some bad feeling you have i dont like to believe that kind of stuff but i have sceane 2 much stuff to not believe it i have sceane ghost and my sister has wreacked about 9 times on the road the stearing wheel felt like someone grabed it and made her swerve off the road

justin says:

March 5, 2006, 7:34 pm

i live in black well and my friends live by the bringe and at night u can hear a old lady screamin found this out by campin out

Kelly says:

March 6, 2006, 4:48 pm

dude, ive done that b4 and nothing happened. I did see the road though,it was creepy cause it just like disappeared.

Trina says:

March 14, 2006, 5:54 am

I heard something similar about St.Joseph, Mo. Water Works road?

trtluv says:

March 24, 2006, 5:04 pm

Has anyone heard about a haunted cemetery in Barnhart called Old Burgess Cemetery?? If so, can someone tell me where it is, I have been trying to find it :)

Dave says:

May 16, 2006, 11:31 pm

“Bonne Terre” is French for “Good Earth” for those of you that are trying to determine the spelling and / or meaning of the words….those doggone Frenchies naming our streets!!!

Sounds like a creepy place to visit…is it worth driving from Olathe, Kansas???

Hannah says:

May 21, 2006, 1:12 am

I grew up in Bonne Terre (and yes, it does mean ‘Good Earth’ in French). Have had some paranormal experiences in my day. Many ancesters on my Dad’s side married into the Blackwell family in the 1800’s and are buriend around there. Have had some very creepy experiences there. Haven’t heard the screams, etc because I’m not gutsy enough to go out there at night, etc., like some of you guys!
Anyway, my Mom and I like to take drives out in the countryside and we have driven through there on sunny afternoons. My mother has had inexplicable fears on certain sections of the roads out there. We have also seen actual human beings that could have been involved in Satanism just by the strange way they were acting, etc. If you are familiar with Bonne Terre, take Division St and drive North to the very end of Division. Turn on (can’t remember the highway name but it takes you past Primrose Baptist Church). Take that highway, watch for the sign that reads, ‘Engledow Road’. Turn left,then make an immediate right on Engledow. This is where it starts feeling…strange. Take Engledow to it’s end. You can either turn left on to a gravel road going to Blackwell Cemetary or turn right to hit Old Blackwell Road.

the gurl who u wish you were says:

May 22, 2006, 5:11 pm

hey guys i live in a haunted house and werid things happen like my radio tv i pod and my computer will turn on at the same time all were turned off!! so ya

the one gurl u want says:

May 30, 2006, 7:16 pm

r u aloud to sell stuf on here thats stupid cuz then gurls will come on here and do it r u guys really getting scared from this stuff cuz its stupid

kody green says:

July 18, 2006, 11:55 am

I know not to park on that bridge

Amy says:

August 22, 2006, 1:40 pm

Hey! Me and an old friend and my fiance went out to Blackwell and we did the bridge deal and a black car.I’m assuming it was black anyways cause all we could really see were the head lights.But when we crossed the bridge we were going toward the tracks the other car almost ran us off the road well of the imbankment (Spelled wrong).But it’s real.And as in another comment Ive read.Ive seen some of the people that were out and about during the day and they are very strange looking as if a satanist or something.


jeremy says:

September 7, 2006, 2:42 pm

i have been up and down the road many times never seen anything but there was a house right after the bridg on the right if your comin from E hwy and i have been in it many times and its really weird down stairs is warm upstairs is really cold my friends have pics of the inside of the house and theres things in the pics that we couldnt see with or eyes check it out its worth the drive

Derrick Dickerson says:

September 22, 2006, 10:37 am

Ok for one thing it isnt haunted and for two it doesnt work. I live on coles lake which if any of u know is right by upper blackwell. My friends and I went up there and tried it about a million times. But the main reason it doesnt work or isnt haunted is be old blackwell bridge is gone. They tore it out a couple years back. P.S. Its not haunted

randy s says:

September 29, 2006, 9:01 pm

i’ve been on it several times and nothing happened ever…its scary but i have lots of stories about it, and this old weird house on the road that i’ve been inside

dialina says:

October 9, 2006, 3:12 pm

Hey. Is this place really worth visiting? Or is just something local teens made up to scare everybody? It sounds really cool and I would like to visit it.

Daryl says:

October 23, 2006, 4:55 am

Hey. I also live in Bonne Terre. I’ve been on the road and I haven’t seen anything out there. But there is a house before you get to the bridge that is neat. I’ve been there a few times with some friends. Supposedly a teenager came home and killed his own family and then himself. The house hasn’t been touched since they were alive. When you go into the attic it feels really hot. The basement gets about 20 degrees colder. We left when we heard someone walking around outside. Never found out who or what it was. Anyone wanting to go to a haunted place around Bonne Terre e-mail me and I’ll give you directions if you’d like.

Tom says:

October 26, 2006, 10:38 pm

Ok. i just went to Blackwell tonight and it is scary. There is a restaurant called Four Winds. There is a man inside who creeped me, my girlfriend and her friend out. Trust me we will not be going back anytime soon. As for the Old Blackwell Road sign that is true. i saw it as we passed one way but not the other. Honest to God.

Tom says:

October 27, 2006, 3:18 pm

i have been reading some of the comments on here questioning if Blackwell is really haunted. there is also people making fun of it. it is definetly not something to joke about. if u want to go see it for yourself e-mail me and i will be more than happy to take you out there. i will meet you somewhere and drive you out there

Tamara Montoya says:

October 30, 2006, 12:21 am

Daryl…attics are always hot…heat rises.Basements are usually much cooler than the rest of the house! This is normal dude!!!

Melissa says:

November 5, 2006, 6:20 pm

Me and 8 of my friends visited Blackwell last night. We also visited The Four Winds where a sweet older man with an accent greeted us and gave us directions. We asked how to find the bridge and he said “you mean the witch?” lol. Very nice man, even told us to be careful.
We parked before the bridge (coming from CC) and toured the field to the right (nothing) and the gated gravel road to the left. The only thing there was what looked like a place for hunters. The old bridge is definitley gone. We though we might have seen some steel from the old one but I’m not for sure.
A resident in a jeep told us his g-pa lived near and didn’t like people hanging around like we were so we left. He said they run people off all the time and that there is no hauntings around.
We couldn’t find many of the places we were looking for. If anyone is willing to give us a tour, please email me at Thanks!

Melissa says:

November 5, 2006, 6:25 pm

Tom, what is your email address??

steve says:

December 12, 2006, 12:22 am

I have the hunting,fishing,property,described,in
melissa’s comments,by the new bridge.I believe that
the screams that were thought to be a womens are
actually bobcats that frequent the area,coyotes,
and wipperwills also can make strange sounds,and
cause imaginations to stir.The old blackwell rd
that supposedly dissappears is merely an angled
road intersecting upper blackwell that is somewhat
hidden due to the hillcrest.I have been in the area
and never seen ghosts,orbs,phantom cars etc, steve

Amanda says:

January 1, 2007, 11:12 pm

i have lived in this area my whole life my grandmother lived a block away from the bridge (walking distance)i never seen nor heard any of this things. we alwaysheard about them and tested the stories but never had anything happen.

Amanda says:

January 23, 2007, 3:05 pm

I just moved to Park Hills from Illinois. (look up 7 Gates of Hell in Collinsville, Illinois). Anything else around here to investigate? What about these mines I keep seeing signs for? Anyone?

Cortney says:

January 31, 2007, 12:53 pm

First of all Blackwell is not in Bonne Terre it is near Desoto. If you are going down 21 Hwy from desoto you turn on CC hwy right before Washington State Park then you follow that all the way down. It is a LONG way just keep going. You’ll pass a cemetary on your right. keep going then all of a sudden you’ll see a big refinished mansion on the right. It looks really pretty, but it is VERY haunted. Directly across fromit is the ruins of the old blackwell church it has been tore down now. if you cross the train track then the bridge the first road on your right is called Engledow that is where the moon town cemetary is… the haunted one. but it is hidden down a long gravel road. They don’t want you in there, and don’t ask about it they get pissed! the four winds reseraunt is on upper blackwell rd it looks like a whole in the wall but they worship the devil in the basement and if you go there you don’t get that freaked out till you start talking to the owner be careful though watch what you say. People go missing from there a lot and it’s really scary so be careful. You have to a lot of research on the area and find out exactly where everything is or your just gonna drive around in circles and not be scared. So do your research and don’t post anything unless you know what your saying. I don’t even know that much about it and my family is all from around there. Everything is real private and everything is hidden they really don’t want people snooping around down there and you’ll know if you go. But it is kinda fun!

tom says:

February 2, 2007, 1:10 am

hey we need help finding this stuff so if anyone wants to help us out..leave a comment telling us exactly where everythung is..thanks

Jamie says:

February 24, 2007, 4:56 pm

Wow, I’m pretty much amazed at all of the things people can come up with. Myself, my boyfriend, my sister and her boyfriend have all been there numerous times in search of paranormal activity. My boyfriend has studied this kind of activity for years. There is no haunted bridge, however, that may be due to the fact that the old one isn’t even there anymore. We’ve been to the mansion, Moon Cemetery, etc…there are abnormal presences but nothing silly like some of the kids here try to blow up. There are pictures of all of it on my myspace page. As far as the Four Winds Restaurant, nothing whatsoever wrong with the place. The man that owns it, Miloud is his name, is from Casablanca. Yes he has an accent (big deal) is an amazingly sweet man. He even opened the place up for us to eat hours before opening time. We’ve got photos of ourselves with him as well. I personally think that it is rude for people to assume that he is evil or practices satanism just because he’s different. Even if he did practice that, it is his own perogative to do so. That doesn’t mean he wants to kill you or that he is mean. In conclusion, Blackwell is not nearly as interesting as more than most of you make it out to be. The residents are extremely nice for all of the people they have to put up with. If you are going to visit anyway, please respect them. Go during the day instead of at night because if you are caught creeping around private property they WILL prosecute. They are understanding enough if you are respectful enough. Just know that you are wasting your time messing with good people if you go out there in search of phantom cars or screaming old ladies.

Lacey Link says:

February 26, 2007, 12:34 pm

Hey Guys I’ve been reading your comments and its pretty crazy! But hey if anyone out there has any “true” stories about any place close to Potosi let me know. I would love to go explore!!

kerianne says:

March 14, 2007, 3:58 pm

Thought you might be interested-old farm house in Farmington, young girl (a member of the Doss family, original builders) passed away in upstairs bedroom. Family friend indicates she contracted diptheria and was treated at home. Nothing major going on, just items moving from place to place (especially girls toys) some muted conversation overheard, and one sighting of a shadow of man walking down the hall. A little creepy.

Chris Wright says:

March 20, 2007, 7:00 pm

Hey some friends and i attempt to take trips out there on a regular bases. We have made it to some of the “Haunted” houses. There was some pretty crazy stuff in there but alot of the trips were duds. If anyone has directions to the area in which the Black Tram Bridge used to be i would GREATLY appreciate them. I also saw a comment that had something to do with the old south fork resteraunt. I used to work there with a few friends of mine and i know for a fact that place was haunted by a women we refer to as miss andrews.I know of several witnesses to back that story up.If anyone wants details on the experiences with miss andrews i would be glad to email them. thanx!!

Lacey Mae!* That's what they call me ;) says:

June 18, 2007, 12:46 pm

the whole “come and get me” thing sounds so hollywood.. has this ever actually worked for anyone?

The Lytles says:

July 5, 2007, 1:52 pm

Hey, my wife and I went out there last night, drove down upper blackwell, old blackwell and another road we had heard was haunted plus stopped at the bridge and did the whole call 3 times thing… avail. I’m pretty sensitive to outside energies and only once felt anything remotely creepy on the way in. Nothing on the way back out and no problems while I was there whatsoever. Didn’t check out the Four Winds, hadn’t found this site yet. Heading down to Senath this weekend to try and find some spooklights. Will keep you all updated!

trist says:

July 20, 2007, 12:28 pm

i have heard many stories about this. Not sure if it is true. I know I witnessed Farmington – Old Salem Church and Cemetery when I was in town 2 weekends ago. Creepy stuff

kayla says:

August 17, 2007, 1:05 am

Hey! I’m from De Soto and I have been out on Blackwell road many many times. It’s kind of creepy.I try not to go around there even though I have family out there. My friends went to that restaraunt fo rour senoir prom. I said ‘No way I’m not going out there’.

Kim says:

August 24, 2007, 12:43 am

If anyone knows of any definite haunted places in or around Farmington and vicinity let us know. I want to check out old salem cemetary but scared to.;-) Id be more comfortable going with a few people than just one other. BF wants me to go but im chickening out loll. Still might go to the cemetary but drop us an email if interested. If age makes a difference since it seems there are younger people here we are 38 and 42.

Mark says:

August 24, 2007, 11:01 pm

It’s all true.

yvonne says:

September 3, 2007, 4:52 pm

ok guys,,,I live out there and nothing happened…we went on the bridge flashed our lights and said come and get me…nothing happened…both roads were there, the cemetary is quiet,and nothing popped out, no orbs, nothing…the only problem i have is animals and people walking in the middle of the road, and in our house a couple of nights ago the mop was moving by its own, but were still alive and runnin.

BigDane says:

September 9, 2007, 1:06 am

Does anyone know about a road off of Engledow that has two stone columns at the entrance?? looked like a long dirt road

cutie101 says:

October 2, 2007, 11:57 am

what is the big deal are these ghosts out there? someone tell me!!!!

Ashley Fraser says:

October 3, 2007, 5:15 pm

Ok iev red every one of these things and YES it is true. Blackwell is haunted i know. ive been out there a lot. me and my friends kyle anthony tracey and tamera went out there in kyles truck. it was like a regular night and there was a glowy mist around the moon we drove past 4-winds(the devil worshipers)and about 5 minutes on to the road my chest started getting tight. me and tracey were in the back all the windows rolled up me and tracey were getting really hot and kyle(driving)tamera(middle front) and anthony(right front) were freezing and as soon as we hit the bridge the dome light came on and instantly i couldnt breathe in the small house you could see the nuns face glowing with anger and it looked like a light but there is no electricity to or in the house.kyle has been run off the road before many times and didnt want to go there again.we turned around NOT in reverse and speeded back you could see the couple and in the corner of the window you could see a face and fingerprints. and you can only see them at night.
e-mail me if you want more stories

Ashley Fraser says:

October 3, 2007, 5:18 pm

want more my address is

LaDonna says:

October 5, 2007, 2:04 am

I’ve come across this purely by accident due to the time of year and a curiosity, and interest, in the paranormal. I’ve had way too many experiences myself not to be interested, and since I live in Missouri I wanted to see what places were reputed to be haunted. While reading about this road, and some of the people’s experiences on it, I decided to look on the map as to where it’s actually located and BOY do I have a story to tell…. Several years ago my ex-husband and I were going to spend the weekend at his parents house who lived about 30 miles outside of Cape Giradeau. We were living in the Overland, MO area at the time and would normally travel out hiway 55, but we had to go to my dad’s first and he lived in New Haven, MO. Because of that we were leaving quite late on a Friday night and taking a route we had never traveled before. My ex was driving and missed the turn we were supposed to take. We went miles out of the way before he realized it… but not before we got a really bad scare. I’m one of these people that if something is going to happen it happens around me. I saw a man walking along the road directly ahead of us, he was all white, cloths, hair, skin, everything. Then he turned and faced the car and I never saw such pure evil in my entire life. We drove straight through him. Thank God the kids were asleep in the back seat. I didn’t scream but the sudden intake of breath choked me up pretty bad. My ex didn’t see him but he sure felt it. The first words out of his mouth were, “Oh my God! What was that?” The inside of the car got so cold we could see our breath and the windows iced up (and this was in July). We had never heard of the area before or any rumors concerning it, and until I was reading this I didn’t even remember any town close to it. I do remember the hiway we were on where it happened though, we were on hiway 8. I have no idea if this is the exact hiway that’s being talked about here but it’s very close to the area if it’s not. Ghostly encounters don’t scare me, evil encounters do. There is definately something evil haunting a section of hiway 8 in that area and I saw it for myself one night around midnight. Geez, “around midnight” sounds kinda corny doesn’t it? But it’s true.

anne says:

October 26, 2007, 9:18 am

ok i was reading a comment a little while back that said that in the house by the bridge the attic is hot adn teh basment is about 20 degress colder than the rest of the house, well duh, it’s going to be. heat rises, as anyone with a two story home who doesn’t have good ac will tell you. basements tend to be cooler casue they are underground… i’ve been to this rd adn didn’t experince anything out of the ordarny. blessed be people.

Vickie Beauchamp says:

November 13, 2007, 9:40 pm

I used to go to the mines often around Bonne Terre and Farmington but I never had a para experience. My dad and my two youngest sons did in one of the mines about twenty years ago. They had gone into a mine and they saw a man walking toward them who just disappeared in front of them. I cannot tell you which mine because it was so long ago and my kids were too young then to remember now and my dad is dead so I can’t help you with which one. I have not heard of the Satanists or have I traveled in the area this story is about. I live in the Cape Girardeau area. We have about four Satanist groups here and also some Wiccan groups which some people think that Wiccan is evil and it isn’t. We have lots of activities here that are listed on some sites on the net. But there are some things that happen that are not reported yet. There were Native Americans here in the trading sector and there were lots of things happening as this being a river town. It was a rough place plus the Civil War in Missouri was a civil war in the state. The state was divided within families, friends, and neighbors. The war itself has left some presence. Plus there is several old homes and business buildings that have different kinds of presence.

Vickie Beauchamp says:

November 13, 2007, 10:00 pm

Hey, Chris Wright, I wonder what the deal is with restaurants. It seems like a lot of restaurants are haunted. My oldest son worked at the New Orleans Bistro in Cape Girardeau for awhile. He swears the previous owner haunts the place. Of course this building has some old and interesting history anyway but the place settings were often messed up or changed around or the chirs would be back on the floor anfter they had been put up for the night or in the banquet area put up until the next use of the room. SO it is interesting for him to tell the stories.

Sherry says:

December 12, 2007, 1:38 pm

I live about 15 minuets from the spot and have been on the bridge which is now closed and a new one has been built. I walked aacross in broad daylight andlate at night and never saw or heard anything there,but once you get to the Blackwell side of the bridge immediatly to the left is a burnt house kind of up on a small hill i was told that was the place where a nun was raped and killed. The stuff about the resteraunt is all fake to I knew the owner was a regular customer when I worked at local store just a normal guy from another country can’t remember where either Cuba or an Arab country can’t remember. The dissapearing road is simply because it comes comes to the hwy at a very extreme angle like a y almost so when you are driving from say what would be the bottom of the y its easily visable but when heading from the right side of the y headed to the bottom that other road is hard to see. Sorry to be a stick in the mud but hate to see people waste good money to come and see something that’s not there when they could go somewhere authentic.

mr.x says:

December 21, 2007, 11:20 pm

i am looking for more information on the blackwell area and looking for someone to give a tour of the area or let me park a car and walk to the area

lindsey says:

January 6, 2008, 2:58 pm

I always wanted to go somewhere were is was haunted. Hopefully i can visit this road someday, although i will bring some friends want to go with with. Just tell me

Seth says:

February 28, 2008, 2:35 pm

I’ve been to St. Louise but never heard that story. It’s scary!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda says:

March 5, 2008, 10:29 pm

Hey…I lived in Bonne Terre Mo…and that road scares the **** out of me…there are other places that are haunted and i will say that this place is something that you dont want to mess around this

whuske30 says:

March 13, 2008, 3:27 pm

to the person wondering about the vampire grave yard in is located in old river mines(park hills now)

nicole says:

March 14, 2008, 1:56 pm

hey that is the most coolest but frighting thing i have ever heard i want to go try that bridge out it soulds gangster

luisa says:

April 17, 2008, 4:40 pm

R userois am scared AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

stephen says:

April 21, 2008, 11:10 pm

i have also been to the haunted mansion in blackwell about 7 years ago before it was refinished. we walked through the house and the doors kept closing and locking behind us. Everything was left behind and looked as if the family just up and left. we hung out there all the time and the creepy things didn’t really bother us too much. until one day we went there and the house smelt like death. we climbed up in the attic and seen something wrapped in a white sheet soaked in red blood (we assume). We freaked out and left and went down the road to get my friends dad. We came back within the hour and the smell and the object wrapped in the bloody sheet was gone without a trace. i haven’t been back since and i noticed that the house was refinished and sitting empty. this obviously prooves that there is paranormal activity in that house.

Lisa says:

April 30, 2008, 11:20 pm

My family used to have land in bonne terre, mo. I grew up there as a child in the summers and I know this place very well. My brother thought it would be funny to try and scare me by taking me there and have his friend wait on the other side and when he started yelling to come driving down the road. after he started yelling a car came and he acted like he was scared and we drove like a bat out of hell!! of course me being only 10 I was freaking out. when we got back to the house his friend was there and he told him how well the joke went the only thing is that his friends car would not start and he had never been able to leave the house. so who did we see on the bridge?

anna says:

May 13, 2008, 1:11 pm

this is to eric that was interested in the vampire graveyard near flat river {park hills}. i’ve been there, and yes it is a very creepy place. yes there is a grave there with a fence around it. and yes its suppose to be a grave of a vampire. there is santanic rituals that go on there. the place is not as nearl as creepy as it use to be because now they are building new housing next to it, wich, back in the day, it use to be very secluded. the name of the graveyardis GIBSONS GRAVEYARD and it’s located in old rivermines wich is between old elvins and park hills.

Eric says:

May 17, 2008, 5:13 pm

Thank you, Anna.
I currently live in Farmington, and it is by pure coincidence that I chose to check up on some haunts two days after someone leaves a comment about me. Haha. Creepy, eh?

Anyway, I think I’m going to start up a Farmington-Area Ghost Legend-Tripping group. Anyone interested?

Contact at:
http://www.myspace. com/emarler

abner says:

June 4, 2008, 9:05 am

This is to Stephen about the haunted house that has been refinished. There is nothing haunted about it, my fiance is one of 3 guys that refinished it and spent alot of time there. The man that owns it is very nice he actually had the property cleaned up for a child and they lived there for a short time because of a job or something else where. In the time that my fiance worked there nothing strange or scary happened thats just crazy.

Mark B. says:

July 19, 2008, 12:56 am

We have been investigating alot of homes & places in the old leadbelt area over the past 4 years. If you live in a haunted house or haunted bldg. and want a full investigation please contact us. we are a Paranormal research & investigation team. /

CJ says:

July 29, 2008, 7:04 pm

The place they are talking about here is the town of Black Well Missouri. Maybe Blackwell.. Google it!
I have gone many time. It it very fu*ked up place.
90% of the stories you will find online about this to are true.. I also have ate at the 4 winds restaurant.
The guy was real friendly actually. I have pix takein with me and him and another friend in front of the sign out side his restaurant/house.. its a double wide mobile home.. they use the top have as the restaurant..
The creepy thing. a girl that was with us was 2 months prego. couldn’t tell by lookin at her. He told her to come in and sit down.. her and her little boy need to eat. My question is, how did he know she was having a kid, and that it was a boy?
And she did have a boy. You can email me anytime at I still go down there with friends ” ghost hunting ” or what ever.. If you want to plan a trip some time or fins out more info. Just ask.

sally says:

July 30, 2008, 6:11 pm

I’ve lived in Bonne Terre my whole life and, I have been to Old Blackwell. I know people that live out there in campers by the river (old hippies) and they said that it is haunted! maybe they were just trying to skare me, or maybe they were telling the truth. enyway, they said that a guy got hit by a train and was killed. and at night when the train goes through you can hear the old man screaming !!!!!!!!

Nessa says:

August 5, 2008, 4:03 pm

My husband is from Cadet, MO, which is only a few miles from Blackwell. He worked in the timber/ logging business when he was a teenager. He spent a lot of time cutting logs in the woods near Blackwell, and was alone for much of it. He says that he often heard terrible screams, like someone was being killed, coming from the woods. He also once saw a white, misty figure with glowing red eyes. He doesn’t like to talk about the place, and he says that the place is evil, and should be avoided. He never jokes about this sort of thing, so I believe him completely.

Brian says:

August 27, 2008, 7:47 pm

In regards to “Gibson’s gravyard” for the Vampire Grave. The place is there and the grave itself is made up of a iron rod gate around the grave about 3 ft high and has upside down crosses on it. There is a big cedar tree growing in the center of the grave now. There are several headstones of young babies avg 2yrs old from the 1800’s buried there. Definetly creepy place. I’ll warn you though, I’ll never go back. When my friend and I came out of the woods to the dirt road,we were met with a shotgun in our face questioning why we were on private property.Old man Gibson doesn’t take kindly to trespassers.

? says:

September 20, 2008, 7:49 pm

ive been here a couple times im from the farmington area, so yeah is kind of a waste of a drive if you ask me its way out of the way its hard to find and when you get there you will see nothing but woods, and dont bother going to gibson cemetary home of the albino man cus chances are you will get shot by a redneck lol, but i did go to st louis road (north of farmington)once with a few friends and we drove down the road for a bit and the car quit on us in the middle of a dip where a wet water creek runs and we got out of the car to see if everything was alright with it and all looked good, and next out in the woods we heard some really weird *** screams like i cant really explain what they sounded like but there was about 20 different screams and they didnt sound like people. anyways the car started back up and we hauled ***

Abby Lane says:

September 24, 2008, 1:48 am

A few months ago my nephew came up from Texas with his church group to build houses for charity and they stayed at the high school in Bonne Terre. I drove up to see him on the last day he was there. Part of the day we spent in Park Hills at a park in the center of town. I can tell you FOR A FACT that those two towns are evil. I can’t explain how they are, but there is a feeling there that you just can’t shake away. I am from a very small town in Texas so I am very comfortable in that kind of environment, but I will tell you that I did not breathe again until I hit St. Louis city limits! Earlier that day my nephew was telling me about a strange dream that he had while he was in Bonne Terre. He said that the Alabama song “Song of the South” was in his dream, but couldn’t understand why? On my ride home (late that night) that same song came on the radio. As soon as it got to the part “Song of the South”, the radio cut off and would not come back on for anything. My radio has never failed me, EVER! I drive all over the country, trust me, my radio is fine. I felt spooked by it and thought that it was a sign that something was wrong with my nephew so I called him…tried calling him. My phone would not work either. I was not able to use my phone or my radio until I was in Creve Couer! The radio and phone went off at the same time and came back on at the same time. The phone rang just as the radio blasted. (That required a change of underwear!)

I have been through Bonne Terre 5 or 6 times since that night I was there with my nephew, but I haven’t stopped…not on purpose anyway. On my last trip home from Texas the end of August, I was driving up 55 and saw a lady standing on the steps of an old church. For some reason I wasn’t able to take my eyes off of her. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of me either? As I got closer to the church I could see her perfectly. She was wearing a long skirt and a fancy hat. As soon as I got to the church, the lady just vanished in front of my eyes! She was GONE. I know that she was there, I saw her plain as day, but she just disappeared while I was staring her right in the eye. I got freaked out by that and so did my daughter. We decided to stop and walk it off even though we had just stopped for gas and was in a hurry to get home because we had gotten lost and our trip went from 9 hours to 17 hours. Can’t explain that either? We take that route every month and have for the past 6 years, but this time we ended up lost and took back country roads all the way from Texas to St. Louis. Anyway, we stopped at the very first exit we came to. I told my daughter that the place looked very familiar to me. When we looked behind us we realized that we were in Park Hills….next exit, Bonne Terre! Might sound goofy to you, but I honestly believe there is something there and it scares the hell out of me.

Jim says:

September 28, 2008, 10:30 pm

I went to Blackwell Road last night. I went with my girlfriend, both of my sisters and their boyfriends. Flashed our lights 3 times, yelled ‘Come get me!’ 3 times..nothing at all. This has to be the biggest waste of time.

Mari Kreider says:

October 10, 2008, 11:47 am

Greetings All,

I am the cofounder of Pathseekers of Missouri paranormal research soceity and we have been serving Jefferson County now since January with great Sucession. But the question is what do you consider great Sucess or not is entirely up to the person. We have investigated the Arlington Bed and Breakfast,Guibord valle House as well our recent one which was Moontown Cemetery on the 13th od September along with Masonic Cemetery and I can honestly say that there is very much activity there. We started our Investigation at 10pm and the monute we got off our cars we were bombarded with Voices that came from within the Cemetery. We conducted a channeling session in the middle of the graveyard and with great sucess we managed ro get in contact with a Lady by the name of Eugenia and another gentlemen by the name of Harry. Harry was rather restless and did not like our pressence there and made it known to us by manifesting himself upon one of my colleagues which was scratched on his back in which he was sitting no where to or leaning against anything to acheive such a wound. My other colleagues jumped up in the middle of our channeling because she felt that she was stung with a Cattle prod. Our medium that I have worked with for over 20 years and trust totally.She addressed Eguenia and asked her what she died off my channeler started coughing violently and spat up blood which I thought it was best that we removed ourselves from within the grounds. In which when she stepped out of the graveyard she felt better. I am a very open minded person you have to be in this type of field but at the same time you sometimes have to rule out the possible for sometimes it is not all what it seems to appear as and one can get very carried away especially if a suggestion is ut within their head. I have pictures of my investigation if you all like to se or care to join us in our future investigations. I have read alot of comments on here and I must say that there is alot of what is being said that is filled with truth and some that I can honestly say that I have never experienced or seen. Blackwell has alt of underlining energies but it is not the root of all evil as people claim to be. As far as the Winds when I met Miloud he stated to me that he felt that all the stories about his resturant being the focus of Satanism to be rather comical but also very fustrating. He feels that when people pass on they pass on and they cannot rise from within. I would have to disagree but everybody is entitled to their opinion. The decor within the Resturant is very extravagant and is something that one see’s everyday in a nornal resturant. But as he stated before to me he is Morrocan and the color Red in his country means Prosperity and to leave it to that. As far as the Black Tram Bridge and these phantom car I come to believe it to be a Urban legend for Scare Tatics for once a story is told over years it becomes larger than life for details have been added and come now we all like a good ghost story.:) We will be conducting a Investigation at the Lost History museum in Valles Mines Tomorrow as well be appearing at the october 25th halloween bash at the museum which we will going over all of our evidence that we collecting on all of our investigations.

Michael says:

October 14, 2008, 12:08 pm

Back when I lived up in the area, one night in October(it was getting close to Halloween I think)I believ about 3 years ago several of my friends and myself decided to get a wild hair and go out to Blackwell. Of course it was late at night and it was pretty chilly that night. Well, took 2 vehicles(one was a car and the other was my truck at the time). Well, one of the stories we heard was that if you drive down this one certain road, when you get to the beginning of the road, the legend says to drive at 45 mph for 2 minutes….after that, you are supposed to role your windows down, shut of the vehicle, and you are supposed to see a ghostly figure come up to your can and you can carry on a conversation with it. Well, we did what the stories said but none of that occured. What did happen was as follows… about 10 minutes of sitting there freezing our baggets off, all of a sudded we heard 2 gunshots sounded like maybe a 1/2 mile away. I had 2 other people with me in my truck and we said”What the explative was that?” All of a sudded we see headlights coming down the road at a high rate of speed. So the car that was in front of me starts up and we haul *** getting out of there. We finally lose the vehicle about 5 minutes later. I assume it was just some poachers out for a late-night deer kill. After that we went down the Blackwell Rd. to the Bridge where stories are that several black people were hung on the old steel bridge(which is now a new bridge). And if you get on the bride, shut off your vehicle, and honk your horn and call out “Come Get Me!!” an old car will appear and will try to run you off the road. Well, none of this happened…but we did see some pretty interesting stuff. I do believe that there is some sort of cult(satanic or maybe even KKK related) that occurs out there. We all got out of our cars and decided to walk across the bridge from the other side. We heard all kinds of what sounded like rants and yells and off in the distance we seen what appeared to be a big fire but it was off in the distance. The place is indeed VERY creepy though. Makes the hair on your neck stand up. Im very skeptical of ghosts and the paranormal, but I got a really weird feeling about that place. Oh..and we did go by the 4-Winds restaraunt….tell me this? What type of restaraunt, in the middle of nowhere mind you, stays open at like 11:30 at night?? We thought the place was open so we decided to go in. We opened the door and as soon as we stepped in, we seen about 10-15 people sitting around a table….needless to say, they ran us out saying, “We arent open….go away.” One fellow I believe to be armanian or islamic owns the place. I overheard him saying as we were rushed out the door,”….these damn kids wont ever leave us alone…Im gonna have to do something about that!!” Whatever that means….beware…that place gives you the creeps as well! But that was my experience with Blackwell Missouri. Have fun but be careful if you go there.

mari says:

October 15, 2008, 11:36 am

I just investigated the Lost history museum in valles mines and that is realt the center of all Evil. Especially upstairs. Yikes.. I have pictires to prove this.. We will be presenting a display of allour findings on October 25th at the museum ..We are pathseekers of missouri Paranormal society. The event takes place at 4 pm There will be ghost stories being said a trail ride to the Bills Tunnel another haunted location. I agree with blackwell but some of it is really not true

Jennifer says:

October 22, 2008, 1:04 pm

ive actually tried doing that b4 and we stayed there for a good half hour b4 and nothing happened

misty says:

January 27, 2009, 5:10 pm

I am holding my baby so hard to type but I live near blackwell very close I use that road alot b/c my mom lives on hwy 21 off of cc I personoly have not seen anything and i drive that road a lot there is an old house that just burned down that always caught my eye there the boy killed his mother and father and there is an creepy bridge crossing and old post office old house that they redid thats all.never seen ghost there though but will let you know if i do.

jessica says:

February 2, 2009, 11:44 pm

i live 5 minutes away from bonne terre, missouri and i have been to black well many of times and nothing happens…

Ashlee says:

February 12, 2009, 1:54 am

OMG ok so ive been to blackwell and its actually unincorporated DeSoto right off highway E and dont waste your gas the creepiest thing out there is that restaraunt. its run by some old russian guy and closes at 6. Everything in there is red and they have a sign that says they only serve 4 ppl a day i dont know if that means to eat or to serve food to. They were just closing when we got there and he wouldnt open the kitchen for just 1 person all 4 of us had to eat which really creeps me out cause we could have been the whole days menu the next day…wow but thats about it even the cemetery is somewhat newer and black tram bridge is no longer there its now a concrete bridge over big river

mystical636 says:

April 28, 2009, 5:28 pm

Just wanted to let you know….I live in Bonne Terre, I am a mom to four teen agers who have all been down Blackwell Road a time or two and have had stories to tell when they got home….there have been numerous things that were unexplainable happen on that road…..Something else to check out if you are going that way is the parmley house….supposedly that house has alot to do with the ghosts of Blackwell Road….I actually am looking forward to making a trip out there myself…

Jon says:

May 2, 2009, 3:09 am

Me and my friends went there 2night and didn’t see anything… but we didn’t go down the road long cause we thought we were gonna run out of gas! Haha So we might try it again and make sure we have plenty gas. But coming off of hardin road how far are you suppose to go?

Johnathon says:

May 8, 2009, 11:13 am

Late one night after a supper of belgium waffles, i went there. I was freaked the **** out! I went past this street corner and there was this ghostly lady dressed in all black and had really short skirt on. She hopped in my car and attacked me, she tried ripping off my pants and shirt but i wouldnt let her! She demanded money after she was done and i said NO. She said I was a cheap ***.

Jordan says:

May 30, 2009, 4:30 am

I just moved here from Alabama recently. We live in Boonville , Mo. ( Cooper Co. )Do you know of any haunted houses or places . We went by RavenWoods it looked pretty scary …Please anybody right me back . I am very interested.

Sherry says:

June 3, 2009, 2:48 am

Oh for petes sake I posted over a year ago and people are still taking this junk seriously! Let’s see where to start 1. I knew Max Parmely’s family and yes he did kill his parents but only because he stopped taking medication. The house burned down later had nothing to do with Max who is in prison. 2. The bridge is not even there anymore they built a new one, and no it is not haunted by a car that chases you. 3. The four winds is just a small resteraunt owned by a nice old foreign man and the only thing satanic is he serves on HELL of a good dinner! 4. As I expained before the dissappearing road is because of the angle the road comes onto hwy. CC. 5. Even the old building where the nun was “supposed” (and I put it that way because I’ve never seen proof it happened) to have been raped and killed is in the process of being torn down. Trust me people I live 5 minuits from the old bridge sight don’t waste your money or gas on this spot it’s not real!!!!!!!

Ivana says:

June 6, 2009, 9:15 am

My husband and I have been down there on two separate occasions and have wandered around, to no avail. I don’t believe this is a place you’ll find anything at by just driving around aimlessly. I learned this from experience. There really isn’t much there and it’s all private property. I’d love to conduct a formal investigation at some point, but I have no connections to anyone in that area, so it seems unlikely at this point.

The hubby and I are going to Valles Mines today, however, and are going to check out the Lost History Museum. We’re also going to look into camping there, apparently for a fee you can camp on the property. It was originally established in the 1700’s and the property has remained in the same family for centuries from what I’ve read. There is a lot of history and a lot to explore, so I’ll let you all know if I find anything of interest there. I’m taking my equipment with me tonight so if there’s anything out there that would like to make contact, I’ll be ready!

I am the researcher for Riverbend Paranormal and would love any further contacts or information on these areas. Any and all info is greatly appreciated! I can be contacted at or my myspace page

Lisa says:

June 18, 2009, 10:10 pm

The Black Tram is no longer a standing bridge and a new one has replaced it. Upon investigating this bridge and the surrounding remains of a mining town that had burned out, we spoke with neighbors in the area and none had reported any unusual circumstances with the new bridge.

Chris says:

June 19, 2009, 3:14 am

Has anyone heard of Zombie rd in Ballwin MO.I went there when a long time
ago and saw shadow people.My friends were amazed.However I ran like hell
to the car.Bad choice,they were walking around the car until my friends got
back.I never went back again.

Alex says:

July 21, 2009, 2:01 pm

OK I live in Cape Girardeau, MO and a few years ago when I was in fourth grade, we took a field trip to Bonne Terre Mine. I would call it haunted because the tour guide said there are odd noises and sometimes you can hear some sort of machinery turn on and off. People died down there from bad conditions and I heard that the machinery was something that mined rocks. Don’t believe me, set up a tour with Bonne Terre Mine it’s freaky but the sights are also amazing

robert says:

October 9, 2009, 3:58 pm

going halloween 09 see if anything happens to us

Jenna says:

October 23, 2009, 7:39 pm

It isnt located on a map because it is an abandoned town. It no longer exists on a map.

Irma Smith says:

November 3, 2009, 12:56 am

Lost History Museum is located on Valle Mines School Rd. Tunnel Bill’s is on the same property several miles away from museum. You can take tours of both if you go to the museum and speak to the superintendent. Multiple ghost hunting groups have investigated these places and noone has left dissapointed. Apparitions of miners with head lamps have been seen in woods. Children singing ring around the rosy has been recorded on tape out behind museum and store. A yellow tabby cat ghost has been seen on the way to the slave cemetery. One group had one of their members get pushed on the same trail. Other people have been touched on the trail and at the cemetery. Footsteps have been heard following people on the trail itself or in woods close by. Also a lady in upstairs of museum. People have become very emotional when in second floor of museum to the point of tears. This has occured to both men and women alike. A husband of one group went to an investigation with his wife and was overcome with emotion several times that night as he kept trying to see if it was going to happen every time he went to second floor. This was the first and last time he went ghost hunting.
There was communication with a boy using an EMF meter and also a little girl. Toys set up for activity have been moved by the children on the second floor. The ghost have not always been friendly and have caused pain in the chest and abdomen of several male ghost hunters and sent a couple to their knees. Male and female alike have experienced cold spots, dizzy spells and waves of nausea. There is a male entity that is not very friendly. Footsteps, knockings, and door knob jiggling has occured. Old time music has been recorded also. Lights have been turned on in museum at night and it wasn’t by a living person. A boy in old time white gown has been seen running across field that is acrossed the street from museum and store. The superintendent has traded knocks with spirits in the store on more than one occasion. At The tunnel you can hear footsteps when noone is walking and extra footsteps when someone is walking. It has been reported that People have heard talking and screams, along with music playing. People have had the feeling that they are being watched or not wanted there. One psychic that went felt like someone had hit her in the head. Tunnel Bill is very protective of his tunnel. Mina lake is on the same property and several campers have witnessed apparitions. One family was up at around 2 am and witnessed a lady walking towards them but the problem was she was walking across the water towards them. The family left everything and jumped in their car and left. They returned the next day to gather their belongings. A ghost hunting group saw a man standing by their truck when they were at the lake investigating. The problem was he wasn’t with them and he wasn’t a living person. The man just disappeared. Around Halloween every year they have a gathering and celebration with ghost hunters sharing their findings and stories. With hay rides to the tunnel and walking tours to the cemetery. The museum is open year round and there is usually a phone number you can call if it is’nt. Very scary.

john says:

November 18, 2009, 1:04 pm

My girlfriend lives in Blackwell. I have been down there every weekend. We travel Blackwell Road every Friday and Saturday night. She lives on Cole Road, next to the train tracks. One weekend, about 3 weeks ago, the river flooded the intersection of EE and Cole Road. I have to park on the other side of the bridge, walk across the bridge and walk the train tracks about a mile and a half to her house. What better opportunity for ghosts and goblins to make their appearance. I didn’t hear any screams, feel any chills, see any orbs, or any bodies, fires, or ghost cars. Never have seen or heard anything like the the whole time I have been spending my weekends there. All just a bunch of stories and made up hype.

Justin Jackson says:

December 31, 2009, 9:25 pm

Me and a couple friends went up there not too long ago and we parked on the bridge and flashed our lights 3 times and yelled out the window come get me 3 times and we waited for 3 min and the water started gettin louder and we got freaked so we left the 4th min and right before we got to the train tracks a train flew right infront of us and idk if those train tracks are used anymore or what but when we went across the tracks it was stopped and we went across and on the other side of the tracks theres a dead end we pulled in there and backed out as soon as we did a white truck with no symbols or anything on it came around the curve doin atleast 80 mph and we took off and when we crossed the tracks again the train was backing. The truck chased us all the way out to E hwy… If somebody could tell me if the train tracks on the other side of the bridge are still used my email is Thanks!

Justin Jackson says:

December 31, 2009, 9:28 pm

me and three friends went there and we parked on the bridge did all that and had some freaky experiences that night. If somebody could please tell me if the train tracks on the other side of the bridge if your coming from E hwy are still used ide appreciate it. My Email is Thanks!!!

Andrew says:

January 29, 2010, 12:24 am

Not to burst anyones bubble, but that bridge Tram bridge out in Blackwell, has been destroyed for sometime now two years i believe a new bridge was in it place, If you guys want a real scare. Park out at the west end of the bridge and walk south to were it used to be, you’ll get a real chill out of it………..

Andrew says:

January 29, 2010, 12:30 am

Hey those Train tracks are still used frequently

Chels says:

May 3, 2010, 3:20 pm

PS I see that it starred the word s-h-i-t. Just to let ya know, thats what the word was.

Brandon says:

May 13, 2010, 12:37 am

I have lived just outside of Farmington (south of Bonne Terre) and have never heard of Blackwell, much less it being haunted. I stumbled across the website and began reading the comments which interested me. I plan on road tripping up to Blackwell when I get back from deployment in late August. Any one who is interested in going is more than welcome. Just shoot me an email at Thanks for the stories!

McBob says:

June 21, 2010, 1:57 am

ok so im not too sure about the whole car chase thing or whatever, but let me tell ya, when you go out there take a digital camera and just snap away, you will see some pretty crazy things, one night half our pictures wouldnt even show up, most of the ones that did had an unexplainable yellow orb in random spots, there is a house somewhere out there coudnt find it during the day that we have photographed multiple times with actual ghosts in front of it, to top this off on our way in the same night me and someone else had heard this terrible screeching noise almost like an eagle screaming. Every foggy spot we drove through there was the smell of cooking, 1 a.m. btw. what finally scared us off the road was what happened at the tracks, this seemed like a normal train until our daytime investigation showed us we could see a good bit down the tracks, but anyway we stopped and nothing, as soon as we had gotten onto the tracks a train out of nowhere so i hauled it and stopped on there otherside…nothing, no train or noise whatsoever, it was time to turn around. about 2 miles from E I start freezing and feeling sick, i lean forward and look up there is a huge white bird (4 or 5 ft wingspan) flying “mythotically” above us for approximately a minute…The next day I researched birds to find an answer, and I am still puzzled, I personally will never go back at night, and that was just the road not the cemetaries. Also during the day me and a friend spotted a MASSIVE dog running through multiple fields by us, by massive it was clearly visible in grass that was approximately 3 ft or so…Blackwell is for the brave and, after blackwell I have lost most of my bravery. Old st. louis road is worth checking out as well

Melissa says:

August 13, 2010, 12:34 am

I got led to Blackwell MO through a year long investigation we did on a property in Jefferson County MO. One thing I did find out is that back in the early 1800 when they abolished slavery one farmer in Blackwell refused to release his slaves. He hung them from all the trees on the edge of the property. So I don’t know about satanism but I know there are a lot of p***** off spirits and rightly so. Studying the supernatural for 12 years our photos have been on George Noory so I am serious about the paranormal. There are ghosts and spirits so no matter what your parents told you they are real. One thing I found out years ago is if it’s haunted it’s haunted day and night. Yes we have apparitions in broad daylight and at night. One picture was taken out of our car passing a location and there in one snapshot a 100 year old residual haunt caught on a camera. The clothes were dated by a vintage clothes collector. So being scared is fun when you hunt for it, but when it hunts you its a different story. Be safe. Unseen Paranormal

Melissa says:

August 13, 2010, 12:43 am

Please send me some paranormal pictures from Blackwell. I’s love to see them. I know the man whose family established the town. His family was wooden tombstones and they keep the cemetery kept nicely. So please be careful. If your over 21 and want to investigate let me know.

Stephanie Rankin says:

August 28, 2010, 11:18 pm

I have a few incidents that really occurred in Blackwell,my kids were w me, and we all experienced the strangest night of our lives out there. There was an old car, from the 50’s that was at a stop sign. Inside it was four people. The two women had beehive hairdos and the men were dressed like greasers. One man and woman got out of the car and asked my husband for directions. My husband gave them directions and they drove forward. The car suddenly vanished into thin air. No kidding, we were terrified. On another occassion, we were driving home around eleven at night, and with no warning a passenger train went passing by us with no warning whatsoever. There are no crossing lights or gate, we were within seconds of being hit. This may seem like it wouldnt be scary in the haunted sense, but the pasenger car was only about three links long- and it almost seemed to disappear before we ever saw it.

Daniel says:

September 24, 2010, 2:19 pm

yeah blackwell is really crazy just even driving past the road gives u the creeps i live right up the road from blackwell so i am farely close to it i have been down there a bunch but have never seen anything out of the ordinary from getting the earie felling someones watching you but my uncle is buried in masonic cemetary and me and a freind went down there one night and sat in his car and was talking to the spirits buried there and had asked them to make a noise saying they were there and they did it was pretty creppy but i have been doing alot of research on blackwell the past few days and now im wanting to explore some more of it my gf and her parents went down by the bridge to look at the river and they said this gray man came out of nowhere from a feild and started walking towards them so they got in there car and tried to leave but it wouldnt start her dad said he definitly wasnt human so it had to been a ghost wish i could have been there to see it but yeah melissa i am 21 and would love to do some investigating with u get back to me maybe we can go explore blackwell

Kelsey says:

September 29, 2010, 1:11 pm

i wanna go back so bad after reading all theese stories… me and my friend kelly went a few years back during the day… Couldn’t really find the bridge or what we were looking for out there.Need to get better directions next time. but we did find the four winds restaurant. the same guy with the accent meeted us at the door… he seemed very eery (sp) of us being there. He made us sit in a certain table (even tho we were the only ones there) acted really nice ..too nice…kept asking us all about ourselves..and all.. there were goat heads hung on the wall..along with what looked like sometype of satanism medals..idk just got a creepy feeling from the whole thing..and when we were leaving he walked us out to our car and picked us these red flowers.. lol idkk diddnt experience any paranormial activty tho..four winds kinda creeped us out enough…lol but if anybody wants to go back with me lemme know! thanks

anthony says:

October 17, 2010, 5:57 pm

Hey i lived in bonne terre for a couple of years now, i have checked it out and wat they say is true. I’ve seen the car and it’s real but for a good time it’s worth the drive.

Gary says:

October 25, 2010, 2:48 pm

Anthony, im with a paranormal group, and was hoping you took a picture or anything of that sort? and what time did you go and see the truck?

Gary says:

October 25, 2010, 2:54 pm

Kelsey, I will go, ive never been there and i have equipment so we can catch it on film, get a hold of me at, or look me up on facebook

Dennis Murphy says:

October 26, 2010, 10:38 am

To everyone regarding the whole ghost nonsense in Blackwell. There are no ghosts only ghost stories. It is darker in Blackwell than most other places becuase it is a rural area with NO street lights at all. No homes directly on the roads so again no light source.

As far as the tracks and bridge. Yes the tracks are used daily by trains in both directions at all times during the day and night.

In regards to people being followed by mysterious vanishing cars that would be the people who there there who are tired of all the people breaking into supposed haunted houses and trespassing all of the time. There is a lot of theft going on and becuase the nearest police respons eis over 30 miniutes away they have to look out for their own property and each other. Please just leave us alone. How would you like it if the people of Blackwell started ghost rumors about your neighborhood and people started showing up at your house to break in and take pictures.

Dennis Murphy says:

October 26, 2010, 10:42 am

To everyone regarding the whole ghost nonsense in Blackwell. There are no ghosts only ghost stories. It is darker in Blackwell than most other places becuase it is a rural area with NO street lights at all. No homes directly on the roads so again no light source.

As far as the tracks and bridge. Yes the tracks are used daily by trains in both directions at all times during the day and night.

In regards to people being followed by mysterious vanishing cars that would be the people who live there who are tired of all the people breaking into supposed haunted houses and trespassing all of the time. There is a lot of theft going on and because the nearest police response is over 30 miniutes away they have to look out for their own property and each other. Please just leave us alone. How would you like it if the people of Blackwell started ghost rumors about your neighborhood and people started showing up at your house to break in and take pictures.

Melissa Wrozier says:

October 26, 2010, 12:12 pm

I need ten people that want to investigate a haunted location. This place is in Illinois. Date to be announced. This will be a controlled “experiment” if you will. Cost will be $25.00 per person. (Cost going to owner for night staff) You will be responsibile for your own equipment and for viewing. Someone will be the leader and bring the review to the client. Since you will have no preconceived ideas we want to see if the spirits will be as or more active with inexperienced people as they are experienced investigators. If you think you have what it takes to be in a paranormal group or want to lead one here is an opportunity. You will be under the watchful eye of Unseen Paranormal Research And Investigations. The spirits in this location seem to be more active to new individuals as we note this pattern we are bringing new individuals in.

Jimmy Ash says:

October 29, 2010, 2:21 pm

I posted 3 years ago, and I’m gonna post one last time. Tales of Blackwell have been greatly exaggerated. First, the Four Winds restaurant. Miloud, the owner, is Moroccan. He is not a Satanist, but a really nice man. The reason he had you sit specifically in one area and asked you questions is because that’s his culture. The reason all of you had to eat was because he makes it on the spot, and doesn’t want to make one meal. He was the most gracious host and the food was delicious. Next, the “Black Tram” was torn down years ago, so it’s bunk. The new bridge has nothing wrong with it. The “Nun House”, found right next to old bridge on the western bank, is just an abandoned house. I never could find the Blackwell graveyard, due to it being private property and gated off. The Moon cemetary was a great place to go… creepily hidden down a road, but again, nothing extravagant. The “Pentagrams” are not… it’s for Easter Seals and Freemasons. There is a freemason graveyard west of Blackwell that actually did have an odd happening, but other than that, nothing. What it boils down to is this; the scariest thing you will find out there are pissed off locals that might not take kindly to you snooping around whatever meth labs might be brewing out in the middle of nowhere. I’ve been out this way over 12 times since 2007. Went to local libraries to refute any claims of raped nuns, devil worshipping cults, and sadistic judges. As with all ghost stories, there is only a hint of truth in an explosion of a lie. I’ll be happy to head out there with anyone wanting to go anytime. I do like the area, and there are a couple places where things have gone on that I can’t explain. Want to know more, find me on Facebook. That is my FB addy, so do not mail me, just use it to find me.

mary ellis says:

October 29, 2010, 5:59 pm

i have been out htere many times and have had alot of things happen to us.if you want to know more email me at i have pictures on my facebook of moontown cemetery find me on three and have a look.i will be returning to blackwell in the spring or early summer if anyones interested contact me.

mary ellis says:

October 29, 2010, 6:01 pm

i forgot to mention i do know the location of the old blackwell cemetery.and lots of other good places to check out1

Keke says:

April 22, 2011, 12:25 pm


Josh says:

April 26, 2011, 6:09 am

oh this is silly i live on silver Springs rd, a couple roads down from blackwell, and I like the new bridge, It makes fishing at night easier, I been out there from 10pm at night to 5am, and Have never seen, heard or smelled anything! and Ive been all over the houses and yet again nothing. But then again i grew up here too, and rember the old tram bridge, man was that a fun bridge on the 4th of july. You kids are just silly, no ghost out here!

michael call says:

August 9, 2011, 11:09 pm

they do not do satanism at four winds…thats just silly…i used to work there lol…as far as the other stuff im gonna go one nite n check things out…sounds fun

Dennis Murphy says:

September 12, 2011, 5:38 pm

Once again I need to update people about Blackwell. The old supposed huanted bridge has been torn down and replaced many years ago. The Four Winds Restaurant is closed. The abandoned house by the bridge has been renovated an people live in it now, so please leave them alone. Many of the old sites no longer exist and others have been renovated and people live there now. So this Halloween try some place else for your fun-you’ll be glad you didn’t waste your time.

zach says:

January 6, 2012, 11:22 pm

i have actually been to the blackwell house and inside of it and never seen anything out of the ordinary. I have been up and down the road many of times never seen anything either, but i was wondering if anybody does know of any actual haunted houses in or around parkhills,mo

Georgina says:

February 1, 2012, 9:37 pm

Whats the big deal let the dead rest you would not want people to come and bug you if you are dead do you?

Rust says:

February 12, 2012, 2:01 pm

Me and some of my “interest” group went out to blackwell one night, right after the tracks when approaching from E there is a road that goes left, we turned down that road and continued down to what appeared to be a church, we parked the car in the parking lot(a large van) there was 8 of us and we started our “ceremony.” We are a group that are free spirited and enjoy orgys so we began our business. It was a pretty scary place not gonna lie.

kim says:

February 5, 2013, 1:02 pm

people here will tell you that Blackwell is not haunted and to stay away,,iv lived here for 13 years and let me tell you it is,,,they dont want people poking around because it stirs things up and we have to live here,,iv never seen a scary movie that can compare to the reality of Blackwell and my place i would sell in a heart beat if i dident owe so much,, we have had 3 different paranormal groups here and all walked away happy and a little scared, its not the grave yards or the old houses that are haunted,,but the woods and fields,, its not wise to look for them here,,some say they are demons, some say ghosts or familiar spirits,,never the less,,its intelligent haunting s and they know your just might walk away damaged or at least a little bit ptsd. dont go looking for the devil,, you just might find it here and the repercussions can be devastating.

Maddi says:

September 27, 2014, 1:53 am

There is a kind of hidden house right after the bridge to the left when you pass the train tracks. The entrance is in the right corner. I went here with two of my friends, and as we were approaching the house, we saw what seemed like wild dogs chasing another dog, then we heard dogs howling in every direction. Out of nowhere, the howling just stopped, (we’re still not in the house, just walking around it looking at animal bones all around the house) then we hear a dog crying, similar to what you would hear in a dog fight, then what sounded like the dog dying…like painfully. We searched all around, following the sounds of the cries for about ten minutes until it finally stopped. We for some crazy reason still decided to go into the house. I was the first to enter the house. As soon as I walked into the old, decroded house, the howling from all of the other dogs came back, but louder. We still didn’t leave. We walked through the living room, the kitchen, then to a back room where the stairs were directly to our right. Me and one of my other friends heard what seemed like growling above us. We, of course, still did not take the hint, so kept going. My friend who heard the growling with me began going up the stairs with me behind him telling him we needed to go. As he looked back to say something to us then looked back to the top of the stairs, what he described was a dog-like creature with missing oarches of hair looking down at him. Finally, we ran all the way back to the car and obviously have not gone back to that house. Not a paranormal story about Blackwell, but the scariest thing that happened to me there including being chased, watched through a window at 2 in the morning, and having a man run up to our car (we drove off before he could get close enough to us for anything, and it was also night so we saw no details). But yeah…the scariest.

Mindy says:

October 15, 2014, 6:48 pm

I haven’t live in Missouri since 1991. I graduated graduated from SEMO in 1988. I am going to be traveling down in that area over Thanksgiving Weekend to meet some friends in Poplar Bluff. Just might have to check this out. I knew some fun guys from the general area that we are speaking of and they stated in the Towers Complex @ SEMO. I was even asked to go 4 wheeling at the shad (? spelling) mounds? Its been awhile for me so I am probably getting this a little wrongâ?¦.. my email is if anyone wants to contact me with additional information for me to check out.

Bon says:

March 28, 2016, 4:06 pm

What’s the address to this place? I would like to visit.

Christine says:

April 12, 2016, 11:56 pm

You all are the crazy ones. I have lived on upper Blackwell rd my entire life. There is nothing haunted about this place. We would appreciate if people stayed off our properties. We are not just visiting the area we live here. The old bridge was unsafe and torn down. We love to fish off the new bridge. The farmer that owns the property next to the bridge is a very nice man but hates when people tresspass and tears his fields up, as this is his hayfields. Please be courteous to all of us you wouldn’t like if people was always trespassing on your property.

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