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Random Haunted Houses

Bourbon House

Cleveland, Ohio, United States

In 1985 Cleveland resident lived in this in the house for 3 years and saw, as well as heard and felt many spooky things. Her young son actually had conversations with on of the ghosts, who, as they found out later, was the man who built the house. There is nothing weird about the history of the house other than it stayed in the same family from the time it was built untill it was bought by this resident. The builder, his wife, their daughter and her husband all died in the house of age/health-related problems. Incidentally, it is located right down the street from Franklin Castle, a notorious Cleveland home!

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Salt Lake City & County Building

Salt Lake City, United States, Utah

Originally constructed between 1891 and 1894 and serving at the state’s capitol building from 1896 to 1915, you best believe there is paranormal activity abundant.

Located in Washington Square Park, the site is stands on the original Mormon pioneer camp from 1847 and is atop several underground tunnels.  Sightings of deceased children on the 3rd and 4th floors have been reported, a ghostly mayor figure roaming the halls and a woman who appears in windows have been documented.

One tale of this mysterious place is that of a security guard who was patrolling the 5th floor.  The security guard heard a strange voice warning him not to step into the elevator.  He listened and shortly thereafter the elevator plummeted to the bottom of the shaft.

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Grandma Will Care For You

North Carolina, United States

In 1969, a woman lived with her daughter and her grandchildren. She was known to tell stories that could keep you on the edge of your seat, or shed tears for a sweet love story. She became sick with thyroid fever suffered until she finally stop breathing. Her family was devastated. Even the 4 year old little girl missed her grandmother.

A couple of months later, the little girl grew happier. Her mother wandered into the little girls room to find the little girl sitting on the bed, talking to the rocking chair that slowly rocked and she looked up smiling.

“Do you see her mama?” she questioned. The family left to move to Florida later because her mother feared what the house was doing to her daughter.

Thirty years later, the little girl became a mother, she came back to that old house and still felt the same comforting feeling. She decided to build a two story house next to it. In the great room of that old house, the wood around the fireplace feels warm to the touch, like it was burning wood recently. If you stand near the windows on the outside the blinds are bent slightly like someone is watching you. Then when you look away and suddenly look back, the blinds are straight. The grandmother’s spirit must still reside in that house to this day, watching over it.

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Arlo Road

New York, Staten Island, United States

Local legend says that one night a young couple came to this spot for a little TLC. At one pint, the man left the car to relieve himself in the nearby woods. As he left, he told his girlfriend to lock the doors until he returned. After some time, when her beau did not return the young lady became worried. Suddenly, she heard scraping noises on the hood. Getting out of the car to inspect, the girl discovering her boyfriend hanging from a tree with his throat cut. It is said that if couples park at the site on cool fall evening, they will the sound of the young mans fingers scraping across the hood.

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Lizzy’s House

Exeter, Pennsylvania, United States

Lizzy and her husband were a happy, and well-to-do couple many years ago, as the story goes. This all changed once Lizzy discovered that her husband was having an affair with their housekeeper. After being confronted about his infidelity, the husband decided that he did not wish to stay with Lizzy. He pushed her down the stairs, and she plummeted to her death. Hauntings include sounds of thumping on the stairs, lights flickering on and off, and loud screeches in the night. One night, a teenage boy was walking in front of the house, and a group of boys drove up to where he was. They jumped out and proceeded to beat him up, rob him, and eventually kill him. One of the boys looked up at the house and noticed a white, floating figure coming towards him. He called to his friends, and they left. The person that reported the murder to the police only identified herself as Lizzy.

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University of Texas Medical Branch

Galveston, Texas, United States

It is said that the property on which the University of Texas Medical Branch was once owned by a fisherman. The university wanted the property, but the man would not budge. Finally after he died, the school acquired the property. It is said that on the back of the wall facing Galveston Bay, one can see the face of the man. The walls have been sand-blown and painted. The building has been torn down and rebuilt. Street lights have been moved. Still, the face continues to appear.

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