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Random Haunted Houses

The Air Force Museum

Dayton, Ohio, United States

The air museum took artifacts from an unlucky plane that crashed in the mountains. Victims of the crash have been seen staring at the display, and when security guards attempted to arrest them, they vanished. Soldiers who died in World War 1, World War 2, and the Vietnam Conflict have also been seen standing near or inside their plane. While staring blankly at the plane, guards would try to converse with them, which caused the spirits to disappear.

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The North Shore

Hawaii, Oahu, United States

This house, on the north shore, is haunted. The woman that once lived here became so angry with her infant child that she killed him and buried him beneath the house. During the wee hours of the morning, a baby may be heard crying throughout the house; no one has yet found the source of the noise.

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Plover, United States, Wisconsin

It is said that in this former house a young baby was killed. Allegedly, when no one is in the building, a light will suddenly come on in the office–formerly a bedroom–the bedroom in which the baby was killed. It is also said that sometimes glasses move around the bar and even shatter on their own.

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The Pirate Blackbeardâ??s Ghost

North Carolina, Ocracoke, United States

His legend lives on well beyond his earthly time, and now, with the resurgence of pirate literature, pirate movies and a general fascination with all things pirate, it seems only fitting we introduce the legend of Blackbeardâ??s ghost.

Edward Teach is thought to have been an educated Englishman, though debate will always rage over his actual origins (and even his last nameâ??Teach, Thatch, Tash?). What is known of Edward Teach is that while he generally tolerated people who cooperated with him, he was a fearsome pirate figure during the two years he ruled the southeastern coast of what would eventually become the United States. Teach was interested in loot, not vengeance, not bloodshed. He was just in it for the money. One of Blackbeardâ??s best-remembered adventures was the blockade of Charleston harbor when his men desperately needed medicine. Blackbeard held a few people (a councilman and his young son among them) for ransom until a fully equipped medicine chest was delivered.

But beyond the blockade and the parties Blackbeard and his men participated in around the Carolina coast, Blackbeard is most well remembered for his stunning appearance. Tall and with long dark hair and a bushy black beard, he loved to scare sailors on ships he was attacking, and so, to make his appearance even more powerful, he wove fuses of slow burning hemp into his hair and beard and hung some around his shoulders so he was nearly enveloped in an otherworldly smoke. He was always heavily armedâ??several pistols and knives were always at his waist. Looking like the Devil himself, the pirate Blackbeard would attack and many sailors surrendered at the site of him.

In 1717 Blackbeard obtained a British ship called the Concorde. Outfitting her with 40 cannons (feeling 26 was simply too modest) Blackbeard renamed her The Queen Anneâ??s Revenge.

Although fearsome in battle, some claim Blackbeard was a lover at heart. He supposedly took more than a dozen wives and treated each one like a doting lover mightâ??making each feel as if she was his first and only loveâ??until he spotted the next one.

Blackbeard briefly retired, married his last wife, and lived a comfortable life until the ways of pirating lured him back into action. While partying in pirate camp near Ocracoke, North Carolina with Charles Vaneâ??s crew (including Jack Rackhamâ??later Calico Jack), Blackbeard and the pirates caused enough of a disturbance that the nearby citizens of Virginia demanded something be done. The governor of Virginia, Alexander Spotswood, hired Lieutenant Robert Maynard of the ship â??Janeâ? to capture Blackbeard.

On November 22, 1718 a fierce battle began between Maynard and Blackbeard. While Blackbeard fired his cannons, Maynard supposedly ordered many of his so-far-unseen men below decks and amid a damaged and nearly deserted ship, enticed the pirates to board. As they did British sailors swarmed out of the hold and into the bloody fray. Maynard and Blackbeard fought each otherâ??Blackbeard suffering approximately twenty stab wounds and cuts and 5 gunshots before collapsing on the deck in his own slick blood. The pirate succumbed due to blood loss.

Blackbeardâ??s head was cut off and hung from the Janeâ??s bowspritâ??his body thrown overboard.

And this was when the weirdness began. According to legend, Blackbeardâ??s headless corpse swam around the Jane three times while his suspended head shrieked. Since that time, Blackbeardâ??s ghost has been spotted in the cove at Ocracoke Island (Teachâ??s Hole).

Locals claim to have seen Blackbeardâ??s headless body floating on the waves and occasionally swimming in circles while glowing with a phosphorescent light. Some claim to have seen the body even rise up out of the water, holding a lantern, and come ashore to search for its head. Where Blackbeardâ??s ghost walks his boots leave no footprints and now any strange light on or near the beach is commonly called â??Teachâ??s Lightâ? in reference to the ghostly search Blackbeardâ??s headless ghost still makes.

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Curry Hall

Farmville, United States, Virginia

It is said that a three year old boy rode his bicycle into the elevator shaft of this hall, falling to his death. It is reported that if one rides the elevator to the tenth floor and then to the basement, the boy’s ghost will be seen when the doors open.

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Banff Springs Hotel

Alberta, Banff, Canada

In the 1920s, a young bride was descending the spiral staircase from the bridal suite, en route to her wedding. On the way, her long, flowing dress was set ablaze by the candles lining the staircase. While attempting to extinguish the flames, she slipped, falling down the staircase and resultantly breaking her neck. Employees of the hotel have reportedly heard strange noises emanate from the bridal suite when it is not being occupied. They have also seen a figure in a long, flowing dress descending the stairs. The dress of the apparition will then catch on fire, and the figure will vanish.

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