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Olde World Canterbury Village

Lake Orion, Michigan

The property began as a family farm called the Haddril Farm, and later was bought by the Scripps family, who had amassed a fortune through the newspaper business. Mr. Scripps bought it as a hobby, and soon developed it into a major farm of about 3,000 acres. During this time, many people lived and worked at the farm which Scripps called Wildwood. There was supposedly a cook named Minnie that was born on the farm and lived her life there. Her presence has been reported in what is now called the Canterbury Tails store. A local psychic, James, has found several other ghosts including Mrs. Scripps, who is said to have been seen by several people over the years as a woman in white, walking about the grounds. Many workers at this site have claimed to hear odd noises in the buildings, and have witnessed items, such as lights, being turned on randomly . One worker was locked in a basement room, and despite his best efforts, could not even budge the door. Finally, the general manager came to his aid only to find that the door was unlocked and opened easily. There is a rumor that a family cemetery was somehow lost when a man planned to develop the property. This occurrence could be the cause for some of the paranormal disturbances on the site.

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Linda Bailey says:

October 14, 2014, 3:53 pm

On 10-11-14 I visited Canterbury Village. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Yet that night, after the visit, I dreamt of a friendly ghost/spirit named Minnie. She seemed attracted to me, and I felt her presence. She appeared as a balloon…weird. Three days later I found this post, even more weird.

Joey G. says:

January 23, 2016, 7:59 pm

I’ve been to Canterbury Village before and the only thing that scared me was the price of their knick knacks.

Rebecca says:

September 3, 2016, 5:16 pm

‘Love’ all the people who state that because they experienced nothing then the place must not be haunted — you’re as bad as people who think every creak in the dark means a ghost.

In my personal experience Canterbury is indeed a very active place for ghost activity. It’s not a creepy place, other than what one’s imagination might create. “Creepy” doesn’t equal “ghost”, and vice versa. But it is a large, sprawling place with vast history and many original buildings. It doesn’t seem a stretch that spirits would linger around it.

Come check it our for yourself, since it’s free. You can go into almost any of the buildings (when they’re actually open anyway…). And nothing stops you from accessing the grounds at night either. Some folks claim to have seen see-through people or people dressed oddly and unresponsive to anything around them. But most people I’ve talked to and my own experiences were more subtle. Stuff like hearing your name called when no one is around, stuff that gets moved around overnight when no one was in the building (experienced by people who work in the back cottages), etc.

(I grew up in Lake Orion, worked at Canterbury, and have friends that own shops there.)

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