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Original Contadine Tomato Paste Factory

Highland, New York

Now in ruins, prior to being a tomato paste factory, this building was a speakeasy during prohibition, and later a hotel. Upon entering the building, it is alleged that one will be confronted by a low murmur that resembles the human voice. It is said that if one climbs what is left of the grand staircase, the sound of clinging glasses, and china, as well as soft music may be heardâ??as if a party is taking place on the main floor.

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Destiny says:

June 11, 2006, 1:11 am

That’s not a “haunting”. All that is is memories repeting themselves. Kind of a reminder of what the past was like.

mariano says:

October 12, 2006, 7:54 pm

this might be a fake because they can’t based a haunting in just one simple evidence in fact there is no evidence

grneyedlady says:

October 24, 2006, 12:32 pm

Whether it be retained Memories or a genuine Haunting – I can attest for the validity of the happenings at this site. I lived on that very property from 1979 – 1985… my husband was the caretaker. I have personally been in the building many times and my family and friends have seen and heard numerous “activities” everything from the murmur of voices to the sound of old cars putt putting up the long driveway behind the bulding… phantom lights in the windows… and full body apparitions on the property and in the building.
A Parapsychologist from SUNY New Paltz (NY) even investigated it back in 1982… he was convinced.

aaron says:

January 16, 2007, 1:13 am

guys this is just fake. My wife has been there and she said that it was full of people who were very happy. They just put this on because this city is probably soo boring says:

July 9, 2007, 4:42 pm

There is an awesome urban legend that are haunted house is centered around in Highland Illinois and that is the hook man there is an old story that teens friends or sweethearts would go to party or hang out in the woods near where the highland gun club is currently located and near an old covered bridge that by my account the last time I was out that way is old and broken. It is reported that they would be frightened by something, someone or see a crazy old farmer with a hay hook running at them to scare them off of his land! I have also heard rumor that they would nearly miss getting tangled with him only to find a hook in the side of their car or in the trunk and frantic seeing only to pull it out the next morning! I am not sure of the rumor being true but as I have interviewed several people who live in the area they seem to believe it and people stopped hanging out in that area!

Calire says:

December 27, 2007, 3:21 pm

Isn’t the correct spelling “Contadina?”

Ravenessa says:

December 27, 2007, 4:47 pm

In response to Aaron, ghosts don’t have to be mean and evil, energy can also manifest positively….I’d rather an experience that brought me nostalgic pleasantries than something that made my hair turn white.

mark pamp says:

August 11, 2009, 5:05 am

aug 1974 at around 4pm is the day i remember the most about that big stone building. on the field in the front is where all the kids in the neighbohood would gather to play baseball , i was 14 at the time. we use to hit the baseballs in thru the windows called a homerun. if you hit it in you go in and get it. for me it was a real problem to enter the building. everytime i went to the boarded up doorway in previous years i was always stopped by a feeling that i now look back on and can remember as a cold, dark, uneasy feeling. i never made mentioned of this to the other kids. i felt the uneasiness of the building whether it was in passsing or playing ball. while riding my bike up the big hill past the building the other kids were already starting to gather for the game. when i got closer i saw that my friend teddy was just standing in the middle of the field staring up at second floor window. i will never forget this till the day i die. not asking him what he was looking at knew by the look on his face, thats when he turned to me and said ( you know they are watching us today ,there seems to be more of them… ). i almost fell down…..

Joanne says:

May 5, 2013, 9:40 pm

I would appreciate anyone to contact me of any haunted stories or haunted places that they might know of. My team and I are doing documents on abandon and haunted buildings, thank you for your time!

denise says:

May 18, 2014, 5:37 am

Increased activity at St Francis Hospital Poughkeepsie since bankruptsy…reports of hearing footsteps and hearing voices in specific parts of building. Convent has unexplained activity

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